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  1. When we first married 45 years ago my Thai wife and I lived in rented accommodation second floor of a four apartment house on stilts. Large garden that flooded to nearly 2 metres during the rainy season. Each morning I would swim to the main gate to get my daily newspaper.It was always there in its tube on the gate above the waterline; the newspaper 'boy' delivered by boat! Nothing has changed.
  2. TV posters may not believe that the mobile phones were a factor in being struck by lightning but check out the photograph in the OP; not a single onlooker is holding a that's so rare I think that they have been 'photoshopped' out.... Last year there was a report of a young woman riding pillion behind her husband on a motorbike with their young daughter sandwiched between. Mum was holding an open umbrella as protection against the rain. Lightning struck the tip of the brolly went through he body exiting her anus and went to ground burning a hole through the bike seat killing the woman.
  3. A wok is wot you fwow at a wabbit. I'm confused!
  4. So who did they kill to be 'alleged murders'? Were there three victims? Both were taken to Krabi Hospital for further examination and treatment.
  5. Go to FASCINO drug store ground floor in Market Village , Hua Hin. They usually have a qualified pharmacist on duty (as required by law) . Compare the prices for your medication with the rip-off prices at San Paolo hospital. Fascino will also issue you a loyalty card (it you ask them) which entitles you to a discount on most future purchases. Every little helps As has been stated, private hospitals make big money on the meds they sell and will often prescribe meds in addition to those actually required to treat your condition. Favourite additions are painkiller (typically Paracetamol) anti-histamines and good old anti-biotics. 'Why are you prescribing anti-biotics doctor' 'For the infection' 'But you said I don't have an infection' 'Yes, er well. in case you get an infection'
  6. Middle lane? All the roads that I drive these convoys storm down along in the overtaking (outside) lane. After all, the civil servants/boy scouts/students must get to their holiday destination before mere mortals. Why don't they simply put a sign inside the windscreen stating 'Do you know who we are?'
  7. It was the fake mask that caught him....
  8. What was the pick-up 'fully loaded' with?
  9. Typical misreading by the reporting Press. PM is Premier Meteorologist
  10. Rubbish advertisment! This hotel is NOT in Hua Hin it is in Cha-Am If Korea King is being punished for misleading the public then so should all these hotels with Hua Hin i there title. Are they ashamed of Cha-Am?
  11. My dog can talk. This morning I asked him how he was feeling and he said "Ruff" ((Old Tommy Cooper joke)
  12. Thank goodness for the submarine....will it arrive in time?
  13. If I shake my head any longer it will fall off. Amazing Thailand!
  14. "Srivara said the bomb was composed of potassium chlorate with a small quantity of dynamite hence no traces could be found at the scene." Then how did they determine the ingredients? Pull the other one, it's got bells on..... And was the 'dynamite' actually dynamite or an explosive which they have decided to call dynamite?
  15. A pipe with hands and feet? Only the BiB would be fooled.....