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  1. Throwing Gas bottle bombs 500 baht fine Throwing a cigarette butt on the beach, 100,000 baht fine I know, I know, this has been neaten to death but I couldn't help myself at a little absurdity today
  2. In most states in USA it is against the law to pass a school bus on city streets when stopped - do you think that law would help Thailand?? Oh wait, sorry..........back to the news channel for me.
  3. Social Security from USA.

    Thanx, my B-Day is the Tenth of May so that explains it.............I just started SS last year when I turned sixty-six - didn't want to wait until I was seventy, hell, I dont need it, but would rather receive it and give it away then have politicians take it from me.
  4. rowing couple Hell, I thought they were exercise with a rowing machine and the constant back & forth movement bothered the idiot downstairs............my english comprehension has gone waay downhill since I joined TVF...............
  5. I was but it didn't pay enough so I went back to the bar stool telling stories, pays better.
  6. Chinese

    Or take a dump on he sidewalk and wipe his ass with their hand..........then go to the fruit stand to squeeze some fruit but not buy any. Poster needs to take off his rose colored glasses and come back to Thailand for a spell and hang out where the Chinese tour busses stop, he'll change his tune.
  7. If he had been left alone, it would eventually have digested it, constrictors frequently regurgitate their meals if caught as a defense mechanism, it is believed they think they can escape without the extra load in their bellies.........
  8. Will Southern Thailand Turn to Jihad?

    They can buy all sorts of weapons across any of three borders, and in country as well, its a match made in heaven...........yes sir, why wouldn;t they come to Thailand where passing a little brown envelope to the right people gets you carte blanche to dio whatever you want. Stay Tuned, the worst is yet to come.
  9. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    The CCTV's were installed in Pattaya, and Oh, they don't work now either........
  10. Lie-detector tests failed by Jomsap allies

    The can provide any service you need - Like maybe changing the dates on University Security Tapes for the HISO student suspect in the Koh Tao murders??
  11. Airport limousine from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya?

    TOT Limo will set you back 2500 baht, I somtimes go by Pblic Taxi negotiate around 1000-1200 baht but I live in Jom Tien so its a bit further. You can also take the Bus for 180 baht, drops you off in Pattaya Tai, then branch out from there.
  12. Birding in Ubon Ratchathani

    Don;t forget Vietnam, the area down in the Delta where I have a rice farm is loaded with birders (some of them are the bad kind that poach exotic birds) Tam Nong Bird Sanctuary is one of the only nesting areas of the Red Headed Heron, that bird is about 6 feet tall and I know people that live there and haven't seen them but once or twice in their lifetime. TM Brothers in Saigon can arrange a trip up to twelve people, me, I just jump on a motorcycle (haha)
  13. U.S. mass killer, cult leader Charles Manson dies at 83

    He should be cremated and his ashes flushed down the toilet - there are f'n idiots in California that worship this guy and would make his grave site a holy shrine.............flush him!!!
  14. and so it begins.............there will be weapons fir sale out the back door of every prison in Thailand, will they be fast tracked for jobs in the new proposed Chinese Weapons factories?? Maybe if they pay enough for the jobs I suppose