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  1. Reputable gold shop Pattaya.

    thats gold , right there..
  2. yep, its called proccess of natural selection , the gene pool cleaning its self .
  3. did you even read the OP? the excuse was overstay.
  4. honestly , i never even thought twice before ripping him off.
  5. Things to Volunteer for

    they also require work permits.
  6. ahhhh, you can take the girl out of thailand , but you carnt take thailand out of the girl . old story.
  7. Sleep walker survived fall from eighth-floor apartment

    by any chance ,was his girlfriend thai?
  8. wheres the video? thats been circulating on face book for over 6 months . lift your game .
  9. if your going to carry a baseball bat in your car , make sure you carry a glove and a ball too . your lawyer will thank you .
  10. to us falang , its called thainess. and he is full of it .
  11. Looking for a job

    please ,let us know how you get on .
  12. Looking for a job

    i just saw your post on face book . dont waste your time . some good advice for you . make your money somwere else ,just come here for holidays.
  13. The cheapest farang in town!

    rich people stay rich by living like poor people . poor people stay poor by living like rich people .
  14. Hearing aids

    your audiologist would have set them to your specific settings according to your hearing test , when you first had them fitted. to have them reset in NZ you will need to find a place that deals in the same brand ,and will need to sit another hearing test so they know were to set it to. alot depends also on how old they are .