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  1. It has also been attributed to suicidal tendencies in some people, they get a strong feeling of remorse while taking it. I wouldn't take it once on anyone's orders, doctors or otherwise.
  2. Well I quit drinking for about five years once, started again with a beer or two during evenings, Liquor was never a problem for me, cause I didn't drink it very often, just beer. so here I am still with my two (maybe three) beer limit 15 years later. It's a matter of choice, and I will take Bad Dreams over Scirosis of the Liver any day.
  3. In a sence, it is exactly as you described - the Village is predominately Muslim, so in effect "a nation on its own"
  4. SETV in HCMC anyone?

    Are you coming to apply for a SETV for Thailand?? If so there are many links or the requirements - just do a search. I am going tomorrow to apply for a Thai Visa, will send a note on how it goes.
  5. The Gambia - Home of the Bumsters and big fat british women with one on their arm, like a trophy. Can't really blame them, their husbands go to Pattaya and do the same thing.
  6. I'll give you that, but having grown up from age Eleven without a father myself, I see it as no big deal what you instill in children is obsorbed in their early years, and hopefully carries on thru their teens and young adulthood. If they grew up without a father figure at any time (as most Thai kids do) they have nothing to build on..........they are eight & nine years old and have bank accounts already, can't be touched by anyone until age 21, that nest egg will help them carry on when I am gone. In the meantime, we will enjoy each others companionship. Anyone can father a child, but not everyone can be a Father.
  7. Kudos to the Son of a Friend - BTW Bahasa is listed as the 2d easiest language to learn, right after Pidgeon English of Papua Nieu Guinea. I lived in Indonesia and after about four months could converse quite well in Bahasa once you learn the structure - unlike Thai and or Vietnamese they are pretty difficult for any westerner to fully grasp.
  8. he must have borrowed that suit, sleeves too short, pant legs too short - and he is definately older than her Mom.
  9. An Old Father is better than No Father - I say Bullshi'ite to your claim of Child abuse?? That's a stretch of the imagination, I'm 67 and adopted two kids - let's just say they will never want for anything the rest of their lives. BTW I had my vasectomy at 38 while in the Army, didn;t want any accidents.
  10. You really didn't get his post did you?? Lady Boys for the most part still have their adam's apple.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but Pre-Nups are non legally binding in Thailand, the laws are simple - what is yours before the marraige is yours, what is obtained during the marraige is split 50/50 on divorce.
  12. This is a warning that the Duty Free at Big Swampy is way overpriced - three of us were travelling to Vietnam yesterday and each bought two bottles of Hennessey Cognac VSOP at 2950 baht ($89) - on arrival in Saigon, the duty free there was $71, exact same cognac - that's an $18 a bottle difference. Wonder how many other "Duty Free" items are overpriced - Everything??. My lady friend bought me a watch at Paragon for my birthday, ($475 and I got $79 TVA back) the same watch in Swampy was $600 - Color me 'King Power Never Again.
  13. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    The batteries in mine are the square nine volt type - two of them
  14. Dog repeller devices. Do they work?

    I have a couple DAZER II's - and yes they work, dogs get close enough they run off yelping, and they remember you as well - once Dazed, they cautiously approach barking, go for your pocket and "off they go" quite comical as well, great source of intertainment - works on screaming cats as well. I also agree on the "Carry a bamboo stick" smack that on the round will send mopsy dogs running away, its the odd nutcase that you have to worry about, for him, I carry a knife.
  15. Ahh,,,,,the stress of being a FORMER Miss teen Thailand...... She's an old 'has been' now. 'Only been doing drugs a short time', kinda like 96% of the bar girls I meet say they have only 'been working bar couple months' when in fact they have been their for years.