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  1. samsensam

    Man admits he broke into 30 Amazon coffee shops

    not necessarily, there may not be enough pre-9am custom to make it worth while opening (demand and supply). in the west many countries have a cafe/coffee culture but in thailand, especially outside metropolitan areas, not so much.
  2. samsensam

    Police out in force ticketing anything and everything..

    ...and i see drivers using their phones all the time; taxi and bus drivers included, common sense suggests there are enough real law breakers out there so target them as a deterrent and leave the sensible (innocent) people alone. but then i am farang and i dont understand thailand. too right and thank goodness.
  3. agree, no one is saying ban the street vendors, just lets have some common sense; dont block pavements, everyone has the right to use the pavements safely and without obstruction, this applies even more to the disabled, the elderly, those with small children. many areas of bangkok have moved street vendors to areas where they can trade profitably without their anti-social pavement blocking ; asoke, larn luang and on nut to name but three. there is an argument that an organised market area where customers can relax, browse and buy without other pavement users having to push past them will mean they will spend more. win win.
  4. samsensam

    Thai govt bans pigeon feeding

    of course they will keep doing it as the law will never be effectively enforced. what i find bizarre is the fascination many locals have with feeding these creatures. back home we go to great efforts; nets, spikes, effectively banning feeding as deterrents, here they seem to want to encourage the birds to hang around. it's true what they say; this farang does not understand thailand.
  5. samsensam

    fix computer pantip plaza bangkok?

    Nick has fixed a couple of computers for me, always does a good job, is reliable and charges a fair price.
  6. don't you see you are as bad as each other; both exhibiting anti-social and rude behaviour.
  7. whether the it's the law or not should be irrelevant, common sense says wear a helmet - especially in thailand and dont drink and drive/ride. it is sad when some one dies but we have to be thankful no other road user or pedestrian was injured or killed.
  8. i'd use a metv; easy to apply for and obtain, in the uk at least.
  9. unfortunately the social media obsession is alive and well in the uk, recently there have been examples of a policeman being attacked and bystanders videoing, and a woman being verbally abused on the train and no one standing up to protect/help her - but people videoed it. and, bizarrely, people were taking selfies at the scene of a recent terrorist incident. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/tourists-spark-anger-with-inappropriate-selfies-outside-london-terror-incident/news-story/b6a7103a9c020ed25ccad32d84d02b43
  10. that's debatable; the price of imports falls, the living standards of consumers can improve, costs of raw materials from abroad are lower, thais travelling abroad get more local currency for their baht - as does anyone working in thiland and sending money abroad
  11. samsensam

    Where to sell lens?

    ebay, or try trawling round camera shops in bkk, but i don't think i've ever seen second hand equipment on sale in those shops. or contact photography groups in thailand. there was a second hand photography equipment sale at fortune mall in bkk last may with many private sellers. contact there maybe they'll be having another.
  12. i've stayed in hotels in thailand and had great service and rubbish service but one recent tale from a friend made me smile. he was staying in an upmarket hotel and heard some fellow guests complaining about their room and the rude staff, the staff's response was interesting; ' complain to booking.com' they said...?! when their complaints were clearly falling on deaf ears and inactive customer service bodies the guests asked to see the manager; ' you have to make an appointment' was the reply. so they requested an appointment, but... the only time the manager was 'available' to meet them was the day after they checked out. strange that.
  13. samsensam

    Stickman On Sunday is back

    he is a confessed ex sex tourist and ex sex-pat, fact. his weekly column was ,and possibly still is, mainly concerned with the sex industry; condoning and publicising it. fact. there is so much more to thailand and life here. a sad and pathetic man, IMHO.
  14. samsensam

    Noise in the early morning hours in my condo

    who wants to live in a stressful environment? you only rent so move; either to another apartment in the block or to a new block.
  15. samsensam

    Street corner cameras in CM

    i wouldn't worry too much. a friend recently had her bag stolen in bangkok. she noticed there were cameras covering the area so went to the police and requested they look at the cctv. the cameras are not connected/live was the reply. speaking to other friends apparently this is quite common. and even if they are all live when installed thailand doesn't have the best record for a) installing good quality infrastructure and b) servicing/repairing/maintaining infrastructure.