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  1. The United States of Sad Affairs .
  2. Always trust a Vegan to make it about them!
  3. Dancin Dna 11

    Ex-engineer convicted for possessing bomb materials

    Wow, do the crime, pay the fine.
  4. Wow, imagine feeling safer in Jail. What a time to be alive!
  5. Dancin Dna 11

    Pattaya Targets Youth for Morality and Ethics Training

    That kid looks like he needs a drink!
  6. Fred, you get how Baby Oil works, right?
  7. Thai Blue Bells. Looks lovely.
  8. Dancin Dna 11

    Sanders to back Clinton. Will supporters follow?

    Wow, he must have had to die a little to do this with a smile.
  9. Only a man is dead... yet you still smile every time you read these articles?? Wonderful human being Every time I read a response like this to a post like above...... I laugh!
  10. Watch out might get done for bringing Thailand into disrepute. How can he be so Shellfish.
  11. Wow more mass shootings on his watch than any other. What a [email protected]#ked up social issue to have to deal with.
  12. Dancin Dna 11

    Wall collapse closes Phuket road

    Ha! think they need to look up definition of retaining.
  13. Is it usual for the police to be holding the hand of the arrested?
  14. Dancin Dna 11

    PM warns monks they face arrest if staging a protest

    Isn't this kind of approach the root of all the problems surrounding this temple at the moment?