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  1. What was the first clue ? Lol.
  2. They are not allowing inspections. Same game we played with Irag. How soon we forget. And yes the WMD's are in Syria.
  3. ToddinChonburi

    Pick up bed cover

    Carry boy no longer makes the standard style. New has side rails that run the length of your bed.
  4. ToddinChonburi

    Pick up bed cover

    Does the Alpha rub on the back of you cab ?
  5. ToddinChonburi


    This is suppose to be old Thai culture. You are not Thai !! I do not understand why Farang's fall for this scam. Because of social media - Facebook and Pantiff the word is out , get all the money you can from Farang. Moms are now pushing there daughters to marry Farang and get house and pickup. Fools and there money.
  6. ToddinChonburi

    Toyota hybrid vs normal engine

    Once you turn on ac or heater the car will have to run on engine. I tried test driving a prius in the US and almost impossible to just run on battery. Then turn on ac or Heater then forget it.
  7. ToddinChonburi

    All suspects in custody over Koh Lipe tour fiasco

    Suspend operation for 6 months ? Should be prison time.
  8. ToddinChonburi

    Rocket festivals in Issan 2018

    Those look like 2017 dates. Is this an old one ?
  9. ToddinChonburi

    3 Burmese Arrested For Alleged Rape of US Tourist

    Some women do take along time in the bathroom and if the bathroom was located behind the restaurant the boy friend never would have seen them follow. Very sad that she did not fight them probably already had victim written all over her.
  10. ToddinChonburi

    Hottest day of the year so far...

    About 32 with 100% humidity at 11 am today in Chonburi city. Humidity is nasty.
  11. ToddinChonburi

    Bedding factory destroyed by fierce fire in Chon Buri

    Price of sheets going up !!
  12. ToddinChonburi

    True Move can take my money. How is this legal?

    AIS 12 call gives you an expire date. When getting ready to expire just top up. Get a new date. Never had a problem.
  13. Funny how many girls will only ride with the female motorbike taxis.