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  1. Her only option is to go to the cops and preferably the CDI or whatever they are called. Seen a few cases where they take a dim view of this scum. Or disappear
  2. Interesting. Been coming here for 7 or 8 years on different visa and got plenty of smiles. Even came in once without realising my retirement visa had just expired. Cheerful immigration officer just gave me 30 day exempt and advised to sort it out. I always start with a smile and stay polite.
  3. Except the quote is not what the thai traffic law prescribes. No provision for driving or riding against the traffic flow. Its just not enforced. A myth. The laws here are almost identical to British and Australian road rules. (here is a translation) http://thailaws.com/law/t_laws/tlaw0140_5.pdf
  4. I worked out quickly to drive right lane and avoid potholes trucks bikes and ghost riders plus idiots who pull out of side roads who dont look or stop. Thais understand. Only if its clear will I pull left. People I know who still drive left lane end up injured and in accidents.
  5. In recent weeks I have come across army checkpoints late at night. Good to see.
  6. Retirement visa expired.

    Well that is what happened. I didn't need to reapply. But it was a few years ago when things were flexible.
  7. The aim is to buy small item and get real change
  8. RIP. Not every Aussie lives near the beach so may not have understood or recognised the danger.
  9. Retirement visa expired.

    A few years ago I came in after my retirement visa extension had expired. They gave me the 30 day exempt and I duly went to immigration and renewed my extension. You have quite a long period after it expires to renew but not sure what that is.
  10. As others have said go through with partner. No waiting.
  11. AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY has moved?? Where too?
  12. China and Russia are the problem. They have undermined and weakened all previous attempts by the international community to bring this lunatic to heel.