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  1. But you have your location marked as Jomtien? I presume all the local foreigners living in such a salubrious, classy location are gainfully employed as surgeons, Aeronautical engineers, Oil tycoons, etc who have proper jobs and are worthy of you rubbing shoulders with them?
  2. That is not the brightest response to put on here when a man has been sentenced to death and had his life, his family's life and his wife's life all ruined at the hands of others, in the likelihood that he never committed what he was accused of. But you think that is OK because he possibly mixed with the wrong kind of people without even knowing who they were? He had already stated he was afraid of these people and trying to put some distance between him and them, and judging by events, rightly so. You have some weird logic indeed if that warrants a death sentence in Thailand.
  3. Who in all honesty really cares whether or not the tattoos are the same? The main point to be considered in this thread, is that in all probability Thailand has yet another innocent man set up by scum and is now on death row, even if they don't execute him and his wife, their lives as they know them, are ruined. The French scumbag and his associates who were nothing more than plastic, mickey mouse, policemen, and police grasses and snitches whilst running a large drugs operation themselves, They were AND STILL ARE, producing dangerous steroids that are known to kill people in the bodybuilding game, and they are free and enjoying life, and boasting how they have stitched a man up! I think Luke Cook, maybe wanted a bit of excitement in his life with his beer bar and restaurant, he seems to have been a man who was hardworking and genuine according to those who came into contact with him, had the misfortune of ending up in the same company as filth and didn't know how to get out of it. Pattaya, the same as Phuket, is a dangerous cesspool in business and full of dark figures and mafia want-to-be idiots, with protection from the authorities, and plenty of them in brown uniforms as well.