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  1. People from here, or maybe even those who have lived here for a goodly number of years, who now accept this as their way of life are not on this thread bitching and griping. It seems to me that the bitchers and gripers are those who would not be satisfied with anything. They unbeknowingly, perhaps, perceive themselves to be better than the rest and should be accepted as gods gift to their thought of lower beings. If you come to an area, look around a bit, then decide you would like to live here,,,,, why on earth do you feel , that you as an outsider should try and change things to your liking?? Why ??? .... and to you know who, I am not saying you should not have an opinion.....yes by all means have your opinion, but don't visit someones home and when you get there decide they should paint it a different color, more to your liking.
  2. Never ceases to amaze me. Some of the things that people gripe about are and have been in place/operation for years and years. Most surely in place when the gripers decided to move here. But hey, move here under those conditions and then gripe about and want them changed to their comfort and satisfaction. Makes you want to shout out, " Hey , who died and left you king of the world". To those gripers, you do know what the answer to your plight is....... of course you do.
  3. There is a solution for those so bothered....... make your lunch a take-a-way or find another area more suitable to you , for your lunch.. I cannot understand that someone would constantly return to an area for lunch where they are so annoyed. Its balance..... if its too annoying go somewhere else.....if you like that restaurant so much, it just come with the noise. We each decide for ourselves, only Mr.Trump rules the universe. ..... or are you Mr Trump??
  4. Are there any expats on here living in the Lashio area??? If so I would appreciate a PM so I can ask a few questions. Gonzo
  5. Re the closure of the 2nd hand market..... Yes there was traffic there on the weekends when the market was open. But anyone with half a brain would know that you didn't have to go down that corner. Coming off the Super Hwy going south you have Charoenrat that would take you south of that corner with the market, and to miss it on the north side of the market there is the north end of Tung Hotel Rd. Going east or west you have Kaew Nawarat from the river to the Super. No, if you didn't live in that corner, you had other not really inconvenient paths to travel. I think it was a ideal location for that market for years. ....and just to point out , that much liked market, after being moved a couple times, and providing a probable small income to quite a few , .....where is it now??? Sanemax from your posts, could you be one that may live in that corner?? I also suspect lower level beaurocrats of being led into making a bad decision. Good for the few , bad for the many...... Me-ism over We-ism
  6. Sad news again. Did not see much of him in the past few years and now another of the CM old timers has gone. RIP Dennis and give my best to all the old gang. Not many of the 30 year ago gang left anymore. RIP & Godspeed.
  7. I will state my terms for accepting Dave2's passing. Also being on this forum for a goodly number of years, I know of D2's propensity for rushing out and getting photos of whatever site subject was at hand, it would seem within minutes of the original post. SOOOO heres my term for ackknowledging and accepting his passing. If you have truly left us D2, I know that you will surely be in heaven. Sooo I expect you to be up to your reputation and post photos of the place. I await your post with great anticipation.
  8. Say its not so !!! If so he will be missed by many. He and his photos were a huge part of this forum. If there is any mire information on this, please post.
  9. As per the above, Bangkok Bank or SCB debit cards, anyone know if there are any ATM's in which these cards can be used in Hseni or Lashio ?
  10. Anyone out there use the Dtac 5AM to 5PM free calls to other Dtac phones program? Is this being phased out? I renewed yesterday [on/by internet] and this morning a message arrives stating that the last period has been renewed and will be good til midnight tonight. Anyone know about this or if not I guess a trip down to Dtac is in order.
  11. Thanks to all who offered recommendations. Was able to find what I was looking for. Sincere thanks again. Gonzo
  12. Anyone have a pet supply store they care to recommend?
  13. I'm with you on this one Nancy. Been on this site almost since the start, so am not a newbie and I never was aware of something called " Home Country". and I also got mine Friday.
  14. Yeah, I remember the story that went with putting those locks down there....... to keep the city from flooding..... after the water has passed the city
  15. Doesn't seem right but works for me. Click on # 6. then on the first display box. .....good luck http://hydro-1.net/