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  1. Also very little evidence of a police chief screaming, although that was probably a mischievous addition to get the usual replies about corrupt, hypocritical police in from the usual suspects, who chime in every time a subject like this crops up.
  2. Maybe he was replying to the original post which did indeed suggest a violation of the complainant.
  3. Incredible deductions made here from a news item with very little detail. The old chestnut/ obsession about willy size even made a bizarre appearance. I've never driven any kind of high performance vehicle, but suspect that given the reins of a Ferrari, I too would be off the road in similar fashion. Those people citing speed as a factor, any car hitting that free at high speed would be in a far worse state than the photos suggest.
  4. Is Syria that good you need to begin twice?
  5. From what I can tell, the police responded to a report that he had drugs and a gun in the school, this clearly needs action. The violence occurred when the father in law attacked him, according to the report and the police (probably with too much force) attempted to separate the protagonists. If the guy did have a weapon and the police did nothing, then they would be wrong as well. It was an unsavoury incident for sure. The father stated that he would be seeking formal custody of his daughters, which suggests to me that this feud has been going on for quite some time and both sides of the story have not been revealed.
  6. I'm not sure they are groynes, the rocky structures look more like breakwaters to prevent storm damage head on. Groynes are designed to stop erosion by longshore drift.
  7. It seems that you have looked up Thailand on Wikipedia!
  8. I would be interested to see the sample size and research that you used to come up with your comment.
  9. Your comments are fairly predictable as well. I think you should consider a new user name.
  10. shy coconut

    Bangkok man jumps to death, wife found dead

    You have strangled 3 former wives?
  11. shy coconut

    Priority queues at Swampy

    Last time I flew out of Bangkok with Emirates I was ushered to the empty business class desk and when I told them I was traveling economy, they said " no problem, no business class customer waiting" I didn't prearrange anything or pay a fee, I guess I was lucky. Despite this superstar treatment, the plane still took off on time and I eventually touched down in Glasgow within a couple of minutes of the advertised time.
  12. Why don't you ask your friend?
  13. She's ok looking but not sure about the intelligent angle, she's getting in the wrong door for a start!