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  1. She should be in school now. What a BS story.
  2. This is called alcoholism. Can not control herself. Run while you still can.
  3. ToddinChonburi

    Good vs Bad Thai Girls - An Illusion?

    Good job !! Sometimes it's really hard to be a good friend.
  4. Maybe the math is a little off from the water control master.
  5. ToddinChonburi

    Illogical pricing

    Tesco is really good at it. Sale price on shelves but not at check out. Ask at register about promotions on weekends. Many times 2 or 3 smaller bags of detergent cheaper than bigger.
  6. Thailand could be changing for the good.
  7. The program had expired.
  8. Just look around. You see any cops.
  9. To many Farangs playing the Visa game and they are stepping down hard. I am waiting to hear that they really crack down on 30 day exempt. I think it's coming.
  10. You can be denied boarding in the US without proper Visa for international flight. They will ask you at ticket counter.
  11. ToddinChonburi

    Green algae in ocean. Is it safe to swim in Pats?

    I would say good luck with that pool idea.
  12. ToddinChonburi

    Has this happened to you?

    One of her other bf's married her. Sorry to have to tell you this.
  13. ToddinChonburi

    5 month overstay, want to leave.

    They would be deporting you at immigration with a fine. I think you must go home. Why is my keyboard shit on Thai visa
  14. You can always get a cashier's check.