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  1. It does seem that the entitled do protect and forgive themselves when something hanious happens. They are not setting a good example for the rest of Thailand.
  2. Then she would not get all the free publicity. Now she is a star again. She has re-invented herself.
  3. And these women would get jobs doing what to feed their families and keep their kids in school ? More thoughtless flapping of the gums. Tourists flock to Thailand because of the average Thai is fun and hospitable and the costs are not high, not because of some great junta governance. How silly.
  4. PM Prayut’s questions get over 100,000 responses

    It think it was I do not have time to tell you what I really think then spend a day in a locked room and receiving attitude adjustment lecture. Think that is what they meant.
  5. Commuters Trapped In BTS Rush Hour Breakdown

    This is why the river ferries and klong boats are preferable. They are free of congestion and are rapid. Maintenance of these systems need to be rigorous and preventative or bad things happen.
  6. Corruption’s escape routes closing one by one

    Most things in Thailand look to be politically motivated. There are very few who come across as pursuing the truth for the sake of the truth without ulterior motives. Until that happens, it will appear that one side is just trying to get the upper hand on the other or turf war, as eloquently stated above.
  7. PM Prayut’s questions get over 100,000 responses

    Pretty sure the Internal Security Operations Command or the attitude adjustment club soured those who would like to comment. Many stated before that they did not have the time. The questions serve the junta and not the common Thai.
  8. No change in economic team: PM Prayut

    Doubtful if any talented people would want the job. Working for a junta is not going to get you much love in the future.
  9. It does not speak highly of the Army's ability to save life or its understanding of good health. There is difference between good conditioning a brutality. These guys probably watch too many movies.
  10. That is common and a scary thing when buying a condo. You just do not know if it was built to any standards. Have had friends who bought property in Thailand and they did make money but they would have made much more buying in other places.
  11. I cannot ever remember being asked such questions from immigration is Malaysia.
  12. Tons of raw sewage spewed into the sea is okay, but no smoking. Priorities are in disarray
  13. Judges to decide whether to try Thaksin in absentia

    The retro nature of the cases is highly questionable. Given that Thaksin will not show up and is happy to live his life outside of Thailand, any verdict will have little consequences. It could end up being embarrassing if his lawyers present a strong case.
  14. New Cabinet list sent for royal endorsement

    Would have liked to have heard more about the efficient electric go-kart developed by students. They seem to have a good sense of direction and are able to execute accordingly. Hope it rubs of on the man behind the wheel. Given the lackluster performance of the junta, who would want to risk their reputation ? Not sure who they will find. As the announcement for the elections has not happened, it will sadly be a 2-5 year job or worse.
  15. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    If they can pull this off, it would be a coup de tat for the junta. Sorry could not resist.