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  1. Not altogether true. If the weather is hot enough then diesel fumes can become inflammable. I remember when I was in Africa on a particularly hot night a heavy vehicle driver went to check his fuel level with a lighter. The tank exploded killing him instantly.
  2. Good

    There's only 5 up in that picture. The most I have seen is 7, the driver, 2 small kids in the step through well, a small child behind the driver and then 2 adults one of whom was carrying a baby. Sorry no photo, wasn't quick enough.
  3. Stray dogs rounded up in Jomtien

    When I lived in Africa (where like in Thailand, rabies is endemic) all dogs had to be vaccinated. Teams would go around injecting the serum, and after doing so would tattoo the dog to show that it had received a vaccination. The tattoo was placed on the inner ear flap where the skin is hairless. The mark itself was a small numeral indicating the year that the vaccine was administered. EG a dog vaccinated this year would have the figure 8 tattoed on it (or in Thailand 1) and when the time came for a booster shot 3 years later the tattoo would read 1 (or Thailand 4). The tattoo itself only took a few seconds to administer withe a machine that looked like an office stapler. No need for discs or books for proof of vaccination just look in the animals ear(s). A simple, quick and whatsmore very cheap method that Thailand could well do with considering.
  4. I wondered how long it would take. Yesterday I saw a first 'T' shirt with the black leopard logo on the front. No matter how much 'fatso' wishes it this isn't going away soon.
  5. Do you know what dialect it is? Lao, Khmer, Suai or what? Even when some Isaan people are speaking Thai, many 'middle' speaking Thais have difficulty in understanding them. Can you not SKYPE someone in Issan and play the audio to them (or their wives) to get some idea as to what is being said?
  6. Patong - The Wake

    Indeed yes Oldcroc. The more monied Chinese choose Aussie over Thailand every time. Only New Zealanders number more than the Chinese and that is expected to change. Not for them the 'package' 'zero dollar' trips with flag waving tour guides, crowded diesel spewing buses touring filthy beaches etc. They require first class infrastructure and service. Sorry this is somewhat off topic about Patong, but I think it reflects what is going on. No shortage of purchasers of FREEHOLD property in Oz (apart from newly completed homes). https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/more-
  7. Bang Saray

    Interesting article in the Asia Times about the new development at Bang Saray South of Pattaya. The prices do seem quite high for properties that are not on the coast, and the article makes no mention of foreigners being unable to own property freehold (other than condos). http://www.atimes.com/article/buying-thailands-economic-
  8. Jealous of his boss's watches he decided he wanted some of that and went about it successfully. Pity though that the amount he got wouldn't even buy one of the watches that his boss possesses.
  9. Handicapped parking permit

    Having to use a wheelchair I get my driver to park in the disabled bays at Makro or Big C. This catches the attention of parking attendants, but as soon as they see my chair they smile and wave me on.
  10. Maria meets PM, accepts to be tourism ambassaddor

    It's somewhat unfortunate that her name Maria translated in Thai means 'doglick'.
  11. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    Trouble with golf carts is they are just that. Vehicles for slowly trundling around the course. They don't have any lights and no horn. In addition their tyres are not designed to be driven on metallic roads, they are for driving on grass, and quickly wear out on road surfaces.
  12. The Darwin Award pool just keeps getting bigger.
  13. Here's the winner Miss South Africa. Personally I too think the Thai girl is the better. http://www.eonline.com/news/896303/miss-south-africa-demi-leigh-nel-peters-crowned-miss-univer
  14. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    There is a shop in Buriram that sells these machines. Several types ranging in price from 35K to 55K. PM me if you want to know more. As for the regulations concerning these machines on the roads I don't think there are any. The local police don't know of any but I admit I haven't enquired of the traffic Highway Police. One friend stated that the Thai legislature had not addressed the matter of electric vehicles on Thai roads and that there were no laws or regulations pertaining thereto. I ride around here quite happily, no insurance, no helmet, no licence etc. The police see me all the time and apart from the occasional wave and smile they do nothing. It may be different in the cities. Colinneil from Khon Kaen I know you ride one of these machines, have you had any problems?