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  1. Highway Robbery without the Highway

    This is something that may give a person pause for thought. I can make a telephone call to the US, halfway round the world, and it costs me 4 baht per minute. I make a call to Myanmar, country right next door maybe 300 Kl's and it costs me 32 baht per minute. Now I am not interested in international agreements and the such, what I would like to know is how the phone companies justify this?
  2. I have traveled to a sizable number of countries and I have to admit that the citizens of Thailand, while some of them are among the nicest people in the world, the country does have a very high percentage of people with the lowest level of consideration and/or concern for others that I have seen anywhere.
  3. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    It seems to me that :British " or " Australian" are nationalities....... Race is like "Caucasian" etc.
  4. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    Please point out what in the post to which you replied you consider "racist" ???
  5. Something You May Not Know

    I was emailed this morning by a friend of something I was not aware of. She tried 2 times here at the CM Chinese Consulate to get a visa for China. She seemed to be getting the run a round and was finally told she would have to do it at the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok. For the record she is not just some fly by night ner-do-well, but rather a published Phd. and does research on various tribal cultures. In Bangkok she was informed that she would be unable to get a Visa in Thailand as she was not a resident of Thailand. What ????? Does China maintain that the only place you are able to get a Chinese Visa is in your own country??? She is on her way to Japan and hopes to be successful there. Has anyone ever heard or know about this visa restriction?
  6. A Lettuce ... A Lert

    Another one for today's unusuals....... today at Muang Mai Mkt Lettuce 100 Baht p/ Kg Vegetarians head for ATM before eating
  7. Newborn found abandoned in Chiang Mai

    Don't be silly...... the baby is way too young for school.
  8. Its a Strange Wind

    I cannot recall in my almost 30 years here seeing the prevalent winds blow from North to the South as they are as the current moment. Normally as I see them they are from a SE to NW-terly direction blowing to the North. Hope this not a portent of something ill.
  9. Depressed Man Burnt Himself to Death

    A man, a fellow human being is dead , and TV A$$'H's are cracking jokes???? ... and no management shut down or even comment ??? .....and then want an answer to why site members interest is waning. A sad day boys and girls.
  10. The Thai Way

    When in Rome ....???? I note with some internal chuckling a story in one of the Thai English News reports out this morning, Friday, that the Police in Phuket announce that they will RAID Friday [today] some establishments suspected of being involved in the zero coupon scamming. Were not raids to be kept a secret until they actually happened???? Things aren't what they used to be.
  11. Just a very rare hope that those newly installed cameras incorporate sound recording ability. Then just maybe someone will get the bright idea to go after the morons who are gutting their mufflers and racing around before dawn as well as at other times..... don't they need proper mufflers to pass inspection each year???
  12. You say that your wife is Thai ????
  13. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    Have a bit of comment and question re above. Went up about 10 days ago and had Immig on Burma side ask the usual...." going into Tachilek or just turn around? I answered that I was going into the market . The Immig. lady's next question gave me pause for thought..... She asked if I was coming back today. I said, "don't I have to "?? She said no. I then asked how long I could stay.... she stated 14 days. Anybody encounter as as expat crossing without a formal visa, being able to stay for up to 14 days???
  14. Did you know Gino passed away? Couple weeks ago.



  15. Testosterone Gel

    Don't be fooled or tricked into rubbing it on your sacred member, it thats what you intended to do with it. Get the real thing and rub it on generously and with max vigor. Its marketed under the name " Counterpain "