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  1. get the people to eat more pork; bacon sarnies are delicious, pork/bacon chops yummy, gammon ahhhh... just dont ruin the wonderful natural flavour with all the spicy nonsense.
  2. samsensam

    Online dating Bangkok

    absolutely agree, i've had a lot of fun and a few decent relationships from online dating over the years; loads of students, lawyer, physical therapist, BMW manager, own business owners, accountants, office workers, etc. etc... the scene has changed for the worse though; there are certainly more girls expecting money - previously it was very rare, the girls are less polite - probably due to not having to make any effort with so many guys chasing them, and certainly the attractiveness of girls online has gone down. beats hanging round bars and prostitutes any day.
  3. samsensam

    Job sites other than Ajarn.com

    tefl.com, assuming you're suitably qualified as more professional schools, who wont go near unqualified individuals calling themselves teachers, tend to use this site
  4. exactly. why don't people get this?
  5. samsensam

    Over-manning over here

    i think it was an attempt at alliteration...
  6. welcome to thai visa forum.
  7. samsensam

    Govt blamed for rise in child online game addicts

    Sorry OP but to present an article suggesting the government is to blame is clearly ridiculous. there should be more stringent QC on Thai Visa Team articles posted.
  8. samsensam

    Top Ten movies made in Thailand and Phuket

    Top Ten movies made in Thailand and Phuket I thought Phuket was in Thailand?
  9. samsensam

    Any BTS cards I can top up online?

    such technology has been developed and implemented in london and hong kong, given the relativity small network in bangkok plus it could be included in the current BTS/MRT expansion project it should, in theory, be relatively easy to implement. however you have to take into account the political will to get it done and also consider whether customers will actually use the technology; i often see huge queues to buy tickets at BTS/MRT stations, why people dont currently buy travel cards and avoid the need to queue i honestly dont understand.
  10. samsensam

    Problems with current language school

    ...during the past 4 months since I begun studying there... i despair sometimes. and really pity those hard working students.
  11. samsensam

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    invitation to treat, fisher and bell in the uk, in thailand, well... who knows?!
  12. sounds like you've been living in a bubble, possibly your thai friends dont show interest in their children's education. just off the top of my head three of my thai friends (not farang/thai couples) have sent their children to the states or australia as part of their school education, one father has been speaking English to his daughter since she was born and now aged nine is a confident english speaker. other thai friends have private English tutors for their children - i mean qualified, experienced native teachers not 'farang playing at being teachers', and they can chat away to me in english on a wide variety of topics.
  13. guess you've never been to australia...
  14. samsensam

    Street fighting !!!

    drunk thai men are pussy cats compared to central and south american males