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  1. Some derogatory troll posts have been removed
  2. Whatever happened to The Avenues?

    Please stop the off topic bickering. Topic is about The Avenue shopping Mall not my gym is better than your gym
  3. Multiple off topic bickering posts that were getting quite personal have been removed
  4. A number of off topic also vulgar posts have been removed
  5. Thai ocean pollution, Jomtien.

    This is already being discussed in the PATTAYA forum HERE so we can close this topic //CLOSED//
  6. Abandoned Spa/Resort

    Here is three pictures of work being done on the resort, taken yesterday
  7. A vulgar troll post has been removed
  8. Mob murders man at Bangkok housing estate

    A racist troll post has been removed
  9. A post has been removed: 7) You will respect fellow members and post in a civil manner. No personal attacks, hateful or insulting towards other members, (flaming) Stalking of members on either the forum or via PM will not be allowed.
  10. Abandoned Spa/Resort

    Drove around it this afternoon, It's tucked away in a dead end loop north of Phoenix Golf course and south of Hue Yai Road, many workers there today building new statues and renovating existing structures. The architecture and statues are not Thai, maybe Balanese.
  11. A troll posts and multiple replies to it have been removed
  12. There is an eleven page pinned topic all about wills HERE It will be helpfull for everyone if all this is kept in one place, thank you //CLOSED//