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  1. Another poster previously said it was a menstrual cycle........
  2. ..........it was only a matter of time before they stole the money she made selling nuts to buy Ya Ba. Granny is a druggy?
  3. Briton, 67, arrested for robbery at luxury Bangkok hotel

    Travers said a Panerai watch worth Bt200,000 and 19 other items, were taken with a total value of Bt440,781. He should have had the sense to lend the watch to a friend........
  4. Looks like he bought the late Haile Salassi's medals from E-Bay....
  5. Video: Real horse flees Iron Horse in Hua Hin

    The animal - that appeared to be a young horse not fully grown ....... All the horses that I have seen around Hua Hin and especially the beach area are ponies. A pony is not a young horse I have been told.
  6. The problem with that suggestion Geordie is that the black muck is bleached but still remains as white muck.......
  7. Woman climbs into x-ray machine because she didn’t want to leave her bag

    Nice IUD.....
  8. Bentley driver crashed into pensioner at 85mph in quiet village then ran away

    Dumbo in the Bentley hit the kerb and glanced off into the oncoming SUV. Had he not done so he would have hit the surround of the lane obstruction and smashed through into oncoming traffic. Left the scene because he was under the influence?
  9. Black panther’s leg bones found in stream

    Forest rangers have found the leg bones of the ill-fated black panther in the stream....... Confirmation that the waters of Kanchanaburi really are contaminated by upstream mining pollution?
  10. Police search Wat Rai Khing for suspect luxury vehicle

    Is the VITO van really only 1.9 million or was it second-hand?. Last list price I saw was over 2.9 million.
  11. Primary school expects parents to pay £525 for Giorgio Armani uniforms

    Why select a non-heterosexual name brand? But then on reflection, ARE there any non-heterosexual 'fashion designers'?
  12. Premchai probed for alleged encroachment

    Skip the Humpty Dumpty likeness. I'm sure he was in the original Star Wars movie.
  13. ........an outdated system and the police. They got that right!
  14. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson mets PM Prayut

    Boris should sack his advisors. That white envelope peeping out of his jacket pocket (see Pic 1) is the wrong colour....