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    Over-manning over here

    there is a 7/11 in a servo near me. Been there a few times and each time it's basically empty. 6 staff standing around. This time I wanted to return a lazada purchase. Not one person knew how to do it even though I had done similar there before. Ended up going to another and it took her less than 1 minute.
  2. Slip a signed 1000 baht note into her handbag for insurance

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    If she was a western wife I would think she is not answering because the relationship is on the rocks......

    Learning to Ride a Motorbike Safely

    sell the bike and spend the money on taxi, tuk tuk, baht bus even mc taxi.
  5. A fit 23yo developed a big enough blood clot to cause a stroke in 14hrs. Unbelievable... Totally unbelievable.
  6. I first used Grab in Penang and loved the service. Tried it in BKK and while not as good it was still better than the robber taxis. Rarely use cabs in HH but I find the local guys pretty good although getting home can be a challenge because they all want to up the price. Last week however a group of six headed to the jazz festival and the taxi (not Grab) that took us, was happy for a call to come pick us up. Same price (200 baht) both ways which was nice. Maybe some are learning.
  7. I was drinking the 3.5 percent Singh's light which they strangely increased to 4.5 percent 2 weeks later. Had 8 in 4 hrs with food but I weigh 100 kg. I now just drink the 5 percent and have water along the way.
  8. prob depends if it's a legal stop or not but it seems it's 0.05 as I got tested on one of their blowers and it showed .038. Walked away.
  9. Thai's and many expats like a little bit of corruption and think it's OK. Problem is you cannot just have a little bit.
  10. I am Aussie and use the income method. Do everything myself, easy. One trip to BKK per year is easy. As people have said its gross income you receive and there is no check on what comes in and no requirement (as far as I am aware) to bring your money here. Have Brit friends who do the seasoning and they always seem stressed about timing etc etc. Try it and see how it suits YOU.
  11. Contact the ombudsman either directly or if worried have your lawyer do so. Might be worth speaking with the other people affected and do it together.
  12. Without naming names could help someone. And what cities.

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    wow! feel so lucky in HH. it's so quiet. For 2 years I wander down about 3 - 3.30 pm. Ticket with 1-2 in front. Wait 10 - 15 minutes. Chat to officer 5 min and pay. Wait 10 min for return Of P'port. Gone.
  14. hardest for me is being so far from family (elderly mum, siblings, children and grandchildre) and some friends. Visa and Immigration are a chore but not negative. Cost of living still good even if it has risen and would be higher at home.