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  1. He was arrested 14 January 2019, hardly enough time to grow that shag. Nice Try.
  2. Thank You, 'cept I never get ripped off in Vietnam, I spend a lot of time there..........Cambodia?? Oh Yes. Thai's just try to get as much for their product as you are willing to pay - today, I wanted to buy some boxing gloves for my kids..........first word out of her mouth was 500 baht each, I laughed and told her in Thai I saw them in Central for 200 baht, she insisted 500 baht. so I went back to the stall outside Central Festioval and bought 2 pair @200 baht each and walked back and showed her - not to be thwarted, she immediately said "Mine are better" 500 baht...............so she lost 400 baht, trying to get 1000 baht. they just don't think..........now I am sure there are dozens of tourists that might have paid 500 baht & more each but not me.
  3. Yes, it has been said, but what this young man doesn't know is that the term "Rip Off" is not in the Thai Language and "Taking Advantage" of Foreigners is a national sport in Thailand, as it is in every other tourist location in the world. The service providers goal is, and should be, to separate a tourist from his/her money with due diligence. Plain and Simple.
  4. If he is found guilty of Child Molestation in Thailand, does his time, deported he WILL be prosecuted in the USA............this came into law about 6, 7 years ago. He'd be better off going back to Pakistan where they tolerate this behavior (I worked there for two years, newspapers are full of gang rape stories where the perps got off and the accuser prosecuted in Islamic Court, or even the perps guilty, go to prison and families of the perps charging the accuser in Islamic Court and winning.............its a goat rope society.
  5. Not only that, he is too damned ugly to be a true American............I thought Thai Schools had grooming standards, he looks more at home in a beer bar in Pattaya than a classroom. I don't read The generals' statement that he is guilty before tried - I read it as "he is assuring the parents that this man will be prosecuted then deported (if the evidence proves he is guilty). Ramdas should be careful who you are slandering on a public forum, you could get a late night knock on your door..........then maybe your meandering rant may come to realization faster than you think. You're not in Kansas anymore.
  6. TunnelRat69

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    It's pretty much patrolled 24/7/265
  7. TunnelRat69

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Wonder how we went from 8 trillion (6 trillion to China)when Obama was elected to 22 triilion now??............subj of another post I guess.
  8. But isn't Sangsom more of a rum than whiskey?? I have a friend, his hobby is distilling his own Vodka, he told me the way Sangsom if made, it's more of a rum than Whiskey............I can't count the gallons of Mekong I drank in the seventies and eighties. Hundreds maybe, I couldnlt get drunk on it.
  9. TunnelRat69

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    I said Yes build the damned thing, while they are at it, build one along the California Border of adjoining states.
  10. TunnelRat69

    Police rejecting tea money!

    Thanx for the reply - I think you are right, they said I had to be a member to get an IDP, that was the rip off maybe..............I'll ensure I get the non-member this time.........headed to hawaii in February for a couple weeks.
  11. TunnelRat69

    Social media to play major role in vote

    and you can bet your ass it will happen, the Chinese have their feet firmly into Thailand, and are not ready to gove up the hld it has on her............its ironic though - 20 years ago using the Internet (social media) would have been illegal............if Thai's were caught using the Internet for campaign purposes, they were jailed, and more often then not, disappeared................progress??
  12. TunnelRat69

    The hunt for pink dollar

    Eh!! Even in Vietnam they are advocating for same sex marraiges, 'cept it is called 'same sex unions' - and they get the same benefits as opposit sex marraiges. and whats wrong with thinking about Money - or do you think USA and Europe are the nly continents that can make money on anything..............I say bring it on, LGBTQ Vacations by the Millions.
  13. Gold has gone up almost $100 an ounce since Dec 15th...........the lady may not be far off the mark, but you would need to buy in Kgs, not Ounces to make money in the Gold market, I dont see it reaching the $2000 again in the next 10 years. Me & my lady bought a KG .9999 in Camdodia in [email protected] $1091...........holding to sell in Vietnam with the next year. Jewlers are calling her every day but we are holding. If you are buying Thai Gold, sell it in Thailand because anywhere else you will take a big hit, 'cept maybe in the USA.
  14. June 2019..................then recovery December 2020