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  1. Off to the resturant they go hey????? Protected?? not in rural Thailand, taste good fried with Coconut water, no they don;t taste like chicken, they taste like Lizard.
  2. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    don't pay him any mind, you can see he doesn;t have a life after 20,000 posts, all he does is get on TVF and redicule other people, he thinks he is not a foreigner any longer as he refers to everyone else as Farang,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    I use the Dettol liquid bath soap, has a petroleum smell biting bugs don't like, haven't been bitten in ages, cept for the sand fleas in JomTien Beach, I don't think anything deters them little basterds..........too bad it doesn't work on fat Russian tourists, and woman with hairy armpits.
  4. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    There are tons of places that do just that - you buy, they rent for you - Jomtien, Amazon Condo, Paradise Park Condo, Parklane Condo - and more, more, more -
  5. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    Mai mee tang is pretty crude talk, might elicit a slap in the face.......roughly means something like "No Way Jose"......... Khup Kuhn, Mai Ow would be a better choice. maybe you meant 'mai mee satang' ?? peace.
  6. Marines drink cobra blood in US-Thai war drills

    ........while its still on the cat...........
  7. maybe a Thousand baht fine each animal they find not kept well to standard............hard to prove cruelty in this country.
  8. Emporium Bangkok Bank Branch, seven months ago, I was in ans out in 20minutes, just my pspt, home address (A hotel at that time) a phone number,, copy of my visa and departure card..........just told them I needed an account to transfer 3 million baht into to purchase a condo.......never bought the condo but still have the account with regular deposits from Social Scty into it. Gave me a Visa Debit card a well.
  9. Yeah, I'll lighten up, but I ran out of Honey Nut Cheerios and had to settle for cornflakes for breakfast yesterday morning..........pbly have a nervous breakdown before next shipment comes in
  10. Workers sell machines to cover missing wages

    As the Aussies say - Good on ya Mates!!!
  11. You beat me too it, first suspect is his shoes, also is he wearing thick wick socks that obsorbs sweat (polyester does not)........as a former half marathoner, I learned to but good shoes, not the Chinese, Thai, Vietnam shoes,,,,,,,,,,, New Balance made in the USA only.
  12. 3rd floor balcony????? in '67 Army Jump School we had to jump from s 33ft tower into saw dust pit w/o anything attached...............for practice. Who tries to commit suicide from a 3rd floor balcony, that is only a sure way to break a lot of bones and interior organs - unless he did a absolute header onto the concrete.
  13. 40 years in Thailand, Chon Buri area at that, if they dig deep, they will find he was involved in a lot more than petty theft of a tourist...........or, or, or, he is being set up by the tourist that got ripped off by a bar girl, no matter I am sure he has insurance and will rip off the insurance company wi ath hefty claim...............just sayin.
  14. Dozens arrested over scams

    Thai's and Tai Wan Ese are those sweet Thai People??