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  1. Thingamabob

    Technology helps France to 2-1 win over Australia

    Clearly not a penalty. Ridiculous decision. Ref was right in the first place.
  2. This is total BS from Underwood. She is the one who should be investigated.
  3. No sympathy whatsoever. Sell your laptop, go home, and don't ever come back.
  4. I hope the scumbag that did this rfots in hell.
  5. Thingamabob

    Street fighting !!!

  6. Bad move by Trudeau. He went behind everybody's back after the G7 meeting. Not good.
  7. Lower your price and wait. Do not leave the sale in the hands of a third party. If you do you will be screwed
  8. Trudeau is utterly pathetic. Canada can surely do better than this. Don't chicken out of making your point face to face only to run to the media after the event.
  9. Trump is proving to be a better president than either Bush or Obama.