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  1. Jealous of his boss's watches he decided he wanted some of that and went about it successfully. Pity though that the amount he got wouldn't even buy one of the watches that his boss possesses.
  2. Handicapped parking permit

    Having to use a wheelchair I get my driver to park in the disabled bays at Makro or Big C. This catches the attention of parking attendants, but as soon as they see my chair they smile and wave me on.
  3. Maria meets PM, accepts to be tourism ambassaddor

    It's somewhat unfortunate that her name Maria translated in Thai means 'doglick'.
  4. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    Trouble with golf carts is they are just that. Vehicles for slowly trundling around the course. They don't have any lights and no horn. In addition their tyres are not designed to be driven on metallic roads, they are for driving on grass, and quickly wear out on road surfaces.
  5. The Darwin Award pool just keeps getting bigger.
  6. Here's the winner Miss South Africa. Personally I too think the Thai girl is the better. http://www.eonline.com/news/896303/miss-south-africa-demi-leigh-nel-peters-crowned-miss-univer
  7. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    There is a shop in Buriram that sells these machines. Several types ranging in price from 35K to 55K. PM me if you want to know more. As for the regulations concerning these machines on the roads I don't think there are any. The local police don't know of any but I admit I haven't enquired of the traffic Highway Police. One friend stated that the Thai legislature had not addressed the matter of electric vehicles on Thai roads and that there were no laws or regulations pertaining thereto. I ride around here quite happily, no insurance, no helmet, no licence etc. The police see me all the time and apart from the occasional wave and smile they do nothing. It may be different in the cities. Colinneil from Khon Kaen I know you ride one of these machines, have you had any problems?
  8. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    You're lucky. I too am wheelchair bound and use a mobility scooter. I live in rural Issan and the local town is sadly lacking in facilities for the disabled. It's OK travelling on the roads, I use the lane on the far left for motor cycles with few problems, it's another matter when I get to town. For example of the dozen or so ATM machines in town there is only one that I can access with my scooter. Last year the local Agriculture Bank was closed for several months whilst they completely renovated the front of the building. It must have cost millions of bahtwith brand new ATM machines---and yes you've guessed it, to get to them you have to climb bloody steps! When I complained I was met with a 'Sorry' and a shrug. Same applies to cafes and shops, hardly any have wheelchair access, but I will admit that a couple of pubs that I used to frequent before my accident have put in a ramp to accommodate me - bless 'em.
  9. Yesterday there was a very interesting article in the Asia Times about the forthcoming ceremony. It gives detail about the procedures and the beliefs behind the Hindu/Buddhist event. It is over 70 years since the last ceremony so readers who are interested in what is about to happen may like to read the article. http://www.atimes.com/article/otherworldly-send-off-revered-thai-king/
  10. The BBC has just reported her 5 year sentence.
  11. I'm wondering just how many other news outlets deemed to be 'pro red' will be shut down before Yingluck's verdict is delivered.
  12. This appears to be the latest in a series of attacks on persons and vehicles in this forest reserve. The elephants there appear to be particularly aggressive. Speak to most locals here and they avoid the place. Only last week I was speaking to a local whose relative was charged by an elephant. She avoided injury by lying down flat and feigning death. You really are asking for it if you go there particularly on foot, although the elephants have been known to attack cars. Numerous reports just Google 'Elephant attacks Dong Yai Buriram'
  13. The Southern rubber producers are lucky to be getting 40baht a kilo, the current price here in Buriram is 19baht a kilo. Some producers are not bothering to tap their trees, saying it's not worth the effort for such a low remuneration.
  14. This has just been reported on the BBC news. Whatever spin the authorities put on it it's not a good advert for Thailand and it's all important tourism industry.