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  1. yellowboat

    PM calls for review of cybersecurity bill

    For once he may be worried about HIS legacy. How do you balance Thailand 4.0 with a heavily censored Internet ? Of course, he does want to get elected as well.
  2. We always had are dogs and cats registered, but for people who clean up the misdeeds of others by taking in strays, they should not be penalized. Mind you, this government only seems successful in settling beech chair disputes and crackdown on foreigners.
  3. Tar and feathered . Again, most Thai institutions rely on the most expedient methods to solve things: money, coups. It is a relief to see that this child has excellent parents. Wonderful role models for the rest of the country.
  4. They may wish to concern themselves more with the average Thai who complains about higher costs and higher taxes. Prem spelled it out some time ago regarding the junta's lack of performance. The peanut gallery here is just a reflection of what the humble Thai thinks.
  5. It seems that all things connected with the Thai rangers is good and inspiring. Kanita sounds like a wonderful human being.
  6. And freedom ? Not so much. A functioning democrazy under a full and unaccountable police state.
  7. yellowboat

    Stampede for the cave drama scoop

    It should have been packaged and sold already. The average Hollywood script usually goes for US$300-600k, not included performance bonuses. Some fetch a million, so why are they screwing around ? The longer they wait, the less likely they will get a good deal. Typical silliness we have come to expect in military controlled Thailand.
  8. Like not clinging to power? Like not throwing those who would compete with you in jail? It seems like talk has produced zilch.
  9. As per the story, they are wasting time rousting clean, documented workers, while they should be doing exactly what you say above : "try get lowlife criminals out of Thailand"
  10. yellowboat

    PM Prayut heads to Belgium for 12th ASEM

    Followed by some stretching, jumping jacks and running in place for five minutes. He may even pass out hoola hoops. Or maybe he will try some real beer and chocolates and reduce import tariffs and consumption tax.
  11. Thailand's military government's obsession with foreigners, very heavy handed and silly looking
  12. yellowboat

    Somkid plans moves to draw back Chinese tourists

    At a loss why the Chinese government should even care. That is the thing about China, if they do not care they really do not care. Thailand, on the other hand, is touchy about every little thing these days. And why is he using the word "may"? The only time the junta seems decisive is when it is clamping down on visitors or it own citizens.
  13. A military government would of course obsess over security. This rather than protect the rights of the common Thai and let them use this wondrous tool for learning and financial gain. The jack boots are so tedious
  14. The jack boots stepping on the neck of the golden goose once again. God I miss Yingluck.