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  1. i mean, it would be the opposite if he wasn't colluding with said leader...
  2. you forgot the /s someone might actually believe you were serious.
  3. even if he did donate to charity, he did so because his conflicts of interest and the money he's making in his businesses off of the presidency outweigh the salary itself!
  4. never gonna happen, thankfully! anybody who wants to know more about this dumb idea should just watch John Oliver's coverage of it.
  5. well, duh, not *yet*! because the investigation isn't over! but there are 22 indictments already and more on the way anyway, he absolutely can't pardon himself. the US is a democracy. if he can pardon himself he has absolute power and could bomb American cities, then pardon himself. only a total moron would believe that's a Presidential power.
  6. actually i didn't notice... what? swiss and russian dealers/prostitutes on lower sukhumvit?! that can't be right...
  7. so highlighted 2 parts there: 1) i know the details because he blabbed about them when he first moved in. he's not around enough now. he's actually in Canada with his gf while his gf's non-English speaking sister runs the illegal hotel. i see her often - and as innocent as she might be because she doesn't know any better, i shouldn't have to suffer because of this. 2) i am from San Francisco, which is 'affluent' and AirBnB has faced the same kind of response as it has here.
  8. 19th hole? I just sink it in hole 2 over and over... and over.
  9. I'm really wanting to know how I can report someone who is an AirBnB/Agoda/Booking.com/etc. illegal hotel renter. This person is an incredible nuisance and a terrible neighbor. He's renting out a house for short stays mostly to crazy partying Russians. He doesn't own the house. He has zero licences. He pays zero Thai taxes, much less hotel taxes. He does not report any of his guests to immigration. He has no work permit. He's on a tourist visa. He speaks zero Thai. The money all goes into his bank account but it's marketed in the name of his Thai gf. I am stuck in this place dealing with this terrible noise and behavior. I pay 35k per month for my place and have to deal with this crap while he rents out for 10k per day.
  10. I don't know... I actually have to disagree here - not on the need to keep drug dealers off the streets (especially foreign dealers), but I feel like they have been mostly wiped up. Have you been to Lower Sukhumvit in the last few weeks? I mean, a month and a half ago it was crawling with Africans openly dealing as well as likely trafficked Africans females involved in prostitution, but the last 2 times I've walked down lately I don't even think I saw a single African. And, combined with Craigslist and Backpage closing down, they have really been shut down.
  11. why only 2.2 years? that's not long at all!
  12. bkk7

    Alcohol sales banned on Makha Bucha Day

    it's hard to believe any villages are in Thailand. your local ran ka will always sell, rain or shine, no matter the hour, too. well, except after midnight, usually, because they're long asleep, not because they're obeying those obnoxious selling hours regulations.
  13. that's very true. the law enforcement and NGOs can work to bring down big rackets, but there will continue to be 1-2 people operations where people prey on young and poor families/people. hell, it even happens in the west, so we are kidding ourselves to think it will stop here. that said, if the 'government' leaders allowed their money to go toward programs to build up the Northeast and help the urban poor instead of spending it on golf and watches there might actually be a dent in the problem.
  14. thanks! someone who's not a jerk finally replies! yes, she's a guest worker and 300B per day IS a big deal. people just assume i have time to go for her, but i work during the office hours for reporting this type of thing and i don't need to report as i'm on a diplomatic visa. if i knew how to do this or was familiar, why else would i have posted? TV as usual assuming the worst, or just trolling.
  15. because 1) i don't have time off of work to go during office hours 2) as i am on an F-visa, i have no idea about reporting. that's why i'm here asking about it.