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  1. looks like a wonderful place with friendly pleasant people everywhere, cant believe i've never had the inclination to go there...
  2. When to say "She" or "Her"

    personal pronoun and possessive adjective; non of my english speaking thai friends have any difficulty with this basic english grammar.
  3. actually it would. speaking to my thai friends, admittedly middle class educated professionals, they totally support zoned areas for throwing water. i guess it will be the teenagers and lower class/educated adults, who are generally those indulging in the anti-social behaviour at songkran, who will not be happy
  4. life changing injuries certainly but by no means life ruining, it depends on the individual and the support they receive, which in the uk can be of an exceptionally high standard. who are the 'them' you refer to?
  5. haha! this is thailand, i am thai, if i want to ride on the pavement then i will and i'm not going to let johnny foreigner tell me what to do in my own county.
  6. this man clearly has issues so instead of posting a piece mocking him, thai visa team, how about being a bit more considerate and proactive and posting something to actually help this poor man.
  7. People in Thailand

    girl on bus, bangkok
  8. Koh Samui 1982

    those photos remind me so much of my visit there in the early 1990s, it was a place i really felt was paradise. i went back a few years ago and it was awful, i'll never go again. it's very sad whay has been done to the place, but at least i have wonderful memories.
  9. dont leave any food around, make sure all food surfaces are clean
  10. it is certainly a good idea, and i would suggest common sense, to learn the language of the country you are living in, but as an indicator of intelligence? i dont think so. as for the topic in question, the answer depends on what the learner requires their english for.
  11. “After reading the essays, I was actually shocked about how high the standard was,” Marshman said. “I really didn’t expect Thais to be able to write that well. I myself could not have written like that. so a 'well known' 'english instructor' admits to failings in her ability to write english to a high standard... and shows her low expectations of the english ability of thais with the comment, 'i really didn't expect thais to be able to write like that' any initiative to improve the standard of english here is to be welcomed and encouraged but lets have people involved who have a high level of english themselves.
  12. Thai Embassy London

    always found the staff to be reasonably efficient and helpful
  13. looks like the victim is doing the all too common manoeuvre locals do here where they ride on the wrong side of the road and then drift across the road into on coming traffic either because they are not paying attention or attempting to move to the correct side of the road. the behaviour of many people on the roads here is truly bizarre and extremely dangerous. i have to cross a busy 3 lane one way 1 lane the opposite way road every day and every time as i patiently wait until it is safe to cross locals are riding up the wrong side of the road and/or drifting diagonally across the road in the face of oncoming traffic. madness.
  14. The accident happened at a U-turn near the hotel where the road is poorly marked as a zebra crossing. so... a clearly marked zebra crossing not at a U turn near a hotel is a safe place to cross a road?
  15. inspecting the crime scene... for goodness sake!