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  1. Oh-my-*** GOD After all these years living and reading the news in peace, they did it, they made me login and comment ! Damm I knew this day would come ... i was hoping it would be in years, how silly of me : How can ... what ... who !? !? Really !? Why !? No .. !? Uh !? In a word : Speechless
  2. Yep i'm staying somewhere around Pin Klao area. The honda shop at the corner is even selling YSS shocks, i don't think most of the Honda shops sell this kind of aftermarket parts, but some do.
  3. Check out directly at the Honda shops, the one where i stay sells lots of H2C stuff. Otherwise for online order try this : http://www.furiishop.com/product/lists/Honda MSX 125 http://www.x-speed.co.th/index.php?lay=show&ac=cat_showcat&l=1&cid=65168 http://www.k-speed.net/product-category/384671/MSX125.html Basically you order by Line, pay by bank transfer and wait a couple of days, it's not like if you were ordering on amazon, these are small shops.
  4. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Well they won't do anything for 300s cc in bigwing network because these models are sold in the regular small shops honda network. But anyway i would be curious to see if they would be able to change a camshaft, i guess they would just try to make you purchase an entire new engine instead of trying to fix it.
  5. I forgot 2 more : Dr Bike : Mechanics, Parts & Accessories => http://www.dr-bikebangkok.com/store/ TP Accessories : Accessories, imported and 2nd hand bikes => http://tpmotorcycle.com/default.htm
  6. Hey guys, I was thinking maybe we could make a list of all the accessories / parts and mechanics shops that we know and eventually with the admin's help we can pin in on top of the forum so we don't have the usual questions "where to find xxx" coming back in the forum everyday. I'm starting with the one i know, when we have some replies i'll try to edit my main post of ask for admin's help if i can't edit anymore. Bangkok Red Baron : Mechanic / Parts & accessories & 2nd hand bikes => http://www.redbaronbkk.com/ U-Turn Shop : Mechanics, Parts & accessories & Tires => http://www.u-turnshop.com/ Furi Shop : Mechanics, Parts & Accessories & Tires => http://www.furiishop.com/ K-Speed : Mechanics, Parts & Accessories => http://www.k-speed.net/ X-Speed : Mechanics, Parts & Accessories => http://www.x-speed.co.th/ Panda riders : Accessories => http://www.pandarider.com/ Paddock : Accessories => http://www.paddock.co.th I also found this website http://bike.megaparts.com/ which seems to have interesting OEM parts at least for honda big bikes, i was able to find some super four parts which is really cool because it's a pain in the ass to found these parts around here.
  7. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Nah, they won't do anything on bikes they didn't sell except oil and fluids change = nothing. Even if you bought a bike in the bigwing network i would be curious to see their face if you ask them to change a camshaft or some broken valves, when you do so please take a picture and post it here
  8. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Ahahaha, It reminds me when i asked 3 times to the local honda shops around here to do a valve clearance on a hold wave "Mai pen raiii ; yes do already ; the noise is normal", my ass. I ended up doing it myself, and the naughty noise from the upper engine engine was magically gone after that.
  9. 12K for a leovince full system in Thailand ? Nice, "pretty cheap". Careful with that air cleaner and power commander, don't waste your engine with crazy RPMs
  10. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Yep, Rebel 500 available on honda bigwing thailand website, priced at 220,000 THB. http://www.hondabigbike.com/en/hondabigbike-product-rebel.ashx Seems that the engine was slightly "tuned" compared to the CB500F : 2017 Rebel 500 Horsepower – 45 HP @ 8,500 rpm 2017 Rebel 500 Torque – 32.9 ft/lb TQ @ 6,000 rpm 2017 CB500F Max. Power Output 49.6 HP (35kW) @ 8500rpm 2017 CB500F Max. Torque 31.7 lb/ft TQ (43Nm) @ 7000rpm So year, better torque at lower RPM, nice for cruising, but still a crappy engine
  11. R3 or R6?

    Do not buy a r6 in Thailand, i repeat : Do not buy a r6 ! Too deadly, it's quick, too quick, feels too light = makes you do lots of shit Just get a Cb650 or m7-07, i know it's not really comparable to the r6 but it's got enough power for Thailand. Ninja 650 maybe, but i heard it was quite a shitty bike for a 650.
  12. Aha it's fine i was just playing around ! Just by curiosity if you wana tell, how much does the full system leo vincy cost ? i guess it's somewhere around 20K ?
  13. With all the money you'r gona spend on mods maybe you should have just bought a cb650f straight
  14. Motorcycle starting problem

    After a few days w/o starting does it starts straight when you kick (or after 2-3 shots) ? Cause if it does, it could be just a worn battery or a worn generator, if that's it, changing the part below should fix it. You need to check your battery voltage after 3 days w/o starting.
  15. Motorcycle starting problem

    To be honest i have been using 91 in a lot of different scooters before i never noticed a real difference with 95, but anyway i agree for the price, better go for 95 it's not like if it was really more expensive. So it's not the spark plug, not the battery, not the electric starter because it doesn't goes straight when you kick aswell, hum ... When it works, how is your IDLE, is it stable ? Do you have gaps in low rpms when you accelerate ? What is redex ... !?