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  1. A That's right... there's millions of people who don't give a <deleted>. To interested in getting their 20 seconds of fame and more likes rather than showing some compassion. Sounds like you are one of those.... 'Hey it's 2018 not 1978' what a callous reply
  2. Ideas for growing in large containers

    I use old paint containers
  3. Yes I bet it was.. Some <deleted> stood there and took a video of this poor woman. To me this is more horrific than doing this to ones self. Shame on those that watched the video, shame on the person who took the video. If it was a Thai, then thay are another example of the Plastic Bhuddists that abound in Thailand.
  4. please explain because I don't understand what you are saying
  5. Bus drivers face random drug and alcohol tests

    yep... welcome to the 21st century.
  6. Bus drivers face random drug and alcohol tests

    about bloody time...
  7. Urgent coach safety warning

    and the remaining 5,500 operating as private for-hire vehicles, which were more problematic, because most of those vehicles did not meet current safety standards, Pretty much says it all.... Shouldn't be allowed on the road unless they comply with safety regulations. Same as the drivers... shouldn't be allowed on the road unless tested before each shift. But that wouldn't stop them popping pills en route.
  8. Nice to see the usual TV slanging match prevails despite the topic content. What a bunch of losers some of you are.
  9. Quite surprising how many helmets stayed on the ones who were wearing them... about 10% at the most had them strapped up. No <deleted> good if it ain't done up properly
  10. You must be seeing something different to the rest of us
  11. Alcohol sales banned on Makha Bucha Day

    Plastic bhuddists....