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  1. You would have to ask the Gissing siblings.
  2. And I particularly like this: She added: "I can only record a conclusion based on the evidence before me, I cannot speculate about what may have happened. This is a court of law not a court of speculation." In other words, there was insufficient evidence for the Coroner to come to any other conclusion than record an "open verdict". Note that the verdict was not "misadventure" which is usually the case in accidents, like jumping off the roof of the DJ booth at the Sunset bar, hitting your head in the pool below and drowning.
  3. I don't think it is, but there is someone I can ask for clarification.
  4. So what did he see with his own eyes when by his own account he wasn't there that night? The behaviour of the local police after Luke's death, the behaviour of the local Thais on Koh Tao, and Luke's body in the morgue at Surat Thani.
  5. As far as I know, the Sunset Bar is not owned by the Toovichiens. I can't remember exactly who owns it, but can find out if you really want to know.
  6. Report from the local Isle of Wight County Press: Fight for justice continues for family of Isle of Wight man Luke Miller, found dead in Thailand Mrs Cotton (Luke's mother) said: "We are as satisfied as we could be with the verdict on the basis of the evidence the coroner had before her. "But there are far too many inconsistencies in the police reports. "We know what happened and we will continue to fight for justice. Luke was unlawfully killed." According to the Coroner, there was no evidence that Mr Miller had either died as a result of an accident, a fight or had been unlawfully killed. In other words, an "open verdict" was recorded, which provides no closure for the family. The family is being supported by the Lucie Blackman Trust
  7. Scrub that. I see the argument was over water being sprayed on the victim's child. None of it excuses the level of violence shown by the guy in the car. Some of the comments on here condoning the violence disgust me.
  8. The woman and the child who went to the victim's assistance were both wearing motorcycle helmets, so it's possible/likely the three of them were riding a bike and the car got too close.
  9. Another report here:
  10. and the other one is in a country with no extradition treaty with thailand. And who is that, pray tell?
  11. Telling tales on somebody, usually to the police.
  12. Definitely a Scouser. Mr. Lodge's facebook page says he is from Liverpool - and he's a big fan of the Beatles.
  13. I don't care who is to blame, or who said what to whom. When is it OK to attack people like that? This whole incident is reminiscent of the attack on the British tourists in Hua Hin last year. Disgusting. The level of violence is just unacceptable.