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  1. And it appears the "broken arm" (if broken, because you can't believe everything you read) happened due the Thai guy falling heavily onto his own arm. Not due to a blow inflicted by the American guy (which is what you might think from reading the article). Like others have said, CCTV clips from other cameras showing what happened before the attack should be released.
  2. Fresh cowmilk

    Hi KS, I know that during the lactation period when the Laos Buffalo Dairy borrows the mother buffalo from its owner, they feed it well in order to get more milk so that there is enough for the calf and the dairy. I reckon there is an opportunity for someone (perhaps a TV member?) to do something similar in Thailand. BTW, you mentioned mozzeralla and there are many buffalo dairies in Italy but there are even buffalo dairies in the UK. For example: https://www.laverstokepark.co.uk/produce/dairy/ http://www.buffalodairy.co.uk And some UK buffalo farms are focused on the meat... e.g. http://www.broughtonwaterbuffalo.co.uk/farm/ I reckon it makes more sense to raise an animal that is adapted to the tropics (the heat, the food, pests/diseases, etc) than to farm a temperate breed in a tropical country. Mind you, I know of one big (cow) dairy farm in Thailand that is located at altitude (in Loei, higher than Pakchong/Saraburi) and is getting very good milk yields.
  3. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Thanks guys. I will try to get more information but probably won't take it any further.
  4. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Hi KS, Attached is a photo of the hours. I think the first vertical white line is the edge of the reel, not a one. I have also attached more photos of the tractor, including the clutch area, so that perhaps you or one of the other guys and can say if you think this machine is worth fixing or not. Perhaps it is "too far gone"? My feeling now is that it could be a very time consuming project and I don't have a lot of time. JB.
  5. Fresh cowmilk

    Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from these westerners in Luang Prabang, Laos. They are using buffalo (more fat in the milk and adapted to tropical conditions) and they don't buy/own them. They borrow them! They had no background in farming when they started. They taught themselves using the internet, etc. http://www.laosbuffalodairy.com Actually, there are 2 main kinds of domesticated buffalo in the world. One is the kind you find around here that were traditionally used for pulling ploughs and carts (and are used by the above dairy) and then eventually made into meatballs when they're past their expiry date. Then the other kind is the dairy buffalo that gives more milk and is very common in South Asia (India, Pakistan, etc). I think the Laos Buffalo Dairy is now planning to introduce some genetics from the dairy buffalo into their local gene pool.
  6. Grass seed supplier in thailand

    Actually, now I see that I made a mistake. 200kg of the varieties I mentioned would be enough for more like 20 hectares not 10 hectares.
  7. The fruit in Dumbfalang's photos look like tits down!
  8. Grass seed supplier in thailand

    I would agree with Cooked that you should look in Pakistan or India first. "4 seasons" is not enough information. You need to know the climatic variables and soil type. The people in Pakistan should be able to say what species/variety is required. I am sure the turf industry is already well established there.
  9. Grass seed supplier in thailand

    200kg of a forage grass seed like Mulato II or Mombassa Guinea would be enough for 10 hectares, with 1 hectare being 10,000m2. So ten times what you suggested. (And 10 hectares being 62.5 rai).
  10. Blueberries and blackberries in Thailand

    I did already consider this. They need some chilling. You would have to grow the plants in pots and then put them in the cold store for a minimum period in order to get them to flower. I have this approach in mind for some other temperate fruits that are better known in this part of the world.
  11. Blueberries and blackberries in Thailand

    Blueberries normally go dormant in the winter. In the evergreen system you don't let them go dormant. This is achieved by a combination of a suitable variety, growing in a suitable climate, hard pruning and fertiliser, particularly nitrogen to promote vigorous new growth after each fruiting cycle. I was told that the location of the Boonrawd blueberry trial was on the warm side; not cool enough. Better to plant at a higher altitude. Where I am here in Laos, at over 1,200m above sea level, is better. (Though here, as in Chiang Rai, I will need to cover the crop with a plastic roof to keep the foliage dry during the rainy season). So if you are talking about a lowland area then I would say, "there is no chance to grow blueberries in a hot region". Unless you want to grow in an air conditioned environment and then it would be very expensive and probably not viable unless you were getting crazy prices for your fruit. A company in Japan is growing strawberries indoors using LEDs anf full climate control but they are getting many dollars per fruit in the high-priced Japanse gift market.
  12. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Thanks for confirming that FJ. I will see if I can find out from the owner why the tractor is out of order and why the engine is missing. By the way, the owner belongs to the same corporate group that used to sponser Everton FC! Thanks KS. Knowing that does make it tempting to give it a go. I'm interested to do it as much for the challenge and fun as for finding a machine to do some farming work. I mean, even if I get another tractor to run the spreader, I still like the idea of getting an old British tractor here in Laos up and running again. Something to be proud of! I'll take a look next time I pass by and let you know later. It's good to know that. I did surf the web and found a quite a few sites that offer a range of parts for 7740's, including not just engine parts and other mechanical parts, but also stuff like glass for the doors/windows, door handles, mirrors, etc, etc. So it could be an interesting project, like restoring a vintage car but in this case it would be a tractor, and it could be put to use on the farm. I think this 7740 does qualify as a being a vintage tractor!
  13. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    New, not used, engine? Do they still make them? Where's the factory or where could I seek a new engine?
  14. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    We are already hiring villagers to tidy up the ridges we've made for planting avocados and we'll be hiring them to plant the trees, etc.
  15. Tractor with 4 hydraulic connectors?

    Not sure about sharing but I'm hoping other farms will be interested to hire our spreader once we have it up and running. And we are hiring tractors and drivers with discs, bulldozers, etc.