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  1. Try walking on the odd side of Sukhumvit between Soi 3 & 15 after dark, you are running a gauntlet of pimps, drug dealers, hookers, scam artists, hanging out on the sidewalks. I was in Nairobi last November, in the daily newspaper was an article - they found a container in Mombasa with forty seven men & women in it headed to Thailand, most from Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and The Gambia - all English speaking countries. Speculated for every one they find, five get through - that's a lot of hookers and scammers.
  2. Does this mean Nigeria and Afghanistan are one of the five 'special' countries?? I agree with the bribing officials -
  3. Thank You for the reply...........so it appears it is possible.
  4. I was in Thailand then as well, memories seem to jump around at my age...........Thanx
  5. Her brother should do the world a favor and just drink some rat poison or something, the "Riding with friends, lost it on a curve, smacks of High Speed, maybe racing" and I doubt he had a spare helmet for his sister. In my eyes, he murdered her. RIP little one, if there is indeed reincarnation, hope you have better go at it the next time. Too young to leave this earth.
  6. This was Song Krahn in Issan near Udon Celebration on Temple Grounds, very scantilly clad, Lamyai was wearing a lot more clothese then these gals>>>>>>>>a friend sent me these, wish I was there, thats some nice eye candy.
  7. aaaah, there are laws against that, and the wait is long - it is considered fraud - not saying it is impossible with the right crooked lawyer - you should try for a fiance visa, but they are harder to get since that Arab couple in California shot the place up. She came in on a fiance visa
  8. I suppose if you bought a couple Kilo's back in 1992 when it was about $60 an ounce and sold it at the high in 2012 of $1990 it would have been a good investment, many experts still recommend you have a small prcentage of portfolio in hard Gold. I don't have anymore
  9. No, It's not..............what is known about the Zero Dollar Tours is the traveller's pay everything in China, even the credit cards they use in the Chinese owned Shops, Resturants, Hotels are debited in China, none of that money stays in Thailand - been going on for years in Latin America and Europe.
  10. I must say this is one of the best said reasons why I like Pattaya, haven't been to Walking Street in over 4 years and don't miss it. Thanx for a well written post.
  11. Pic number three - that snake looks dead to me............or playing possum like hog nose snakes in the USA.
  12. Welcome Home as the Vietnamese say, once you drink the water from the Mekong, you will always return .................. wish I had the language skills we need to live there permanently, I am semi-retired now and bounce between Thailand and Vietnam for about six months a year when I am not working..............maybe C Ya on the road someday.
  13. How long can I chill before becoming farang Kee Nok? as long as there is not someone in the familky that decides life is too slow where you are now and needs 5MB to move to Bangkok..............the trick t surviving in Thailand is being worth more alive than dead............I would move it off-shore in an interest bearing account and draw from it when you need it, nothing less. I only have about one tenth of what I am worth in country, not that I don't trust my lady, I don't trust anyone.
  14. I suppose you didn't mean Fun, Travel and Adventure?? I humped the boonies above Nha Trang more toward Tuy Hoa, still wondering why I like it so much now when I hated it so much back then, still have scars from the Ele[hant Grass