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  1. He gets it. Don't get involved with a crazy guy waving a knife around.
  2. Have they got rid of those sea lice which made swimming in the ocean there a nasty experience? (I'm going back 30 years or so)
  3. shy coconut

    Issues with my thai family

    And it is clearly working, the antogonizing that is!
  4. I do enjoy a spat between luxury air travellers, we should have more of them. It will make me happy when in economy with my knees up around my chin, to know that the guys up front compare cards , lounges and canapes and don't just sneer at plebs like me, but hold their fellow premium caste in contempt!!
  5. shy coconut

    My Four Days in Pattaya

    I did try to make my reply appear light hearted with the I am more than happy to admit that 98% of computer stuff is completely wasted on me.
  6. shy coconut

    My Four Days in Pattaya

    I think most visitors enjoy similar experiences. Of course the anti Pattaya noisy minority will tell you that everyone will scam and rob you, ladyboys will grope and rob you, gangs of motorcycle taxi drivers wait on street corners to bash you 10 on 1 for absolutely no reason whatsoever! The place is far from perfect, but equally far from the hell that the bashers tell of.
  7. shy coconut

    My Four Days in Pattaya

    You spend a fair amount of time mingling here
  8. Are you including yourself in your latest diatribe?
  9. Isn't Big Joke head of policing all aspects of tourism? If a big fuss was being made of this, and after 5 pages of replies here, it seems it is, then why wouldn't he get involved? All he did was remind her of her responsibilities as a highly visible part of the industry. Things work differently in Thailand and all these peeps getting het up over Big Jokes involvement need to calm down a little. Also Thailand doesn't have the monopoly of fake smiles. I worked in a bar in the UK for many years and I can assure you that when you are propped up at the jump chatting up the bar maid, her stomach is churning and her laughter at your hilarious banter is 100% fake. Apologies for bursting any bubbles!
  10. shy coconut

    Chinese Plane Passenger Opens Emergency Door Because He ‘Wanted Fresh Air’

    Not on E********s they don't, at least not for me. I'm 6'6 and always try to get an exit seat, and I'm only asked if I have any disabilities preventing me getting out of the way in an evacuation. There is a card which shows you what to do in an emergency but don't recall seeing door operations. Normally a member of the cabin crew sits opposite during take off, landing and taxiing So I guess they would be responsible for the door.
  11. I'm pretty sure most white Americans can trace their DNA/ancestry back to some European country, Usually only a few generations.
  12. The London underground has signs apologising for your inconvenience just about everyday. As far as I know, most service providers post the same message when things go wrong.
  13. Or, you can write a will to avoid any silly games.
  14. The only incident I have had with a policeman in Thailand was out the back of a salon in Phibun Many, Ubon, where my wifey was having her hair done. He was waving his revolver worryingly close to my head whilst chatting away happily in Thai/Laos. He then shouted something over the walk surrounding the backyard and 2 big bottles of Leo appeared which he wanted to share with me. He wouldn't accept payment for the beer, I guess he was playing the long game, and put his gun away when the ladyboy cutting my wifes hair came out and shouted at him! Not sure where this anecdote is going, but it is fairly relevent as I'm a Brit.
  15. Although it has been established that the unfortunate Norwegian was not covered, did your questionnaire cover the outcome of a shark bite?