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  1. Sorry... not a man..... there are fish in those waters , pretty big fish and you know how fish are with worms... no not a man> however all bets are off if there are blow fish in dem waters
  2. Charoenrat Rd , Pun Pun Guest House
  3. Key word...." SUPPOSED "....As i type this there are two individuals across the street from me with a bucket and water hose.... not Thai but falang morons .... make that 3 morons now
  4. The word I got was about 200
  5. Has anyone heard anything about guest houses being forced into closure for not having or being able to get an hotel license? Referring to CM here.
  6. Missing in the news section is an article that directly should aid alien workers in Thailand. Its missing so I will post it here. "Thailand’s Labour Ministry has plans to provide better amenities for foreign workers in accordance with international standards and respect for human rights." Yep, that it boys and girls. Thats the whole article. It says has plans for. Does the briefness of this report indicate just how much serious intent there is or not? What do you think?
  7. Now be kind Colin. That comment seems so unlike you. Look at her for a moment. That 100 baht may have been a good portion of her money for the remainder of the month. Yes, undoubtedly she needs help, but not knowing of her surroundings, circumstance, and family situation, just maybe she needs friend. We , who have not yet arrived, will get older someday too.
  8. I read, and I re-read a couple of the more recent posts. I tried to understand them, and maybe even like them, but not sure. Anyone know in what language are they are written ?
  9. janpharma, with your permission, let me carry your post a bit further. Broaden the scope a bit. Yes the parents should teach from home , but moving up several levels to say the gov't level..... all the same formula. Anyone, person, place or thing, cannot teach or pass on that which they have not learned. What I HAVE learned is what I can pass on. Many little children, both girls and more so boys, growing up.. would like to become policemen. To many places throughout the world, taking the time to ask the young one, why policeman, the answer would probably come back, " to be able to help and protect people"...ergo the recognizable police motto " to serve and protect". Here, there seems to be an unwritten credo attached. " to serve and protect me, myself, and I." ... and now to all of you who get the bug up your rear, THIS IS NOT THAI BASHING. To all of the holey hearts brigade, just go out to the street and find a youngster who sez he would like to be a policeman and ask him why? There is a very good chance the answer will be " so I can get a lot of money. " That is what they believe, because that is what they have seen and thereby been taught. How do you change that if you cannot or will not, or want not, and/or are closed to learning something else? Transpose that formula to any other profession. If you are a gov't official getting larger baht income, do you think for a minute they would like to learn another formula/system that would benefit the majority of society but would drastically reduce or eliminate the majority of their income. You guess. ME, ME, ME ! Back to the traffic law offenders. Why would the policeman take the time to write any ticket, when he could be a simple cash receiver for say helmet less cyclists? He would only do so if being enforced by his superiors, who just may not wish to do so for their own financial reasons. The highers teach the lowers who become highers and teach the lowers an endless circle Not picking on policeman, just using that as an example. But transpose the same formula to teachers. How can you teach that which you have not learned? Laziness must not be tolerated. Degrees must not be able to be purchased, and the holy grail, honor within yourself , must be valued higher than money. To the topic.... the traffic problems and the resultant high highway death can easily be fixed , as with many of the countries problems through creating a culture of doing the best for the people. Get rid of the ME,ME,ME culture and replace it with a culture of WE,US.THEM. Yes WE is still part of it, but not all of it. That would seem to be the answer, how to get it done may only done by force or miracle.
  10. It never ceases to amaze me, some of the actions of too many local drivers. One minor thing. Yes, there are way too many drivers who consider themselves so advanced and important, that they never have to pull over to use their phones. Its impossible to state with any accuracy just how many accidents are mainly caused by use of phones, causing misdirected attention, resulting in a bang-up. Naturally the phones disappear within seconds after a crash and the mind then is devoted 100% to "why its not my fault, and its the other guys". ME,ME,ME.. But believe it or not, some drivers do pull over when using the phone.... or maybe to read a map.... or view some particular thing at that location...... Then heres the thing ..... why do about 80% of those pulling over. not pull up to a curb, or pull over to the roadside, if there is any, within a short distance , a driveway they can block? Many will block a driveway and run into a shop or cafe for a quick snack/drink, leaving the car blocking the driveway. Oh Oh sorry sorry when caught. ME,ME,ME. Another, and probably the most stupid of all.... which, in the past 6 months, I have seen cause two moto accidents, right here in front of my place. The last one, just a couple days ago, a young girl student, got pretty banged up. A motorcycle coming to an intersection; the light turns red and all traffic comes to a stop, all except the moto twit. He is too important to have to wait, so he pulls to the extreme left space, proceeds to the light and makes a left turn. Immediately after the left turn the twit looks for the first crack in oncoming traffic to make a right U turn. .....and as with most of the busier intersections at rush hours, jammed. Then twit finds a break between cars and hurriedly makes the right U turn between the two cars never thinking that there just may be another mototwit speeding down the oncoming shoulder and BANG-O. As I've seen 2 of these in the past few months. Police ???? Don't be silly. Theres no cash in this...... better at the collection stations for hemletless moto drivers. ...and I'm sure many of you have seen some of these stupid driving, ME,ME,ME tactics. Trying to save a few seconds.
  11. Hear some thunder rolling around, but any reports of rain in the area??? 840pm
  12. Not being able to figure out the new forum system, I don't know where to post this. So am posting here. WHAT ??? is going on with the dollar / baht? Don't see anything going on that should reflect the rapid strengthening of the baht. Or is it just personal game playing by those than can play? Anybody got any answers?
  13. Lets get off this truck/Lorry bantering and settle it once and for all.... and get back to this thread topic. OK children???? Now which of the following do you think more people in this world would comprehend???? ^ Keep on "Lorryin" * Keep on "Truckin" nuff said
  14. ...its been changed..... Days Without Accident...to... Hours Without Accident
  15. As Chon Buri has no forum I'll put this here for all to seel Article in todays English lang paper Contractor doing work on a bridge over a canal takes out old bridge.... shuts down for the day..... post no warning signs, barricades, or any notice that the bridge is out.... goes home and in a period of 10 minutes 3 vehicles drive over into the canal. ..... and yet he knows how to walk and talk.....maybe