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  1. I reckon it's one way to get there..., a VIP bus HCMC might be a better, more relaxing and safer way...., unless of course you know where your going and like a challenge......, the "pass" up into the highlands can be tricky. Might be easier to hire a car up there. Also might be better quality info than I can give you, in the Regional section - at the bottom of these forums.
  2. Anti American sentiment..., mate, that ship sailed long ago. Anyway as I understand it, during what some locals call the American war, Dalat was allegedly deemed by both sides as some kind of neutral ground and (also allegedly) various upper echelon types(officers etc) would go to Dalat for some time out. Please excuse me if I've got the wrong end of the stick..., if others have better quality info maybe they could be forthcoming with it ? Whatever..., comparatively very little highland action happened thereabouts anyways..., action was more towards the central highlands around Buon Ma Thuot to the north and west of Dalat. DonDoRondo the locals will love you and your US$. Don't sweat it..., I'm Aussie and I've always found the Vietnamese very friendly and welcoming..., especially outside the big cities....., and especially if you're paying...., even long ago when I first visited (within months of the old USSR collapsing). You would get better quality info by posting any questions you have re:Vietnam, on the Regional forums at the bottom of this forum list.
  3. Sometimes I would go into Dalat for a coffee at one of the older cafes..., it was a little bizzare as bunches of locals would be all rugged up, drinking vietnamese drip coffee and dunking croissants and dressed in big jackets with beanies and berets pulled down to ward off the cold..., well the locals thought it was cold..., I thought it was just cool and refreshing. It can be drizzly sometimes but tends to clear quickly. Because of the previous French Colonial influence, in Dalat the local Bakers knew how to make reasonable baguettes and pastiserie etc. Dalat is a personal favourite and I intend going back in a month or 2. It's not the cleanest place but compared to LOS it's a lot less polluted..., although others may well disagree on that point. Oh..., and it's a relatively short drive up from HCMC. Good luck and safe travels.
  4. ..., also from memory..., Dalat has less of a smoke issue due to some coastal sea breezes penetrating up there(bearing in mind it's not so far inland and Vietnam is quite a narrow north/south oriented country). Squalls can spin out of the South China Sea and the wind tends to comparatively quickly clear out any smoke laying in the highland valleys. Also, there's good soil up there(I'm a gardener), they seem to be able to grow many different crops and all year round..., in fact some "cool/temperate climate" fruits and vegetables are grown up there as well. Worth taking a walk around the old Russian designed markets (right beside the centre of town) to check out the produce..., as I already said..., IMO the produce there is pretty damn good ! I'll shut up now....,
  5. Dalat in southern highlands..., Vietnam...., nice place, lots of fresh produce grown in that area.
  6. Would love a drop or 2 of rain down here in Oz...., yesterday I had to go down to the creek to chuck a bucket of dust over me to cool down.
  7. Be careful..., you may need to duck for cover after that
  8. In the words of Cleaver Greene...., "Bring it on M*F* !"
  9. I would like to share a drink or 3 with Prof Brian Cox....., and before anyone starts in with any salacious 'in you endo' backwash..., my motivation for meeting this man is that..., by all accounts he's a very enthusiastic and cluey bloke...., something that seems to be in all too short supply..., in this age of inward looking "Trumpeters" !
  10. That old warhorse Mrs Slocome - haa..., I always laugh when I hear just her name !
  11. If you like blunt, black and close to the bone humour check out the Aussie TV series "Rake"....., great Aussie 'straight up' dialogue and funny as all get out. I purchased the boxed set of DVD's so I can watch all 4 series again !
  12. Whenever I feel like a laugh I stop by this thread and (if it's still being flogged) I have a look see what will be the latest 'joke de jour'..., or..., maybe I'll have to go back to the OP's original post in order to have myself laugh ? Surely he wasn't trolling...? Whatever..., that grasshopper has a lot to learn.
  13. ...., or smoking too much Hootch for too long during youth.
  14. So what about when there's a bunch of male hipster backpackers who get their tops off and squirt all and sundry during Song Kran..., will they get busted ? I doubt it...., Anyway, what the collective noun for hipster backpackers ?....., something like a f##k-witery of Hipsters ?
  15. Yes indeed..., thank you, I am well aware of that fact. That is actually referred to in the words you quoted back at me