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  1. I can see a new business opportunity. Renting helmets outside police station. 🤔
  2. I agree rent business should be responsible for pointing out no go areas but these two travelled 10 km across open on a jet ski and another 10 km back. Hard to blame the business for not forseeing this. No indication of they advised him their intention. National Park restrictions and fee's are a common international theme and Krabi islands are advertised as such. Thats why they have tours which are supposed to restrict where visitors go and how they behave. Seems to me these mugs just wanted to avoid using the tour boats and try to avoid the park fees.
  3. FYI. CAT has a business package that allows increase in gateway access. It is my understanding from someone who claimed to know, that CAT own the Thai international gateway and many of the international cables. My personal experience with CAT is that the Techs can give you more access to international gateway in order to help improve IPTV streaming speeds. I live 15km outside Hua Hin but have CAT fibre 60/20. Able to stream sport in HD quality.
  4. He has renewed licence once from o.s. Would need a pic taken. I will go back to renew and see family etc. If your not intending to drive in oz then may not be worth it. Seems Thai licence may be acceptable so email to NSW DMV with your questions may be best option.
  5. Surprised no one has mentioned the harrassment from ladyboys and ladies here.
  6. I remember seeing a full size bus doing the same manouver a few years back. Crazy. I eased back and let them sort it out. Luckily no accident.
  7. Which old sam galaxy s should buy ?

    I have s5 sm g900f. Its the international model upgraded to 6.0.1 running knox 2.6 bought in thailand. Waterproof to 1m shockproof. Will replace the battery soon. Great phone. Not sure how much they would be secondhand but good phone.
  8. My wife is with me for the money.

    Financial considerations come into all relationships by BOTH parties worldwide. Even if both equal. Its just a matter of degree/importance
  9. Her only option is to go to the cops and preferably the CDI or whatever they are called. Seen a few cases where they take a dim view of this scum. Or disappear
  10. Interesting. Been coming here for 7 or 8 years on different visa and got plenty of smiles. Even came in once without realising my retirement visa had just expired. Cheerful immigration officer just gave me 30 day exempt and advised to sort it out. I always start with a smile and stay polite.
  11. Except the quote is not what the thai traffic law prescribes. No provision for driving or riding against the traffic flow. Its just not enforced. A myth. The laws here are almost identical to British and Australian road rules. (here is a translation) http://thailaws.com/law/t_laws/tlaw0140_5.pdf
  12. I worked out quickly to drive right lane and avoid potholes trucks bikes and ghost riders plus idiots who pull out of side roads who dont look or stop. Thais understand. Only if its clear will I pull left. People I know who still drive left lane end up injured and in accidents.