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  1. Ok finally I got what I was looking for. I went to Samitivej (Srinakarin) and showed all the medication I've been getting from other hospitals and told the doctor that last time I had this serious pain codeine/paracetamol combination worked well. So no problem she prescribed 60 tablets of Paramax Cod for 10 days. The dosage in these pills is very small (300/15mg) so I was advised to take 3 at a time. Also got Amitriptyline and Rivotril for the night. I hope this helps! If the pain doesn't get better in a week they suggested to take new MRI's and consider epidural injection to the neck.
  2. In my case I don't think they would think that I just want to have some codeine pills for fun because I always go to the hospital with all my papers, MRI pictures, previous medication prescriptions. So they can see that I really have a problem. Also if I ask to have codeine+paracetamol medication (such as Panacod or Paramax Cod) I'm only asking for like a 5 days dosage to help for this serious pain. So two days ago I went to Ramkhmhaeng hospital because the Arcoxia, Tramadol + muscle relaxant prescribed to me earlier did not help. When I went to see the doctor I was in serious pain feeling like the bones in my arm are breaking. The doctor concluded that it's because the dick in my neck is pushing the nerve and causes pain in the arm. I told him that all the medicines have no effect on me and that I know from previous experience that codeine helps well for this pain. He said that their hospital does not have codeine. Hard to believe that but he did then say that they can give me a morphine injection or an epidural injection to the neck if necessary. He even told me to continue to take Tramadol even though I told him it has no effect on me. This is all very silly for me because I know very well that codeine is the only one that would take this strong pain away and they just don't have it. I told the doctor that I can try some other medication for a few days and see how it goes before thinking about any injections. He prescribed Ultracet, DeAnxit, Lyrica 75mg and Rivotril. It's all just as useless as the previous medication. No help what so ever. Only that the Rivotril is great for getting trough the night. Just a waste of money again, instead of just giving me what I really need.
  3. Just to add to the above. The Thai doctors I've been to seem to give long periods of medication to chronic pain. Last time I was asked to take Ultracet for 30 days. I stopped it after 2 weeks because it lost it's effect. Not that it had much of an effect in the first place though. Just the same as Tramadol and Rivatril, they make me slightly drowsy but don't help for the pain.
  4. Well actually my back and neck problems are chronic (for about 10 years now) but this is just a twist that happened over night and is very painful for about a week. Non of the above mentioned pain killers help for this so I would really need the doctor to give me the codeine tablets at least for a week. About correcting the problem long term I kind of gave up with that long ago. I went to many specialists including orthopedic, spine clinics, back rehabilitation centers and physiotherapy. They say that the MRI's don't really explain my pain as the disc situation does not look too bad yet. The rehabilitation specialist at Siriraj said I just have to learn to live with the problems as well as possible. According to him the shape of my spine has developed to cause a lot of problems. Anyway I've had this sudden neck pain that affects my left arm badly just a few times and it usually passes in a few days. It's just that it's really painful and I can't do anything right now so I would think that the doctor could prescribe codeine for short term use?
  5. I was wondering if someone could tell me what for real is the strongest pain killer I could get from the hospital for my herniated disc in my neck. I've been to the hospitals countless time for my neck and back problems (Samitivej, Siriraj, Bangkok Hospital etc.) and had many MRI's. I've been described all the possible pain killers but nothing has been effective enough. In my home county I always got a medicine called Panacod (30mg Codeine/500mg paracetamol) and this is the only pain killer that seems to help for my neck pain. In Thailand I've never got codeine pills from a hospital even though the disk is pushing my nerve and making my arm feel like the bones are breaking. All the ineffective pills I've tried include Tramadol, Neurontin, Norgesic, Myoflex, Arcoxia 120mg, Rivatril, Lyrica 75mg and Ultracet. I recall once getting some pills from Samitivej that contained a very small amount of codeine but nothing like the 30mg tablets I get back home. Anyone know if stronger codeine pills are available in hospitals or do they just not want to give them?
  6. Well I went out of town for a few days and closed all the pumps and systems. The water level went down 1 cm per day so it has to be a leak somewhere. We kind of lost trust in the pool company already so I suppose we won't pay the remaining balance and let another company fix it later. I've already asked a few pool constructors and the cost of closing the pipes and making new ones is about the same what we have left to pay the company who built my pool. As the leak is just one 1cm per day I won't rush with it now since it took them a frustrating 2 months to build the pool so I just want to relax and enjoy it for a while first.
  7. What they did was put extension pipes (about 1 meter long pointing straight up out of the pool) up from the return holes and filled the pipes with water and let if stand for 24 hours. Next day we checked and the water level in this vertical pipe had gone down by 5-10 cm. I've read about the pressure test but what they did was not an actual pressure test. Of course we are not paying the remaining sum before we're absolutely sure there is no leak.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I hope it's just evaporation but I want to be sure because the pool was just built. The company that built the pool suspected that there could be a leak in the return pipe. They did a test by emptying the pool and putting extension pipes in the return pipes and filled them with water to see if the level inside the pipe would go down. The water level in the pipes did go down 5-10cm in a day which suggests that there could be minimal leaking somewhere. Luckily we haven't paid the last 20 % of the pool construction yet. They said that just to be sure (leak or not) they can block the return holes to the pool and replace them with new pipes and 2 new holes in the pool wall (for return pipes). I'm just wondering should I go trough that process if the water level now drops only 0.5-0.8 cm per day (kind of within the acceptable evaporation rate from what I understand).
  9. I did the bucket test last week but I did't get a very accurate reading out of that since it's a question of just millimetres. The pool is not shaded and it gets direct sun from 8am until 3pm. Past few days have been sunny and hot but even when it was cloudy it did go down on average 0.5 cm per day.
  10. Actually my pool is only 5.7 cubic metres so the 0.5 cm doesn't really show on the water bill. Last month I emptied and filled the pool up 2 times and had less than 100b extra on my water bill.
  11. I studied in both undergraduate and graduate levels in Bangkok and I can say that the problem is not that much the quality of teaching but the low standards of Thai students. In the international MBA program the professors and course content was good enough but the clueless Thai students just bring the whole process down.
  12. I was wondering what is an acceptable water level drop per day in these weather conditions (Bangkok area). I've been reading online about the topic but the guidelines are for different weather conditions. Currently my pool's water level drops about 0.5 cm per day. Is this just normal or could there be a leak?
  13. You better check again! In 2008 it was at EUR/THB was at 53. I lived here at that time too and it's quite different if you get paid in Euros.
  14. I hope it weakens to an all time low! EUR/THB used to be at 53 36.50. That combined with the inflation and it doesn't feel so cheap like it used to here anymore.
  15. I got the "3M" filming when I bought the car from Honda (as part of the deal so I didn't pay extra for it). I've been trying to take a picture of it but you can't see anything in the picture. It seems to be just on the windscreen and more on the sides. It doesn't actually look like air bubbles but more like some kind of melting (tiny dots and curly lines). I might go back to the same Honda dealer and ask them to replace it. It's just that I don't live close to that one anymore so I'll have to consider if it's worth it. How much should I expect to pay for new films. Can I even change the windscreen film only (the other windows seem to be ok)?