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  1. A farang life in Thailand is worth less than that of a soi dog. Time to realize it for those who hadn't.
  2. quinzinho

    Immigration queues

    Thanks for this thread. I'm flying in tomorrow and was very nervous about immigration queues.. seems I can have hope not having to stand there for hours. Taxi-wise the way to go is still crossing the road to the Amari hotel and fetch a cab over there?
  3. Hi all, Tomorrow I'm flying back home from BKK and I was wondering if there's a duty free shop selling Soju at the airport? Thanks for your advice!
  4. quinzinho

    DHL to Thailand

    When my company ships something over by DHL from Europe, we have it in 3-5 days. Would expect it's the same for you.
  5. San Miguel Dark was on a promotion 2 weeks ago at Mulligans, Suk Soi 11.
  6. The blue book does not have a blood group section in it, and this I am 100% certain Funny, because mine does!
  7. quinzinho

    Is THAI's turnaround possible?

    Most of the failures of Thai have been addressed here already. I can add another big problem: their fleet consists of way too many aircraft types. The size of THAI really doesn't justify all the different plane types. Way too expensive operating (and grounding) all these birds.
  8. quinzinho

    where can i get stainless steel 316L?

    Sorry, for sheet and bar I'm not entirely sure. Fittings, welded pipes for example are produced here in these grades.
  9. quinzinho

    where can i get stainless steel 316L?

    The colour reagents are not a reliable or definitive way of identifying the grades, without subjecting a sample to a proper lab test, the only portable way which is accepted by industry is a PMI (positive material identification) which is a portable instrument which can identity the constituent elements and percentages in the alloy and based on the percentages primarily of nickel, chrome and a few others can determine the grade based on ASTM classifications of the various alloys. This is indeed the only way which is acceptable in the industry. Actually, all mills producing a stainless product will conduct the PMI test already, which is mentioned on the mill test certificate. You only need to use material which is really coming from that (reliable) mill. Doing it again in Thailand is no problem, only you will be asked a minimum charge usually. Or you should find a friendly guy who will do it for you for free. If you're testing many pieces, it's only 5 USD per tested point. (1 point per piece is sufficient )
  10. quinzinho

    where can i get stainless steel 316L?

    I think all stainless is imported. Nope at least 3 or 4 mills that I know of that produce stainless in Thailand Some of the more exotics are imported ie your duplex and super duplexes for example The stainless steel base material is imported! Indeed stainless and also duplex end products are produced here. Buy them monthly
  11. quinzinho

    where can i get stainless steel 316L?

    I think all stainless is imported. Yes.. but obviously that's not what I meant. Some stainless materials are stocked in Thailand, some are not and will always need to be imported.
  12. quinzinho

    where can i get stainless steel 316L?

    @jikwan, @h90 I work at a multinational steel pipes and components stockist/distributor in Thailand. (we're one of the biggest players worldwide) I can get you 316/L plates or any other grade you desire. From an entire sheet to only a small cutting. You name it. Grades more exotic than 316/L will need to be imported though, simply as there's no availability in Thailand. (At least not of reliable quality). If you know exactly what you want (size, quantity, grade), please send me a PM and I can assist you with an offer.
  13. quinzinho

    Shoe laces.. where in BKK?

    Thanks for this and all other suggestions! This one at Chatuchak sounds like shoe lace heaven; pity though the place is so bloody big Will try Robisons first. If not there, I'll go hunting at Chatuchak.
  14. quinzinho

    Shoe laces.. where in BKK?

    Thanks! Will surely check out Emporium, easier with BTS!
  15. quinzinho

    Shoe laces.. where in BKK?

    I am desperately looking for shoe laces and a bit of choice as well. Need several types. I have tried to search for a similar question on Thaivisa, but only found a very old-dated topic, which did not really help me a lot. Is Platinum Fashion mall a good place to look for 'em? Other suggestions greatly appreciated; thanks!