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  11. Illegal dumping found on island in Chon Buri CHONBURI: Local authorities on Ko Kham Yai island in Chonburi province have offered a cash reward, worth 20,000 baht, for information on illegal dumping. The island’s waste problem has started to adversely affect its tourism. On Tuesday, public health officials in the municipality of Tambon Ko Sichang inspected the Sapparot Bay on Ko Kham Yai after they were told that more than 30 bags of waste had been dumped at the bay on 12 August. The waste bags were later found burnt. A list of products with the name of a shipping company were found near the burnt waste. Mayor of the Tambon Ko Sichang municipality, Damrong Phetra, said it was the second time this month that waste was dumped illegally at the bay. The first time was when more than 100 waste bags with overseas labels were found. The waste dumped at the same place this time also included products from foreign countries, said the mayor. Those who give information on illegal dumping can send evidence to the municipality to receive the reward of 20,000 baht. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/featured/illegal-dumping-found-island-chon-buri-219189 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-08-17
  12. Reeking Jomtien Beach Road sprayed down PATTAYA:-- Pattaya sanitation workers sprayed Jomtien Beach Road which stank of garbage-scented storm runoff. A work crew cleaned up the busy street from Soi 4 to Dongtan Beach Aug. 9. The street had been polluted by water that ran out of the bottom of public trash cans and backed up out of sewers after recent rains. The entire beachfront reeked like a landfill. City officials urged people to separate their waste from recyclables and dispose of garbage properly so it doesn’t create trash stew when it rains. -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-08-17
  13. 20 encroaching Naklua homes face bulldozer PATTAYA:-- Demolition orders have been issued for 16 houses that have been homes to Naklua residents for 20 years after Pattaya declared they were built on public land. City engineers posted nine more tear-down orders on houses on Soi Photisan 6 on Aug 7, two days after the first seven orders were issued. Another four are expected to be served within coming days. Thippachai Rattanavee­ratavorn, protection of public areas chief, said that while the homes have been occupied for two decades, the owners knew they were built on public land. Ignored by past elected officials, the land is being reclaimed by Pattaya’s military-appointed leaders. Homeowners were given 15 days to begin tearing down their homes. All have rights to appeal and rarely is anything torn down quickly. Read more: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/20-encroaching-naklua-homes-face-bulldozer-219301 -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-08-17
  14. Pattaya Police open loan shark complaint center PATTAYA:-- The Pattaya Police Station has opened a complaint center for people to report loan sharks. Police chief, Pol. Col. Apichai Kroppech said the move complies with the government’s order to wipe out loan sharks across the country. Pattaya police arrest around 10 loan sharks a month, but most are minor players, Kroppech said. Officers seize property and charge racketeers with money-laundering, while returning property to victims. Kroppech said anyone suffering from loan sharks or exploitative contracts can file a complaint by phone, email, Facebook or LINE messaging app. Call 038-420-804-5 or 082-7999-1111, email [email protected], post on Facebook at PattayaCityPolice or add the LINE ID for the Pattaya Police Station’s public relations office. -- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2018-08-17