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  1. Well I'll be a suck egg mule...., who would have thunk it ? They better get their sh** together before I fly in Oct.
  2. affordable daily accommodation near rail line bangkok

    Is the Honey still open..., thats close to both Asoke and Sukhumvit ?
  3. Best bars to watch football in and have a chat?

    Two wrongs don't make a right.
  4. Best bars to watch football in and have a chat?

    Yeah well, like you had to just go and shout that out also....,
  5. Best bars to watch football in and have a chat?

    Great thanks for that..., I'm there when my team plays..., in fact I don't mind watching any AFL team playing..., well, any team accepting Collingwood that is !!
  6. "Yes darlink, I will lub you long time"
  7. Remember many years ago as a wide eyed youngster on my first trip to S/E Asia...., laughed a lot when girl at bar said to me..., "Me lub you long time". Wish I had 10 cents for every time that's been said to a farang
  8. Best bars to watch football in and have a chat?

    At the risk or inviting smart arts comments...., does Downunder have AFL on the Box ?
  9. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Way too much information about yourself.....,
  10. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    You need to learn(preferably, very soon) how to say 'no'...., to state what you wan't, and do not want clearly, firmly and respectfully politely(this is most important). How did you get to where you are now ?..., presumably in your life up until now, you have used 'clear, precise communications'..., why not in these situations at bars with BG's and when confronted by LB's ? If per chance you are of smaller stature.., or tend to not subtly project the image of assertiveness, then you need to rather quickly learn to say what you mean...., unless you want to be taken advantage of. It's absolutely not quantum physics. Clearly and firmly..., but respectfully polite. Go forth and talk grasshopper .
  11. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Maybe it's time to consider that you are just too sanctimonious..., also..., the post you wrote that reaction to was hugely 'tongue in cheek'..., can't recognise humour when it's there written in black and white - right in front of you ?
  12. The Only Ones - "Another girl, Another Planet" check it out great power pop rock !
  13. Who were they listening to???

    You got me now..., you better find out and get back here and tell us all ?
  14. If they added a little more vegetation they would have a reason to call it a 'Skygarden' ! ..., or add some vertical gardens and call it the Hanging Gardens of Bangkok
  15. Many people say that money can't buy you happiness......, I tend to agree. But then again having stated that..., I have also found that used judiciously, money can rent you a fairly good version..., for a little while..., after that it's all about timing and geography(location).