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  1. For the record, the original source is the Myanmar Times, published 22 September 2017. https://www.mmtimes.com/news/two-myanmar-migrants-make-final-appeal-koh-tao-murder-case.html Two Myanmar migrants make final appeal in Koh Tao murder case “We have submitted throughout this whole process that the evidence does not support the death sentence and the two Myanmar men are innocent,” U Aung Myo Thant said on Monday.
  2. Yes indeed, thanks to the antics of one particular poster. Oh, and where's Greenchair?
  3. His Wikipedia entry gives one of his occupations as "social activist". It explains a lot.
  4. I wouldn't trust the origins of his so-called rock star memorabilia (some of which he is touting for sale on his facebook page). Some of it has been acquired by dubious means by all accounts. Pete Townsend and Yoko Ono can testify to that.
  5. He has this to say about fellow expats: "The lower class English ex-pats all want to beat me up for being rude - seems a rather odd overreaction but they are uneducated tattooed yobs as the world knows." Ouch.
  6. The irony is that Mr. G's boorish behaviour puts him in the same class as Donald Trump, a man he claims to despise! Perhaps there is some truth in the claim Giuliano is now making that he created this whole scenario as a joke by behaving like a loud-mouthed ugly American, just like his nemesis.
  7. 9 million US$ which he allegedly made from the sale of his "kiss and tell" - sorry, rock star biography books? He now freely admits that he has spent it all.
  8. Surprise, surprise, Deckchair finally got the other thread closed. I'd like to thank iReason for his monumental effort in reminding all of us what this case is really about - the framing of two scapegoats by the Thai authorities for crimes they didn't commit, which was aided and abetted by Britain's National Crime Agency.
  9. No, not of the rape and murders but there is a possibility that he witnessed the crime and that's how he came by the phone. I don't believe Zaw Lin was even there when it happened.
  10. Actually, it was his father Woraphan that sued one publication only - Khaosod English. These pictures are not illegal and they are a matter of public record. Get back in your box and -deleted-.
  11. I notice you have omitted to mention Zaw Lin in all of this, yet you still expect him to be executed, or at the very least rot in jail for the rest of his life for a crime he didn't commit.