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  1. for car hire excess insurance.
  2. Here's a novelty. I tried to do my 90 day report online and after an approval last time, this time it came back Rejected. Nothing had changed, all paperwork in order. A message from the IO said to contact the office where my visa was issued. That was the Thai embassy in London, so I don't think they could have helped me. So, I went to do the report in person at Hua Hin. They were their usual efficient and friendly selves and I made my report with no problems. I asked the IO why my online report had failed and she told me that only around 2 online reports in the Hua Hin office region are approved per day. She said that for other offices, the figure is higher, maybe 100 per day. She did not know the reason why this should be. It seems strange to have a quota system like this and to reject perfectly valid online reports, the acceptance of which would greatly reduce the workload in the immigration offices.
  3. One successful online report. Hua Hin. Reply received within 3 hours.
  4. I did mine online 15 days before the due date. I received notification that the report was approved within two hours. Not ideal to have to use IE, but no great inconvenience. The only downside to reporting early is that the next date is 90 days from the actual report date, so you can lose some time.
  5. Dear Visa Experts, I am a UK citizen and I obtained a Non Immigrant Long Stay O-A Multi Entry (Retirement) Visa in London on 20th January 2014. The visa states that I had to enter Thailand before 19th January 2015, which I did. Yesterday I went to the Sriracha Immigration Office with my TM7 to apply for an extension to stay for a further year. I was informed that I did not need to do this yet as my last entry stamp was 17th December 2014, and that I am permitted to stay until 16th December 2015. It therefore appears that my O-A Visa is valid for almost two years, which surprised me. I was informed however that if I left Thailand my visa would be cancelled. Luckily I had the paperwork (TM8) with me, and I obtained a multi entry permit which expires on 16th December. I checked that the information I was given was correct with two other immigration officers, and one said something about a change in the rules. I don't recall seeing the information about an O-A Visa being valid for more than one year elsewhere. I would welcome your views and comments. Two other pieces of information that may be useful. 1. My 90 day address report is three months after my last entry stamp, i.e. 15th March, rather than three months after my visit yesterday, which I found a bit illogical. 2. I obtained a form entitled Receipt of Notification, after my Thai girlfriend showed our House Book and warranted that I lived at that address. Hopefully, this is enough to prove my address information in my future dealings with Immigration. ​Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  6. Good luck to the guy.