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  1. What about the 70 year old expats hooking up with 20 year old bargirls? God bless them, no one else will!!
  2. Be careful what you wish for, Student uprising caused a huge Military crackdown in 1973 and many died on the streets of Bangkok. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thammasat_University_massacre
  3. TunnelRat69

    Im getting very bored

    Pattaya Thai has a place that can cure that as well, the Doc's there have done well by me.............
  4. 15 pages and counting, a lot of people worried??? The crap house lawyers are out in full force showing how their illegally bought house is legal.
  5. TunnelRat69

    Don't drink and drive

    My brother in rural Kentucky got a DUI driving his lawn mower to the store to buy a case of beer. Cost him $375 and 10 points on his license - he did it as a joke, the cop didn't think it was funny.
  6. TunnelRat69

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    you bar room silver tongued devil you
  7. Actually, I would have shot up his Truck stereo equiment, then beat him with a club, broken knees take a year to heal, he would have done a month at most in Jail for assault and creating a disturbance.
  8. TunnelRat69

    The death of Walking Street

    No customer, have to charge more...................
  9. Is Justin Timberlake appearing with her?? I see another wardrobe malfunction in the making, 'cept now, they are bigger!!!
  10. Me and my lady in Vietnam have adopted three kids, one 15 years ago when she was 10, and two just five years ago now 9 & 10 - all you naysayers, 'ask them if adoption was the best thing that ever happened to them'.........clearly HE doesn't want the baby, and HE says SHE doesn't either - I am not here to dispute that, but don't tell him to 'man up', it's their decision (I hope it is their decision, because it certainly is not the normal route Thai Girls take) but better to leave the child with a loving family thru adoption, than with relatives just waiting for a paycheck every month!!!!! nuff said, I'll go back to my corner and wait for the bell
  11. TunnelRat69

    A New Vietnam-Thailand Navy Pact?

    What Thailand are you talking about?? Certainly not the one I live in. Surrounded?? Not likely.
  12. and will say anything if there was a slightest hint of money in the making............have seen/heard it dozens of times, stories changing daily, weekly based om who is appearing to be on top.................I had a witness, come to me about me being hit (my body) by a motorcycle, he offered to make a court appearance for 10,000 baht, never saw he man in my life - told him to dee dee mau..............
  13. I must be behind the times, I thought a "Gik" was a lesbian lover (Tom) never heard a man lover called a Gik before in real life.
  14. We are getting 7.8% per annum on one year deposits in Vietnam, local currency only, Vietnam Dong, $$ account have zero interest. But it is relatively easy to transfer money out of Vietnam in $$, as long as you can prove you brought it in in $$. I read where they confiscated 6 Million $$ from a Taiwanese group because they couldn't prove where it came from. Back in 2009/2010 we were getting 12% on Vietnam Dong accounts, it finally lowered to current interest rates, which the bank told me would stay for the next two years at least.