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  1. It's not about me or where I am from, it's about the violence that is part of a society culture and politics. More than 220 wars in little bit more than two centuries of existence. They have to face their reality instead of hiding their heads under the sand.
  2. That's how Americans and America resolve their problems.
  3. Kicked Out of Hotel Today

    Actually the real question is why you have been singled? Why she didn't ask anyone else to leave. There is a big chance that you are the problem.
  4. Thai girls are proving to the world that farangs living here are not that smart finally. Most can't have the attention of any girl back home. :-)
  5. No need, white french have already the worst reputation all over the world as expats and tourists. Just type worst tourists in the world and you will be well served. BTW, your white "real" french have been arrested recently for killing and that's not first time.
  6. Top 5 Reasons You Won’t Like Thailand

    Hygiene and littering Driving and traffic Bad banking services Broken sidewalks Too much farangs lol
  7. Coming from people in Pattaya, it's normal, they complain about not seeing their favorite farangs bars and girls customers. Who will trust judgement of these people?
  8. I have been calculatin'

    If you got 31 bahts few years ago for a loonie,. You can still convert your bahts into Canadian dollars and it takes only 25 bahts to get a loonie. Actually, you are richer if you convert to Canadian dollars.
  9. Poor Brits,. I understand they can no longer have decent life back home, but don't bring your trouble here. :-)
  10. There are thousands like him living permanently in Thailand.
  11. He fills all the requirements for the untouchable in Thailand. I wonder who is mad on him to get him exposed publicly, quite strange.
  12. They should say, most Thai are born Buddhists but a very small minority know and follow Buddha teaching. Most have no clue what Buddhism is.
  13. They still cheating the system and are using false or forged documents, which is criminal. You can't defend them, maybe you are one of them. :-)
  14. Averages and stats should be interpreted carefully. In this case the average include babies, those who don't drink. It's same like when you calculate GDP,. It can be high even big proportion of the population is poor or very poor. Anyway,. I am not here to convince you. Just type alcohol problem in Britain in Google and you will have access to hundreds of resources that confirm my assertion.
  15. NHS report deals only with those who were admitted to hospital so, which doesn't include millions of drinkers who think they are fine but they are not in reality. We have a good sample of this category who spend their days in bars even morning here all over Thailand. Just open your eyes and stop being in denial.