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  1. shy coconut

    What High Season? Same old Debate

    So why would you notice, or in anyway be troubled by the high season? It seems an odd topic to start.
  2. I'm sure I saw the bike flash it's lights. It looked like there was an incident early in the clip when the pick up drifted slightly into the path of the moped. After which it seems like they went after the truck flashing lights. All speculation on my part, before anyone points that out!
  3. Disgruntled posters generally...
  4. shy coconut

    ‘Fake’ lawyer held after visa probe

    Do you think he gave his victims his real contact details? The cops were probably told of a man with a false name, whose only contact details would have been a mobile phone number. I'm sure the payments would have been in cash. Seems, like most scams, a fairly simple plan, the real genius would be finding victims and sweet talking them into parting with their money.
  5. How do you feel about Tomboys? I'm pretty sure I'm straight but often feel attracted to them, maybe I'm gay-lite!
  6. I have a regular up in Phibun, Ubon. She washes and cuts what is left of my hair. The scalp massage is pretty close to sexual! She's a good old girl, married to an Aussie guy so the conversation is pretty good. Besides the aforementioned scalp massage, she does occasionally rub up against me, but just about every barber I've had since the dawn of time has done the same, so I'm either attractive to those in that profession or inadvertently pick the deviants.
  7. There are others ways to die besides murder or suicide. The overwhelmingly cause of death all over the world, including Koh Two, is illness, followed probably by accidents. Given the dozen or so suspicious deaths there over the last few years perhaps Stacey Dooley or Grant Mitchell* should shoot a documentary there. That doesn't sound easy at all, the victim would have to cooperate to quite a significant degree, for me at least as I'm not really the murderous type.
  8. No mention besides the report he was trying to flirt with her for 2 years which she rejected.
  9. shy coconut

    UK driving licence renewal Thailand

    DVLA and the Passport agency seem to be linked in some way. 18 months ago I moved House for the 1st time in over 20 years. I only had a paper licence at the time so applied for an up to date version. I did so online and no photos were required as they used the same photo on my passport records, the detareils of which I provided during the application. I understand this is if no use to the OPs conundrum, but I do like to join in sometimes!
  10. shy coconut

    Supporting a "rich" girl with money ??

    Maybe she's lost a tonne of money investing in the Malaysian stock market and is no longer as rich as she was before!
  11. Thanks for the clear up on the photo, I was convinced that Brad Pitt posted here
  12. You got love and compassion from a dog growing up?
  13. You sound like a bit of a gossip, knowing the Germans work practices etc. I'm curious about how you would break his legs, and have you got it in you to actually do it. I know I couldn't.