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  1. Hello folks, I have a non-B, multiple entry with work permit from a company in Bkk. Visa/work permit both end about Christmas time. I do not intend to work in Thailand again, but plan on returning to Thailand - after an extended holiday - on an ED visa. Wondering if I should really go through the hassle of canceling the WP? Am I going to run into any trouble for not canceling the WP when applying for an ED visa at a Thai consulate abroad? Cheers K.
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of the younger folks with work permit pay into a private insurance retirement plan such as those offered by Prudential or Allianz Ayudhya https://www.azay.co.th/en/ https://www.prudential.co.th/corp/prudential-th/en/product-filter-retirement-plan/ What do you think of such policies. Do you have confidence that the companies (typically private foreign companies with Thai partners) honor their insurance contracts to farangs? Cheers Kommissar
  3. I have a question regarding the TE Visa. I asked immigration about this visa, actually, when I made my 90-day report last month, and they said that foreigners that want to get this type of visa now also have to prove that they have comprehensive health insurance (IPD + OPD)...which runs at about 50k/year. Is this really being enforced right now? To the farangs who have this visa, have you been asked to provide documentation?