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  1. Can adopted Thai son gain Australian citizenship

    Not quite. Some visas for Australia can now be done online, but you may still need to visit VFS to do biometrics.
  2. new car

    Yeah, fair enough. It's almost 10 years ago now and I can't remember how long we drove around naked. I do remember that that was the reason given though, that we paid we paid cash. The missus just bought a new Vios, and it came with the permanent plates already on it I think. Brand new, not a demo... it's all a bit beyond my ken.
  3. Engagement and sin sod

    So you think he should wait until 2018? It's only a month or so away...
  4. new car

    My understanding is that if you pay cash for your car then red plates are not required. You just drive with none until the plates come. That's what we did, anyway...
  5. Curse of the Black Magic

    Ok, ok... 2400 plus 10% service charge.
  6. Petchabun Roads and Effluent

    I'm afraid your English ain't too hot either, mate...
  7. Curse of the Black Magic

    Rip off! We can do it for only 2500... plus VAT.
  8. Of course she is correct! You do not get energy free - it costs you Baht to run electricity - why do you imagine it is free on a motorbike? If so, why not use your bike to generate electric for your home? Exactly. No, they won't use much fuel, but they will use some.
  9. The stupid belief is actually yours, that lights run off some perpetual energy source unrelated to your engine.
  10. You and the poster Formaliens must be taking the Pxss or you are really Thai? Last bike i had the lights run off a power from a battery, unless they change this somehow. I not so good at English either but if people talk about fuel, it usually mean gasoline ? So, how is the battery charged? In fact, at most engine speeds the battery will sit there on the sidelines doing nothing, power going straight from the charging system to the lights.
  11. Your ex was correct. Having your lights on will definitely use more fuel. The first law of thermodynamics says so...
  12. Missing post need advice

    That is a very good point. So... why did you respond?
  13. Missing post need advice

    Wait another 10 or 15 minutes and then give it a go. You never know...
  14. Spare the rod and spoil the child

    Exactly. They don't know what to do so they just do something, anything... like dousing a fire with gasoline.
  15. Spare the rod and spoil the child

    No, but there's a heightened probability that they will.