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  1. I went to 2 different 7-11s today and neither one would permit me to buy a True SIM card with my passport, which has a valid diplomatic visa. They said they could only accept Thai ID cards. What the hell is going on? Did I miss something? There aren't any mobile shops conveniently located and I really don't have time to go to a mall. This seems totally insane and unreasonable.
  2. Where can I change an old USD 100 bill? It's a 1991 bill. Not ripped, in good shape.
  3. What a dumb article. ASEAN means nothing to NK and NK means nothing to ASEAN. NK is an almost nonexistent trading partner for any country other than China, and any refugee crisis heaped on China would be good for ASEAN, while most ASEAN countries have strong relationships with the US, and several are adversaries in trade and with island disputes. There's literally nothing to balance.
  4. i missed post 12 with some links.
  5. oh man i totally missed that in post 12! thanks! i am in Thonglo, but i don't mind going anywhere that it likely to be the easiest on foreigners, no matter where in BKK. it sounds like i may need to go to the office first and make an appointment. sounds intense but thanks for the insight!
  6. how can i make an appointment? and if i have my Thai car driver's license (because that seems easy to convert from my US license) does that mean i need fewer documents when i go apply for my motorbike license? i.e. no residence certificate because i can show them a car driver's license? thank you!
  7. 2 residence certificates?! so i have to go back to the embassy and pay $50 more?! that's insane... i knew i'd have to take some tests. but heard it was 2 days and not 1. really have no idea where to go though.
  8. I have my medical certificate from a local clinic here, my residency affidavit from the US embassy, my F class visa and my permit to stay stamp in my passport (forgetting anything? is that right?). i also have a valid regular driver's license from the US (not motorbike), so if it's easier to do both at the same time... i would not mind (by the way... if you have both, are they one single license card?) paying for both. i just assumed it wouldn't help to have it for the motorbike license. i've searched on the internet and saw posts on here about which documents i need (and i think i got that right in my sentence above), but i didn't see anything about locations, especially best locations. i can go anywhere in BKK that would be the easiest location to deal with and get it done quickly. also, does it need to be during the week? or is Saturday ok? thanks!
  9. yes, we have thought about that, but if my appointment changes and i need to move to a new post, we will then need to live in a new country where she doesn't speak the language and it would make things considerably different and difficult. she also does not speak English, so it would really isolate her with no language ability or family or friends if we needed to move. right now, we communicate entirely in Thai - although we've planned for her to learn English in the future - but again, that's planning ahead. if i'm posted to, say, Indonesia, she wouldn't be able to learn English in Indonesian when she isn't even literate in a Latin-based alphabet. the hurdles there would be substantial. she also doesn't have any desire to be far away from her family - 1 older brother and 2 older sisters married Thais. so really, in the long run, those factors and others are our motivation for why we want to do our best to plan to be here. and marriage is part of that plan, but it just won't help us long term for me to marry her for my temporary status. we'd like to find the most direct path for 1 of us to PR first, and support that person to get it. and it sounds like that may involve me leaving my job for a private sector position, which i've started to look for. she and our future are more important to me than my job. i really do appreciate your advice and thoughts. i'm definitely looking for creativity.
  10. that's really, really interesting. but i do know that while i'm under an F visa, i'm specifically not eligible for citizenship, and i would assume permanent residency as well. i'd like to look into this though. i'm not sure i would qualify. this is a really interesting option. until now i was thinking about quitting my job and applying for a private sector position - and going the 3 years of taxes + 2 years of waiting route... i'm wondering what the qualifications are for 'special cases' and if i'd still be eligible if i had a non-B and work permit.
  11. that wouldn't work because i still wouldn't meet the qualifications @blackcab mentioned: 1) be employed and 3) paying taxes. i'm required to keep my F visa for my employment status and i can't just decide to pay taxes. i'm sure the government would take my money willingly, but legally it's just not an option.
  12. this has nothing to do with not having enough Thai women. we met and fell in love. simple. i have nothing but love for Thai women.
  13. yeah, it does make it clear that she doesn't qualify under #2 and i don't qualify under #3. i realize that it would be a long climb. it sounds like the timeline here would be... 5 years for PR for, most likely, me?
  14. you are most probably right about the LA visa. her passport isn't back yet for me to check, but it's a safe working assumption. as i said, she does have a work permit though. i've examined it closely myself - both her old blue book permit and the new ID card style one she has now. yes, i know i don't need the work permit and yes, my status is completely tax exempt in Thailand (UN).
  15. Yes, it's a lot, but she has had the same employer for several years, and the employer is well-off, so she's generous. She also works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, 9am-9pm.