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  1. TIT mate, Thais and corruption, go together like a horse and carriage.
  2. You're 61, you have money in the bank, why aren't you on annual retirement extensions, then you don't have to go through all this crap. I'm on retirement extensions for the past decade or longer, I don't stay in Thailand all the time, I have a multi-re-entry stamp, so come and go like a Thai, every few months I'm traveling to Cambodia or Vietnam or Australia and returning to Thailand when I want with no issues at all.
  3. As you should be, last thing you need is a team of angry Thai troops, all wearing their bullet-proof Buddhist amulets climbing out of a sub on Malibu Beach.
  4. One of the criteria for judging lager beers that I use - along with taste and price - is how do I feel the following day after whacking down a few the night before. For me Heineken works best. Beerlao tastes great but hangovers hurt more than Heineken, while Chang & Sing hangovers are torture.
  5. If I'm wearing shoes when I get in my car then I drive with shoes, but if I'm wearing thongs the first thing I do is slip out of them and drive barefoot. Nothing wrong with barefoot driving.
  6. Out of all the regular lager beers in Thailand Heineken is best by far IMO. And Tiger is OK too. Chang tastes good but I find it knocks me around too much the following day. Singha goes quite well with Thai food and I think I'd rather drink urine than Leo.
  7. A few of us were showing our tatts and discussing them at a bar in Australia and one guy pulled his dick out and he had a ruler tattoo'd along the side of his shaft, it was in inches & half inches, he said it was so he knew how much he was putting into ladies...must have hurt like hell getting that done...though I have heard the blowfly tatt on the knob mentioned above is the most painful tatt of all.
  8. Nah, water off a duck's back, they all wear their bullet-proof amulets around their necks, they're invincible. ?
  9. Vientiane is OK, as someone already pointed out Beerlao is cheap and excellent, one of my most favorite drinking spots in all of SEA is up at Bor Phen Yang, knocking down several cold mugs of Beerlao while looking out over the Mehkong to Thailand. Never once been there for a visa but been numerous times just for a few days holiday.
  10. Good mate of mine, German guy, now gone, a few years ago we were sitting around the pool at the Siam Sawadee Hotel in soi buakhao, Pattaya, he had his shirt off and I saw he had several scars all over his torso, so I asked him about them. He pointed to each scar and explained: "this was a bitch in Koh Samui, this was a bitch in Chiang Mai, this was a bitch in Bangkok, this was a bitch in HatYai, this was a bitch in..."
  11. Savages...the great majority of Thai males, they dress like civilized men, drive cars, use modern technology, but push the right button and out pops a savage.
  12. TSF

    Odds Against Us?

    I only got food poisoning once in 40 years of being in Thailand, and that was from a can of Campbell's soup. I went to the local clinic with terrible stomach pains, I was really in agony, the doc checked me out for appendicitis, ruled that out and concluded it was food poisoning. he have me a shot, he said it was the latest synthetic morphine from the USA, it was glorious, the pain ceased instantly and I laid there in his clinic for a few hours admiring the ceiling until I could go home.
  13. I always thought Thais like expensive gifts, part of their culture one could say.
  14. Mine were usually impure thoughts and I fiddled with myself in bed.