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  1. Gonzo the Face

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    A couple posts back (post 93) I mentioned a guy nic-named Wild Bill, I got a call this morning from a guy who said he was told that Bill had passed away. I do hope it was not true. Anybody out there have any up to date info on him. A real likable character.
  2. Gonzo the Face

    The best chicken fried steak in Chiang Mai

    Boy ...... you are really cranky
  3. Gonzo the Face

    The best chicken fried steak in Chiang Mai

    Had a couple of chicken fried steak lovers in yesterday who I think dropped a pair of glasses in my parking area. Regular glasses with black bold frames. They may just think they lost them someplace. Forgive me, but its true what they say about old age and ones memory. Knowing what they say about memory, I wrote down the Thai Visa name, but true to form..... I forgot where I put the paper. If you were here, had chicken Fried steak, and are missing your glasses, I have them.
  4. Gonzo the Face

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    Anyone seen this guy around, or know if has passed on. For many years he was around and most knew him as Wild Bill. Had a long grey beard and would braid the bottom and tuck it into his shirt. Had, over the years some young local wives and lived much of the time up with the hilltribes. He would always stop and visit with us for a bit when in town, but haven't seen him for a few years. Was raising vegetables with the hill folks for some years. Do hope he hasn't passed cuz he was a very interesting character, Anyone have any word on him?
  5. Gonzo the Face

    The best chicken fried steak in Chiang Mai

    I could be wrong, but I think that long, long ago on US Tv, the Gene Autry cowboy program , was sponsored by Wrigleys spearmint chewing gum, to which Gene Autry said .... try it,... you'll like it.
  6. Gonzo the Face

    The best chicken fried steak in Chiang Mai

    Thanks gang for re...clearing the chicken or beef discussion. Since Ramrod started this topic a few days ago I have just a few minutes ago had the third person come in thinking it was a chicken dinner. Its always that way when this named dinner comes into the discussion . But if you're not a totally committed veggo, come in and try it. For me its part of my youth food. As Gene Autry used to say " Try it. you'll like it" ( How many of you remember that line by him, years and years ago.
  7. Gonzo the Face

    The best chicken fried steak in Chiang Mai

    Just a few words to say thanks for the kind things said about our Chicken Fried Steak Dinner. Ramrod, i thought you were kidding when you said it was too much to eat..... Your mommy would bop you on the head....you didn't clean your plate ! ! ! Bit much....we could have given you a doggy bag so you would have had the left overs for later . Thanks again
  8. Gonzo the Face


    Strange that this should pop up just now. I find myself in the same position. Was mentally composing my thoughts for a call to my attorney. I have been wheelchair bound for a number of years, as some of you know. But I recently had the misfortune of having a leg amputated. Each year I usually go to KL to get another Non Imm B Visa. I go by myself and with the assistance of air staff, have no difficulty with the transportation portion and the hotel staff are just great and do help with the KL land portion of the journey. But now the new obstacle. With a missing leg, it is really dicey getting in and out of the wheelchair as well as balance and other difficulties keep popping up. Dr. sez that it will take some months before I would be able to get an artificial leg. All this gives me some pause and a bit of fear in going on a journey like this. I will follow this thread to see if any other program or alternative is reported.
  9. Gonzo the Face

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    Good to read the post from so any young whippersnappers. Now heres some advice from a mature senior. My wife is just about 35 years younger than me, and things are just great as they have been now for almost 20 years. Even with the fact of me having some health difficulties of late ( seem to have misplaced one of my legs.... let me know if you see one walking around) Life is just great cepting for one thing seems to worry me a bit...... I think she seems to be slowing down a bit.
  10. Gonzo the Face

    Where Have all the Oldies Gone... Long Time Pa.....

    To me Tywais was one of the originals and on top of that is one of the super nice guys. It greatly saddens me that he is not involved. any longer
  11. I am a long time member on this forum but have been less involved more recently than I had previously been. It is good to see all the new names and members, but I have found a startling fact , at least to me. Where have all the oldies gone; the old long ago members, who like myself, on for years and years? I know some have passed on and some have moved back home or wherever, but so many missing old familiar names leaves me with a little ache inside. So sad.
  12. Gonzo the Face

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Sorry to do this, but seems the only way of reaching you as I have misplaced your name and contact details. To the person who was kind enough to stop by last week and asked a serious question. Please stop by or get back to me as I may have an answer for you. I seem to recall your name being Ken or Kenny
  13. Gonzo the Face

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Be happy to see you atecom. We are the Pun Pun at 321 Charoenrat Rd. by the Rama IX Bridge ..... the original..... Been Pun Pun for 34 years before the interlopers came along and everyone wanted to be a Pun Pun. No definite close by date has been set so open til further notice. Arrangements have to be made and I must say that being in a wheelchair has been difficult but being in a wheelchair and having lost a leg is close to impossible. As a long ago advertiser on Thai Visa we gave a 10% discount to TV members . Still do so don't forget to mention you are a TV'er. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words Gonzo/Johnt
  14. Gonzo the Face

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Just want to say a few words of thank you to all, for the the kind words, and also to those who made the time to stop by. Look forward to seeing more of you , if you care to stop by and talk ole times. A BIG THANK YOU Gonzo/John & Pranee
  15. The mind surely is a funny thing. A couple days ago, out of the clear blue, the old song, "The Gambler", by Kenny Rogers popped into my mind. Thats the one where a particular line goes, "you gotta know when to hold em, and know when to fold em" Well now it does hit home for me. For those of you who know me, will know that I haven't been posting as much as had been normal for me. The reason being some health issues. Not so serious in the past, but seemingly much more serious now. ....and after holding and being a very special home for over 22 years, I have to make the decision to fold-em, and shut down The Pun Pun. Yes, this does sadden me greatly. The main reason for this post is to inform all of those past and more inportantly, present TV members who grace us with ther patronage, that we will be getting out of The Pun Pun in the not so distant future. Also thank you Thai Visa, of which I was a sponsor for a time, for sending many of its member to our restaurant. Again thank you all. If anyone out there is looking for a very, very special home , think of us. Thank you one and all. Gonzo/John