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  1. i can believe the comments here, many people here understand very little about thai culture beyond the bar and finding a partner in the bar and paying them to be their partner, then being surprised when it all goes pear shaped.
  2. it seems wrong to come from a country of opportunity to one with poverty and considerably less opportunity and try to take money from the locals. why not get a job back home and go on holiday like normal people?
  3. far too a generalisation, it depends on the upbringing and socio-economic background of the lady or man involved. whether in my home country or abroad i dont date girls who are poor, uneducated or low class, and have never been in a relationship where money was an issue or a reason for someone being with me. there are an awful lot of thai women and men who do not expect financial gain from their foreign partner. as the thai's love to say; up to you, if you want to pay to have a gf/bf then you can and good luck to you but dont complain when it all goes pear shaped, if you dont want to pay someone to be with you then dont and avoid many of the pitfalls and much of the unhappiness that many people express on this forum.
  4. yea, where does a seat belt go? across your chest and abdomen, so could cause injury to those areas, not that i'm an expert
  5. i remember doing this coin on the tracks thing when i was at primary school. i guess some people never grow up.
  6. this is what you get with zero enforcement of road traffic laws, the unprofessional, lazy and corrupt RTP have a lot to answer for, as have those in authority who allow the RTP to carry on not doing their job.
  7. not sure about that, when you've been here longer and had some thai friends to tell you about life here you'll know that culturally repayment of loaned money between family and 'friends' is often fraught with problems. thais' seem to have no conscience about not repaying money they borrow. lend some money to a thai and find out.
  8. never having paid anyone to be my friend, girlfriend or wife in thailand or anywhere else and having had relationships that avoid many of the complaints that members here have i'd strongly recommend dating someone with a job, car, own apartment and decent education
  9. just because there is a law it doesn't stop people breaking them. sounds like this is down to common sense, and the problem with common sense is that it's not that common. and possibly careless driving.
  10. dont have a smart phone. my seven year old, 900 baht nokia does me just fine have a three year old tablet and basic laptop unaware i'm missing out on anything, in fact i gain, i take notice of the wonderful word around me as i'm not staring at my phone all day and consumed by the pointless minutiae of other peoples lives posted on social media
  11. the bill will be the same whether he has insurance or not, the difference is that with insurance the insurance company pays :)
  12. gregory's girl if... the battle of britain
  13. Now the thing here is she is well looked after by me there is a whole wonderful world out there in thailand where you dont have to pay someone to be your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend, there are polite, educated, attractive people with good jobs and interesting lives who make great friends/girlfriends/boyfriends. get out of the bars, away from locals who hang around bars and stop paying people to be with you, then your life in the kingdom will be enriched.
  14. so? well it appears that a thai able to speak half decent english is so rare that it is newsworthy. sadly. my cousin speak fluent mandarin, and he's 100% anglo saxon, hardly news.