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  1. Post I never thought I'd Write

    To answer those asking this or similar questions....if you're sincerely interested stop by The Pun Pun and we can chat back and forth. By its nature its not something one cane readily do by typing back and forth.
  2. Post I never thought I'd Write

    To try and clear up the last couple posts. To the facts as I have been told by the land owner, The Pun Pun has been here approx 34 years now. The first 12 years had 8 different owners. I did buy the business from John and Dang Moore [ and baby Demi ] just about 22 years ago now. I have been at this time at The Pun Pun location longer than at any other location I have lived in all my life. It has become a part of my soul and my heart is breaking knowing it is time to move on. With my own health difficulties I do sincerely hope that I can find someone with health problems of their own, to take over and receive the health card goldmine , as I have been able too.
  3. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Maybe just a wee bit further
  4. Post I never thought I'd Write

    For some reason I seem to not be as active with this forum as I once was. In checking in I was somewhat amazed to see the number and nature of the replies. To all of you who took the time and effort to make comment and express your kind thoughts and opinions,,,,, a great big THANK YOU. To answer some of the questions and maybe perceived implications, no I have not been given any date of expected departure, from this life, other than from my own bones telling me that it is closer now than ever before. Its just that now getting older and feeling it, I think that it is time for me to get my better half back over the border to the north so she will at least have the comfort of being able to have her family close by, which is highly restricted here. Good lord willing I will have enough time to get something set up for her that will greatly help sustain her and her family for their future years. She is a very special person to me and one of the most naturally gifted people I have ever met in my life. She has some very desirable innate abilities to learn and absorb, and she has done just that. Now to get her to a place where she is able to put that into practice. Our hopes would be to move north to the border where we can still maintain our much valued Thai Social Medical Health programs and still be somewhat freed up of the current governmental restrictions. Thats another story, but I felt I owed it to somewhat explain to all of you who have been so kind to us over the years. Again just let me say to all of you, if you know of anyone out there, even if they have preexisting health conditions, and particularly if they are American with their back home health care costs, please contact me or have them do so. If they can get into the Thai Health care system, it can literally be a gold mine for them. I would love to impart that information. Enough of that . Once more to all of you....... you are and always will be my friends and the biggest most heartfelt thank you for your support over the years. THANK YOU
  5. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Much as I never thought the day would come..... It Done Come . After 22 great years, the time has come to leave The Pun Pun. The feeling I have inside could not be any more hurtful if one had lost one of their children. But father time and he who assigns all health conditions, has knocked on my door, and made me see the ways of time. If you know of anyone who may be interested in a home/job situation like no other, please have them get in touch with me. But the reason I put this here is for all the friends and acquaintances I have and have met thru Thai Visa after all these long years, THANK YOU. To those who have come by as guests and become friends ....THANK YOU. ...... and THANK YOU Thai Visa for the hours and hours of back and forth, and banter, and , yes argumentative times as well. Wishing you all well and all the best. Gonzo
  6. Re: Thailand Lottery

    With regards to the Thailand :Lottery, does anyone know if they have a website where you are able to put in the lottery date and your ticket number and it would tell if that ticket number has any winnings. I have a situation where I am not able to check all the numbers at the time of each drawing and would prefer not having to go through all the hundreds on numbers in different categories. Some time ago there was some site like 6 in a row or something like that. In other words just plug in your number and the drawing date and get your answer , yes or no Thanks Gonzo
  7. Thailands Lottery

    Well the lazy mans question just came up again. Does anyone know of a Lottery website showing the winning numbers for a given date, NOT just all the winning numbers, but also has a little block that you type in your ticket number and it comes right back with yes or no from all the categories. Saves a lot of time and is not subject to ones propensity to make a reading error as much. There used to be such a site, I just can't find it or remember it.
  8. Not to be Forgotten

    Lest we forget......Today is Pearl Harbor Day...... May they all R I P .
  9. Highway Robbery without the Highway

    This is something that may give a person pause for thought. I can make a telephone call to the US, halfway round the world, and it costs me 4 baht per minute. I make a call to Myanmar, country right next door maybe 300 Kl's and it costs me 32 baht per minute. Now I am not interested in international agreements and the such, what I would like to know is how the phone companies justify this?
  10. I have traveled to a sizable number of countries and I have to admit that the citizens of Thailand, while some of them are among the nicest people in the world, the country does have a very high percentage of people with the lowest level of consideration and/or concern for others that I have seen anywhere.
  11. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    It seems to me that :British " or " Australian" are nationalities....... Race is like "Caucasian" etc.
  12. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    Please point out what in the post to which you replied you consider "racist" ???
  13. Something You May Not Know

    I was emailed this morning by a friend of something I was not aware of. She tried 2 times here at the CM Chinese Consulate to get a visa for China. She seemed to be getting the run a round and was finally told she would have to do it at the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok. For the record she is not just some fly by night ner-do-well, but rather a published Phd. and does research on various tribal cultures. In Bangkok she was informed that she would be unable to get a Visa in Thailand as she was not a resident of Thailand. What ????? Does China maintain that the only place you are able to get a Chinese Visa is in your own country??? She is on her way to Japan and hopes to be successful there. Has anyone ever heard or know about this visa restriction?
  14. A Lettuce ... A Lert

    Another one for today's unusuals....... today at Muang Mai Mkt Lettuce 100 Baht p/ Kg Vegetarians head for ATM before eating
  15. Newborn found abandoned in Chiang Mai

    Don't be silly...... the baby is way too young for school.