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  1. Pastrami on Rye

    Cant be, that place on Soi B is terrible. POR was the real deal, this is just some low end sandwich bar trying to cash in on the novelty of flagging the stars and bars.
  2. How Busy is Pattaya Right Now?

    Wheels down in 7 days.
  3. I just hope the police are able to confiscate and sell his vehicle. The policeman ball is coming up.
  4. Leather Maker ( watch straps )

  5. Leather Maker ( watch straps )

    I have a larger piece of hide / leather that want to transform into several pieces of NATO watch straps or just regular watch straps. Is there a place in town that does tailor make leather items for forangs & Thais alike? Thanks Viggo M
  6. The New Mayor

    Im rambling, point is Im looking forward to a cleaner Pattaya.
  7. The New Mayor

    Apparently you dont respect Thai authority. Pls feel free to ignore.
  8. The New Mayor

    I respect Khun Anan Charoenchasri very very much mak mak. He arrives in Pattaya at its direst moment where farang sex & crime is out of hand with the intention to clean it up, make Pattaya great again. It I see very little changes and wonder if is it the farang community that makes it hard for him to implement improved changes? "He recognizes that the resort faces great challenges especially in terms of crime, involvement of the farang mafia in the sex trade and the effect of influential persons on life there." IMHO I hope Khun Anan Charoenchasri will focus on the money issue " out of pocket " meaning every farang establishment, ST hotels, GF hotels, Soi 6, WK gogos, LKM gogos, BB´s must pay daily $$ fines if they are suspect of being involved with crime ( AKA sex ) Collected every day, come up short, you are closed down or put on a payment program. Farangs with a TG on the arm must be stopped and fined. Motortax with a farang without helmet B5000 on the spot. Coming to town tax Leaving town tax Drunk farang - fined ETC - all cash, all paid to the police. The "out of pocket" amount per week would be in the millions. This is how you clean up Pattaya, by taxation and fines. This would also create jobs at city hall and Pattaya Police would need a new finance department.
  9. Economic recession in Pattaya?

    Cafe Des Amis has never had a better year ( 2016 )
  10. Buying a condo : Pattaya Waterfront

    I like the location and the finished product looks good on paper, but it's a lot of cash to be throwing out there. If the developers really have juice with the mayor and the project is restarting I might consider.
  11. Are fresh markets a better value than Big C?

    Fish markets are notorious for several days old product! Big C / Tesco for me!
  12. Dentist needed - Broken tooth

    4th floor Central Festival
  13. Buying a condo : Pattaya Waterfront

    If you PM me your email I will forward the email from Bali Hai.
  14. Pattaya outskirts for a weeks holiday with family

    I would suggest renting a beautiful home on the Darkside. Far away from Pattayas night life but still just a short ride away from everything.