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  1. Or a sole proprietorship registered at the local Or Bor Tor may be OK. i.e. local partner as proprietor employing foreign partner as manager
  2. I agree, but the mod in question didn't see it that way.
  3. Fair enough, as far as your role as a moderator is concerned. But is this site not complicit in the behaviour you decried, regardless of contractual obligations?
  4. So, as a moderator on this forum, why didn't you delete the video? Why didn't this site show "a little bit of decency and respect for the dead"?
  5. Doesn't have to be a company, just a business registered with the Or Bor Tor under local partner's name.
  6. exemplary21

    Copying with a straight face

    You're fooling yourself, Bruno, and perhaps a few others equally as ignorant...
  7. This is just ridiculous. Of course alcohol and nicotine are drugs. It can be harmful, but not necessarily so. That said, all drugs have side effects. Correct.
  8. Well, that's cleared that up then...
  9. exemplary21

    Fool's Gold?

    I found it hard to find a shop that sold ingots (smallish provincial city). When I did they charged standard sell price + 50 baht/baht, then buy back for standard buy price minus 50 baht/baht. This basically increased the spread from 100 baht to 200 baht. Those that didn't sell ingots said there wasn't enough profit in it.
  10. Begs the question... why do you feel like a prisoner in your own home?
  11. exemplary21

    Students Not Eating Breakfast

    Total crock of shit in regards to school children.
  12. exemplary21

    Students Not Eating Breakfast

    Exactly! An experienced teacher can tell which kids have or have not had breakfast. My kids have breakfast before school every day. If yours don't, then you're doing it wrong.
  13. Phatra Securities are great. English site, extensive English research, easy deposits and withdrawals. Not sure about Paypal though.