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  1. You are experiencing same thing like your friend and your wife is probably like her sister hhhhh
  2. Thai youths batter Iranian tourist in Pattaya

    "Damaging the reputation of Pattaya". Hhhhhhhh. The joke of the day
  3. Next crackdown on too many white pedophiles who damage lives of innocent kids in this country.
  4. What is the VERY BEST thing about living in Thailand??

    Not mentioning lack of hygiene for almost all Street food vendors, frying ten of times in same palm oil etc....
  5. I wonder how they let you in in Thailand. I will send you back in second.
  6. We should send you there instead of Thailand for vacations.
  7. Just wondering. Why pedophile are exclusively white men?
  8. yeah, exactly what like all the farangs living on poverty pensions and all the best millions of backpackers.
  9. men are not designed that way. It's the influence of education and culture. You are were formatted by the image of what a man should be in your society. Never show emotions and being strong means you dont cry.
  10. Bangkok flooding is chronic problem

    All soi was flooded in heart of BKK.
  11. it's crazy how people are careless. you just don't take your pregnant girlfriend in.motorcycle in.a country known for one of the most dangerous for driving.
  12. They should provide you with the documents you need but at same time, it is more than reasonable from their side to ask for an increase of rental since it has not changed for 16 years.
  13. In westernized countries, the rich and famous people don't get jailed or rarely. This is reality. There are two justices there too.
  14. Wow. TV investigators are amazing. Some got the opportunity to throw their hate toward group of people without any rational. They never comment when it's a white pedophile or criminal.
  15. Midweek rant: In Defense of Thai Men

    I think you didnt get it. Just stating the facts, because for many farangs, it happens only here and they are all great and civilised. Which is far from reality.