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  1. JungleBiker

    Blueberries and blackberries in Thailand

    OK, so you're talking about a shop selling plants. Thanks.
  2. JungleBiker

    Blueberries and blackberries in Thailand

    When you say "loads of berries' are you talking about berry plants or berry fruits?
  3. JungleBiker

    Exporters urged to cash in on Afta

    Most but not all goods are eligible for tarrif-free imports. I don't know if beer is one that isn't, (perhaps to protect the mega rich shareholders of the Thai beer companies?). There is a website somewhere that gives details of what is covered or not.
  4. "He also advised people to wash vegetables several times, and eat detoxifying herbs such as laurel clockvine." And has the laurel clockvine been grown using the same chemicals? ?
  5. JungleBiker

    Exporters urged to cash in on Afta

    If I understand correctly, it is the exporter who has to spend time and money getting the Form D but it is the importer that benefits from the tariff savings (not the exporter). The importer can't force the exporter to get the Form D.
  6. JungleBiker

    Name of this fruit in English?

    By the way, I noticed in the photo that the durian is priced at 150 baht/kg. That alone is a lot of money to pay for fruit but when you deduct the weight of the shell and seeds, I guess the price per kilogram of edible flesh is going to be at least 2 times that. That's an incredible price for a tree fruit produced in Thailand. The reason it is so high is because China is sucking out most of the durian produced in Thailand. Consequently I bet per capita consumption of durian by Thai people is lower that it was say 10 - 20 years ago. A similar trend has happened with avocado in Mexico.
  7. JungleBiker

    Name of this fruit in English?

    According to a book I have (PROSEA No 2 Edible Fruits and Nuts), tampoi is a Malaysian name for Baccaurea ramiflora, with English name Burmese grape. The Thai names given for this species are mafai, somfai and hamkang. There are other species of Baccaurea, so the fruit in your photo may be from one of the other species; perhaps Baccaurea dulcis? (With English name shown as "Ketupa" but no Thai name is given).
  8. It seems you missed the words, "one of", in the sentence, "...one of the most horrific acts...".
  9. JungleBiker

    Indigo seeds

    This youtube is based on the village in Savannakhet I tried searching for the textile company mentioned - they used to have a shop in Vientiane - but it seems they may no longer be around.
  10. JungleBiker

    Indigo seeds

    You could try contacting these people https://www.saobancrafts.com You will see reference to indigo on this page https://www.saobancrafts.com/our-artisans/ if you click on the tab: Ms. Mae Mai Cotton artisan and indigo dye expert Savannakhet Province You can read about the founder of this organization at the web. He disappeared some years ago. If you PM me I will give you the email of his wife.
  11. JungleBiker

    Indigo seeds

    I know a village in Savannakhet Province of Laos where they grow indigo for dying the cotton fabrics that they also produce. They also grow other plants for natural dyes of various colours (for example I think I remember they get a red or brown dye from guava). But I'm sorry I don't have other information or contact numbers. You could try joining the LaoFAB forum via GoogleGroups and post an enquiry there. It's a forum for people involved in agriculture in Laos (mainly in agricultural development) with about 1,500 members. It's in English language.
  12. JungleBiker

    Grass for cattle

    Michael Hare, who posted at the top of this page 3 March 2017, is the man to talk to about Mombassa Guinea. He can supply you the seed and give info. I have some Mombasa growing in my garden. It grows upright which makes it easy to cut, similar to Napier. But it is more leafy and less stemmy than napier.
  13. JungleBiker

    Container Soil - Growing Medium

    Well the other approach, widely used for greenhouse crops grown all over the world, including the cannabis mentioned earlier, is to fill the container (or trough or bag) with a substrate such as coir, perlite, carbonized rice hulls, parboiled rice hulls, clay balls, rock wool, etc. And then add all the nutrients required by the plants every time you irrigate (fertigate).
  14. JungleBiker

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    In case you didn't already know, here's a heads up... Google: Bangkok Post African Swine Fever Elsewhere, I have read that it is not a question of if ASF will come to your pig farm but when.