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  1. dont be too pessimistic; the BTS, after many years, has finally been forced to install the elevators that should have been there from day one and if the streets are cleared of the street vendor obstcals then these are steps in the right direction. there's a long way to go,sure, but with varying degrees of disabilities with each step to help the disabled more people are given the freedom of independence that most of us take for granted
  2. and that's just for the able bodied; imagine being disabled, elderly or with small children and/or heavy shopping, dont thee people have the right to negotiate the streets safely and conventionality? street vendors have a choice they can be relocated locally to specially organised areas where they can trade without being a nuisance to the general population, the members of society previously mentioned dont have the luxury of this choice.
  3. Pink ID Card for Foreigners, I have heard this can be used to visit Laos, paying only the same low fee as Thais, and saving the Laos Visa cost depends, obviously, on your nationality. if you are a national from an ASEAN country this may be acceptable, if not then it's unlikely as a passport would be required. e.g. a thai could not cross an EU border showing and ID card, but another EU citizen could (except for UK citizens as they dont have ID cards)
  4. sex for sale in thailand, who'd have thunk it...
  5. i had a mate who used to sit on the kerb outside the 7/11 drinking beer, quite sad i drink soda and that is more expensive in bars but that's what you'd expect. but everyone to their own.
  6. i think you're missing the point here; are you talking about legal or illegal street vendors ? i think illegal ones should be removed, but legal ones should not.
  7. haha, i love the 'he loves the country' angle, yawn. no, he just doesn't want to sit and relax on a beach surrounded by rubbish, the country he happens to be in is irrelevant.
  8. rectify; watched all four seasons over songkran and really enjoyed it. slow paced for sure but well written throughout with logical relevant story arcs, well acted and with an ending that didnt disappoint. recommended.
  9. indeed. i guess the video should have been given to the RTP , unfortunately they would have done... absolutely nothing. they are annoyed because having to work on the case has interrupted their facebook time.
  10. most of the time, actually i cant think of the last time i didnt...
  11. this simply would not have happened with GPS and a larger vehicle.
  12. in the west more females work in banks than males, so following your logic you think western males are less intelligent than females. could you offer any other evidence that intelligence is gender specific?
  13. everyone seems to take the incident in their stride. someone's trying to kill someone across the street; mai pen rai.
  14. thinking about it it's not just thailand, back home you will generally see more females working in banks and post offices than males.