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  1. JungleBiker

    Hemarroids for over 4 months

    Well if I don't eat porridge and exercise regularly I can get external hemorrhoids. It works for me and may work for the OP.
  2. JungleBiker

    Hemarroids for over 4 months

    Yes, the hemorrhoid cream won't help your stiff neck.
  3. JungleBiker

    Hemarroids for over 4 months

    Eat a good sized bowl of porridge oats every morning and do regular exercise and it may go away within days.
  4. Perhaps you should check the statistics about the numbers of illegal immigrants in the UK and Thailand.
  5. I think he was talking about the groomers not the groomed.
  6. Well I'm sure there are some Thai people who don't want you in their country because your culture and ideology doesn't fit theirs.
  7. And you are living in Thailand?
  8. I just read the article you linked and consider it good news, so the point you are trying to make does not seem valid.
  9. Yes, let's not be silly here. 60% nitric acid is commonly added to the nutrient solution used to fertigate greenhouse crops like strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. It's highly diluted when it reaches the plant roots.
  10. Acids have lots of useful applications. I'm planning to use acid in a hydroponic system to grow strawberries. Perhaps you use acid in your car battery?
  11. Yes, sick world. Lots of racists around. Nothing new.
  12. "In the Torah We prescribed for them a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, an equal wound for a wound: if anyone forgoes this out of charity, it will serve as atonement for his bad deeds. Those who do not judge according to what God has revealed are doing grave wrong." (Qurʾān, 5:45) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_for_an_eye#Islam On the other hand, someone (perhaps it was Ghandi?) said, "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind".
  13. JungleBiker

    Greenhouses Design

    Regardless of vents and cooling systems, and anti-dripping, I reckon 2 things worth considering are (a) light diffusion and (b) gutter height. Some greenhouse covers are designed to diffuse the light. This gives better plant performance, especially for tall growing crops like tomatoes. Diffusion can also be achieved by applying a special coating (paint) on the outside of your greenhouse. Go to page 60 of a free publication called "The bright side of growing" available via the website of Dutch company www.redusystems.com to read about diffuse light. This company is the leader for greenhouse coatings. A higher gutter height = higher roof = a greater volume of air above the crop. The volume of air acts like a buffer between the crop and the hot air outside. For warm climates a gutter height of 4.5 or 5.0 metres is considered desirable. The downside is the higher cost for the materials and construction.
  14. JungleBiker

    Greenhouses Design

    There are already many successful greenhouse vegetable operations in Thailand. Here is one in Chiang Mai run by your compatriots: http://takemehometomatoes.com/th/ I saw their tomatoes in Big C the other day. Selling for higher prices than other tomatoes. A photo of one of their greenhouses at the above site looks similar to your design - fixed ridge vent. They also promote the Alma greenhouse that I mentioned in my first post. Another, focussed on capsicumm/sweet/bell peppers is Lanchang Farm, also in Chiang Mai... http://www.lanchangfarm.com Originally set up by an Israeli guy but now owned by Malee. Their greenhouses also look like your design. And for a more high tech greenhouse, in Prachinburi, with fan and pan cooling, external and internal screens, high gutters, etc, see just after 10 minutes into the video here https://web.facebook.com/dasadaflower/videos/1752705084766758/ It's being used to grow chrysanthemums (yes, not veg).
  15. JungleBiker

    Greenhouses Design

    There's now a growing trend around the world to grow leafy greens in indoor farms (no natural light, just LEDs) located in or near large cities. It has already started in Bangkok.