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  1. Seriously, Sant Clara gets $1.7 Billion a year for Law Enforcement?? What if the Fedss just don't write the check for $1.7 B, write it for $100, claiming it needs the money to build the wall instead. He wouldn't be with holding $$ just giving them what they deserve. They held up Arizona's Federal Highway Money for half a year because they were the last state to acknowledge Martin Luther King's Birthday as a State Holiday, I didn;t see any Fed Judge blocking that one..........just saying.
  2. Good Excuse as any to Shut It Down!!! Bulldoze it and turn it into a park or something.
  3. Pbly in a Cambodian or Vietnamese Bank - easy to exchange Baht to Dong or Riel, all the money changes love Thai Baht.
  4. I just put 1000 baht on mine yesterday at the food court in MBK, never charged 3% as one poster implies, never refused a top up, where they getting their misinformation?? I use this card quite regularly, and monitor the charges.............
  5. Jeez, every week it's something different - Okay I'll predict 35.25 by month's end:
  6. Seeing there is no statute requiring anyone running for office to produce his/her tax return, why should he have to do it - you need to provide proof you filed your income tax returns every year is all, and he has done so.
  7. The Dad was a better shot, pbly ex-military and taught finger control. Should have shot the dog as well............end of any future arguments with the other kids.
  8. .............I brought you into this world, I now take you out.
  9. But Sir!! I was not fraternizing with her, I was bonking her!!
  10. Yes he can, we actually perverted the Songkran in the Seventies by turning it into what it is today, I have many visions experiences etc etc of Americans standing by the side of the road throwing water at passers by, motorcyclists, and using water guns......I happily contributed, but this was Pattaya, don't know about Bangkok but we never threw ice, or dirty water at anyone I can emember.
  11. This is a bit of a confusing statement, but then again, I'm an American: - "I estimate, that selling under normal circumstances there is a free value for her at maybe 100,000 to 200,000 Baht", I assume this means 'profit?' after paying off the loan. In any event, I wouldn't advise walking away.........even if sold at a loss, she can work out payments with the Bank - my neighbor in Sattahip sold her house at a loss and only had to pay the bank 3,000 baht a month for a few years to pay off the excess. She actually borrowed more for another house, which she sold at a profit (so I am told) As for the neighbors??? Moo Ban, and the police are the only answer, ven that pbly won't work.
  12. so am I, from the looks of it, it could be either one, Katoey or Tom..........either way, he/she scammed a lot of people.......if it sounds too good to be true, it most certainly is not.
  13. Obvious Question, how does a Mayor of a insignificant town afford a Ferrari???
  14. In my younger days, we put moth balls in the tank - would go down the street like the Bat Mobile with flames coming out the exhaust pipes.........didn't give a second thought to what it did to the heads and valves of the engine.........it just looked cool!! of course we used leaded gas back then as well.
  15. Leave small bowls of anti-freeze out for them, takes care of soi dogs as well.