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  1. Given the muzzling of the media, the intimidation of those who inquire about national heritage plaques, and a legal system that caters to the elites, this should be seen as a predictable but sad next step. It will be used against political foes and those who express a inconvenient truths. It will be used to terrify an already terrified public.
  2. The government gets a D- for fighting corruption, but the data is inconclusive. Hardly worth having a conversation.
  3. Opposition is dealt with by harassment and threats of jail time. The military fears no one and is therefor answers to no one.
  4. Thai law is written in pencil and there is always some "special" reason for circumventing it.
  5. It is sad watching a bunch of entitled bureaucrats and their sycophants run around pretending to do great things for the country when they are doing quite the opposite.
  6. No, gagging journalists, not protecting them. Thailand ranks rather poorly for and "democratic nation" when it comes to freedom of the press. Sadly this is not new, just a bad situation getting worse.
  7. What should just be a simple case of vandalism is a huge cover up. The government cannot handle something this simple speaks poorly for Thailand's future.
  8. The plaque was a theft, and should be treated as such, nothing more. People should have a right to a heritage without it being pushed aside. Democracy in Thailand lacks fairness. There will always be people who are above the law in Thailand. People who can instigate coups is a good example. The structure of the civilian government is to preserved at all costs. That will never happen while there is an unaccountable army.
  9. He has a point. It is not for the government to inform the media that they are wasting vast sums of money.
  10. A lack of enforcement which is common in Thailand. This is one of many examples why you should not buy property in Thailand. An ideal life is being able to walk away from such annoyances.
  11. Most are naturalized by now. They are not Taiwanese per se, though there are some from Taiwan who have settled in Thailand. The Chinese you are referring to are KMT soldiers from southwest China. The KMT leader fled to Taiwan in 1949 after loosing the civil war, leaving stranded soldiers in the southwest border regions. They were armed and battle hardened, so they were not easy to get rid of. That is one trait of being Chinese. Some from the Thailand KMT believe there is far too much freedom in Taiwan. Not sure where their sympathies lie at the moment regarding the junta or the Thaksin family.
  12. For most it would seem frivolous . Many of the "Thai" wealthy came from China and had to run from the authorities once the boat hit the beach. Participating in the Thai market place is hard for two reasons; government rules and the complacency of the population. The government is the greatest hindrance to entrepreneurship for both foreigners and Thais. It is easier to work Thailand from the outside rather from the inside. Wonderful resources and opportunities, but not a great place to base oneself.
  13. Oh well, that is lots of Baht gone. Chasing illegal fishing with a sub seems a bit over the top. Few nearby countries pose any threat to Thailand. The money could have been better spent elsewhere.
  14. Can imagine different parts of Thailand can be better or worse for filming. Angolina Jolie shot something in Siem Reap. Wonder how that went as apposed to doing something in Thailand. Wonder if there more or less hassles.
  15. At least they said something to him. He might change his ways. He should get tossed out for that sort of behavior, but instead they discussed if for four hours. The discussion should have taken less than five minutes. Given he is an elitist, you must tread lightly.