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  1. I wouldn't have thought many "international families" were out and about at 01:30 and, unless they are regular readers of Thai visa news, would be completely unaware of this event.
  2. Keeps the opticians in business as well!
  3. shy coconut

    More Thai bashing.

    Did you hear the actual broadcast where he made this claim? Did he make this assertion in Thai, English or some other language which you expertly translated? Or are you responding to a sensational headline generated to provoke responses from the likes of you and me?
  4. shy coconut

    Frenchman 1st overstay of 2019

    Tourists don't tend to overstay, they have their holiday and go home after a week or so.
  5. shy coconut

    Frenchman 1st overstay of 2019

    Was he on overstay?