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  1. Another Swedish psychopath stabbed a New Zealander through the heart in a bar at Soi Nana, BKK in 2010. A Thai suggested that he would pay the RTP a bribe and go free. Maybe someone remembers.
  2. It's not only the FBI. The Australian and New Zealand Police also have a presence in Thailand. The Target is Paedophiles and Human Traffickers. If you have information that will lead to the apprehension of individuals who traffic in human misery, contact NVADER.
  3. Lack of concentration is tantamount to driving drunk. How many road deaths can be attributed to driver distraction world wide? According to Ford/Volvo Road Safety Research Unit, Driver Distraction is the number one cause of all road fatalities, including drunk driving, which also contributes to driver distraction.
  4. FBI or NVader? Thailand is no longer a safe haven for paedophiles. They are being hunted down. They are lucky to be given the luxury of "due process"
  5. Horseshit. Russian whore working out of Pattaya? Libtard conspiracy theory. Quick contact Schiff for brains.
  6. Just to get things straight They were tafficking underage girls to quality tourists from the Fatherland a.k.a German Paedophiles.
  7. That is what many Land Transport Safety Authorities do. Policing Taxis is also a public safety issue. Every aspect of Thai Land Transport Management is left wanting.
  8. 10 years? You're joking This scumbag should be executed in the same manner he killed his victim.
  9. Akira needs to be investigated too.I doubt whether any company is very high on the honesty scale.
  10. Why deport him? He will only sneak back into the country. It will be better for all concerned, if he was fatally shot "while trying to escape". He is a waste of space and no imaginable value to society.
  11. He will be getting his cut too. That's how this country operates.
  12. https://m.facebook.com/search/photos/?q=bad driving in thailand&source=filter&isTrending=0
  13. BS Look at the statistics. They speak for themselves. Road Safety Management in Thailand is an utter disgrace. They have the highest rates of road death and road trauma in the world.
  14. Pathetic - next they will be restrictring comments to cat up tree stories.