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  1. Yeah, she looks great. Would love to spend time looking at her. Also, is it not for all Thais to see due process in action, seeing their government function ? Can they not see or talk about their justice system. That is not political. It is concerned citizens wanting to see their government in action. Oops, forgot, it is not anyone's government.
  2. But what ? What are trying not to say ? Are you implying the desire for violence ? Think you have that confused with desire to see rule of law meted out fairly for all, regardless of social status. But you, on the other hand, seem to think that free speech is a privilege and not a right. Keep the red shirts out of Bangkok you say over and over and over again. That is your mantra. That is around 40% of the population. Not all are bad and they should be able to go anywhere they like in Thailand, so long as they do not break the law. You seem to say those who support the Shinawarta are of a lower status.
  3. Was hoping the law would be the only influence. Of course, how is one to believe in law when you have a government that came to be by the threat of violence, has completely forgiven themselves for all past and future crimes, and came up with a new name for martial law for the sake of tourist revenues ?
  4. Don't think that was the entire voting block, just a few bad apples. Don't condone violence of any sort, but when rule of law is in question and free speech is quashed, there will be civil disobedience as there is not outlet for legitimate grievance to be heard. How does one even begin to reconcile with that?
  5. They are your people. Too bad you cannot live with them.
  6. Is just showing up making trouble ? She is beautiful, charming, hard working and popular. She is a celebrity. Why wouldn't people go see her? Think you are and junta are hitting the panic button a little too soon there stevo. If there is violence, then they should be arrested but do not accuse your fellow Thai of violence prematurely. That is just fear mongering.
  7. And they wonder why they have a problem with the press.
  8. What kind of technology ? Very little wireless technology is legal in Thailand. Would be nice to hear about a focus like electric cars.
  9. Contempt of court outside the court building is a new one. They just make things up as they go along. It is a highly creative autocracy.
  10. Before being prosecuted for harassing the meeting, do they actually have a legitimate grievance? The Public Assembly Act is an abomination that a weak government uses out of fear. It would be an embarrassment to use such a law. There must be a better, more applicable law.
  11. What a gift for the understatement.
  12. Translation: We play all sides like any other country.
  13. When has anyone been impressed about anything related to team junta ? If you are waiting to be impressed, you will be disappointed.
  14. She made a mistake. She, like all Thai politicians, like to play with the economy instead of just letting it run its course. The junta did the same just recently with the foreign laborers. Malaysia had the same issue, but they handled much much better than your good general. She will still have legitimate sway for many years. Your good general and his cronies will need to use force, harassment and intimidation. China has better visa policies than Thailand and business people are welcomed. Thailand is more difficult than most other countries in Asia. China may lack in liberty, but the pursuit of happiness is alive and well, as you can see by their hordes flowing into Thailand. With regards to your disdain for US and Australian representative governments, they are a little worse for wear at this time, but their progress has a beacon for most of the world. Rule of law, free press and competitive education are still enjoyed in those places, not true in Thailand. A question you may wish to ask yourself is : Why can Thailand and Malaysia get on with such little fuss, where Thailand just cannot? Start comparing Thailand to the rest of Asia. You may find your autocracy being left in the dust by your neighbors. Always happy to talk to you Stephen100
  15. Yingluck popularity is still huge. She would have a part to play should universal suffrage be restored, but the 1% of Thailand will never allow that happen.