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  1. reduction in insurance cost if you have car camera.

    That was my understanding from our agent yesterday and, I can't disagree. Sod's Law says that at the point you need to make a claim your dashcam has not recorded the incident. If we had accepted the discount on my wif's Suzi SX 4 renewal it would have made a difference of ThB 640 for the year so I rejected it,
  2. Does this involve Donald Trump building a wall around Bangkok? Will the new submarines be able to go upstream against a 1200 meters per second flow? How much IS that doggie in the window? Answers on a postcard please to...........Yawn
  3. Have I missed something? What has your third paragraph got to do with the topic?
  4. Video: Pensioner pole-axed by PVC pipe in Pathum Thani

    Judging from his face, the witness at 2:24 in the video was also hit by the pipe....
  5. Before you drive aboard, check your vehicle insurance cover....and of course your PA.
  6. My usual long-distance taxi driver does this even on expressways. Once up to cruising speed he then starts to 'pump' the accelerator pedal every five seconds or so causing, as the OP said, 'nodding dog' motion. On busy main roads it is not so noticeable as the usual speed variations required to respond to the changing traffic flow disguise it.
  7. It's illegal to carry a knife (Fine is 100 baht) and he has an AXE!
  8. Please don't probe the blimp. That will deflate it completely wasting all the remaining expensive helium.
  9. New welfare cards prompt concerns over govt control

    My wife applied months ago against my advice. She was required to open a Government Bank Account. Apart from me supporting her financially she gets a monthly rental income that takes her over the qualification threshold. I suspect that she unwittingly signed an application statement that she had no income except her ThB 700 over '70s social security. If the administrators check the bank accounts of applicants they will quickly determine their financial position and reject the application. But. will they do that? Issue of the Welfare Cards is imminent and I would not be surprised to see that she is accepted which will show the shortfalls in the system of vetting.
  10. New welfare cards prompt concerns over govt control

    Yes, it's per annum. The report can't even get that right!
  11. Mirrors on bikes are for the rider to be able to see the traffic view behind. If you never look behind you (does it matter?) then you don't need the mirrors so can remove them. Bike go faster with less drag. License adds weight, saps power so why carry? By the way, my rear light no work. Removed bulb to stop ghosts following me home at night. Front light no work also. No problem I ride on verge facing oncoming traffic so can see road with their lights. Save fuel, save money. Jing jing, my gohok!
  12. Mother found dead after little girl asks neighbour for food

    This story really touches me deeply when I am usually thick-skinned. The innocence of childhood finding mother 'asleep'.
  13. No sir, you did tell us but no one listened....
  14. QUANTAS springs to mind. With the right CEO........