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  1. I've decided to switch to eating lotus flowers....but not from a smelly swamp!
  2. I can hardly contain my the way, the field is flooded. No mention of two of my garden mango trees that have both fruited for the first time since planted nine years ago.
  3. Will he be indicted for wearing pink lipstick?
  4. A little bird told me that the sub will be delivered overland by rail to ensure pristine condition............
  5. Thai man arrested for allegedly smuggling human semen into Laos Cunningly hidden in a Vas Deferens, whatever will they thing of next?
  6. Don't worry, the new Governor will investigate especially that faulty gearbox and faulty parking brake.
  7. Well, he is new in the post so maybe he can take some positive action to reduce accidents such as 'brake failure' on that incoming hill.......(In your dreams)
  8. More than 500 helmets were given away on Bang la Rd on Saturday evening ........ By riders who do not like to wear them?
  9. Of course, had there been a roadside drainage system in the first place there would have been no flood...........Keep paddling posters.
  10. Self -demolition of an illegal structure?
  11. Man caught on CCTV returns crushed student’s phone... Flat battery?
  12. It has been reported today that she has changed her name about ten times in the past seventeen years. So, new ID Card each time new photo, new person!
  13. The vendors must have forgotten last years order to display prices. How's the illegal restaurant demolition going?