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  1. Understand your outrage, but 300% for anyone is ridiculous and unjust for all Thais, Would condone his behavior. The wealthy, the high ranking, the politically connected all enjoy tremendous privilege regardless of their political affiliation. Can't disagree with you there. Its disgraceful. The only thing you and I disagree on is the right to vote. I believe they should carry on as imperfect as it is and you hold it as something sacred.
  2. Don’t be a mug: beat diabetes

    Part of beating the disease is drinking enough water.
  3. Yeah, Thailand does seem like the center of the universe and to be Thai is to be privileged above all else especially from the officialdom. One no longer feels that much at home there anymore. A life saving device is a weapon of war. Explains why there are no safety meters installed in silos and sewer pipes.
  4. Overpricing is one thing, but closing your shop to go fishing one or two days is not a crime. It could be something one might confess to clergy at some time, but it is not unlawful unless the law is whatever the government says it is.
  5. Does that mean we are in agreement ? You find the courts less than competent and lacking in altruism ? I see Thailand as a direct democracy, a bit better than mob rule, which may evolve into something more representative if nurtured. From you comments, your expectations are fairly high. You really do not feel Thailand needs a military law and could evolve into something better over time ? Things you mentioned about Thailand are some of things we use to say about Taiwan 30 years ago. Taiwan evolved. Most luxury cars, even pink ones, incur a 300% tax. That might be a law, but it is not a just one. From a business person's view point, the junta and its mentality is hampering Thailand's development in favor of the entitled and government inc. Not uncommon to get a sales pitch for visas when passing through immigration. A bit of a turn off. Not sure why you would be happy to see Thailand fall behind China over a pink Bentley and a poorly devised rice scheme.
  6. 'Ofo' launches bike sharing in Phuket Town

    Never liked Seattle.
  7. Thought this is normal occurrence in silos. Again not safety systems in place.
  8. Given Thailand's unbridled for Japan, you would think it would not be hard to entice Japanese women. This is one of the more sensible ideas has has in a long time. Then they have to spoil it: Makes one think there was something wrong with the old Thailand. Of course, Thailand is moving backwards, as we all know.
  9. Thai Customs and Immigration - Are They Serious ?

    Customs and immigration in Thailand makes one pause and say: "Do I really want to do this in Thailand"?
  10. It is not within me to remain silent.
  11. So If one is to buy all that historical fact as fact, the army stepping in 20 odd times, since 1932, was just divine intervention and not a coup. Why does the army have do that? Why not somebody like a judge take control until another election gets called? Otherwise, it just looks like a coup to those unfamiliar with the Thai definition of the word.
  12. They weren't Most of the world doesn't buy the sterile, Thai version of events anyway. The truth is the Army loves being in charge so they have coups all the time. That is why most do not pay much attention to that caretaker garbage. The army usurped power from an elected government. That is what is called a coup. The Chinese people now enjoy more opportunities and freedoms than Thais, so please continue to tell us why martial law is such a great thing in Thailand.
  13. So that is what farmers in Thailand look like. Love to see some examples
  14. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    She is probably so far from Thailand she is able to hide in plain site. Or she is at some gated, spacious home