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  1. in terms of having it rammed down there throats , thats pretty spot on .
  2. thats extreemly mild compeared to what iv seen on FB.
  3. why bother when you get 60 days visa exempt with an extension ? total cost 1900thb .
  4. sirmud63

    Heat Shrink Connectors

    not quite. iv used sealable conectors on marine applications for years . so good that the navy only uses them . they consist of a round button , bout one centimeter wide ,that is filled with silcon. you place the two ends into the button then crimp it . a metal bridge then clamps the conection ,and the silicon seals it all in one go.
  5. thats the way i understand it also . 4 years ago thats the way my lawyer explained it to me.
  6. sirmud63

    Nongprue touts flood- prevention successes

    wow, who would have thort improved drainage would reduce flooding ??
  7. thai or falang? visa /work permit?
  8. ethics and journalists in the same sentance . oxymoron ?
  9. sirmud63

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    i would call it the self cleaning gene pool.