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  1. Probably off to pick up the $50,000,000 inheritance someone kindly banked for them
  2. Could have used his thumb on the trigger.. but yes, difficult with the first finger
  3. I just had to read this after seeing the title. So funny....
  4. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    5 years.... 555
  5. That would cast Thailand in a negative light... of course that wouldn't happen
  6. Dispute over fish ladders to save species

    Someone talking sense for a change
  7. Worked ok for me and the truck keeps on driving.......
  8. Brakes out.... 555 Obviously she didn't use the brakes
  9. Phuket soldiers raid live sex show in Patong

    Was it a chocolate starfish by chance 555
  10. New law bans infant formula advertising

    The ban isn't on formula, only advertising. The ban is positive as there are any number of dubious and unsubstantiated claims about infant formula that can influence a mothers choice. Breast milk is always the best option. Our first two were breast fed. Unfortunately mum had difficulty with our third so we had to move to formula.
  11. <deleted> WT fork did he say 555
  12. Definitely not lucky having parents or caregivets like that 555
  13. Sonca dumps garbage, jellyfish on Jomtien

    Looks like a couple of whales got beached as well....
  14. Tainted Thai chicken seized at border

    I bet the food safety controls were all adhered to..... not 555