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  1. Indo-Siam

    Home Brew Kits

    You can order what you are seeking from a Singapore company - http://www.ibrew.com.sg/ Good luck! IS
  2. Some excellent fundamental background info concerning high finance (from a European perspective) can be found at: and straight from the renowned duo of Bird & Fortune. IS
  3. To the OP: If you are being asked to pay money in a way that will not show up on a deductible receipt - either the yellow Customs receipt, or the clearance broker's receipt - the maybe you have an issue. If you are fighting an amount that shows up in a line item called "Customs formality," then you are wasting your time. Customs can charge you for research into your case, and no one can question that decision. If you are arguing about import duty, and the item you are importing is anything other than an item which exactly and precisely matches the Thai nomenclature for a specific Harmonized System code (you can check this at: http://www.customs.go.th/Tariff/Tariff.jsp), then you are again wasting your time. For any item that requires subjective interpretation to apply an applicable HS code, that is at the discretion of Customs. Example: You import fertilizer. It can be classified as fertilizer, or as import of the chemicals that are mixed together to create the fertilizer. Customs is one of the most powerful organizations in Thailand. You cannot force them to back down. If you hire a lawyer, because you "refuse to cooperate with corruption" - then all you are doing is making yourself feel good - because all the law firm will do is pay the corruption, mark up that amount, and bill you for the marked up fee, as their professional service charge. It is ludicrous to think that a law firm can "sue" Thai Customs. That would (literally) cost millions of baht. If a fee will show up as "customs formality" on a Customs receipt, IT IS NOT CORRUPTION. It is a deductible business expense - and they have the legal right to collect. Remember - for every day that your container is sitting at the port, you are paying demurrage - and for a container, that fee can quickly grow quite large. Finally - its is possible that there is simply a legitimate misunderstanding about how to classify unfamiliar items. You can possibly work through that sort of problem. But - do that in cooperation with Customs - not via adversarial combat with them. Your customs/freight broker is your most valuable partner in most dealings with Customs. If you have bad or dishonest freight broker, that is a separate problem. The idea of going to lawyer is ridiculous to me - unless the amount of total Customs fee will be 500,000 baht or more. Pyrrhic victories are usually not worth fighting. Good luck. Steve Indo-Siam
  4. Indo-Siam

    Thaksin And Sondhi Equally Bad: Suthep

    Oh, really? I think not. There may be some people within PTP trying to propagate that Mr. T is still alive and kicking, but there have been no international sightings, and no believable first-hand indications that he is still alive since May. And - this is a guy who had a virtual army of journalists and paparazzi following his every move, for years. He couldn't step into a restaurant, or a convenience store, anywhere in the world, and not have reporters dogging him. We'll see if his smiling face ever shows itself again. IS
  5. Indo-Siam

    Thaksin And Sondhi Equally Bad: Suthep

    'Interesting that Suthep would bring up Thaksin's name. It seems pretty clear to me that Thaksin is dead - evidently as of 26 April 2010. There has not been a peep out of him over the last six months - not an appearance, not a news item overseas - nothing. This for a guy who never previously went ten days in a row without making an appearance or statement somewhere - be it Montenegro, Uganda, Cambodia, or somewhere. So - Thaksin is history - let's see who takes the reins of the Red Shirt movement. IS
  6. Indo-Siam

    Hospital Bills - Should Pay Or Not?

    There are public hospitals (not for profit) that must treat all patients, and do so at low rates, with government reimbursements. And there are private hospitals, which run for profit - and they charge whatever their fee rates are. The private hospitals tend to give much better care than the public hospitals (a good example is to look at a scar from a cesarean childbirth at a public hospital, compared to the scar from a similar birth at a private hospital). If your stepson was treated at a private hospital, then you need to pay the bill they charge. It is possible that some family member wanting to get superior care for the young man sent him to a private hospital, figuring that you - the "rich farang" - could pay for it. 'Not actually sure what happens if you stiff them. At minimum, I would expect that hospital would not accept nor treat your family members again. Indo-Siam