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  1. more bullshit . who is going to provide the work permit ? what qualifications are required to obtain that work permit ? what base salery is attached to that work permit ? you sir are a fool . go check thai labour laws and learn how to read them .
  2. it was your weak battery that created the problem in the first place . low voltage is the number one cause of pitting on the solenoid contacts . so ,yes you screwed your self .
  3. sirmud63

    Withdrawing cash from bank with credit card?

    wrong . the exchange rate is set by the bank that issued you the card . they are not all the same .
  4. sirmud63

    No more Dettol antiseptic cream, Alternative?

    eucalyptus oil . works better ,goes further . sold in most supermarkets and chemists.
  5. sirmud63

    PM under pressure in Paris

    spot on .
  6. sirmud63

    Thai lies!

    in 5 years of living ,running my busines and working ,iv never once met a thai i could trust .
  7. prawn/fish farms, or aquaculture .
  8. it depends on your agent . i have sold overseas property with an electronic signiture via email .