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  1. What's all this about "girlfriend" & "the woman"? This is about 3 blokes.
  2. Looks like all farang living in Thailand on annual extensions will now need to have the 400K & 800K THB in a Thai bank account in order to continue living in Thailand. Now, just wait and see if next year they'll double the required sums. I've been expecting it for a couple years now, but it'll happen because they want you gone.
  3. You're keeping the 800,000 THB in a bank to satisfy immigration requirements, very safe, just don't keep it in an account that has an ATM card....that's where the biggest risk lies, from ATM skimmers, not bank tellers.
  4. TSF

    I want to learn Thai language

    +1 for the Thai children's books, that's how Thais learn their language. Also you learn to read Thai as you work your way through those kiddies books, it's not as difficult as it may appear, very easy actually to get a fast grasp of reading basic Thai.
  5. LOL, that's what I was thinking too. Who the hell would want to be an alien and doing 90-day reports when they could be cruising the Med or Caribbean in a yacht.
  6. So much depends on your age, your type of employment, how much money you have behind you, whether you own your own home. Also her age, her employment possibilities. I've been in a very committed loving relationship with a Thai woman for past 5 years, she's made 4 trips to Oz so far (we're currently in Perth until Jan 2019) I'd love for her to be able to live full-time here and work, but the process to obtain that is just so bloody long and expensive it's easier for me to live in Thailand and get her a visitor's visa once a year. Also my Thai partner doesn't have any kids, taking on someone else's kid/kids brings a whole bunch of legal and financial headaches that I certainly wouldn't want.
  7. malos mate, you haven't actually met this woman? Just chatted online & cam. Now you're seriously considering bringing her & her kid to Australia? My advice, not only slow down but completely cease thinking about long-term relationship with a foreign woman you haven't even met. Go for a visit soon, spend time with the woman & her kid, see how it goes, as you say if all goes well you'll make frequent trips to Thailand. Down the track you can consider getting her a 3-month visitor visa for Oz. But stop it at that. You shouldn't even consider going the spouse/fiance route for at least another 2-3 years, by which time you would have built up a history together. And you say you're very cautious, well you'll need to very very cautious X10, many many many Thai women have learned that they can fish for a foreign sponsor via internet sites. You say she has never asked for money, well as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, money will eventually come into the picture.
  8. I think Cambodia and the PIs are the only real alternatives to Thailand. If I was a younger man I'd be checking them out right now.
  9. Yes, thanks, that was my understanding.
  10. Is this 20,000THB cash a requirement for every foreigner entering Thailand, or just tourists? In my own case I'm on annual retirement extensions with multi-re-entry visas, and have been for the past decade. I probably make 3-5 entries each year - some by land and some by air - and have never once been asked about money. But could I be pulled up over this 20K requirement, and denied entry? Often I just have 5K or 10K Baht cash in my wallet but I always carry a Thai bank book with me that shows a balance in excess of a mill THB. I always figured if I was ever asked I'd show my Thai bank book which will prove that I have sufficient money to satisfy requirements. But reading this thread perhaps not.
  11. For every Thai woman who has been scammed by a foreigner there must be a couple thousand who have done the scamming. So many foreign men have sold their homes back in their own countries and transferred the money to Thailand to build a house for their lovely Thai wife, along with a new car, only to get booted out when the Thai hubby comes slinking in through the backdoor. But that's OK. Tell these stories to Thais and they break out into huge smiles and laugh and can't wait to tell everyone around. But tell them stories about foreigners pulling fast ones on Thais and watch their expressions sour.
  12. Savages, no self control, regardless of all their Buddhism mumbo-jumbo and meditation baloney, the slightest thing irritates them and they lash out...punch punch kick kick.
  13. Dunno about Vietnam, got a friend living there, married to Viet gal, they have 2 children together, last year he told me imm refused to give him a further ext and told him to depart the country, get a new visa then return, which is what he did. At least in Thailand if you're married to a Thai and have the 400,000Bt they'll keep giving you annual exts. But, yes, I do agree, Thailand has been making life difficult for many expats in recent times.
  14. I've been getting my annual retirement ext in Pattaya using the 800,000 Bt in a Thai account for the past decade. For a long time I had the money in fixed term accounts, usually 1 year, with UOB. But a couple years ago UOB dropped the interest and I found I could get pretty much the same rate with an account at Krungsri (the yellow bank) it pays a reasonable interest and it's not fixed term, so interest is paid into the same account monthly and I can withdraw sums at any time without losing interest. Never had an issue with immigration.
  15. A few years ago went to Khon Kaen Hospital, Sirikit Heart center, had lengthy check up by heart specialists with several tests, bill at the end of the day was about 2500 Bt. Had an attack of shingles last year, saw a doc in Pattaya, got some meds and cream, that was about 600 Bt. Had a bad chest infection a couple years ago, went to Bua Khao Clinic in Pattaya and had 3 shots of super-duper antibiotics in the bum, one per day X 3 days...300 Bt per shot....knocked those bugs right out. I'm 71 and blessed with good health. I have accident insurance but no health cover. I don't get sick often, maybe once a year I need see a doc for something and usually pay a bill of around 500-600 Bt including meds. Touch wood I'm healthy for my age, but if I had any serious health issues I would no longer be living in Thailand, but would return to reside full-time in Australia where I am covered by medicare + the pensioner health care card.