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  1. Why ? Why high speed ? The distance between Swampi and DMK are not that far. How fast does the train need to be? Phnom Penh does it with a slow train. Sounds like a gift or a thank you to the golden circle.
  2. Can't steal from thieves if they control the government.
  3. Another concubine of all that is wrong and evil with Thailand. He even astonishes serpents with his lack of honesty. Just shows how low things have become since the removal of the Shinawartes.
  4. He and the country are not one in the same. They are mutually exclusive. Drunken partiers with US passports beware.
  5. Denial, conditioning, apathy all make Thailand the graveyard of ambition. Officials steel, what to do ? Roads are among the most dangerous in the world, what to do ? Thailand is a nice place with a feeling of hopelessness.
  6. Sounds like the media had every right to worry. If you try to discredit me, I will try to discredit you. Mind numbing tit for tat that will go on forever. No wonder why all the junta lovers are gone. The only one left just hands out sad faces.
  7. yellowboat

    50 foreigners arrested in weekly crackdowns

    I beg to differ. Over the years, I have dated at least five women whose husbands or fathers died in car crashes. That is five to ten children growing up without a father figure and financial support. Like many people around the world, Thais are in denial about some things. Traffic safety is one of those things. If a tourist is in Thailand for a day, he has the right to demand to be safe on Thai roads, as does anybody. Sorry, it is not that crap about being a guest. You are legally in the country and you have a right to complain if you feel that there is a lack of safety. Things do not change unless people say something. Thailand's neighbors seem to get along just fine. Why does Thailand have so much trouble? As for most illegals, the crimes they commit seem to be rather petty, yet the news obsessed with their antics. It would just seem better if their focus was on more urgent matters.
  8. yellowboat

    Development funding gets the backing of leaders

    Think big, but start small. Do what is doable first. There are plenty of substantive things that can be done with tens of thousands or hundred thousands of dollars: bus services between border towns and more dynamic cities, more ferry services. Also, why do these countries want to cooperate when it might be in their best interest to compete ? Vietnam and Malaysia are rivals to Thailand. They have as much to offer as Thailand and are less xenophobic. Today's Thailand does little to inspire one.
  9. They left out the 1932 Democracy plaque. Guess the trail has gone cold.
  10. yellowboat

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    Vietnam is moving along faster than China 20 years ago. Their educational system is doing well, and their people work hard. Visa's are cut and dry. They are leaving Thailand behind quickly.
  11. yellowboat

    Poll finds Thais estranged from National Strategy

    This will be like the bike lanes but less successful and much longer. A ball and chain the Thai people will have to endure for a very long time.
  12. How wonderfully adorable and creative. Their parents and teachers must be very proud of them. The kind of college students the country is in desperate need of.
  13. yellowboat

    Top Ten movies made in Thailand and Phuket

    Yawn, Malaysia makes a good many movies too and there is a Pinewood studio there.
  14. Look forward to the day when it is scrutinized and then repealed by an elected body.
  15. yellowboat

    PM backs Myanmar efforts to tackle Rohingya crisis

    Only the great unelected prime of Thailand would refer to a stateless people as non refugees. His lack of understanding, sympathy and decency are only overshadowed by his mind numbing arrogance and stupidity. He probably does not want to upset the flow of Burmese natural gas into the country.