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  1. I know a guy who is having a full wooden house made right now as we speak. This will have 2/3 bedrooms, living rooms etc on stilts, and is being made to specification. He is putting it on his lady's land and will obviously have to put shower and toilet block on her land. He is applying for a yellow book for this as well. He also has the intention of picking the house up and moving it to wherever he goes in the event of a falling out or dispute. As far as he is concerned, the house is his and the land is hers. I do not know how he stands legally but that is what he is doing.
  2. I think there is no more to add and you have summed the situation up perfectly and with clarity, that is how I see it as well. Thanks.
  3. Scouse123

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    Maybe, as is my belief, he has no interest whatsoever in other peoples ideas or points of view or anything that differs from his own. He is hardly presidential material, god knows what the Americans were thinking when they elected him. The only person I put on a similar level of incompetence is British PM Theresa May.
  4. Scouse123

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    I have actually been to Egypt a few years ago. The only people I met who professed to be of different heritage described themselves as ' Nubian ' I will ignore your baiting post regards Liverpudlians. Also, your remarks regarding google, (which the vast majority of the worlds population use who have access to a computer,) as an infantile way to get a negative response. The sky is blue outside, Manchester United lost yesterday, I am happy and no way are you spoiling my day! And whilst we are discussing my ability to use google, here are a few others that came from a low social class and obviously uneducated that did quite alright for themselves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Merseyside
  5. Scouse123

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    Egypt is an Arab country. At least it's assumed to be. This may seem rather obvious, given that its official name is the Arab Republic of Egypt, it is a member of the Arab League and its people speak Arabic. To an outsider, Egypt is, in fact, an Arab country.
  6. Scouse123

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    I don't think Trump is very knowledgeable about anything on the world stage except his own self-interest in real estate and property development.
  7. Always seems to be off topic or a rant when the behavior of Muslims around the world and their acts are called into question or comparison? Having their cake and eating it as usual.
  8. Well said smedly. Well said.
  9. Scouse123

    NE live in village monthly

    Completely on your side smotherb. They also work the market selling things and getting income from other sources. It is absolute bull <deleted> what they are doing and are trying it on to see how much they can get. GREED. simple as. What's wrong also with the father looking after the cows? Why pay a sister to clean the bloody house when she is hanging out there and no doubt eating free and doing nothing else of any useful consequence! I have found up in Isaarn, the more money you give mother and father and/or family members, the more the money is misused and abused, as is your trust in them to do the right thing. They haven't earned it (money), so they don't look after or respect it. We can all be good at spending other peoples money. My other half's mother lives in a house adjacent to us that you-know-who built. She is forever over here asking for money. She has another daughter plus six sons, one of whom drives a Fortuner! They give NOTHING and all work away in Bangkok. When I pointed this out to the greedy old cow, she said ' They have families to support ' I then reminded her, I have two sons I still support from my UK marriage and was met with a stony-faced silence. I used to give her 8,000 baht a month, I have cut it to 4,000 as she just gives the layabout son money who lives with her for his Lao Khao and cigarettes, and then we have his layabout mates hanging around her house!. He is 35 and has never worked. To the OP, you know who cleans our house without any salary? My other half and we have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen, office, dining room and large gardens with drive.
  10. Scouse123

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    Because of the massive amount of money Mr. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, have given over to noble causes such as HIV research through their foundation,($4.6 billion) to HIV and the Global fund related to it, alone. This is not including all his other tremendous charitable donations elsewhere. The man is a Titan in giving to worthy causes. I would have thought he would have to be very knowledgeable about any charitable cause they give their billions to and where they are best spent. https://www.avert.org/professionals/hiv-around-world/global-response/funding
  11. Scouse123

    Eight Months Smoke Free!!!

    We've already been here, see earlier threads.
  12. Scouse123

    Eight Months Smoke Free!!!

    Only jesting, well done! You actually quit when it was being promoted by TV and advertised everywhere as a ' cool ' thing to do. I am really happy I quit but I restrain myself from ever making criticisms of people who do smoke. It's very hard to stop.
  13. Scouse123

    Eight Months Smoke Free!!!

    Were you smoking at 4 years old or is it my Maths? You are 80 in July, you stopped 46 years ago (which is fantastic! ) making you 34 years old when you quit, after being a heavy smoker for 30 years? I stopped 14 years ago and I think for sure I would have been dead or seriously ill now with lung disease. I smoked 60 a day.
  14. Scouse123

    Bangkok Taxies... Worse than ever?

    I knew this one would come up as it always does regards taxi pricing. Well, it's not London or Zurich or Timbuktoo, it's on the other side of the world, we are talking about Bangkok where prices are relative to market forces.
  15. Trump is a complete megalomaniac and has removed, fallen out or fired any decent or long-term politicians who know the world stage thinking, as all people of his ilk do, that he knows better. He needs to get off the sunbed, get off twitter and get out of politics. The guy is an embarrassment to the U.S.A. as a leader and statesman and the quicker he is out of office, the better the world will be. He has gone against nearly every country on the planet in tearing up the Iran peace deal,He has heightened friction and tensions in the Middle East by opening the Embassy in Jerusalem instead of leaving the status quo, until many other issues were thrashed out to seek peace, instead he kicks the can down the road, for others to sort out after he is gone, and inflames public rage in the process. The man has pulled out of Global warming treaties, (he has deliberately set out to reverse many policies, just for the sake of it being another President's policy), and anything that Obama did. He constantly attempts to take credit for the US economy, when most of the policies coming to fruition, are the result of the previous administration's efforts. On a side note, It was only recently that 2017 was declared the safest year in aviation history and he tried to take credit for that until he realized it was for the world and not just the U.S!! The man is a loose cannon and a clown on the world stage. He doesn't even come across as credible. He has now also succeeded in filling the White House with family members, cronies and yes men, not people with vast experience of domestic and foreign policy matters. Nearly all those qualified for the job have quit because they can't work with this unpredictable idiot. Regards Foreign policy, he and the news media have deliberately misquoted words and actions of the North Koreans in a silly attempt at one-upmanship thinking they will take the high ground before a summit. Is it not obvious to anybody that Kim Jong Un hasn't spent all these billions the country cannot afford, to establish NK as a nuclear power in the region, to just then walk away from it all after and roll over for Trump or one of Trumps empty promises? Pulling out of the Iran deal, the behavior of the US and allies regards Iraq and Libya, not to mention Afghanistan, gives no nation on Earth any reason to trust the American, British or NATO word on anything. I do not support nor like Kim Jong Un, he is a detestable creature but this is no way to go about dealing with the North Koreans or any other Asian nation.