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  1. What I like most about Thai women.... petite, tight pussy, like to shag, long black hair, lovely skin
  2. They probably find them more accommodating of anal than women....
  3. Yeah.... should read 'half dressed' lol
  4. Quality women ?? What constitutes a 'quality' woman.
  5. I find Thai Visa an awesome resource. However, I get really annoyed at being automatically opted in to follow topics. How can I turn this off for all.
  6. Darwin reigns from the grave. I'm sorry if my comment offends anyone, but really ??? Hit it with an axe...
  7. Mate... gotta have the point. Just gotta have it.
  8. The new rising mafia....
  9. Ah let me see... Fine Dining at the Y, Muff Diving World Champs, BBBJCIM Challenge..
  10. In some locations there is already an awareness of the effects of pollution Most of the rubbish around our immediate area is handled reasonably well. There is a lot of recycling of anything useable although there are still small random deposits of household refuse. Industrial pollution is a big issue as we all know. Thailand is no better than many countries and worse than some. When I use term industrial pollution I mean dumping of rubbish from industrial use in the countryside. An example would be the cement truck driver cleaning his agitator out into the drain on the roadside. There are many other examples and I'm sure you all understand what I'm talking about. Greenpeace is correct though. Pollution mamagement starts with the individual. As a previous post mentions, education of children at an early age is important in changing attitudes to the environment and sustainability.
  11. That's what is happening. The principle is the issue not the value.