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  1. New beginnings

    Cost of Visa Agents

    Certainly you can do your 90 day reports on line for no cost so don’t understand need for visa agent. Indeed just submitted my 90 day report on-line on Saturday and e-mail received from immigration confirming renewed today. With regard to extension it depends how comfortable you are submitting yourself. Don’t forget you can submit request 6 weeks before expiry so if if does go wrong you still have plenty of time to approach an agent.
  2. New beginnings

    What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    To be honest I love Songkran and normally go at least 2 or 3 days. Went on Friday and had a great time. On checking the poor air quality since Saturday, just looking out my window could see it was bad, only went the once, great shame.
  3. New beginnings

    Just another dreaded question on the TM30

    Many thanks for your reply thaibeachlovers (love the name). I used AIRBNB and was advised by the owner that they did register my stay with the local immigration office. My landlord would be happy to submit report but last time this resulted in her husband having to fly up from Bangkok to register my return. This seems an unfair onus on my landlords.
  4. Sorry to ask yet another question on this dreaded form and how Chiangmai Immigration are interpreting. Just been out of province for about a month. Does anyone have recent knowledge if immigration are insisting we have to re-register on return or, in line with most other immigration offices, it is only if we leave the kingdom. I have the original TM30 slip stapled in my passport so, as a tenant if I have to register my return can I just pop up to Promenada and do it myself on the 3rd floor?
  5. New beginnings

    Online 90 day reporting available from April 1st

    Chiangmai Office - Submitted on-line application this morning at 8:18 AM. E-mail from immigration confirming authorised at 10:41 AM. Printed of confirmation 11:00 AM. Glad it's back, no trip necessary to Promenada - hooray!
  6. New beginnings

    Live webcam from Chiangmai

    My eyes must be getting bad. Just spotted the website address in the blue banner. Great webcam, thanks.
  7. New beginnings

    Live webcam from Chiangmai

    What is the direct website address.
  8. New beginnings

    Dentist Search

    I have also used Elite Smile for the past 4 years and can not recommend them highly enough. Always very professional and explain in full detail cost and procedures ahead of treatment.
  9. I also have Pulse and am very pleased with the service. On the rare occasions I wish to watch programmes I may have missed over the last few days I have downloaded the UK free services, BBC I Player, All4 and MY5 which work perfectly when viewed behind VPN. For some reason the ITV service does not work. Incidentally both BBC 1 & 2 programmes on Pulse are stored for 48 hours.
  10. New beginnings

    Online Shopping

    When using Lazada I copy and paste description of product in Google translate which gets around the problem for me.
  11. New beginnings

    Directors Chair in Chiangmai?

    Many thanks but I already have purchased.
  12. New beginnings

    Directors Chair in Chiangmai?

    Hi Pgrahmm Since last post I have managed to find a factory in Thailand who directly supply Pier1.com in America. If you go on Pier1's website and enter Directors Chairs in the search engine you will see the full range with current prices. If you order direct from the factory here the prices, including free delivery to Chaingmai, are shown below. Note the prices include the canvas covers which appear to be sold as an extra on the Pier1 site. Directors Chair 1250 Baht Directors Barstool 1550 Baht There is no minimum order quantity. I received two chairs yesterday which in my opinion are of good quality. If you are interested please private message me and I will provide full contact details. The person I spoke to speaks very good English.
  13. New beginnings

    Medical cover in Thailand - Age 86

    It is disappointing that you have assumed "someone's motives need to be looked at " and, furthermore that they are being "misguided and selfish" when you have no knowledge of the people concerned. For your information it is the father that wishes to join his son and wife in Thailand. As a loving son he is making an appropriate enquiry to see if he can facilitate his fathers wishes.
  14. New beginnings

    Directors Chair in Chiangmai?

    Purchased a few of these chairs a while back from a furniture shop which was trading at Pantip Plaza, ground floor. This outlet has now closed and was wondering if any one knows where they have moved to or of any other retailer that sale this type of chair in Chiangmai.
  15. New beginnings

    Medical cover in Thailand - Age 86

    I know what you mean Auntyedna. But for me the comfort of having a card in my wallet confirming I am covered gives me peace of mind. What if you are unconscious and hospital delay treatment whilst they check you are able to pay. From my point of view I hope I will never have to claim and will still consider it money well spent.