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  1. There is a domestic wine industry but wine is below par generally and overpriced. Have avoided it for years. I think around 4 wineries in Thailand. The one up behind Hua Hin has quite a reasonable restaurant but wines are high priced for what you get (or they were last time I visited about 3 years past.
  2. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    When I met my second wife(not Thai) she had had a long term relationship and took a long time to decide. She chose me and we were together 15 years. If your the only one with her physically (and it seems emotionally) and she is not demanding money then why not just chill. Seems to me you have inside running. Seems like a normal balanced women.
  3. I always thought if I gave cc details then hotel could charge it if I didn't pay.
  4. Fined for "over advertising" because apparently false advertising is not against the law ๐Ÿค•
  5. Wow. Hi-so with police connections. Not sure this type of behaviour is news anymore.
  6. Obviously the buses trains taxi tuk tuks were not going his direction. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Do the idiots who set the algorithms actually observe the traffic before applying the settings? Um no. Nor do they have any common sense where they put them. 3 sets on the HH "bypass" case in point. retarded.
  8. Alcohol free beer

    singha water !
  9. Alcohol breath testing - any bad experiences?

    It's been determined in many countries that a fully licensed driver can legally and competently drive up to .05. Thailand has the same law. Of course not everyone is the same and you need to learn your limits. I have comfortably passed the test here after 8 mid strength (3.5) over 4 hrs. I knew I was fine to drive and never seen cops look so sad. Wowsers saying 0.0 really need to get a life.
  10. When I first came here I had a guide who told me of his and others experiences. Everyone should spend time listening and learning. At least as you make mistakes its with some knowledge
  11. For whats worth here is my two cents from someone who has 2 daughters and am with a beautifil thai woman only 1 year older than oldest daughter. He is a grandfather and she probably wants him close so probably feels new gf is preventing that. He lives in Thailand I am guessing. Suggest he concentrates on two things. Letting daughter to get to know new lady (if he can) Spend more time with grandkids (if possible) Good luck to him
  12. Leave or stay?

    If you have discussed this with her and expressed your displeasure and she still goes then she is disrespecting your feelings no matter what her relationship with him. Seems she is using you for your money.
  13. If you have never been to Isaan go and try. Do not put down roots until YOU are satisfied. Travel and look around. A few Aussies in Hua Hin ๐Ÿ˜Š Plenty of good land out of town. The heat in the day is pretty much the same everywhere.
  14. Hope it can also repair itself ๐Ÿค”