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  1. I am needing to purchase a medical insurance policy and am seeking to combine it with a personal accident insurance plan. It would be really helpful if any member has any pointers to offer specifically - 1. The name of an insurance company and accident insurer that you can recommend. I would be looking to find a medical insurance policy that covers in patient care 2. Suggestions for making the above mix of insurance and accident policy cost effective? Any advice would be helpful.
  2. Seeing as we are heading for July and with Christmas being around the corner I am looking to plan a week away from Chiang Mai between the 24 and 31 st December. I am looking for any suggestions you may have and are prepared to share for a country lodge/hotel within 150 kms or so of the city. We are a middle aged couple with no kids but enjoy walking, eating, drinking and taking it easy ( yes another fat expat!) We could stretch the budget for a lovely, comfortable retreat so any ideas would be welcome!
  3. Live music venues in Chiang Mai

    Thanks for the input as to where to find live music. I am astounded by the number of venues and their musical offerings. Here for a month this time so I intend to dig in, drink some beer and just chill. Much appreciated to all who chipped in and shared their knowledge.
  4. As a part time resident of Chaing Mai over the last four years I have always looked forward to catching some live music on my visits. Apart from the fabulous North Gate I have found it difficult to find venues that offer exciting and vibey music. Again, that is more than likely down to my own stupidity as I have no doubt there is great music to be heard in this city. If you know any venues and are prepared to spill the beans it would be much appreciated and am prepared to shout the beer for the night in return for the info i.e. should you wish to accompany us.
  5. Microsoft Access and Visual Basic

    Hi Guys, Thanks for your input. It is great that you have found the time to respond. Great advice and I will be making use of it.
  6. I am wanting to change my monthly donations from the RSPCA on the Gold Coast to a local one in Chiang Mai. I would value some input in terms of which of the local rescue organisations is most in need currently.( I have only seen Care for Dogs in Hang Dong and they appear well organised and fairly well funded?) The need seems immensely more so here than in Australia. Any help would be appreciated and taken into account when deciding.
  7. Web site Developer

    Thank you Juehoe. This is a great help. I will explore further.
  8. Web site Developer

    I am looking for a recommendation for a web site developer based in Chiang Mai (preferably) I have a number of sites that need to be bought up to date and believe there are some great locals that have great skills in this field. If you can share your contact "tech talent contact " I would be most grateful.
  9. I am looking to find a MS Access guru with an understanding of Visual basic. I have a database that needs some refreshing and with my systems person left the country am looking for this type of expertise. Is this the right forum to post his type of request and if not could someone point me in the right direction?