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  1. MarcelV

    Isaan women a turn-off?

    Is there anyone that feels like an Isaan woman is to be avoided as a partner, not because of skin color or potential money problems but because of the stigma associated with them? I have always been careful not to get into a relationship with one, because something doesn't feel right to me about acknowledging having a girlfriend from there. To me, having a girlfriend who is from another part of the country is like a badge of honour.
  2. MarcelV

    Android 3BB app not available

    That might be it. Thanks for your suggestion!
  3. MarcelV

    Android 3BB app not available

    I'm interested in a solution.
  4. I'm trying to download the 3BB app on my Android phone, but get the message "it is not available in your country". Funny, cos I'm in Thailand and my phone was bought here. What is going on?
  5. The title basically says it all: I entered Thailand from MAS on 18 March. 90 Day reporting online hasn't worked. So my only options left are leaving Thailand or heading for immigration. With my visa MUST I leave the country? All my colleagues have single entry visas, so I can't take their word that reporting is sufficient.