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  11. Nongprue to rip up Pattanakarn Road in July PATTAYA:--Although still bruised from the Soi Siam Country Club Road debacle, Nongprue officials are now preparing to rip up Pattanakarn Road to put in new sidewalks. Engineering director Thong­chai Kam­langthai said Feb. 9 that the 10-million-baht project to clear four kilometers of the thoroughfare’s footpaths will begin this summer. Already, 90 percent of the illegal advertising signs and billboards have been removed. The remainder are on private property, he said. The sub-district is currently taking bids to rebuild sidewalks on both sides of Pattanakarn, with the paperwork expected to be signed by April and actual roadwork to begin after June. Thongchai swore that the project will not adversely impact traffic as did the sub-district’s botched renovation of Soi Siam Country Club, which took more than three years and resulted in bankruptcies of many businesses along the destroyed street. He did admit, however, it will create dust and debris. -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-02-23
  12. Another accident at slow-moving Boutique Hotel demolition site PATTAYA:--The seemingly never-ending demolition of the derelict Boutique Hotel caused yet another accident, with debris smashing a worker’s pickup truck, but injuring no one. Contractor Tyranno Co. has missed two deadlines to tear down the Soi VC hotel built and expanded without proper permits. City hall gave the company another three months in October, but that deadline came and went Jan. 12 with work still crawling at a snail’s pace. The extension was granted after Soi VC residents complained in early September that debris had smashed onto roofs, damaged business and broken several cars and motorbikes. Company officials said if Pattaya wanted more cautious workmanship, it needed more time. But slower work hasn’t meant safer work, it seems. Tyranno does not allow employees to work on floors with no floors, so cranes are being used to dismantle the building. Scrap is placed on the lower floors until it is moved to the surface. But workers piled up so much debris on the storage floor it collapsed, sending concrete and metal crashing to the street, damaging an empty truck. Neighbors warned of the possibility of such a collapse four months ago. -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-02-23
  13. Russian hit-and-run suspect deported PATTAYA:--A Russian man wanted for killing a compatriot in a hit-and-run accident back home was captured in Pattaya. Idar Garifulen was taken into custody at the Chon­buri Immigration Office Feb. 8 after agents were informed by the Russian embassy that his passport had been canceled. Garifulen fled Russia following hitting a man with his car and fleeing the scene of the accident. He was processed for deportation home to face charges. -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-02-23
  14. Smoking ban PR effort moves to Pattaya Beach PATTAYA:--Pattaya officials will kick off their Pattaya Beach anti-smoking campaign today with a parade down Beach Road. Deputy City Manager, legal chief Sretapol Boon­sawat and Thanet Manoi, director of the Marine and Coastal Resources Management Office met Feb. 13 with public health workers, tourist police and other city departments to outline the public-relations effort to get people to adhere to Thailand’s ban on smoking on the beach. The ban took effect Feb. 1. Until now, Pattaya officials had concentrated their efforts to publicize the ban to Jomtien Beach. Having declared victory there, the city is moving to Pattaya and Naklua beaches to educate both beach-goers and vendors about the ban and its penalties. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/smoking-ban-pr-effort-moves-pattaya-beach-202877 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-02-23