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  1. Sadly, there are criminals like this everywhere. Always have been. Always will be. Luckily the gun jammed. I hope all 4 of them are caught and jailed for attempted murder.
  2. JungleBiker

    hydro/aquaponic gardening

    Another agricultural plastic sheet company is http://www.tctthainet.com/en/home/
  3. JungleBiker

    fig growing in LOS

    Hi Bowey, I could not see your photos until after I pressed send for my message above. Your pots are huge and expensive. For an intensive hydroponic greenhouse system, you could use much smaller plastic pots but have many more plants per unit area, with the plants trained vertically, not spreading. That way you could get the yield much higher and better recoup the investment in your greenhouse system. The plants would be prevented from toppling over by using some high tensile wires and posts (simple trellis system). JB.
  4. JungleBiker

    fig growing in LOS

    Hi Bowey, "Optimum fertiliser blend" will be a complete nutrient solution that is used everytime you irrigate. In other words, a hydroponic system. In which case, you do not need to put all that fancy stuff (i.e. worm casts, etc) in your pots. I would go with a coir mix of say 25% coir chips and 75% coir peat. Hi All, So which varieties are working well? JB.
  5. JungleBiker

    Importing Cattle to Thailand, regs?

    A couple of years ago, I heard there were plans to fly in plane loads of live beef cattle from Australia for finishing off and slaughtering. I don't know if that is now happening or not. In India, the cow is a holy animal and many people are vegetarians but do consume milk and yoghurt. So I wonder if there may be a cheap supply of bulls from India and perhaps the OP is planning to so something similar to the Aussies?
  6. JungleBiker

    Grass removal w/o 'roundup'.

    If the land is sloping, I would do the conversion in alternate strips (along the contour) so that you don't expose the whole plot at the same time and lose soil due to erosion by heavy rain.
  7. JungleBiker

    Landscape Filter Fabric? Where to buy?

    If you use the term "geotextile" to search this forum you will find more information.
  8. JungleBiker

    Avocado Trees available March 2018

    Your area is still very tropical so you should try growing varieties of the West Indian race. If you google the 2 varieties mentioned by Dumbfalang, you should be able to find out which of the 3 races they belong to.
  9. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I know a large dairy farm in the Sakon Nakhon area, owned by Malee and managed by a German guy but I think it has 1,000 head. So I am not sure if it is the same farm you are referring to. The farm I was talking about, with high milk yields, is in a higher and cooler part of Isaan than the places you've mentioned.
  10. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    Is the company you are thinking of (with 300 cows and foreign manager) in the area you talk about (between Saraburi and Korat)?
  11. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    There is a lot of container traffic going from Asia to USA carrying consumer goods like T-shirts and iPhones, etc, that would otherwise come back empty. US alfalfa exporters can get very cheap rates shipping their hay to Asia.
  12. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I've heard that a lot of beef animals go to places near Bangkok where they are finished in feedlots. Besides steaks, I think a lot of beef goes into meatballs used in certain kinds of noodle soup (like "kwetio reua").
  13. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    Well, in this case, since it will not be grown for animal forage, high yield and strong stem are not important, but it would be good if the grass did not succumb to disease.
  14. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    Thanks for letting me know that the 44,000 baht worth of your Purple Guinea seed that I recently purchased is prone to leaf diseases. You might want to Google: Post Purchase Cognitive Dissonance
  15. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    Nope. I doubt they are getting good milk yields because they are too low (= too hot).
  16. JungleBiker

    Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    I can't mention any names but I know there is a large dairy farm in northeast Thailand that is owned by a major company and is getting very good milk yields (I can look up the yields if anyone is interested). They are importing container loads of the above product (bales of alfalfa hay from USA) to feed their cows. I guess they pay far less than the above retail price. Perhaps the above bales were imported by the same company.
  17. I took my >2 year old MacBook to a service centre (not Apple but an authorised dealer in NE Thailand) to have the battery replaced. They did "a diagnostic" before the battery swap. I understand that this involved linking my MacBook to a computer in the US (or somewhere) that is able to identify any problems. No problems were identified. Indeed, before I handed my machine to the service centre, it had been working normally apart from the battery only lasting an hour or so. The battery was changed. The laptop could not be started (by the service guys). They put my old battery back into the machine, to check if the new battery might be a dud. But it still did not start up. Eventually, it was concluded that the mainboard had failed. They said they could fix it if I paid for a new mainboard, >20,000 baht. I said that since my MacBook was working normally before I handed it over and it passed the diagnostic, then they must have damaged it while installing the new battery. They said no, the mainboard must have already been failing before the battery swap and the diagnostic did not go deep enough to detect the problem. Is their explanation plausible or not? How would you handle this problem? Thanks.
  18. Yes, I had a chance to have my keyboard changed under warranty but I did not find it worth the hassle.
  19. 1. The battery ran out of juice very quickly, just like it did before I took it in for the battery swap. There's a noticably difference between a battery life of less than 1 hour and a life of 10 hours. 2. Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner. Then click on "About This Mac". Click on "System Report". Click on "Power". And there you will see "Battery Health Information" including the number of times the battery has been charged and the battery's condition (e.g. Normal, or time to get a new one). The Health information revealed that I still had the old battery. The instructions you provided about how to change a battery strengthen my suspicion that the technician made a mistake and damaged the mainboard (logicboard). And I am being asked to pay for his mistake. Regarding the Canadian prices, I assume import duties may be a factor. Since I don't live in Canada, I'm more curious to know if other authorized Apple dealers/service centres in Thailand charge the sames prices that I am being charged? I assume they do but perhaps they don't.
  20. Hi Sheung Wan, It seems I misunderstood the email above from the shop. You were on the right track regarding authorising the repair. I contacted the shop yesterday. I asked them if it was okay for me to go to their shop tomorrow (Sat), pay the 23,300 baht, and pick up my MacBook. They replied: Your's Macbook12” still not replace new MLB yet, I’m waiting confirmation from you. By the way if you willing to replace new MLB, I can order part from Apple to test on your MacBook to make sure no more issue. Then you can pay for new MLB when you come to collect your MacBook. I hope you can at least see why I misunderstood the earlier email? JB.
  21. Thanks for the warning. I will try to find out how can I be sure any new parts really are new. They have serial numbers and there ought to be some kind of traceability system but whether or not I can access that I don't know, yet. FYI, the warranty for the new parts is only 90 days. I would have expected it to be 1 year like the original laptop. As you might imagine, I am not happy that I am expected to pay a total of 36,300 baht to keep my MacBook going when it was only just over 2 years old. Regarding the price of the new battery. When I first went to inquire about the price, I was told that due to the compact/integrated design, they would also have to replace the keyboard. This was included in the 13,000 baht. The "funny" thing is that the first time I went to collect my Macbook after the supposed battery change, I saw the new keyboard but obviously could not see the new battery inside. I took it away and then in the evening I noticed the battery drained very quickly. I checked in the system and found my laptop still contained the original battery. The shop had screwed up. It seemed to be a case of "too many cooks spoil the broth" (I think cooks not crooks). I took it back. They apologised. Then they ordered the new battery! A month later, I returned to get the new battery installed and then the new problem arose (the failed mainboard). I don't know how they managed to change the keyboard without changing the battery if it was necessary to change the keyboard to change the battery! And did they put in a second new keyboard when they finally did change the battery? I didn't ask. I will ask next time.
  22. Excuse me sir, but your assumptions are incorrect. The communication with the repair shop took place 3 months ago. I could not remember the details and I did not think they were particularly relevant. But since you seem to be having a go at me, I have just looked up the old emails. Initially, before the emails, when I was in Thailand and went to collect my MacBook, after the battery change, I was told they could not start the machine. They said they did not know what the problem was. They said they would carry out tests to find the problem. I can't remember now but I think I went back the next day and they said they were still checking but had ruled out any problem with the new battery and thought it might be the mainboard. I asked how much would a new mainboard cost. They told me the price but they said they hoped it was something less serious and less expensive. They would keep looking to find out what was the problem. I returned to Laos. Then about a week or so later they told me by email: "Please be inform , We waiting for KGB MLB to test on your MacBook. I will keep update status to you." Then another 4 days later they told me by email: "Refer to your MacBook 12 , After replace new MLB the system power on now and seem the original MLB faulty. MLB cost is 23,300 baht. Please advise for your decision." They are still waiting for my decision. Hope you're happy now?
  23. Yes, that is what they said at the time they informed me the mainboard was dead. Yes, I believe it is fixed now. I am not having a dispute. I am trying to find out if the shop is justified in asking me to pay 20,000 baht before I pay 20,000 baht.
  24. I don't know if it makes a difference but my MacBook is a MacBook, not a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. 12,000 baht was for the battery and 1,000 baht for the service to replace the battery.