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  1. I have my own thoughts about probing the teacher and I can assure you that it won’t involve asking questions.
  2. I think this is a great idea. I wouldn’t mind paying an annual fee that would cover hospital insurance for me. It would also eliminate many of the hoops I have to jump through every year here in Chiang Mai..... lets hope that something like this comes forward in the near future.
  3. Tracyb

    One or two aircons?

    If your stairway down is blocked by a door at the bottom that will the reduce the amount of cold air produced by the air con flowing down the staircase. My hunch is that two units is overkill and that a single 18k btu inverter should suffice.
  4. Tracyb

    One or two aircons?

    I replaced two aging York ac units with two Daikin inverter units of the same btu rating as those replaced. My electric bill went down by 25%!
  5. Tracyb

    One or two aircons?

    I recommend you check out Daikin Inverter models. They tolerate variances in power supply voltage. You’ll also find that they operate within a range of BTU’s for each unit. One unit, 18k, which will run at a range of between, approx., 15 to 17 btu, mounted as close as possible to the outdoor unit to avoid costs for extra refrigerant lines should work just fine. You can check the models out on the Daikin website to see the operating ranges, power consumption, etc. These units come with 5 meters of piping at no extra cost. I use a Daikin “Smart” unit in a similar sized room with excellent results. The “Smart” unit allows you the option to activate motion detection in the room to allow the temperature to increase by 2’C when no one is there. It’s an optional feature that you can switch off and on via the remote so you can have the a/c running even if no one is in the room.I’m very happy with the Daikin inverter type units. They consume a LOT less power and they do a great job. Oh, and Daikin focuses on making a/c units unlike Samsung, Mitsubishi and others who have their hands in many other technologies. Okay. That’s my 2 cents!
  6. I went to BKK Bank this week to get a new debit card. My Visa debit card is expiring. The offered me a Union Pay card BUT......they also told me that beginning on Nov 1 they will start issuing MasterCard debit cards. They told me to come back on or after Nov 1 if I want the MasterCard debit card. I chose to wait. I’ll go back this weekend to get the MasterCard debit card. Bangkok Bank has provided me with excellent service for the past five years both in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok. I’m retired on extension of stay, hence no work permit. The BKK Bank Did not ask for and does not need to see a work permit from me. I suggest the OP check again now that we’re into November!
  7. I would say that Trump is a First Rate clown. Nothing mediocre about his stupidity.
  8. Gather the kindling, stack up the timber. Now, where’s that stake?
  9. I never, EVER fly on Thai Airways. Poor service. Badly maintained aircraft. End of story.
  10. Tracyb

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

  11. Actually, it is an affidavit filled in by the USA citizen which is then notarized by the Embassy/Consulate officer to certify the signature is that of the person named on the affidavit. The officer does not certify the amount.
  12. I am a US citizen. I renewed my extension of stay (retirement) in Chiang Mai in early September this year using an agent. I was required to present the income affidavit from the US Consulate AND further verification of the income. I had heard rumblings of this requirement about a month before I needed to go for the renewal so I contacted my pension provider in the USA and asked them to mail to me at my CM address a statement of my monthly income. When it arrived I used it as the verification that IMM required in addition to the affidavit. I was careful to assure that the amount on the affidavit would be exactly the same as the amount shown on the statement letter. The letter also contained my CM address as the inside address on the letter. I also sent along the actual envelope with postmarks with my paperwork. Later, I went in to the IMM office, (then at Promenada), had my picture taken and my passport stamped with the ext. of stay. The US Embassy/Consulate affidavit contains a statement that notices everyone that the Embassy/Consulate does not certify that the states facts are accurate but that the citizen makes the statement under penalty of perjury.
  13. Tracyb

    Cateract surgery in Chiang Mai

    Hi, thanks for the comments earlier in this thread.... I have a question about cataract surgery while taking alpha blockers, e.g., ”flomax” tamsulosin for enlarged prostate. Wondering if anyone here was taking it when they had cataract surgery and what discussions did the doctor have with you about it. Apparently it causes problems with the iris becoming “floppy” and s difficult to manage during the surgery. thanks for all helpful replies.....
  14. Toast-ed! And certainly hope he’s toast..... if not we may see a violent insurrection.