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  1. A flame and a post in Dutch has been removed
  2. It is the shield wire that runs over the top of the HT cables, they are to protect the HT cables from lightning strikes.
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  4. From what I read its way easier to deal with Pattaya immigration than Chiang Mai, but in any case I will move this topic to the visa forum.
  5. Moved to Subvanapbumi Airport forum
  6. A post discussing moderation has been removed. More off topic posts have been removed, the discussion about electrocute and electrocuted is at an end and further posts for the sake of making posts will be removed without notice
  7. Some troll and off topic posts have been removed
  8. Donate your old mobile phone for charity PATTAYA:--Got an old mobile phone you don’t need anymore? Pattaya wants you to donate it for charity. Officials from the Pattaya Public Health Departments and ministries of Education, Interior, and Natural Resources and Environment gathered at city hall July 14 with representatives from Thailand Post and Chula­longkorn University for the “Old Mobile Phones for New Life” campaign. They collected old cellphones that people no longer use, working or not, so they can be recycled properly to raise funds for charity. Electronic waste has become a global crisis, as computers, cell phones and other electronic gadgets should not just be thrown away, as their components pollute the environment. Few people, however, trash batteries and circuit boards properly. Phone recyclers salvage usable parts and sell them to use again. The campaigners hope to raise money for charity by collecting donated phones and selling their components. Donations are being taken at city hall and area post offices. For more information, call 02-831-3553, 091-771-8751 or 091-771-8752. Read more:http://www.pattayamail.com/news/donate-old-mobile-phone-charity-181189 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2017-07-21
  9. Police practice snatching theft response PATTAYA:--Pattaya police practiced their response to the city’s many snatching robberies in hopes of catching more of the thieves on motorbikes in the act. Pol. Lt. Col. Korn Samakanay led the July 13 drill for suppression, investigation and traffic inspectors in South Pattaya. The exercise saw two “thieves” in full-facemask motorcycle helmets snatch a handbag from a “tourist” on Pratamnak Hill’s Soi Kasetsin 5 and ride off toward Jomtien Beach. The theft report was called in by the victim and patrol police were dispatched to the scene, where they quickly took the description of the bandits and called for backup. Read more:http://www.pattayamail.com/news/police-practice-snatching-theft-response-181211 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2017-07-21
  10. Soi Siam Country Club wrestles with mud Soi Siam Country Club residents thought they had it bad before. And then it rained hard. The street, in shambles due to long-delayed reconstruction, became a mud-wrestling venue July 11 after heavy storms hit Pattaya. Homes and shops were flooded with muddy runoff and navigating the devastation proved nearly impossible. A motorbike repairman said his store located right near a major dig site was hit hard. Water backs up in the dug-up road and flows back into his shop. Worse, the overflow rushes from his store into homes of nearby residents and takes hours to drain. Roadwork, detours and inconvenience related to installation of new drainage pipes and resurfacing of the road began Jan. 25, 2016 and was supposed to be completed April 4 this year. But in May, Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit said the construction had been halted indefinitely due to heavy rain and flooding. Completion was estimated at year-end. Following the latest round of complaints from outraged residents, Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit said July 17 that the completion date was moved up to October. Given that that month has the heaviest rain of the season – and that work already was delayed due to weather – residents remain skeptical. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/soi-siam-country-club-wrestles-mud-181215 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2017-07-21
  11. South Pattaya sewage leak causes outrage PATTAYA:--Citizens, residents and tourists alike took to social media to post images of black sand and inky, smelly water on Pattaya Beach near the old pier site before Walking Street. A check of the beach July 13 found the situation as bad as described. Officials said it would take about a week to clean Pattaya Beach of raw sewage that backed up and flowed into the sand and sea. Chaow Nokyoo, water-quality manager for Pattaya’s Pollution Control Department, and Wirat Jirasripaitoon, director of the Sanitation Department, inspected the scene July 15 and ordered heavy machinery to dig up the contaminated sand. Water samples also were taken for testing to determine if it was indeed raw sewage, but results were not expected for two weeks. Social media users had no doubts on the origin of the contamination, however, saying sewage backed up and overflowed into storm-drainage tunnels following a recent heavy storm. A local speedboat operator said the situation was nothing new and has seen sewage spills many times over the years. A storm drainage pipe near the site has seen multiple repairs to traps and doors that prevent sewage outflows. It’s possible it is broken again. Sanitation workers at the scene estimated that 40 percent of the city’s raw sewage was flushed untreated into the ocean during the recent flooding. City hall has ordered a cleanup operation, but it will take about a week to complete. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/south-pattaya-sewage-leak-causes-outrage-181185 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2017-07-21
  12. A troll post has been removed
  13. A couple of off topic posts trying to hijack the topic have been removed, we are not talking about Holland or Patong.