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  1. Phuket soldiers raid live sex show in Patong

    Was it a chocolate starfish by chance 555
  2. New law bans infant formula advertising

    The ban isn't on formula, only advertising. The ban is positive as there are any number of dubious and unsubstantiated claims about infant formula that can influence a mothers choice. Breast milk is always the best option. Our first two were breast fed. Unfortunately mum had difficulty with our third so we had to move to formula.
  3. <deleted> WT fork did he say 555
  4. Definitely not lucky having parents or caregivets like that 555
  5. Sonca dumps garbage, jellyfish on Jomtien

    Looks like a couple of whales got beached as well....
  6. Tainted Thai chicken seized at border

    I bet the food safety controls were all adhered to..... not 555
  7. I see the jappies whinging about the red card. They may have won otherwise.
  8. Fish head soup. Quite nice when done properly
  9. Prasert Kunneang, public relations officer at the National Disaster Warning Center in Bangkok, said the tsunami warning system is tested daily and Thailand is prepared in the event of a future tsunami. "If there is a tsunami tomorrow, the warning system would work," Prasert told Reuters. What a load of cr*p.... One of them says it needs maintenance, the other says it's fine and working. Guess who is going to get moved to an 'inactive post' or worse still... sued for damaging Thailands image.
  10. I've seen better looking girls in the 7/11
  11. if all those agencies and resources are doing what they should be doing then this is positive.
  12. Who was the General in charge when all this was going on.... Prayut
  13. Dum de doo... dum de day... Where's Darwin when he's most needed.
  14. Forget about cruelty to animals... it was putting coins on railway tracks that really p1ssed them off. Plastic buddhists...
  15. Ö oh year maaate. Ged uz sum feesh and cheeps on tha way home darlz 555