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  1. Yes, but probably something got lost in translation. The article was in a Burmese publication after all.
  2. According to a member of the Burmese legal team, this could go on for a long time. It's worth noting that the Defence was only allowed 5 extensions until they had to submit their Appeal in August last year.
  3. There's a name for the sort of activity described in the AQ notice filed with the SET. The first word starts with an "M" and the second word starts with an "L".
  4. OK, now I see it. The document you posted earlier, dated 4th November 2014, carries this additional information. The document I posted dated 28th October 2014 doesn't. In your document it is also the only shareholder whose "relation" is described. Regardless of whether she's his wife or his daughter, it is still the same family. On another document you posted, yet another family member would seem to be listed.
  5. Sorry, where on that document I posted are you getting this information? On page 2 it just lists the names, addresses and occupations. Whether it's his wife or daughter is irrelevant. It's still one family and 360 million THB is an awful lot of money.
  6. 7,500,000 is the number of shares, not what they cost. Number 3 on that list is his wife, so the total family holding was 10,000,000 shares purchased for THB 360,000,000. The Wattana Capital shares purchase is a matter of public record. wattana.pdf
  7. Koh Tao Case , Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun

    A further extension has been granted to the Prosecution until 23 January 2018 to file a "rebuttal" to the Appeal. They have had at least 4 extensions since the Appeal was filed by the Defence on 22 August 2017. As far as I know, each side is legally allowed up to 5 extensions, which means the Prosecution could apply for a further extension until February 2018. The Defence had used theirs up when they filed the Appeal back in August. Once the Prosecution is finished with its delaying tactics, the Appeal (and its rebuttal) will be submitted to the Supreme Court of Thailand for its consideration. The final Appeal process then starts and could take months, or even years, before a verdict is reached by the Supreme Court.
  8. The story gets stranger and stranger. Check out the facebook page of Donna Spensley (Ink Butcher) who set up the GoFundMe account. They are claiming the CCTV footage is fake, i.e. filmed at their own hotel rather than where the incident is supposed to have occurred! It is really bizarre.
  9. For the record, the original source is the Myanmar Times, published 22 September 2017. https://www.mmtimes.com/news/two-myanmar-migrants-make-final-appeal-koh-tao-murder-case.html Two Myanmar migrants make final appeal in Koh Tao murder case “We have submitted throughout this whole process that the evidence does not support the death sentence and the two Myanmar men are innocent,” U Aung Myo Thant said on Monday.
  10. Yes indeed, thanks to the antics of one particular poster. Oh, and where's Greenchair?
  11. His Wikipedia entry gives one of his occupations as "social activist". It explains a lot.
  12. I wouldn't trust the origins of his so-called rock star memorabilia (some of which he is touting for sale on his facebook page). Some of it has been acquired by dubious means by all accounts. Pete Townsend and Yoko Ono can testify to that.
  13. He has this to say about fellow expats: "The lower class English ex-pats all want to beat me up for being rude - seems a rather odd overreaction but they are uneducated tattooed yobs as the world knows." Ouch.