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  1. When I saw the title of this topic I thought 'goodness me, the PM has actually had a great idea' Then I read further, it wasn't him. Surprised... not.
  2. Meanwhile, a little further north and a little to the east a 'mamasang' is busted for offering underage Laos girls for sex... Next week they will proudly announce 'Corruption Solved'
  3. Come on you guys, don't be so pessimistic. There have been some great movies made in Thailand TukTuk Patrol Asia Street Meat Ma Lee Thailand.... The hub of the universe.
  4. I got offered $20k to marry an Indian. I asked for $30k... they said 'we always pay $20k' 555
  5. Well the mayor seems on to it and wants infrastructure development before visitors arrive and not the other way round
  6. To busy boosting the ego with submarines... Not to mention wringing his hands over scantily clad teenage pop stars. When the idiot matures and concentrates on what a leader should really be doing then things may start to happen. Or maybe another general will become frustrated an Prayut wll be down the road...
  7. Cheap Charlie 555
  8. ^^ No standard containment measures in case of an accident. Why does a vehicle overturn on a dry road?? Driver error.
  9. Well, when you hog the right hand lane for no good reason.....
  10. Jesus.... if the idiots concentrated on what matters Thailand might start moving ahead. The impotent General should have his mind on issues that really matter rather than being embarrased by the fact that some young lass is giving him a hardon in front of his missus.
  11. He already had you egg. The filming of her in the shower is an abuse of her privacy.
  12. Jeez.... you should see the sad mutts up where we are. You would have to be game to touch one of those mangy fcuk1ng things..
  13. working in groups of 3 now. 3 skimmers.... 3 with hundreds of sim cards...