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  1. disgusted of tunbridge wells...
  2. rubbish. but if you honestly believe that you need to look at yourself and the thais you are hanging out with. i have a great many thai friends; well educated - many educated abroad, professional, and extremely friendly and generous people. you are living in this country and missing out on on much. very sad.
  3. a generalised and inaccurate statement. my home was flooded, as a converted 300 year old property containing antique furniture and art the loss was considerable. the loss adjuster was on scene extremely quickly and was extremely professional in managing the claim. i received recompense in full, in fact i considered some of the payments more generous than they needed to be. no complaints.
  4. yea, there's too much cutting and pasting of articles on this site with no thought to add benefit to what is posted or correct blatantly obvious errors and/or mis-information. the irony is they are often posted via the user name 'webfact'. either the sub-eds dont know what they are doing, or cant be bothered. lets have some quality control here.
  5. samsensam

    Visit from the police in Nakhon Phanom

    why did your wife lie to the police? immigration told me they would visit six weeks ago but never turned up. wasted five days waiting around for them and eventually gave up and got on with my life.
  6. if the woman had any sense she wouldn't engage with a drunk, just let them go on their way. not that it excuses his pathetic behaviour.
  7. samsensam

    An Annoyance for Me, What About You

    to get some perspective... things are a lot better now than they were in the early 2000s when there was trend of stripping back motorcycles to their most basic parts and making as much noise as possible. so... while things could be better, they have been an awful lot worse.
  8. samsensam

    Uk Tv through VPN

    i have IP vanish and used to be able to watch uk tv but now cant. once my latest IP vanish subscription finishes i wont renew but will start with teatime tv, which looks similar to the old thaiexpat tv and if it is it will fulfil all my needs for 600 baht a month.
  9. samsensam

    Man found hanged after seeing partner with another man

    i love the generalisation here that it is only women who do the dirty on their partner...