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  1. Leave or stay?

    Even at that age you don't need. Believe me. If you do it it means you have nothing else to offer.
  2. If you really think "all" these children didn't receive any education by their parents. I doubt you received logic and rational in your thinking.
  3. It's not xenophobia neither racism. Thai have constructed a false idea that farang are rich (most are living in meegre pensions and teaching salaries) then they think charging more is normal,. The rich Thais give big tips and are quite generous toward those who give them services. Maybe farangs who behave like rich should show their real financial status by being humble. Lol
  4. Wish this to happen to your relatives and kids and will see if you will appreciate that nobody cares.
  5. You are just an immigrant, in case you forget
  6. really. you just throw things without any facts. back in your home country, the priests, the politicians, actors, artists, teachers and your expats have been all over the media as pedophiles. Better hide and shut up.
  7. Actually, you do exactly same thing. Are you thai?. If you think all thai behave the same way, you should come to the conclusion that all farang are pedophiles since so many are. This is your illogic served to you. And you really think you are not full of prejudices?
  8. Not only you are an ignorant but full of prejudices too. You need rest and medication.
  9. The usual nonsense. This has nothing to do with nationality and language. I am quite sure you are unilingual, you are not in the best position to talkabout languages. The subject is Westerners being the pedophiles in most cases in ASIA and all over the world. deal with it.
  10. it hurts. Go give the lesson to the bunch of bigots here who think they are superior. and spend their time characterizing anyone not white as inferior etc.... Yes all pedophiles in Thailand, philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos are whites.
  11. I didn't mention Japanese in any category. And you didn't prove anything,. The fact is all cases are committed by white people, seems in genes.
  12. Repeating an argument should not bother you or anyone. Why aren't you complaining about tens of comments that are all a denial of the fact that white farangs are predominantly the pedophile arrested? I understand that you are one of those who are in denial. You had same reaction when another farang was arrested in Chiang Mai Sept 9. Go check your replies. You have a problem.
  13. You seem to be one of those who have a problem with facts. If the hat fits you, wear it. :-)
  14. In the last ten years at least every single pedophile arrested in Thailand and in other Asian countries is white from dominantly UK, Australia, Netherland, France, USA.... No African, no Indians, no Arabs.... It's time to start seriously some race profiling on white men visiting and living in Thailand. Sorry for decent good white guys who are normal people.
  15. Thais give too much respect to farangs thinking wrongly they are all good. Unfortunately, Thailand attracts garbage people from the West. Perverts, criminals, pedophiles etc.... This may make some feel bad but that's reality.