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  1. Yeah, I remember the story that went with putting those locks down there....... to keep the city from flooding..... after the water has passed the city
  2. Doesn't seem right but works for me. Click on # 6. then on the first display box. .....good luck http://hydro-1.net/
  3. Being on the river, I tend to watch the Flood Chart Reports, maybe more than most. Interesting to note. At (900 AM this morning and for the previous 28 hours the river level was reported at 1.38 level. Now keep in mind that there was very heavy and substantial rain for a good portion of the night. Then at 10:00 AM the level dropped to 1.37 level. I cannot , for the best of me believe that throughout that rainy night it didn't vary then this morn as the run off from the hills surrounding should have some effect..... what happens ....... I don't feel a lot of trust in that reporting any more
  4. Anyone know for fact the inspection/legal requirement for lights on the front of a vehicle. Seems to me I remember in the real world that looking at the front of a vehicle it was mandatory that all lights be white { like headlights } or amber { like turn signals }. No other color. Is that a requirement here? Does make you wonder as sometimes what you see coming down the street looks liken a moving Christmas Tree.
  5. Request to all members of this forum that may have first hand knowledge,, if not firsthand please mention its what you have heard.. Do you know of any guesthouse or hotel that has actually been shut or curtailed due to lack of a hotel license? I would be very interested in hearing about this. Thanks
  6. Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or just me....Still going down about every 20 minutes for about 4-5 minutes
  7. Internet breaks continued yesterday til evening...... good all night and again this morning from 6AM when I got online til just a few minutes ago and we got a break....... Sounds like someone playing at fixing and not knowing how to do it. Calling ToT gets a " will have a technician call you " guess what ....still no call
  8. What about cost for each ? & I can't tell??? is one supposed to be AIS and the other ToT??
  9. Off 12:43 On 12:47 Off 1:02 On 1:06 Off 1:20 On 1:23 Off 1:36 On 1:41 1:43 I called for info from another provider
  10. Internet Off 12:04 On 12:10 Off 12:24 On 12:28 Call ToT Internet 12:29 Will tell technician = 's hold my breath
  11. Don't think so. Been very clear and no rain since before 6 this morn and the net is blinking on and off as late as the past half hour. UPDATE make that right now .... net went out just as I tried to post this
  12. Super nice rain....Heavy for long periods during the night. Had some concern for the river early this morn. My understanding classes at CMIS flooded out this day.
  13. To any others on TOT Internet.......Anyone experiencing internet outage yesterday eve [18th] and this morning , about every half hour, for about 5 or more minutes or so, then back on. Its too regular to be accidental.
  14. I address this to all readers of this forum. Much has been said, maybe too much, about the character and make up of the crotchety, caustic, argumentative , always bitching coming from certain posters on these forums. Now I would like you to hear of the other side of the coin Yesterday, as a result of the difficulties I have been experiencing, I was pleased and honored to receive a visit from two of our thoughtful, concerned and helpful posters. We discussed the issue at hand for the better part of 3 hours. I don't know if we solved any of the problems but really went into them To these two fellow TV members, I say a truly heartfelt thank you for even taking the time to consider helping in any way possible. You two do show that there is concern and a true heart in some of the forum members. Again a great big THANK YOU to CMSally and Simoh1490.