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  1. Ok I didn't know that. So you think it could be dangerous or just reduce the life of the LED bulb? I just wonder what's the difference to those garden spotlights that are also fully sealed and water proof. They also use LED or even halogen lamps.
  2. Just a simple question I would need an answer to before I refill my pool. Can the small air holes in the pool light case be closed or are they there for some important reason? Why they are now sealed with tile grout/powder lining is a long story but I just need to know if it makes any difference to the function of the lamp itself? Normally these holes allow the water to flow freely behind and around the sealed lamp. I read somewhere that it's just for the lamp to stay cooler but this is a 12W LED lamp so I don't see the sense to that anyway because LED lamps don't get hot right?
  3. Evaporation or leak?

    Yes the leak from around the lamp area is a bit of a mystery since the cable as you mentioned does exit the pool above water level. Anyway on the outside there was evidence of leaking from the lamp area. We also have a spotlight in the same place on the outside of the pool wall and the guys suspected that the concrete could be too thin at that part and therefore let water out. Anyway the area is well covered now with water plug cement etc so the leak should be fixed in that spot. I will fill in the pool today and will find out soon. Now I'm just concerned about blocking the air holes of the lamp. Anyone know about this that I asked above? Yes my pool light is a 12W if I remember correctly. Anyway does it make any difference if the air holes on the lamp are blocked?
  4. Evaporation or leak?

    Just to update on my pool leaking problems. We found that there was some leakage trough the pool light cable and had the cables and lights newly installed. The guys (electricians not pool specialists) thought it would be a good idea to also block the air holes in the pool light case with powder lining (tile grout) and around the pool light so that no water can even get to under the light case. I've been wondering why pool lights even have those air holes for water to go in but I guess they are there for some good reason? That's why I'm a bit concerned of having it sealed now. I was trying to find info on this and some website mentioned that water needs to surround the whole light for it to not overheat. But this is a LED light so it doesn't overheat anyway right? Any ideas about this? Should I open the air holes in the light case?
  5. Isn't this a bit over the top now. I think it would be safe to say this topic with all the worrying has gone way out of proportion. I mean we can all carry the 20k with us just in case but hardly I should have to worry about flying from Europe directly to Thailand just in case they decided to deport me? You mean people like me who stay here with TR's, exempts or ED's should arrive by land or via KL etc just to avoid trouble. I would think some real criminals would only have do that. I still wonder about all this fuss surrounding this topic. I've been living here for 10 years with all kinds of visas (3 year ED for MBA degree, 2 year ED for language school + loads of TR's) and countless exempts and never had any problems at all. It must be quite obvious to the immigration officials that I'm not just on a holiday for all these years but they don't seem to care too much. I do avoid too short visa runs though so maybe it shows them that I can't be working in a company.
  6. Ok in that case I guess I'll keep the 20k with me from now on. I guess them asking to see cash is still extremely rare but yes I'd rather not take any risks with the immigration. I actually don't have any perfectly good official reason to be in and out so often. The only reason is that I'm forced to do so because they don't have any visa types available for "digital nomads". I have two passports and I return to my home country for one month a year so I guess that might be why I'm not getting questioned. The only time I've been harassed by immigration officials was when I had a ED visa for a language school.
  7. I've never been asked to show any cash upon arrival and I fly in and out of Thailand every 2-3 months with new TR visa or exempt. Also I've never seen anyone having to show cash at the airport's immigration counter. I guess it's good to have it just in case then, but I've never had a load of cash on me before when I enter Thailand. I wonder would they really refuse entry if you can't show 20,000 b? Then what, would they put you on a flight back to wherever you came from?
  8. They way I've been doing it for the past few years (before I used to have a long term University ED visa for some 5 years) is pretty much one month holiday in my home country in the July-August during which I get a TR visa, then after that expires I go on a holiday somewhere and come back with an exempt stamp, after that go to get an easy TR from Vientiane or HCMC and then after that expires go on holiday again and return with exempt. After that circle it's summer again and time for a one months visit back home. It's a bit of a hassle but not too bad if you want to travel to other countries sometimes. It only becomes annoying when I don't want to go anywhere and I have to leave the country.
  9. Well the exempt stamps kind of come automatically sometimes as I go on holidays. I guess they mind those less if they see that you really went for a longer holiday than just a one or two day visa run right? Of course sometimes I also have to just force a short trip after a TR visa expires. I've been trying to mix it up a bit because a few consecutive TR's can give problems too.
  10. Sure Thai immigration policies and visa options don't make much sense to me either! I suppose either they didn't connect my two passports or they did but felt no need to say anything as I don't have like consecutive TR's or exempts (I've been kind of alternating between the two). For the past few years I've been doing a few TR's per year and a few trips (real holidays not visa runs) plus always a one month holiday back to my home country in the summer so I guess there's no big issue with my main passport either. It's just that last time in HCMC consulate I did have a problem and had to explain a lot. After my next exempt stamp is done I fly back to my home country for a month and will get my next TR from there into my main passport again. After that expires will go on holiday somewhere out of Thailand and return with the other passport again and so on. I guess this gives me some advantage against the system.
  11. The Vietnam trip was months ago. That time I eded up using my main passport. Now that I went to Bali on holiday I came back with my other (empty) passport. I would expect them to ask some questions if they can connect my two passports because my main passport was so full of Thai stamps that it was starting to cause problems. So if they do connect the two passports at the airport immigration it means that they allow you to have a "clean start" with the other passport even though they could see that with your other passport you could have problems. This doesn't make much sense does it. Well at least like you said I should have a much easier time getting TR visas from Thai embassies (such as Saigon where they were close to not giving me one last time saying that I have too many in my passport) now that I can switch between 2 passports. My passports are both EU/Shengen.
  12. This is a bit off the original topic but just wanted to update that using two different passports to enter Thailand does seems to work fine. My main passport was starting to give me problems because of all the exempt and TR visa stamps so I left on a holiday and entered Don Muaeng airport with my other passport (empty one that has no record of visits to Thailand). The immigration did not ask any questions so it seemed to me that they don't connect the two passports to one person. Sounds a bit weird to me but I'm sure they would have said something or asked about my other passport that's full of thai stamps? If this really works then I can get a big advantage of having two passports by switching every now and again so that I won't have too many consecutive visas or exempt stamps in one passport.
  13. Evaporation or leak?

    Hmm yes actually that's correct right. If the unit price is around 4.5 then 180x4.5=810b. But isn't it actually complicated to calculate what portion of your electric bill actually goes to the pool. Doesn't the unit price become more expensive the more electricity you consume per month? Of course this doesn't really matter so much now that I know how many kW my pool pump consumes currently per month. Could be somewhere around 1000b with the pump running 8 hours.
  14. Evaporation or leak?

    Yes my mistake I did say pumps in the original question. I get it now . I meant one main pump for filtering.
  15. Evaporation or leak?

    Oh sorry, I was all the time talking about one pump (which is 0.75kWh). So I have one pump for filtering water. Of course the jacuzzi pump is another thing but I was mainly talking about the main pump now since the jacuzzi is not on that much.