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  1. Utterly pathetic. Been in Thailand for 30 years, including a lot of time spent in Pattaya, and I've never witnessed or been offered any form of under age activity.
  2. I'm afraid this Aussie/Brit is not very smart and has got himself into a real mess.
  3. The 'Health Service Department' is a disgrace. Shame on you. Thailand.
  4. Sad story. RIP to both to the man and his dogs.
  5. Don't lend money here. You'll never get it back, sorry to say.
  6. Shirtless Farangs

    Cheap flights to blame. Never saw garbage like this 40 years ago.
  7. Pattaya no fun for pythons

    I suspect this snake was killed and eaten by it's rescuers. RIP.
  8. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    Iranians, Chinese and Russians are much in evidence in Thailand these days.
  9. Understandable. The majority of terrorist attacks around the world are carried out by Muslims.
  10. 75 years old, never slept more than 4 hours a night. Libido now modest but still there. ,Occasionally depressed. Important to stay as active, mentally and physically, as possible.
  11. No attention at all I would imagine.
  12. Eva Air any good?

    EVA is an excellent airline.
  13. Prayut ignored report on Yingluck’s UK asylum bid

    Sad, really sad.