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  1. Not sure why you are stating combination method has been abolished. Have you seen prove of this or is this pure speculation?
  2. That’s correct - For two people the Thai Elite Visa does cost 800k baht.
  3. I think you will find Crazycopite is actually referring to the Thai Elite Visa giving 6 years of hassle free travel rather than the 800k baht yearly extension renewal requiring annual seasoning.
  4. Actually provided you leave and return to Thailand before Elite Visa expires you can actually get up to 6 years as you automatically get 1 year extension when you re-enter Thailand.
  5. Hi noted and fully accept and agree with your comments. Whilst the Elite Visa fee does appear high it just gives peace of mind for 6 years. Personally, maybe I worry too much, but wouldn’t feel comfortable living here illegally. I would constantly be dreading the knock on the door if immigration come down really hard on these somewhat dodgy extensions of stay.
  6. Yes, but don’t forget total is not full 500k when you take into account yearly renewal and re-entry fees and any possible changes in immigration requirements during the next 6 years. Basically a way to stay for 6 years hassle free.
  7. There is also the option of the Thai Elite Visa which, if you leave and return to Thailand just before expiry, will last for 6 years, multiple entries and various other benefits.
  8. I am due to renew my retirement extension in 10 days but have always used the combination method as reluctant to deposit full 800k in local Thai bank. Embassy letter implies now need minimum 800k and combination no longer available. Is this correct as whilst could transfer funds to cover shortfall today this will not allow seasoning for required 3 months.
  9. Don’t know how it works in other countries but if your in receipt of UK pension best, if you can get away with it, not to tell them. The moment they know your in Thailand no further annual increases until your back in UK.
  10. New beginnings

    90 days online

    Always do on-line and so far no problems. Latest one done this Monday using Safari browser on IPad and printed of authorisation same day.
  11. New beginnings

    Reporting whereabouts online?

    Hi - Don’t know if you live in Condo but ours will register return on-line for long term residents irrespective of tenancy agreement and provide copy of screen print at no cost.
  12. New beginnings

    Rajavej Hospital OPD fee enquiry.

    Finally was given the all clear from Hospital after 6 weeks treatment for an outer ear infection receiving various treatment’s, antibiotics etc. As still experiencing problems popped into Chiangmai Ram Hospital this morning for a second opinion. After a thorough examination the doctor, who spoke perfect English and appeared very professional, diagnosed I am actually suffering from an inner ear infection and have a small hole in the ear drum. He has now prescribed 2 stronger antibiotics and a decongestant to clear the canal whilst awaiting the results of a biopsy from the laboratory. All of this despite repeated visits to Rajavev and being given the all clear on Monday. Not overly impressed.
  13. New beginnings

    Paying Visa Agents

    Personally I have never paid, or been asked for payment, from my agent in Chiangmai until new extension has been approved.