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  1. New beginnings

    High Quality Watch Repair

    Hi - I’m trying to find Longines Service centre but on there website no service centres are listed in Thailand only retail stores. Living in Chiangmai but if necessary could pop down to Bangkok. Does anyone know of anywhere. Watch is manual movement from there Masters collection.
  2. Hi - I’m currently within the 90 day seasoning period for renewing my retirement extension in October based on 800k baht. Should I be worried? Should I take plunge and apply for Elite Visa? Will Elite Visa provide 5 years from end of current permission to stay?
  3. New beginnings

    Ear treatment required

    Many thanks for all the advise. Popped into Rajavej Hospital, practically opposite my condo, and managed to see English speaking doctor without having to make an appointment. He cleared out the wax, now can hear much better, and identified an ear infection. Prescribed ear drops and total cost of consultation and prescription 946bahts. Given the infection probably a good thing didn’t try it at home. Well pleased with the result.
  4. New beginnings

    Ear treatment required

    Oops sorry. Misunderstood the symbols. System does not appear to have like button and I thought the laughing face was a way of saying thanks for advise received. My mistake and sorry if I have offended anyone,
  5. New beginnings

    Ear treatment required

  6. New beginnings

    Ear treatment required

    Advise required please. Loss of hearing in left ear which feels blocked up. Possibly just needs to have wax removed. Can anyone recommend best place for treatment. Local clinic or is it better to go to ENT at hospital to have proper check. If so which one? Many thanks.
  7. Hi - Are you aware you can apply for confirmation of UK pension letter by e-mail. All they require is copy of UK passport, latest pension statement, bank statement within last 3 months, completed application form and credit or bank card details for fee attached to e-mail. <removed> Yes letter provided will be in english and quote income in pounds sterling. Full details on British Embassy Bangkok Website under Notarial and Documentary Services Section.
  8. New beginnings

    Cost of Visa Agents

    Certainly you can do your 90 day reports on line for no cost so don’t understand need for visa agent. Indeed just submitted my 90 day report on-line on Saturday and e-mail received from immigration confirming renewed today. With regard to extension it depends how comfortable you are submitting yourself. Don’t forget you can submit request 6 weeks before expiry so if if does go wrong you still have plenty of time to approach an agent.
  9. New beginnings

    What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    To be honest I love Songkran and normally go at least 2 or 3 days. Went on Friday and had a great time. On checking the poor air quality since Saturday, just looking out my window could see it was bad, only went the once, great shame.
  10. New beginnings

    Just another dreaded question on the TM30

    Many thanks for your reply thaibeachlovers (love the name). I used AIRBNB and was advised by the owner that they did register my stay with the local immigration office. My landlord would be happy to submit report but last time this resulted in her husband having to fly up from Bangkok to register my return. This seems an unfair onus on my landlords.
  11. Sorry to ask yet another question on this dreaded form and how Chiangmai Immigration are interpreting. Just been out of province for about a month. Does anyone have recent knowledge if immigration are insisting we have to re-register on return or, in line with most other immigration offices, it is only if we leave the kingdom. I have the original TM30 slip stapled in my passport so, as a tenant if I have to register my return can I just pop up to Promenada and do it myself on the 3rd floor?