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  1. Blood cleaning equipment? An artificial kidney machine?
  2. ...with attempted suicide?
  3. Sad footwear....
  4. They serve Korean beef. Superb! Woof!
  5. 19. Making Thai dolls. Thank goodness stuffing them is not prohibited.......
  6. He made a speech stating that the 'sacked' persons had benefited from the State but had committed traitorous acts and from now on could take care of themselves. That is, no pensions no social security etc.
  7. Thai monks will now be forced to carry chip-embedded smart ID cards. # How will they be forced? Answers on a postcard, please, to NOB
  8. The aircraft carrier will take up most of that shoreline.....
  9. They have not been able to find a material for the sample container which will resist the effects of the water sample?
  10. After some searching I found that it is this Gate:
  11. Thanks Crossy. I had to get a local electrician in to 'fix' it and he did so it a few seconds but when I asked him to show me how he just said that you have to pull the toggle down (ON) hard first then relax and immediately push back to ON. I had tried most sensible options myself without luck. Reading the leaflet you have provided I reckon the push to fully OFF first then quickly to ON is most likely. Looking on-line for this type of breaker I was surprised at how expensive they are! Thanks again. Peter
  12. Don't they understand? The complaint from local people is that there are too many monkeys. By all means catch them and neuter them but release them elsewhere like Pala U . Presumably they are sterilizing male animals?
  13. I understand that travellers over 70 years of age can use (fast-track) a special gate to access Immigration both on Departures and Aririval. Can anyone identify where the gates are located? I'm told that they are signboarded .
  14. One for Crossy I think. My house has a 3 phase MEM Circuit Breaker at the front end. Model MGR 663 like this one: If I want to isolate power to the domestic circuits I simply push the toggle up to OFF. To restore power I push it down to ON The small blue button to the left of the green ON line is the Press to Trip switch. When pressed the breaker will open and the Switch lever springs to OFF (red line) Presumably, that proves that it will work if overloaded but, if I try to reset it manually the switch toggle will pull down only halfway then baulk as if mechanically blocked. I assume this to be a design feature. Clearly there is something else to do to 'unlock' the toggle after using the Press to Trip. MAybe it just need a hard pull down but I don't want to break it or, maybe, there is a technique? Can you help? Also, The larger Blue 'button' to the left of the Trip button is, I think a sensitivity adjustment but I can't find any info on the web.
  15. Obviously insufficient foreplay......