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  1. Any farangs in the red zone?

    Can we get back on topic please?
  2. Holiday insurance

    Next month I will travel to my home country of The Netherlands for three weeks. Any recommended travel insurance with good coverage for medical, travel (luggage) costs? I am (supposed to be) insured at AIA Insurance through my employer. Does anyone know if they cover medical emergencies abroad?
  3. Is anyone here actually a teacher in Thailand? Do you know about actual teaching at Thai schools, the curriculum, the students' attitudes etc. from a teacher's perspective? I got the impression that most of what I'm reading written by foreigners is more hearsay than practical knowledge of the matter.
  4. Blows my mind. As a non-native English speaker and teacher at a secondary Thai school, I consider myself unsuitable to teach English in Thailand, even though I got the maximum TOEIC score last year. But apparently some people think 250 should be enough. If you've made the test you'd know even 400 is nothing to brag about. Most Thai teachers at my school never even made any test, some of which I doubt would qualify otherwise.
  5. Hat Yai Airport early morning

    Will be coming Sunday. I thought days of the week really don't matter much in Thailand.
  6. Need to make it to the airport at 6 AM. What are my options from the town center? Didn't book accommodation yet, but preferably close to transport options.
  7. Any farangs in the red zone?

    Please elaborate
  8. I teach at Matthayom 1-3 in an English program. Being in Bangkok now, which bookstore would be ideal for finding (math) books in English? The next semester starts in about 3 weeks and I need some materials.
  9. Any farangs in the red zone?

    And Pattani isn't even a border province...! Anyway, some power poles were blown up close to my home and a man was shot and killed on his motorbike. Just another day in the Deep South. If anyone is interested,I can take you on a tour through the region.
  10. Any farangs in the red zone?

    Well? Am I really the only farang living in the three Southern Border Provinces? Have been away from TV for over a week due to some troubles here, but still awaiting an answer.
  11. Everybody, I am on my way to Mo Chit right now and should arrive there between 5 and 6 am. I must be at the airport before 9.30 at the latest. Is there a bus to the transport station from Mo Chit, or any kind of transportation that doesn't involve taking a taxi or walking to BTS Mo Chit?
  12. Narathiwat to Surat Thani Airport

    Car rental was cancelled by the company and now I'm renting in BKK. Thanks for your answer.
  13. Have been living in Narathiwat for the past 8 months. Are there other BMs living in Nara, Pattani or Yala and up for a drink and a chat next month?
  14. I booked a really cheap rental car, but pick-up (and drop-off) is at Surat Thani Airport. The problem is: I am located far away, in Narathiwat. Furthermore, Surat Airport is located far from the city and its main bus terminal and railway station. What are the most convenient options for making it to Surat Airport at 11 AM, the pick-up time? I thought about spending a night in ST and taking some public transportation to its airport in the morning.
  15. How dangerous is Yala for a Farang?

    According to statistics some parts of the region are safer for insurgency-related violence than others. This goes down all the way to village (moobaan) level. I know the town of Narathiwat has been safe from violence for over two years now, but some districts get hit harder than others. The aforementioned Bannang Sata (Yala) is probably the most dangerous district in the south and even there the chances of you getting caught in the crossfire are very small. I have ridden my motorbike everywhere in Narathiwat Province, including the dense jungles and to small villages locals warned me to avoid. Have also ridden outside of town after dark, which one should avoid if playing it safe. I don't know which villages have which color code (red, yellow or green, depending on their safety) so I should have been into many red zones. And whadda ya know? I am still unharmed. Seriously, there are much more dangerous things you can do in Thailand. Enjoy your time here and wallow in the fact that you are one of very few farangs brave enough to come here. And remember that your money goes a long way because life here is dirt cheap.