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  1. Gonzo the Face

    Pun Pun by the Airport Plaza

    Hey UG You still in SoCal or back here?? You want, I will make you a good deal on buying The Pun Pun. You can open up a E Book Shop with it. My old bones are about ready to call it quits. Oh and Pun Pun must be successful, as I see them everywhere today, much like 7 Elevens. G
  2. Gonzo the Face

    Pun Pun by the Airport Plaza

    Not sold yet. U interested ??? make you a special deal as time is getting short.
  3. Gonzo the Face

    Anyone Notice a Rapid Temp Drop?

    Is my A/C working extra hard or did we have [and still having ] a very rapid temperature drop in the past hour or so? Better look by the river to see if an iceberg has floated in.
  4. Did you know Gino passed away? Couple weeks ago.



  5. Many thanks for dinner it was great only wish you would have talk more to us LOL

  6. But shhh ... I decided to keep it secret

  7. Welcome aboard AndyDandy.

    I am sure you will find a happy home here.

    I would have thought that you may have picked AndyPandy cuz of one of our most famous residents.

    Stop by sometime


  8. Glad you took the time to find us.

    thank you & see you again


  9. Many thanks for more than plentiful dinner with little shy Popo krab Mr Gonzo

  10. Hope all works out with the tic....trust you had a good trip back


  11. Nice Family and friends, good to meet you one and all

  12. Thank you for the meal last night very tasty many thanks Robin Maxfield.

  13. Hi John hope you are keeping ok.

  14. hello where is your restaurant would like to eat there and what times are you open?

  15. Hi John,

    A quick question about Embassy House, do you know if the tenants are allowed pets? We are deciding what to do with our 13 year old Cat. Hope all is well with you and your not getting to wet!!!!!

    Regards, Shirley.