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    Travel insurance age over 85

    Thanks for the lead to AIG Insurance Brokers who offer a fair price Plan C Travel Cover for up to age 85. I have struggled to find cover for my wife and I but even with the limitations of the policy it meets my requirements.
  2. Er, I thought it was about Russian women having sexual relations with foreigners.

    Putin invites Kim to visit Russia

    Putin invites Kim to visit Russia Well, she already had a meeting with POTUS Trump and got a concession so why not squeeze President Putin?
  4. Wasn't a White House intern probed by Hilary's husband many years ago..........
  5. Los Angeles prosecutors reviewing sexual assault case against Sylvester Stallone Who on earth would want to sexually assault Sylvestor Stallone?

    Raids in Bangkok yield 60,000 counterfeit travel mugs

    Curses! You mean that my Starbucks travel Yeti travel mug-thingy could be counterfeit? The stall holder told me that it was the real deal and I paid the sixty baht happily......
  7. A couple of decades ago I was driving Kanchanaburi to Ang Thong early morning and ran into a wall of thick fog. With dipped headlamps and wipers I could not see more than ten meters so pulled tight onto the shoulder and set my hazard flashers on waiting for the rising sun to burn of the fog, Several vehicles passed driving fast on my right. Fifteen minutes later the fog burned off in literally a minute and I continued on my way. Three hundred meters down the road encountered four pickups and two cars urgently engaged in some kind of sexual frenzy each one mounting the other from behind......

    Kim Jong Un 'takes his own toilet' to Singapore summit with Donald Trump

    .......deny determined sewer divers insights into the supreme leader's stools",....... If they had held the meeting in Pattaya he could have discharged his waste into the sea for the tourist world to behold. A missed opportunity! I feel a song coming on....... 'When the Red Red Robin comes Bob-bob-bobbing along, along.....'

    Which watch brands are sought-after in Thailand?

    The NCPO has an expert who should be pleased to assist you....
  10. My wife tells me that TV reports state that the brakes failed so have pity on the poor rider.....
  11. The husband of one of my wife's sisters was caught on similar charges and the case wobbled through the legal system for five years. Then he got fired with loss of bonuses and pension. Now he knows hard times.......

    Dennis Rodman: I got call saying Trump was proud of me

    This is news?

    Slow loris found on the side of the road in Krabi

    Maybe it was hit by a slow lorry.......
  14. So, illegal land occupation has escalated to actually stealing the land!
  15. .......was burglarised Yes, burgled please, we're British!