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  1. With the large volumes of traffic on Thai roads during the Songkran period the traffic (especially on major roads) wil naturally tend to travel a lot slower, therefore reducing the amount of deaths due to speed, but not the accident rate which will rise. Considering the great numbers of pick-ups on the roads their contributing less than 9% of accidents the banning of passengers riding in the tray (although right in principle) is an over-reaction which will greatly inconvenience a vast number of Thais especially in rural areas. Far better for the authorities to concentrate on enforcing the drink driving rules, ensuring that roads rules are adhered to, driving licences, insurance etc.
  2. At present only Thais can cross, farangs are prohibited from doing so, even if they only want to visit the market on the Cambodian side and are not interested in the casino. This may all change when the border post becomes an official crossing point manned by Immigration Police instead of the border guards as it is at present. I've lived in Ban Kruat for 30 years and this crossing point has been on the cards for all that time. Looks like it will now eventually really happen. Things grind along slowly in LOS.
  3. I live just down the road from this temple. Went there one year to see this phenomenon, it was so crowded that it was very difficult to get to a position where you could see through all of the 15 portals.
  4. This bloke is having you on. $4000 a tree, I wouldn't pay 40 much less 400. What age are these trees, how big is the piece of land encroaching on yours? I might pay 250000 for the land itself if it were big enough and provided it had a full chanote.
  5. Ill believe it when I see him standing in a Thai court of justice wearing handcuffs!
  6. Are all elephants in Thailand not supposed to be electronically tagged by law? If so should be quickly identified, unless the tag has been removed.
  7. About 3 months ago there was a problem with young bikers racing from our village to the next. The local ppuyaiban called the police. They attended with 3 pick ups, stopped the racers and impounded their motor cycles. Unfortunately they impounded my son's bike too, he wasn't racing but fishing in the local river but had parked it where the racers were assembled. The following day my wife and son had to go to the police station together with the vehicle registration boo, proof of insurance etc. The bike racing has since ceased. It would appear the the police in the OP's case were to bone idle to make no more than a 'don't do it again' gesture whereas if they has caused the racers inconvenience then a positive result might have occurred.
  8. I don't know where the Post got it's information from but it is a direct contradiction with an article in the Nikkei Asia Review which states exactly the opposite. Honda are in fact cutting production of motor vehicles. Honda have three production plants in Thailand and are about to mothball one of them. In addition these plants which are able to operate on a two shift basis (day and night) have been working for some time now on a day shift only working day. See....
  9. Perhaps the poor bloke was trying to cut the power to the mosque whose 5am call to prayer was driving him nuts!
  10. "Borrowing' a vehicle is not theft. Theft is the taking of property with intent to PERMANENTLY deprive the owner of ownership. This sort of behaviour is covered by Statutory Law with it being an offence to take and use a motor vehicle without permission. These laws were specifically designed to punish 'borrowing' and or 'joyriding' of vehicles.
  11. In Sweden which has the best vehicle safety record in the World it is compulsory to drive with your headlight on at all times.
  12. If there had been just the one manned moon landing I may have been somewhat sceptical. But to do it SIX times with 12 men walking on the moon, were they all fake? Of course they weren't, far too many people involved, the secret would have been out long ago. These expeditions were extremely costly not to say dangerous to human crew. Much easier to send soft unmanned landers. The data they sent and brought took (and is still taking) years to analyse. Space telescopes and space stations are now capable of gathering lunar data without actually landing on the surface. In any event the focus seems to have shifted to Mars and other objects in solar orbit recently.
  13. A box of matches costs a couple of baht, what's the price per rai to plough? With rice farmers only getting 5 or 6 baht a kilo for their paddy this year many simply cannot afford the cost of ploughing. In any event unless the ground is ploughed soon in a couple of months it will be rock hard that even large tractors would have trouble turning the furrow.
  14. Elephants are banned from the streets of Bangkok. But like most laws in this Country people still ignore them on occasion. See......
  15. Quote Manot said that negotiations on how much to pay depends on whether they will just be paying for the extra tax on the vehicles or for fines incurred as well. This to me appears to be an admission of guilt. By agreeing to pay the extra tax implies that the buses were built in China and not Malaysia, and 'negotiating' the amount of 'fines' to be paid implies that false documentation was deliberately tendered as to their Country of origin. Why no criminal prosecution for fraudulent declarations?