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  1. He is Muslim. I saw pictures of his funeral in one of the Thai papers.
  2. I'm just curious. I knew Ken and am shocked by this whole story. I keep checking back here to see if there is any further news on his case.
  3. No wonder Mr. Albertsen doesn't want a lawyer provided by the U.S. Embassy. It seems he was "entrapped" by two U.S. agents.
  4. Don't be so facetious. I was not referring to 'Jim' and well you know.
  5. Regrettably OzzyJohn, it is a case of personal vendetta with a certain poster on this thread (it should be obvious who that is). You should see his twitter posts over the last 24 hours.
  6. IslandLover

    3 Burmese Arrested For Alleged Rape of US Tourist

    Chiangmai City Life has a different account of the story. They say the attack took place after the victim went to relieve herself in nearby bushes (i.e. not in the shop toilet). They also say the person with the girl was female. http://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/three-burmese-men-arrested-sexually-assaulting-american-woman-doi-saket/
  7. Yes, but probably something got lost in translation. The article was in a Burmese publication after all.
  8. According to a member of the Burmese legal team, this could go on for a long time. It's worth noting that the Defence was only allowed 5 extensions until they had to submit their Appeal in August last year.
  9. There's a name for the sort of activity described in the AQ notice filed with the SET. The first word starts with an "M" and the second word starts with an "L".
  10. OK, now I see it. The document you posted earlier, dated 4th November 2014, carries this additional information. The document I posted dated 28th October 2014 doesn't. In your document it is also the only shareholder whose "relation" is described. Regardless of whether she's his wife or his daughter, it is still the same family. On another document you posted, yet another family member would seem to be listed.
  11. Sorry, where on that document I posted are you getting this information? On page 2 it just lists the names, addresses and occupations. Whether it's his wife or daughter is irrelevant. It's still one family and 360 million THB is an awful lot of money.
  12. 7,500,000 is the number of shares, not what they cost. Number 3 on that list is his wife, so the total family holding was 10,000,000 shares purchased for THB 360,000,000. The Wattana Capital shares purchase is a matter of public record. wattana.pdf