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  1. I read the article. The pessimists (Morgan Stanley) have the Aussie dipping down to us65 then rising and the optimists (HSBC and CBA) up to Us88 in 2019. The rest are in the middle. Won't be losing sleep on that article.
  2. I believe 500 baht per residency certificate is the official charge at HH. It's been the same since going there first time 6 years ago.

    Using Uber/ride hailing in Bangkok

    It took me several attempts for me to find a taxi to go to the Australian embassy which had recently relocated. I found one who claimed to know where the newly located embassy was. He quoted 300 which I knew was high but when you need to get somewhere you pay. Turns out he didn't know. Eventually I got him to ask a local motorcycle taxi who sent him to the new location via a 25 minute loop because of oneways. Fool wasn't happy. Called grab to take me back. half the price.

    Grab prices! No thanks !

    You got a taxi using a meter !!!
  5. it would need change but impossible!! how about make it part of the tourist customs declaration? you cannot stop people doing stupid things on holiday and voiding their travel insurance. Now that's impossible

    Neighbors dogs

    There are some cheap anti-barking dog training options on lazada you might try.
  7. For everybodies sake you would be better to get it done properly. Shortcuts are a big risk here and there may be unforeseen issues. Get it documented. Cheaper in the long-run.
  8. If your certain someone else is not also feeding them then I wouldn't worry. If they have energy and are happy then they are getting enough

    Using Uber/ride hailing in Bangkok

    I have used Grab in BKK with mixed results BUT way better and cheaper than normal taxi. Remember that traffic in BKK is bad so grab may take 20 min or more to reach you. Overall great service and people but did have one cancel on me once after 10min.

    Android boxes now illegal in Thailand

    I buy mine locally only because too many disappear if you import and Thai post are useless. Plenty available. Never had an issue with Customs with the boxes I have imported although have not for a few months.
  11. Gf has been taking a basket to the local talad for years so she gets less bags. They actually remember her because of it.

    What type of unlocked smartphone to buy???

    Buy local as Thai authorised repairers do not want to touch items purchased elsewhere. I just purchased an oppo A83 2018 model after having Samsung for years. Great phone, lighter than Samsung.