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  1. 'Top brass' in a pickup truck. 'Do you know where my Merc is'
  2. Hit the van on the RH side yet damage to the SUV is on the right or has the impact skewed the front end? EDIT: Ah, it then hit a tree.. No pics of the school bus.
  3. ........totaling 106,291,109 million baht held in the bank accounts of Mr Sombat’ wife, Mrs Sujiwan, and three children in the Convent and Budda Monthon branches of the Government Housing Bank as of November 4, 2004. Seems to be a lot more than 91 million unaccounted. In fairness they have used a Government bank.
  4. No mention of the firearm being un-licensed so bailing the accused seems fair.
  5. ........The one in our picture cost 170,000 baht to put in place......... Plus the purchase cost of 170.000 so a total of 340,000.......
  6. Bang Saphan fans promise not to disrupt Toon’s run

    “We hereby affirm that Toon and his group will not be disrupted by selfie-taking and the handing out of cash, to make it safe for him,” Sakarin said. Good, the promise of a politician can always be believed.....
  7. Superstar? Never heard of it. Maybe a resident of Khao San Road?
  8. ......Eight had no Thai ID cards with them. . Pesky foreigners again!
  9. Man shot dead in Samut Prakan road rage incident

    You only need to be hit once by an 11 meter bullet to die.....
  10. Driver has seizure, crashes into shop

    I reckon the brakes seized......
  11. Driver escapes death after stag crashes right through windscreen

    I'm staggered......
  12. Chinese Consulate gifts B200k for Phuket CCTV cameras

    Well, that's the OrBorJor's house security taken care of....Next!
  13. Wrist-Slap For Bangkok Shop's Illegal Fireworks Hoard

    They estimated the stockpile weighed over 120,000 kilograms. Which would make it 120 tonnes and not 120 tons, dumbos! What the heck, That much black powder stacked in a public neighbourhood is an accident waiting to happen.
  14. Will the three levels of authority also apprehend the Thai nationals who insist on smoking in open air restaurants?