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  1. Yeah, me too, when I became semi-retired, she hired a cook...............
  2. I wouldn't worry about it, go to renew your license and if they come up with some obscure reason not to renew, hire a driver..........backup is try to teach your lady.
  3. Its called Karma - be careful what you wish for............
  4. You think this is bad?? Move to jakarta or Manila...................
  5. Sorry, read all with interest, you have been married a whole two years?? Hopefully a much longer time together before you were married - having lived in SE Asia on and off for over 40 years, when a wife starts arguing about Wills, Insurance, Property on the death of her husband, I am highly suspect on 'the why'. I don't believe the 'family knows more than the Farang' bit others are throwing around............the old adage is true in SE Asia "Never be worth more dead than alive" and make sure someone other than one of their family members is the executor of any wills. If she doesn't believe you over this little tidbit, then think about taking hee to the Brit Embassy and see if they will register your marraige..........some say it can't be done, I don't know. Good Luck.
  6. Unnecessary, ever think to yourself "What do they do with these things??" Vietnam got rid of them 6 or 7 years ago, also hotels report your presence on-line, no copies........but some deep jungle police stations still require the paper form to register foreigners in their districts. I agree the Thai immigration 90 reporting should be done away with, its already on-line but I see some people still need to go to immigration, those people could be re-trained in another part of immigrations.
  7. The Major Bangkok newspaper we can't name reported this during the investigation, I dont pull this stuff out my ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well, you know. I read both newspapers every morning before 0600.
  8. They found 38 scratches, dents on the tracks...........they now know the tracks may be substandard and need to be replaced with real steel, not the cheap chinese stuff. No deportation, fined and jailed for not having a work permit since he is making money in Thailand and not paying taxes.
  9. They sell collapsible Batons (ASP's and the like) some very expensive the Thai copies are cheaper but effective as well. also have belt holster or can keep in pocket/backpack.
  10. I have been using AIS One 2 Call for about five years, can 'top up' on-line, as long as I keep over 800 baht on it, I have unlimited in-country calls, topped up yesterday, don't expire until Oct 2018, I typically spend six months a year out of country, has never expired as long as I keep the minimum balance.
  11. Not totally off-topic but at a beach in Nha Trang Vietnam they sell BBQ Lobster, Shrimp, Crabs right on the beach, a big hairy Russian guy wanted a Lobster, clearly marked at 300,000 dong about $14. She BBQ'd the lobster and took it to his beach bed, he said very loudly I only pay 30,000, not 300,000 and grabbed it from her, threw the money on the beach and started eating, this old lady just looked at him, picked up the 3 bills he threw down on the sand along with a hand full of sand and dropped them in the plate with the lobster, then trotted off with her BBQ buckets..........security police standing right there, pointing at th sign that clearly said "No Outside Food can be brought to this area". She had the "sand" to do that to such a big guy. It was funny.
  12. Self esteem issues I suppose,?? bang it down a street, "Hey, look at me!!" and of course we look, but rarely do I hear some one say "Cool Bike"
  13. Agreed, create a new line soley for Group checkins (auto refusals) before the normal Immigrations Lines, that will put a chink in their armor (no pun intended)
  14. Two down and about 30 more to go............I have an easy solution, start refusing entry at Swampy and Don Muang to "Chinese Tour Groups" make them all return when discovered they are on "Zero Dollar" vacations, or more aptly called 'All Inclusive Vacations' after returning a few thousand travellers, the word will get out and Bob's your Uncle.