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  1. No, I don't blame them. They have become a 'bloated ' organization that is now trying to extend its powers beyond its mandate. I have the same view of the EU in Brussels but that's another story.
  2. Alt, If you ask him, you will probably find he is now staying through choice as he prefers his life in a Thai prison to the unknown of an Australian one. Western countries have different treaties with Thailand but I am well aware and know for a fact Australia does have one. Many foreigners choose to stay once they have been in a Thai prison for a number of years, their reasons are varied, but include more restrictions and conditions in their home countries prisons, avoiding a criminal record in their country of origin being listed against their name, some have appealed and their cases are still in the courts or they are delaying their cases deliberately as they do not wish to return home ( some have charges awaiting in their homelands) they are awaiting the result of an appeal to the King for amnesty, in the forlorn hope, that if one is granted they will be able to return to Thailand. Another, they are treated way harsher in their own countries, (this is usually Middle Easterners). Some just have nothing to return to. There are many reasons.
  3. Well said. Great post, my thoughts as well. ' The USA pays little attention to them nor does Russia or China unless getting the answers they want.
  4. They have forgotten the OP already and moved on to the next mark. I don't know why you just didn't say when you walked down to reception that these were not ' what it says on the tin ' nor not what you ordered. Downstairs in the reception area with plenty of witnesses is the best place to stop this nonsense, not up at your room. Obvious scam for two to show up. To be fair, I had a similar experience a long time ago in Phnom Penn but it was at my hotel after an online agreement. Tried to say to me they were the same person I had chatted with which I knew not to be true and then they admitted the original person couldn't make it, so they came instead. Only thing received from me was goodbye.
  5. They ALL HAVE A PLAN until they drop in opinion polls or things stop going their way, and then, self-preservation to staying in power takes over and becomes more important. Hitler had a 1000 year plan. Merkel carries on and only when her position has become untenable has she admitted mistakes and trying now to change course, too late lady, the damage is done! Many great and proud countries ruined by a Muslim invasion of ignorant parasites caused by Merkel and her ill-thought out open borders policies. These scum have no intention of obeying laws or assimilating into their host countries. These immigrants, because they are not refugees, are driven by wild hysteria and a low education fired up by radical clerics. Macron. Up his own arse and has designs on the top job in Europe as he knows Merkel is coming to the end. May. EU appeaser a pro remainer, a liar and a fraud. Juncker. A drunken old fool that can not even match his own shoes before going on to a platform. A clown and a self-entitled <deleted>. Tusk. Arrogant but probably the best of the bunch. Barnier. A guy up his own backside that goes back to the EU as though he has just scored a goal every time he gets a result or thinks he has scored a point over Brexit. He also treats the UK with an open and hostile complete lack of respect. I cannot stand his smugness or even look at him. A detestable human being.
  6. Scouse123

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    Nobody more bigoted than those clowns in Brussels! You talk about the war was years ago, now let it go? Was it only this week that Macron with the agreement of Merkel was promoting a formidable EU Army to be organized and militarized? It certainly wasn't the U.K. promoting this.
  7. Scouse123

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    Nurse, nurse, He's out of his bed again and not taking his meds!
  8. Absolutely, We might as well just say ' Stay as we are ' and then make life so lousy, they pay us to leave like a bad tenant. She has the nerve to try and promote a lousy deal and then the nerve to refuse to allow a second referendum and let the people decide now that they know fully the real implications of it all, which they didn't before. The deal is an insult, but I bet the Europeans cannot believe she swallowed it, they will be sweating now over the next few days, to see if May can get it passed for the biggest con in modern times.
  9. One thing though! The biggest majority coming through are NOT REFUGEES, they are criminals, jihadists, terrorists, men of working age between the ages of 19-30 years old, Economic migrants and so forth. Also, many of the operations undertaken ( AND I do not agree with them! ) were under the banner of NATO. of which many in the EU are members until it comes to the financial costs of war and then it tends to be left to the USA backed by the UK. I don't wonder Trump gets pissed about lack of NATO contributions from EU countries but they still want the protection. If they want to help refugees as casualties of war, then set up no-fly zones and safe havens and camps in their own countries, bring in peacekeepers that have powers and are not toothless! and use methods to give direct aid where needed and not handed wads of cash over to despotic regimes. Obvious when they do that, the people will neither see nor benefit from it.
  10. And if a democratically elected government chooses to obey a referendum by the people and leave a union that no longer resembles what they originally joined, they should be allowed to without all the threats, animosity and blackmail which is taking place. Another thing, there was also no ' leaving fee ' mentioned. So where do they get their 40 billion GBP from? I will tell you where plucked from the air at one of those big fat dinners the gluttons were probably having in Brussels. And don't bother saying it is for ' forward commitments '. Forget that load of tripe before you try it, because if you are in a car dealership and decide to expand your fleet into trucks and hybrid cars, and then one of the main financiers and major players leaves the company, you have to scale back your ambitions, not try to pressure him to pay into something more that he has nothing to do with anymore. That is precisely what the EU is doing, or more to the point, Germany and France, as the rest are ignored unless needed to make up voting numbers and give the impression it is an agreement by all the EU countries.
  11. Yeah yeah, But that is the story of a game evolving over time, not simply changing it completely to an entirely different game with fewer players and a completely different set of rules. That is what the EU has done. A major EU think tank has stated that leaving the EU without a deal will be difficult to start but no way unsurmountable and that there is way too much hyperbole at play here by key members who want the UK to stay in, well, they want to UK cash to stay in.
  12. Agree with some of what you say. However, it is a bit difficult when you originally sign up to play for a football team and then the EU changes the rules and says ' Thanks, for joining and buying your kit and your membership fees ' but guess what? We have now decided to play Golf. This was supposed to be an agreement for frictionless trade and cooperation to ease tensions and prevent wars, not a superstate destroying European cultures of each country to lead to a superstate with an EU army with Germany at its head.
  13. You are the one speaking nonsense. It is either left to their alleged ' negotiators ' who are no more than puppets of Macron and Merkel anyway, or it isn't. That was the whole point of these Brexit people in the first place. She is supposedly an ' equal ' in a partnership of 28 EU countries, well as we all know, she isn't. This is and has been a nice little cozy relationship between Germany and France for many many years. The other states carry very little weight. The UK as the second biggest contributor should have been afforded far more respect and more effort put into an amicable agreement. She continues from the sidelines to continuously put her opinions in to deflect her problems at home and influence other states. It was HER disastrous immigration policies that have led to her credibility in tatters, her party all but destroyed and the reason the Germans in many states want rid of her. She single-handedly tried to dictate and threaten other EU states and change the whole demographics of central Europe and what she did with encouraging the ridiculous mass immigration is what has lead to the xenophobia even in Northern European states, some of the most pro-Immigrant nations in the world. Germany under her and her overtures of a EU army are trying to achieve through the back door what they couldn't achieve through the front. I don't care if people think I am over reacting.
  14. Yeah, The Aussies like many other countries have a treaty with Thailand. He can apply to serve his remaining term of imprisonment in an Australian prison after serving eight years in Bang Kwang. I have not followed the story but to be given the death sentence, he must have pleaded not guilty or they would have reduced it to life. When an Amnesty comes around such as the coronation of the new King or another auspicious occasion, his sentence will probably be reduced somewhat. They are seriously talking about abolishing the death penalty but there were a couple carried out not too long ago.