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  1. Forests are wonderful things, but if they are not monetized, people will just rape them. If you like clean air and water, you need forests. If you like good wine, you need forests.
  2. It means that people cannot afford to have children. It is part of an economic model. If you want people to have more children they need prosperity. Singapore and Thailand have vastly different problems. Singapore has too much money and too little space. Thailand has inept civil service heavily influenced by greedy, selfish, inbred elites who hobble education and take all the wealth of the country for themselves. People will not have children while surviving on crumbs.
  3. The kids deserve better. The junta has done nothing for their future, now they want to take away any fun they might have . It is amazing Thais would even vote for such wet blankets.
  4. The best leaders do nothing and let the country get on with its business. Too much government, like the interfering fragile egos running the country now, are what you do not want. Had Yingluck done nothing, the country would be great shape.
  5. yellowboat

    Khaosan vendors to ‘disobey’ orders from Monday

    We an only hope the rest of the country follows their good example. The back packer business expands. The BMA authoritarian attitude is shameful. They are causing problems and solving nothing. As I said, there many dry old government workers that work near there, and they are your more austere, xenophobic types, much like the good general. Since junta mania's wet blanket came to town, Bangkok has allowed other cities in the region to compete. Use to go Gulliver's on KSR. Remember being there at 3am and having great time. Now, not so much fun
  6. yellowboat

    Tentative dates set for next general elections

    This junta is loves themselves more and Thailand less compared to the last junta. There will be no criticisms allowed of the cowards that run the country now. Any problems will be explained in the usual fashion : you do not understand, it is a unique situation, it is all just one big misunderstanding. Everything the junta as done is for the junta, so your questions, though valid, fall on deaf ears of those who put themselves ahead of the country. At least we do not have to listen to those boring Thaksin haters about the alleged vote buying, What the junta is doing far worse.
  7. yellowboat

    PM says science important to national development

    And 24 years later, here we are. Thanks !
  8. yellowboat

    100 Electric Taxis Coming To Suvarnabhumi

    Many Japanese cars are well engineered, and they are at their peak of reliability and efficiency, but an electric motor is easier to maintain and it just lasts longer. Hybrids will be around for a while perhaps, but when batteries become better, the uses for the internal combustion will be limited. Many will loose their jobs, which is unfortunate. The LCD replaced the CRT. The LED in replacing the incandescent and florescent lights. The smart phone has limited the number of notebook and desktop computers sold. Clock radios are gone. Streaming is killing terrestrial and cable TV. News will be a hold out, but movies, TV shows will be streamed. You are correct about battery technology. It needs to be more ecologically friendly. Zinc batteries are used stabilize grids in Indonesia. Zinc is friendly and can be re-used. I have worked on many engines and I will not miss any of them.
  9. yellowboat

    Bangkok Governor inspects readiness of ambulances

    He is staying away from parks. Good plan on his part. Sadly ambulances have to share congested roads used by 8 times normal number of vehicles. I think the governor needs better advisors or he needs to start listening to his wife or astrologer.
  10. No it was just another in a series of big misunderstandings which are uniquely common to Thai juntas. Bangkok is full of dead ends as well. Wonder of past juntas were responsible for such bad urban planning. So the answer is they need 8 times more road. Did they stop the BRT ? Sounds like they cannot afford to stop any mass transit that is running.
  11. He is already be distracted by things that are not his concern. Oh woe are they, the Thai people. They never get a fair shake. This man should be fired for this statement, but he won't. The in crowd are never held to account.
  12. yellowboat

    PM says science important to national development

    The system that was installed was suppose to be very sophisticated, but according to lore, the BiB saw it as a threat.
  13. yellowboat

    100 Electric Taxis Coming To Suvarnabhumi

    Never seen charging points in China either, but they say there are many. Given the sheer volume of vehicles, were would need to be many. Guessing BYD and their backers, The Oracle of Omaha among them, have provided the necessary infrastructure for Thailand. In the long run, it would be cheaper than CNG, as electric cars need almost zero maintenance. The revolution has taken hold in China. Shenzhen is well on its way to being fully electric. CNG is very clean, but the internal combustion engine is a complicated nightmare in comparison that needs many parts to keep running. When a lithium or other battery has the power to weight ratio as a fuel tank, the internal combustion engine will be phased out.
  14. yellowboat

    PM says science important to national development

    Like saying air is important for breathing, but his vacuous nature sucks it right out of the room. I was told that years ago that a system was installed to help ease Bangkok traffic congestion, but the BiB saw it as a threat and somehow was able to defeat the system. Not sure if it was true, but seeing police every evening yelling into radios always struck me as an overly simplistic approach to a very difficult problem.