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  1. Boris is a very smart guy with a high IQ. He would be an excellent prime minister.
  2. Thung Yai black leopard ‘shot eight times’

    Rot in hell scumbag.
  3. Will you kindly stop posting this drivel ?
  4. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    Great location but totally undermined by the miserably awful, waste of space, service it has provided over many years.
  5. Clueless, illiterate prat. What a waste of time.
  6. running bare-chested

    Definitely not. Utterly gross.
  7. Ital Thai will give them nothing more. They are the worst of the worst in Thailand.
  8. Jail the doctor, scumbag. Rot in hell.
  9. I wouldn't want to go to this, no way.