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  1. Scouse123

    my thai friend dying from HIV

    The International Red Cross and Thai Red Cross just would not allow such a register to be kept that could be accessed by her local hospitals and clinics, it would be against their code of ethics. Sheryl is completely right in all points that she has raised. The danger in the villages and small towns is they have nothing to do all day except gossip! That is how 99% of information gets passed on, not through registers. People these days, even in Thailand and other developing countries, do not need to die from HIV/AIDS as safeguards are in place even if they are penniless. HIV is no longer a death sentence. If I helped, I would certainly point out and put her under no illusion, that this is a short-term help situation and she must proactively help herself in the long run. You cannot allow them to fall into the ' expected ' category and then you are the monster when you no longer give. Another story doing the rounds is that they give out of date medicines or medicines that are inferior when patients cannot afford to pay which is equally nonsense, and another story probably made up by some villager on their front porch or lazing in their hammock.
  2. Yes, they are but what I think the poster was meaning is they act independently as and when it suits them, and they work together also, only when it suits them. My British Consul advised me it was common practice when a ' case was in the courts ' that in Thailand they hold the passport in some cases. I don't say it is right. Many years ago I had a case, I then put forward this exact argument about the document is the property of the UK government, which it is. I was told if this was pushed, that the courts could have got difficult and I could have found that my bail was withdrawn. The Thai argument being that if I was on bail and not allowed to leave the country, I didn't need it and the receipt they provided was sufficient. I was, however, also told that if they continually held my passport without good reason, the Embassy could see fit to cancel it and issue another one.
  3. You just continuously never fail to talk nonsense, it's like a mantra with you where you refuse to accept facts even when they stare at you in the face! You could pick an argument or disagreement in an empty house.
  4. Yes, It is out of his control. And the procedure to resolve it is as I have outlined above in a previous post.
  5. No, not because imcagr said so. You are wrong because that is not how the system works but you refuse to accept it and keep trying to apply western logic. This is one of those times where the Thai police all stand by their positions in whichever branch of the police they are in. The local police may have the passport but are not interested in his immigration status. The onus is all on him. It is up to him to get the name of the officer who has the passport, his phone number, and any receipt or documents and take them to immigration and explain if this is not cleared he will go into overstay. That is the way forward and preferably with a Thai who holds some respect or a Thai lawyer, both to gain clarity and as a witness. And the reason I know ' my assertion is fact ' is because I have been there, read the book and seen the film in 2001 with the Immigration authorities both in Pattaya and Bangkok.
  6. None, If you have your passport back from the police station and no charges have been brought. Once the case is in the courts, if it ends up there, you need court permission and a letter from them to present to immigration as well.
  7. BestB, I agree with you partly as I too, many moons ago,(the year 2001) had a similar situation. I accept their procedures may have changed. The only reason this differs to me is that it doesn't seem like this guys case is in the court yet. When I had a court case, I had to leave my passport at the court, then when I was due to extend, an immigration officer was allocated, it ended up being the same one all the time. He would go to the court with me, take the passport, do the immigration paperwork, and return it to the court until the next time. The onus was always on me to remember to go to immigration at the time it was due to expire. However, this guys case is still at the police station, not the court or seems to be from what he is saying. I have read your situation as well, and both cases strike me as a bit ' odd ' that the police can just hold your passport like this. I know those bastards are a law unto themselves. Did they give you an official receipt? and did you consult a lawyer as to the legality of them doing this?
  8. Absolutely spot on!! and I know because fell foul of this many years ago once! I even went to Bangkok to complain and they said I had had ample time to go and explain my situation to immigration. They didn't care that nobody had not informed me and the onus was on me to find out the workings of Thai immigration and the law.
  9. You need to go to the police and be proactive. Explain this incident has moved you into overstay and you need this cleared with immigration so that your status remains unaffected and that you are not subject to any bans. Only Immigration can clear this. Do not allow local police to fob you off. If you are not a Thai speaker, go to the police station with one and explain your predicament or even a lawyer, if you have engaged one due to this incident. But if you use your brain, under no circumstances let it slide or wait for the Thai police to take the initiative in returning your passport, because they won't and they don't. Unless there is an active court case, I do not know why they are holding your passport.
  10. Scouse123

    Nigerian, Kiwi, Thai charged in Bangkok meth bust

    Te Arikinui Tūheitia Paki Traditional and royal name of a recent Maori king.
  11. Scouse123

    One year smoke-free; a few thoughts

    Well done on 1 year. Great achievement!! I wonder how long it takes for the body to recover, especially the lungs from heavy smoking. I quit fourteen years ago with the cigarettes. I know I will never smoke again. It is easier now as so many places make it a taboo, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc My problem now is stopping drinking beer. I get to about six months beer free, then bang, a glass of red wine or so, even though I know it will lead to more, and out the window, it goes. I suppose one step at a time. Weight is my reason for stopping drinking as it went up considerably after stopping smoking but is in ' check ' at the moment.
  12. LGBT seems to be represented in many aspects of Thai life and in many industries within Thailand at many levels. As posters have said they are well represented on television and in the media and seem to be accepted in the towns, cities, and villages around Thailand as the ' norm ' without hostility towards them. The areas they get a raw deal is in being unable to be recognized legally in such as marriage, and rights that other Thai nationals are afforded and to a degree, there is discrimination against them. On another point, LGBTI or whatever is the latest terminology, does not only cover ladyboys, hence the title of the thread is wrong. It covers gays, lesbians, transgenders as well. It seems odd to me that a foreign gay person, say from the U.K., can fly to communist Vietnam with a Thai ladyboy, or gay or whatever and marry or enter into a civil partnership at their Embassy. They then have their rights recognized in their partners home country regarding wills, property, etc but is unable to do this in Thailand, where up to now, this is still not allowed or accepted in Thailand because of archaic laws. I will not even enter into their sexual practices as I find it irrelevant and many TV responses childish when referring to them. Some TV members need to know that vulgarity and toilet humor against LGBT is no substitute for genuine wit.
  13. Do you still believe in unicorns, angels with wings, and red demons with horns as well? God says differently????? God has never said anything.
  14. Scouse123

    Nigerian, Kiwi, Thai charged in Bangkok meth bust

    I wouldn't think deflection. If that was the aim, the guy would have boarded the plane and then the ' snitch ' would phone ahead to the authorities. That way I could see your point in the authorities attention being diverted to a smaller fish and the bigger one escaping. On this occasion, to catch him in a hotel before he has even begun his journey seems like he has just been thrown to the wolves, maybe to keep ' police numbers ' for drug arrests up there, maybe someone didn't like him or maybe, somebody had a problem with his Nigerian dealer/supplier. On a footnote, considering his age, scruffy appearance, and dress, he definitely looks like purely a ' drugs mule'. He certainly isn't any Pablo Escobar, that's for sure.
  15. No, Actually a little bit unfair as you have only included one line of what I said as it takes things out of context. I am no fan of the Thai police or justice system which I believe is riddled from the bottom upwards with corruption. What my point was if Big Joke is going to the UK on behalf of Thailand, where there is world attention focused on him and Thailand, he will be going very well prepared. He will have all his ' ducks in a row ' as in translators, facts and figures, back up investigators, support systems so that he doesn't make errors or embarrass his bosses. They are good at organizing a ' parade ' or front or face, whatever you wish to call it when needs are. They are also past masters at attempting to twist evidence to suit their needs and purposes and are well aware they cannot ride roughshod when they are in a country such as the UK with their heavy-handedness which they can get away with without question in Thailand. I have no doubt that will be a load of political face-saving, press blaming for what he said, and smiles and attempts to smooth things over behind the scenes, if and when they ever actually meet in the UK. .