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  1. This place was also frequented by foreigners.. not only Thai
  2. Typical nasty TV reply. Speculation without all the facts. What a jerk
  3. That is a pretty rude response from her and warrants a complaint
  4. Thailand... the 'Hub of Plastic Buddhist Monks'
  5. What a great opportunity to increase her internet presence. More revenue from the advertising clicks...
  6. Preecha Suwannathat... This man is going to find life may become difficult although he is only asking relevant questions. He is right though, if the watch is borrowed, the owner should present themselves so that Prawit appears to be honest and beyond reproach.
  7. No he didn't say that.... If you read it again maybe you would get the gist of his post
  8. While what you say may be true in some instances my personal experience is contradictory to this. My wife's family lives near Kaset Sombun. This, as you will probably know, a typical Isaan rural agricultural area. Everyone works hard, the men and women together. Not just our family, not just the neighbours but most people. If they don't work, they don't eat. Life is that simple. Sure there are some lazy bums but it isn't typical. Sure, some of the guys get together after they finish working at around 6.00 - 8.00pm after starting around 6.00am. Your comments are broad generalisations and not the norm. I see the people in our area are hard workers. It would do many farangs a lot of good to spend some time here and see the real Isaan
  9. Most of the sh1t washes in with the tide or comes down the sewers.... I have seen smokers on the beaches but 100,000s of ciggy butts don't accumulate over a few days or a week. This is caused by an ongoing accumulation as a result of lazy or ineffective cleaning of a 'tourist' area.
  10. The conference was organised by the government's Department of Bullsh1t Prevention and Mitigation
  11. 555 Hot air is all the posters on here could muster... Do something... to much effort involved.