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  1. Warning gross!
  2. My friend from the UK works at a high end hairdressers salon in Bangkok. Guess there must be a loop hole for some.
  3. Police found human remains, along with a bag full of clothes, 600 baht cash and a bottle of medicine from Myanmar. Sh1t. Myanmar. That's made this case impossible to solve. Oh well I gave it my best try.
  4. Okay, this is what I think. I just looked at King Kong Party Club's facebook page. The last party was last year and it was Songkran. If you look at the bones in the OP photo you can see a floral blue and white pattern material. Like a songkran shirt. If you look at what the police found. Most of it is used during songkran. Here's 2 people who are at the party dressed in a blue songkran shirt. Thirty minutes and I've cracked it.
  5. Interesting! Found these pictures. 3 of the King Kong Party Club Last one some more of Yesterdays crime scene.
  6. Why did the police let this wife beating mongrel live? Should have left him to bleed to death.
  7. Turn up to the beach one day. Chat to beach mafia. Pay daily mafia beach permit. Bring boat, parachute and equipment. Write "Parasailing 350 baht" Along comes Roger.
  8. Extreme sporting activity. Yes, why?
  9. After doing a little research of the internet these two quotes seem plausable and probably what happened. Operators told police the 70-year-old man confused the ropes on his parasail and pulled on a hook which unstrapped his harness, causing him to fall to the sea below. He was taken to Patong hospital, where he later died. It looks like he was holding onto the 2 hooks and then a second before takeoff the black line goes under his arm and you see him holding on by his armpits. This is why the guy on the ground goes nuts also I would bet the old man was screaming in pain. The operator then goes up top to free his arms but after freeing them he does not realize the old man unhooked himself...
  10. R.I.P Sounds like a heart attack.