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  1. Gonzo the Face

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Be happy to see you atecom. We are the Pun Pun at 321 Charoenrat Rd. by the Rama IX Bridge ..... the original..... Been Pun Pun for 34 years before the interlopers came along and everyone wanted to be a Pun Pun. No definite close by date has been set so open til further notice. Arrangements have to be made and I must say that being in a wheelchair has been difficult but being in a wheelchair and having lost a leg is close to impossible. As a long ago advertiser on Thai Visa we gave a 10% discount to TV members . Still do so don't forget to mention you are a TV'er. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words Gonzo/Johnt
  2. Gonzo the Face

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Just want to say a few words of thank you to all, for the the kind words, and also to those who made the time to stop by. Look forward to seeing more of you , if you care to stop by and talk ole times. A BIG THANK YOU Gonzo/John & Pranee
  3. The mind surely is a funny thing. A couple days ago, out of the clear blue, the old song, "The Gambler", by Kenny Rogers popped into my mind. Thats the one where a particular line goes, "you gotta know when to hold em, and know when to fold em" Well now it does hit home for me. For those of you who know me, will know that I haven't been posting as much as had been normal for me. The reason being some health issues. Not so serious in the past, but seemingly much more serious now. ....and after holding and being a very special home for over 22 years, I have to make the decision to fold-em, and shut down The Pun Pun. Yes, this does sadden me greatly. The main reason for this post is to inform all of those past and more inportantly, present TV members who grace us with ther patronage, that we will be getting out of The Pun Pun in the not so distant future. Also thank you Thai Visa, of which I was a sponsor for a time, for sending many of its member to our restaurant. Again thank you all. If anyone out there is looking for a very, very special home , think of us. Thank you one and all. Gonzo/John
  4. Gonzo the Face

    Page Of Remembrance

    I just learned of the passing of Don Wilcox. That was a hit. Anyone have any info on this somber happening ?
  5. Gonzo the Face

    Television Ker-fuffle

    Having been out of things for the past month, I return to find that they have done something with the free-to-air TV signal. Now you are supposed to buy some kind of box or something. Now not talking about cable but rather the aerial/antenna type of reception. Can't seem to get any answers. Can anyone out there write some information? Thanks Heaps Gonzo
  6. Gonzo the Face

    Pun Pun by the Airport Plaza

    Hey UG You still in SoCal or back here?? You want, I will make you a good deal on buying The Pun Pun. You can open up a E Book Shop with it. My old bones are about ready to call it quits. Oh and Pun Pun must be successful, as I see them everywhere today, much like 7 Elevens. G
  7. Gonzo the Face

    Pun Pun by the Airport Plaza

    Not sold yet. U interested ??? make you a special deal as time is getting short.
  8. Gonzo the Face

    Anyone Notice a Rapid Temp Drop?

    Is my A/C working extra hard or did we have [and still having ] a very rapid temperature drop in the past hour or so? Better look by the river to see if an iceberg has floated in.
  9. Gonzo the Face

    Page Of Remembrance

    Something Blinky Bill said triggered a thought in my mind about all the drinking mates that I have known and remember since being in Chiang Mai, specifically those who have passed on I would like to start a list of those I remember here in Chiang Mai and would like all other local members to chip in and add the names they remember. Just add them onto the list and in this way maybe all of us together or by ourselves can have a drink and say salute, salude, old buddy, I remember and miss you. Here is the start of the list I would like to remember, add to it if you like and see how many we can remember. Salute Good Buddies Skipper Andy the Scot J. B. Gross Jeremy Roger Morton Allister the Scot Jack Wall Rick Cherry [ Dr. Lic ] Crickett ........ way before her time add on guys and gals