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  1. TunnelRat69

    3 children need help for medical cost

    I'm sorry, why does the phrase "tap dancing" keep popping p in my head - sorry, unless it is clear, and more information is forthcoming, I will not donate........I really want too but this does not sit right with me. especially since it has already been reported by the Father that the mother has kept 2 Million baht of the money already given to the kids.
  2. I have a family of four going to visit me in June, they all have their own unblocked cell phones - and I want to purchase SIM cards for them to keep in contact and surf the net. What kind of prices can I expect as I will be paying for them - I use 1,2,Call for mine @800 baht a month, unlimited use - what are the alternatives?? I have a permanent residence in JomTien that they will be staying in, so hav an address. Are the deals in the Airport good, or a ripoff as with a lot of things inane airport. Peace
  3. and in your case - a Wife that couldn't, wouldn't be intimidated..........Cheers. I had somthing like that almost happen to me, only rented for 3 months (paid up front) until my condo was ready to move in, landlord showed me a piece of paper stapled to my rental agreement, somthing to the effect to get the deposit back, he had to have 3 months notice - I showed him mine that says my rental agreement was month to month, with 2 weeks notice. He scratched his head, asked his son where that piece of paper came from, slapped him off the side of his head called him 'Mai Mi Samong' and gave me the deposit back, made his son help me load the truck to move. The father prided himself in being an honest building owner, and the son embarrassed him by trying to make a few baht cheating me. I still drop by from time to time to buy the landlord a beer or two and chat, have directed a few short term rentals his way as well. There are some good people in this country, more so than bad.
  4. They were thinking "That's a lot of Lou Chin Pla for kuit teyo" Oooops, tour boat filming, gota try to dump it.
  5. very possible - lots of them around............but I blame the buyer for not checking the ar before he signed the papers and drove it off the lot.......bought a few new cars and never had to peel the protective sheeting off it myself, thats the dealers job.
  6. TunnelRat69

    Moved from Thailand to Big Island of Hawaii

    You never said what took you to Hawai'i in the first place, why did you move?? Methheads?? if you mean the homeless 'mainlanders' on Oahu, they have dwindled in past few years, they have been deported back to mainland, got a few thousands to go though. Expensive?? When you're a local haouli its not so expensive, I would compare it to Hiso Bangkok. If you are a senior citizen their are many perks - I pay $30 a year, and can ride any local bus on any Island, 24/7, even inner city bses, many restaraunts offer citizen over 55 menu's, Hotels offer Kamaiiana prices, I have stayed in $200 a day hotel rooms on Waikiki for $68 a day. AirBnB has many, many very affordable places for monthly rentals. Try renting a car in Thailand - I rent a mid-size car for around $120 a week (around 4000 baht).....a compact goes about $75 a week. I have a 3 bed Condo in Waipahu, US Navy rents it so I get income from that - guess what?? I only paid $165K for it 8 years ago - thats a little over 5.2 Million baht. My condo would be about 10 Mill. baht in Pattaya. Get out of Waikiki, and Hawai'i is very affordable, more expensive in San Francisco, Denver and WashDC. The state of Hawai'i does not tax any of my retirement income, only any money I earn in the state. I live part time in Hawaii,Thailand and Vietnam - each has its good and bad.........It took you two years to bitch about Hawai'i ??? What didyou expect?? Pattaya, Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy??? You won;t find any of that in the entire USA, and most of the World.
  7. Uuuggh!! snail snot, lamb placentas, human baby foreskins, wild cat sweat and whale sperm in cosmetics.............whats next?? Human poo-poo rub??
  8. TunnelRat69

    Bill Gates says Trump was really into his daughter when they met

    so he likes pussy, whats wrong with that??
  9. I lived there from 72-75, funny I didn't know Rick, where was he located?? Maybe I knew him by a nickname, or certainly his face, never forget a face, but name escapes me. I was there when BJ's first opened, (Bill Jones) John's Diner was open, Dick's Sportsman (Dick Snell) The two Gay Belgian's that opened the Diamond of Antwerp. many others etc etc etc. I was a Sgt in the Army on Same San during the day and Bar Manager at night. Wound up buying the Copa and selling it two years later for 10 times what I paid for it, then spent t all on a 45 day leave
  10. I instructed my banks to include a standard statement in remarks on the transfer - "To purchase a Apartment or Condo at a future date" smiles all around when the Thai banks see this.
  11. HA-HA Monkey Over-copulation.........okay 1-200,000 monkeys relocated, they start etaing all the vegetation, make 1000's more babies - answer to monkey overpopulation?? round up 50,000 soi dogs and turn them loose on the islands, sooner or later they will start eating the monkeys, when they are all gone, they start eating each other. win, win, win
  12. an old Campbells soup jingle goes "Soup and Sandwich, soup and sandwich go together like a.........."as for the Pho Broth, I raise my own cattle n Vietnam for beef, and my bones are the most coveted, I have a couple resturants that travel an hour to come and buy them when we kill a cow - we feed only grass and rice stalks, very clean. I make my own in pressure cookers and freeze for later. when I am home, Pho is my 2d breakfast choice after my range chicken eggs.
  13. TunnelRat69

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    Alex, I applaud you for answering our posts, I would venture 65% of the posters on the forum never come back to answer the suggestions - good or bad - some of our reply's ca be brutal, a good portion from people that have been here 10,20,30,40 years and have seen it all. Good luck and enjoy Thailand, I have ben associated with this country since 1969.
  14. TunnelRat69

    Thai husband refusing to divorce

    First, you're either a troll or so clueless about Thailand its sad. Some points: You have a GF that has a husband that beats her, and threatens to kill her if she doesn't send her money and you do nothing about it - She should dump you. You want to stay with her because unlike others, she doesn't ask you for any money - Bizarre She gets pregnant by a guy after they broke up, then gets married to him to scam the Govt - You should dump her, just think how much you will lose in the long run if you stay with her. Legal fees, I have had two Thai divorces, cost me almost nothing, last thing you want is to pay a Thai Lawyer in a domestic dispute between two Thais. Get 20,000 Baht in stacks of 100 baht notes, It looks like a lot more than what it really is, meet him & her at the Amphur where they got married, make sure he sees the stacks of Yaa Baa money, he signs first, then hand over the stacks...........done deal. Any further contact will be a crime on his part. Good Luck, can't wait for your next post. Subject: Yaa Baa ex-husband took son/daughter to home Village from GF, wants 1,000,000 baht or she will never see him/her again. Sincerely, go home or find another GF.