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  1. TunnelRat69

    Driving from Thailand to Malaysia

    This is why we always parked our cars at the Border Police Station, for 50 baht a day, and walked across.........hired taxi's or rented cars.........thanx for the post, I was thinking of crossing with a car, Naaah, think I'll park it at the police station lie the old days.
  2. TunnelRat69

    More than 3,000 marijuana plants burned

    I was in Cambodia for two years 95-97 - it was not illegal to buy or smoke Ganja, it was only illegal to grow it!! Go figure that one out. You could buy lbs of it in the Russian market (kinda low grade so I am told) Two Aussies tried to start a Hemp Farm to make clothes, rope rattan furniture etc etc etc - somehow female plants got mixed in with the males and Uh Oh!! They got busted.
  3. Yaa Baa and Vodka, bad idea...............hope they are jailed, fed rice & fish for a couple weeks, and sent back to where they came from via Aeroflot (who are notoriously un happy with deportees-they have Bad ass Air Marshals on their flights)
  4. I always say "In Thailand Business" - choose somthing no one else is doing, and keep your business strategy a secret. Never reveal your source of materials, ingredients, recipes, vendors etc etc etc - time and time again some thing like your post happens and usually fails. Wish luck in your wifes endeavor - the key to good business in Thailand is to offer somthing no one else has - like not only Coffee, but Smoothies, cheap special breakfast or lunch meals. In a small place it will catch on..............I had corner place in Pattaya 1972-1976 - I only sold American Hot Dogs and Ice Cold Beer, American Music........no, I didn't get rich, but made twenty times my US Army pay a month. Everyone knew where they could get American Hot Dogs in Pattaya on what is now called Walking street. I sold it to another American for ten times what I paid for it...........No one knew how or where I could get American hotdogs........had them flown in from Japan.........in those days it was cheap enough.
  5. I think it does because it takes away a job from a Thai person...........he can teach car washing and detailing but without touching the car, only directing the Thais in the art of car washing. As many have said, its only a Matter of time when we see the title "Car Washing Farang deported for working Illegally" and at his age, that would not be a good thing - If anyone knows him, advise him please. A popular long term Belgique guy in "Na-Kona Some-Where" close to Pattaya was deported for working behind the bar, incriminating evidence was FB pics of him serving Beer and Mixing drinks.........his lady boy ex-lover turned him in, that place was closed for about five years.
  6. Need a partner??, I am short so I can get the low places easily enough - recommend we hire some of the Bikini clad girls to wash cars you see on late night TV show "Sexy Car Wash"
  7. Uuummm...........something ain't right, the guy in the picture in the Op is not the same guy in the pic in the Link..........I mean they are different as night and day.
  8. TunnelRat69

    Florida orders vote recount in Senate, governor races

    They found a number of them that contained Office Supplies, and ONE in a post office that had not been delivered on time - an investigation is on-going, it is assumed it was buried under sacks of mail - those votes will not be counted under State Law.
  9. TunnelRat69

    Florida orders vote recount in Senate, governor races

    and Hawaii doesn't tax and Govt Retirement Income, Military, State Govt, Fed Govt or Social Security - it only taxes money earned in the State, like rental income............great place to retire, I've been there since 2005.
  10. Apple Authorized Re-Sellers, not Apple Stores - big difference, although the iStudio in Bangkok and Pattaya have been very helpful, the others are under no obligation to 'fix' anything under warranty.
  11. My old 64 Thunderbird had the perfect wrap around back seat (not my pic, mine was white)
  12. TunnelRat69

    Rice Storage Ideas, Isaan Village Kitchens?

    Same here, we somtimes have several thousand kgs of rice, we put those sticky pads all over the place, somtimes catch a couple dozen babies a day. I also have the meanest house cat you ever saw, hates people, but loves rats.
  13. There is no problem - I was answering this............pay attention: "On my soi that counts 8 houses, there are 3 for rent, and they've been for rent as long as I live here (1-year). I take this as 3 apartments empty for over a year have been for rent on his soi. I live in Jom Tien and there are tons of places for rent as well - my tongue in cheek answer was related to a post last month of a guy complaining cause a Farang posted signs showing the soi flooding that stops others from buying their houses.
  14. They could also die on the table during the sterilization procedure Ooops, a tad too much anesthetic..............heart stops, burn the body.