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  1. yellowboat

    Junta Lifts Its Ban On Politics

    It is junta handicap. They are not smart enough to know they do not belong in government and not brave enough for a fair election. Dumb and cowardly are the norm. Bad reflection on Thailand.
  2. An ivory skin cover up. Words just fail me. Beats feeding a starving elephant or the daily road carnage I guess.
  3. Exploitation at its worse. The man is disgusting.
  4. Agoda shows some heavy bookings over new years. Agoda and similar sites probably have better facts than TAT or the great hooha.
  5. yellowboat

    An army lost in the corridors of power [Editorial]

    The over expansion of government and its unaccountability is a problem for countries that know better. Thailand is clueless and relies in expedience, which leads to chaos.
  6. yellowboat

    An army lost in the corridors of power [Editorial]

    Vietnam's education system is now a power house, churning out educated, competitive people. That will not happen in Thailand anytime soon. Beer is cheaper too. Two things that make a country great: education and cheap beer. Today shows a long overdue distaste for business as usual in junta controlled Thailand. Should it be kept up, Thailand will have a chance to regain its former fun, welcoming and hopeful self. I am not too optimistic, but have some hope.
  7. yellowboat

    Report on inequality puts the onus on politicians

    What the article says to me is that if you are Thai and want a better life it is better to leave Thailand and seek fortunes elsewhere. You are NEVER going to get a fair chance in Thailand. Obviously, there are success stories, but they are far too few compared to China, Vietnam and Malaysia.
  8. We will not be seeing any Thaksin haters or junta lovers on this forum for a very long time. Thailand will continue to slide downwards which is no surprise to anyone. Prayut is far too cowardly and ignorant to lead the country to any prosperity. Thai exports will remain strong and the people will remain weak, being passed up by Vietnam .
  9. Already sounds like a waste of time and effort. Democracy and freedom are chaotic. The junta is boring, fun sucking, achievement stifling and unfair to the average Thai. Ask the opposing side for permission to campaign? Only the dim minds of the junta would think of such a thing. Thailand is looking more like Burma everyday.
  10. yellowboat

    NLA confirms its adherence to rule of law

    Wonder what the average Thai thinks ? Sounds like an interesting poll question: What do you think about the NLA ? Most Thais I know do not have any faith in this government. They just submit.
  11. yellowboat

    Pachyderm blocks road in Khao Yai

    Glad to hear I am not the only one that has girl problems. Move on Yoyo. She is not worth it.
  12. Yeah, junta investigators: blind, deaf and dumb. Look at the watch fiasco . junta supporters are good. Everyone else is a troublemaker . It is hard to watch
  13. A gi'me? Wants not to like ? I see Thai business as self serving and predatory. The only exception is the body slam who has faded into obscurity. Sounds like more "there needs to be a committee, sub panel, focus group" than an actual benefit.
  14. yellowboat

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    How blatantly stupid and shameful. These are people who are trying to brand themselves with the voters they wish to serve. A logo is part of that branding. Just shows the room temperature IQ's of those in uniform, and that is why they are not good at branding, debating, bearing scrutiny or governing a country.
  15. yellowboat

    Power plan ‘a setback for sustainable energy’

    They put sugar in everything . Wow the 20 year plan strikes again. 2037? Its imaginable that either price or efficiency of solar cells will continue to be more attractive within a few years from now. Though they recognize their usefulness, they do not do an ROI study which shows when to buy and replace, as they do have service life.