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  1. Thai model scooters/bikes a bit ugly?

    Everyone carries his own inch rule of taste, and amuses himself by applying it, triumphantly, wherever he travels.
  2. Poipet Cambodia visa run...

    i've done this tens of times. you can get a return van from a banglampu travel agent for 450 - 550 baht, leaves 7am returns by 6pm/7pm arrange your cambodian visa beforehand and you'll avoid being scammed/overcharged by the visa fixers and be taken to the border first by the agent when you arrive ignore everyone in the border area who approaches you, the time they save you is negligible and anyway you end up waiting for a van at the other end anyway. walk confidently and avoid eye contact. i have always politely refused to pay any bribes to officials and never had an issue, they just waved me on when i refused - i have a feeling they dont want a scene in front of other tourists. the biggest issue i have is the dangerous driving on the roads generally and by van drivers.
  3. Commenting on the fashion sense of first ladies and leaders’ wives is a media past time everywhere. Get it wrong in Thailand, however, and one might find themselves in jail, as former Thammasat University rector Charnvit Kasetsiri is discovering. I do enjoy my time here but i am aware and thankful that i have my passport and finances to hand so, should i choose, i can leave any time i want.
  4. indeed; drive within the speed limit, appropriate to the road/weather conditions, not intoxicated and leave a safe stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front. i've driven in europe, the middle east, asia, central, south and north america and, despite the actions of other road users, by following these simple rules have never had an accident. it's not difficult.
  5. Unhappy Ending For Sleazy Khaosan Movie Set

    what's interesting is that pretty much every tourist knows khao san road is a backpacker area but many thais think it is a red light area. bizarre. any local upset about image should take a look at sukhumvit road, and i believe pattaya - though i've never been there myself. there's none so blind as those who dont want to see.
  6. 'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    haha! jai yen yea, just give her your number if you're intending spending any time in the country you really need to calm down and take a more laid back attitude to life.
  7. January 2018 Photo Competition

    boat on the saen saeb klong
  8. January 2018 Photo Competition

    boat on saen saeb klong
  9. how about anyone (it really is pathetic) mocking others bodies post a photo of their own body? or maybe not.
  10. they were planning to get rid of the red buses back in 2000... they did attempt to replace some of the buses in bangkok but the corrupt fingers in the pie came above everything else and 200(?) odd brand new buses are festering in some bonded import compound.
  11. Traffic police fined me illegally

    one vote for the pro corruption lobby. if, on the other hand, you weren't breaking any rules/laws and were living in a country that respected the rule of law then you wouldn't be stopped in the first place... but then you are pro corruption so you are against the rule of law and will get stopped and fleeced... see how it works?
  12. i was talking to a friend's children (aged 10 and 12) the other day, for some reason this topic came up, the children mocked this guy and also told me a local journalist had told him to his face that people did not respect him, they were impressed how brave the journalist was to say this.
  13. yes and no, playing the devils advocate, in this case for example the individual in question is not giving accurate information regarding his name and date of birth, therefore any time spent by the consulate attempting to help him would be a waste of their time and tax payers money.