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  1. Leaving promenada and moving back to the old place. Will there be more parking on site does anyone know?
  2. Geoffreyt

    Travel Insurance for 84 Year Old

    AIG travel guard offers travel insurance up to age 85, not expensive, but I think you have to be resident in Thailand, worth checking though. I have used travel guard for many years but as I will be turning 85 in January I too will be in a quandry as to whether or not to travel without insurance. Never made a claim up to now but you know, sod's law.
  3. Geoffreyt

    Sunday lunch Chiangmai

    Advice on the best Sunday roast in Chiangmai at the present time would be appreciated. Pink in the middle beef, crispy roast potatoes and of course Yorkshire pudding and real gravy. I'm salivating already. Geoff.T
  4. Geoffreyt

    Travel insurance age over 85

    Peterheeater, good luck with your AIG travel insurance, I have never had to make a claim but my wife has, 2 or 3 times, and they have always paid up promptly and without hassle. Khunper, thankyou, I'll check out MasterCard. Geoff.T
  5. Geoffreyt

    Travel insurance age over 85

    Just checked. World nomads say age limit is 65, and for stay sure they only cover UK residents. Back to square one. Looks like I could be going to Ko Samet next year instead of Portugal and UK. Thanks anyway Geoff.T
  6. Geoffreyt

    Travel insurance age over 85

    Thanks for the advice. I will try world nomads and stay sure.
  7. I currently get my travel insurance from AIS. But I will be 85 in January next year and after that date cover will no longer be available. Does anyone know of an insurance company that will offer travel insurance to over 85s. Thanks. Geoffreyt