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  1. exemplary21

    Fool's Gold?

    I found it hard to find a shop that sold ingots (smallish provincial city). When I did they charged standard sell price + 50 baht/baht, then buy back for standard buy price minus 50 baht/baht. This basically increased the spread from 100 baht to 200 baht. Those that didn't sell ingots said there wasn't enough profit in it.
  2. Begs the question... why do you feel like a prisoner in your own home?
  3. exemplary21

    Students Not Eating Breakfast

    Total crock of shit in regards to school children.
  4. exemplary21

    Students Not Eating Breakfast

    Exactly! An experienced teacher can tell which kids have or have not had breakfast. My kids have breakfast before school every day. If yours don't, then you're doing it wrong.
  5. Phatra Securities are great. English site, extensive English research, easy deposits and withdrawals. Not sure about Paypal though.
  6. exemplary21

    5G SmartGrid Rollout

    Ah, but people are dying all the time...!
  7. exemplary21

    Farmed Prawns vs. Wild Prawns

    Farmed prawns are generally greyer and more speckled. If not sure, ask the vendor. As for availability of wild-caught prawns, the supply is seasonal and they are in short supply everywhere at the moment. Supply will pick up in June.
  8. So if I want to buy gold, it's quite safe to go into any well established gold shop and buy an ingot? That is, I can be reasonably sure that I'll get the correct weight, purity, etc? Never bought it, but keep reasonably appraised of the market because I invest in gold mining companies. TIA
  9. exemplary21

    Species identification in Thailand

    Yes, easy: The first one is a spider, the second one is a snake, and I'm pretty sure the third one is a bird.
  10. This answer is totally wrong. The poster clearly has no understanding of how these evaporative coolers work. Evaporation absorbs latent heat. If you blow a breeze over a body of water, the air will cool as the water evaporates. Atomising that water will very much increase it's evaporative efficacy, and thus its ability to cool the surrounding air. But atomising a fluid requires pressure. And atomising that fluid by pressure to cool only works if you transfer the heat created by that pressure to the outside, which is exactly what air conditioning and refrigeration does. Evaporative coolers certainly work, just not to the extent that air conditioning does. Joule by joule...? Not sure...
  11. exemplary21

    Film extras and work permits

    Why? You've always worked for Warner Brothers, Daffy...
  12. exemplary21

    How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    It depends on the length of the piece of string you buy.
  13. exemplary21

    How nice of a house to build?

    Well done. Very cheap I reckon. You might want to get some trees growing, though...
  14. exemplary21

    Stolen wallets

    What a stupid answer, Ronnie. He clearly wanted to get the bus back to Scandinavia, and that's a lot more than 20 baht!! Maybe even more than 500...?? He clearly needs a GoFundMe page...