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  1. Cannot argue that were not shortcomings before 2014, but the prime ministers were elected, and now since the junta will have appointed MP's, they have sunk far lower than the Shins could ever dreamed of. The Junta is using SLAPP as did Thaksin. We can talk about the past indiscretions of elected people, but the junta direction less leadership seems to be molding Thailand into an unfair, stodgy, grumpy paradise for the entitled and over privileged.
  2. A rich, full life. Sad to see him go.
  3. Long march ends in uncertainty

    I think many Thais are good, heroic people. Just a few give in to hate and prefer subjugation. It is nice to see some roll models. The junta may be doing as Nero did. Indication below:
  4. Doing good deeds for the 1% is not panning out it looks. When the dismissed that the lanterns were not for good luck, it just felt like they were lying, again. Perhaps their luck would change if they started telling the truth.
  5. The way these Thai generals think is way beyond comprehension. They really do not have the slightest idea how to conduct themselves on the world stage. The UN will not be offering Thailand any council appointments anytime soon.
  6. Anyone who thought the junta would waltz into power and waltz out really needs new medication. The young, Clark Kent looking man is right. Thailand will be stuck with these party poopers in green for quite a while. They will just keep taking the fun and prosperity out of the place for non elite.
  7. This fat cat really stepped in it, but now he is just a low life poacher, defiler of forests and collector of disgusting things.
  8. I believe your taxes might by higher in Thailand than in Malaysia. Take what you would make in KL and compare it to Thailand. Lived in both places and have found them similar in costs. My friends working in Thailand complain that the taxes are a bit high.
  9. stop feeding street dogs

    Your outrage is understandable. The real problem is breading. Those who sell animals should offer chipping and sterilization with the price of the animal. That is where a healthy, functioning government could do some good. But look at Thailand, seriously. Look at all the crap that just gets tossed into the water. Was on a klong boat last year. Saw this beautiful woman setting down and eating next to the klong. She gently, and, with great poise, floats a plastic bag towards the klong. Vile yet elegant the gentle float klong-word should have been set to an operatic aria. Taiwan no longer puts down pets, which is in of itself amazing. There was once, and, might still be, a serious problem, but at least they are engaged with the issues.
  10. Had a really slow drain in a shower once. Before going away for three or four days, I put a liter down the drain. A puddle formed as well. When I got back, what ever clogged the drain was gone never to return. Where the puddle was, the tiles and grout were cleaned once the residue was removed. Coke is a wonderful product. I drink one or two cokes a month. It helps with upset stomachs.
  11. It is hardly a surprise given the lack of substantive reform, lack genuine desire to return to representative government, lack of free speech. The only things not lacking are ostentatiousness, buffoonery and empty promises. Empty promises are in huge supply since 2014
  12. stop feeding street dogs

    My ex-wife use to befriend stray cats and dogs in Thailand and then take them to a vet to get fixed. It did not cost that much. The current government could not organize a sock drawer. If you had a beach chair problem, they would have it sorted in no time.
  13. It was not careful nor considerate.
  14. Cambodia’s English skills soaring upwards

    Heard a tale that Thai students just on the other side of the border from Koh Kong, attend school there because the English tuition is good. Friends who use to live there told me that.
  15. If you do not need a presences inside the country, it is better to deal with Thailand from the outside.