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  1. sirmud63

    Work Permit Cost

    the actual cost of the work permit its self is only 3000thb .
  2. that was just the decoy , while the big shipment went thru unnoticed . oldest trick in the book .
  3. after the last boat sinking yesterday , they really got there work cut out for them .
  4. no , it dosnt . its the sudden stop that kills you .
  5. and thailand shoots its self in the foot again . both barrels this time .
  6. try a diferent branch . i got a bkk bank account just with a pasport . there all diferent .
  7. trump would love the oppertunity to .....
  8. sirmud63

    Rust Converter

    rust coverter is just nitric acid . should not be hard to find it here .
  9. i think you just answered your own question .
  10. sirmud63

    Volunteer work for young adult

    find one that will issue her a work permit first . or it could end up costing you more than you bargined for .
  11. sirmud63

    Carbide drill bits

    your local hardware shop should have masony drill bits . these will do the job when there sharpend properly. make sure you use a pilot hole first .
  12. sirmud63

    Pattaya testing speed-trap cameras

    great idea , now all you gotta do is get all the vehicles registered.