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  1. Toknarok

    Miss Universe Thailand Will Be A White Elephant

    Hideous. The costume that is.
  2. Toknarok

    Thaddeus R. I. P.

    Vale Colin. I remember well the fun we had when we were DJ's on the local radio on weekends.
  3. She's more than "NICE' she's a stunner.
  4. This man runs a dog shelter in Ban Kruat in Southern Buriram Province.I cannot remember his name but I think he is Austrian. The shelter is a charity supported but donations from overseas. At any one time the place holds about 150 stray and abandoned animals. The dogs are kept for a couple of weeks and if a home cannot be found for them they are euthanised.
  5. I have contracted necrotising faciitis twice, the second time resulted in the amputation of my leg. Over the past five years or so hundreds of thousands of rai have been converted from rice to sugar cane in my district alone. The use of dangerous chemicals is not the only problem that cultivating cane poses. From November to March every year clouds of dense black smoke blot the landscape as cane growers burn off their crops, dumping ash everywhere. Those of us that live in rural areas are well aware of the dangers that grossly overloaded sugar cane trucks present.
  6. Swedish women and alleged rape charges. As soon as I read this Julian Assange sprang to mind.
  7. I like the description in the OP of a 'SMALL' team going overseas on this jaunt. Thirteen personnel to bring back one man. Jee supposing they sent a "LARGE' team, they would have to charter a jumbo jet.