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  1. I have contracted necrotising faciitis twice, the second time resulted in the amputation of my leg. Over the past five years or so hundreds of thousands of rai have been converted from rice to sugar cane in my district alone. The use of dangerous chemicals is not the only problem that cultivating cane poses. From November to March every year clouds of dense black smoke blot the landscape as cane growers burn off their crops, dumping ash everywhere. Those of us that live in rural areas are well aware of the dangers that grossly overloaded sugar cane trucks present.
  2. Swedish women and alleged rape charges. As soon as I read this Julian Assange sprang to mind.
  3. I like the description in the OP of a 'SMALL' team going overseas on this jaunt. Thirteen personnel to bring back one man. Jee supposing they sent a "LARGE' team, they would have to charter a jumbo jet.
  4. Toknarok

    Best Scenic Spots in Isaan?

    I live just down the road from Phanom Rung. It's well worth a visit if you're in the area. The temple sits on top of an extinct volcano which rises above the Issan plateau. Quite spectacular views over the countryside, on a clear day you can see the mountains in Cambodia. Four times a year at sunrise and sunset the sun shines through all 15 of the portals (not 5 as stated). It's quite a sight but is a popular phenomenon so it can be very crowded. Its in a National Park so as a farang you will have to pay full price. I haven't been for a while but as I recall entrance was 400 baht.
  5. Toknarok

    Do you have a shed ?

    Why not go one better like Arthur did?
  6. Toknarok

    Caught stealing

    Many kids do stupid things. How many of you can honestly say that when you were young you didn't shoplift some petty article. I did once and got caught, taught me a lesson that's for sure. Never did it again Seems to me this kid is ashamed of what he did. One petty theft is not an indicator that he will be a serial thief all his life.
  7. Approximately 2 years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment. To say that she had a rough time of it would be a gross understatement. Coincidentally two other women of around her age from surrounding villages and friends of my wife were also diagnosed with this cancer and they too had mastectomies. However on seeing the side affects of chemotherapy in my wife (complete hair loss, nausea etc) they both declined any further proper medical treatment. One went onto so called 'herbal' treatment obtained here in Thailand and the other opted for some medcine that she purchased online from China. Both these women claimed to be 'better' and tried to persuade my wife to abandon the chemo and join them in taking their cures. I put my foot down and said 'no way. You carry on with what the doctors say'. The outcome is that my wife has now been declared free of cancer and although she has to have periodic check ups every few months her prognosis is excellent. As for trhe other two women, my wife attended both of their funerals within the last 6 months. As for the subject of this item. I don't care whether sufferers feel 'better' after taking his useless pills, the fact is that he claims that his remedies cure cancer whereas clearly they DONT. He is a fraud as should be treated as such. Incidentally the prices the two women paid for their 'cures' were exorbitant. I can't remember the exact amount they quoted but it was thousands of baht for something that obviously didn't work. I thank Thaksin for the universal health scheme. My wife has seen the medical file on her case and the total cost from first diagnosis to date is just over a million baht. She hasn't had to pay one satang towards that treatment.
  8. Not altogether true. If the weather is hot enough then diesel fumes can become inflammable. I remember when I was in Africa on a particularly hot night a heavy vehicle driver went to check his fuel level with a lighter. The tank exploded killing him instantly.
  9. Toknarok


    There's only 5 up in that picture. The most I have seen is 7, the driver, 2 small kids in the step through well, a small child behind the driver and then 2 adults one of whom was carrying a baby. Sorry no photo, wasn't quick enough.
  10. Toknarok

    Stray dogs rounded up in Jomtien

    When I lived in Africa (where like in Thailand, rabies is endemic) all dogs had to be vaccinated. Teams would go around injecting the serum, and after doing so would tattoo the dog to show that it had received a vaccination. The tattoo was placed on the inner ear flap where the skin is hairless. The mark itself was a small numeral indicating the year that the vaccine was administered. EG a dog vaccinated this year would have the figure 8 tattoed on it (or in Thailand 1) and when the time came for a booster shot 3 years later the tattoo would read 1 (or Thailand 4). The tattoo itself only took a few seconds to administer withe a machine that looked like an office stapler. No need for discs or books for proof of vaccination just look in the animals ear(s). A simple, quick and whatsmore very cheap method that Thailand could well do with considering.
  11. I wondered how long it would take. Yesterday I saw a first 'T' shirt with the black leopard logo on the front. No matter how much 'fatso' wishes it this isn't going away soon.