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  1. Work permit renewal

    Yes, my doctor issuing the medical certificate just did it on the spot with immediate results. Saves a visit to the pathologist.
  2. No doubt Thai literacy is easier than Chinese, but that speaking Mandarin is easier than Thai...? Interesting. I know my Thai fluency has been at least partly possible from my literacy in the language. How could that be possible in Mandarin without a phonetic alphabet? Genuine question.
  3. Maybe, maybe not. My point is that the receipts are largely irrelevant. If, for example, you showed receipts for 20,000 baht per month on premises with a market value of 10,000, they'll allow you only the 10,000.
  4. The opposite of this is more likely. That is, show the inspecting RD official your rental agreement and they'll probably let you deduct a reasonable amount without any receipts at all.
  5. Drink laws?

    Of course they did... ...he was using a cell phone...
  6. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    They specify maximum breaker sizes, not capacity of cables directly. BTW, these regs would make my house non-compliant... we have 20 amp breakers on our 2.5mm circuits.
  7. PEA mains feed, up or under?

    Note that the amperages on the right refer to maximum breaker limits, not wire capacity per se.
  8. You may, but not necessarily, have more options in Australia e.g. a birthing centre rather than a hospital ward. Cost and language environment are also considerations. That said, I've never seen any evidence to suggest that the Australian health system is intrinsically better than the Thai. What's most important is where you're comfortable having your baby and where you'll be well supported by family and others. We have a 9 year old and a 5 year old born and being educated here in Thailand and have always been happy with the health and education systems. Others' mileage will no doubt vary...
  9. Is English your "own language"? You certainly haven't written it properly here.
  10. AirAsiaX international also no problems paying at 7/11.
  11. Saw the iPhone SE for 6,900 baht at DTAC yesterday. As for locking, I've always used different SIMs in my DTAC purchased iPhone when OS with no problems.
  12. troublesome neighbours

    After midnight...! Goodness gracious me...!
  13. Whats wrong with the air on Phuket

    Yes, it's because people drive their kids to school every day.
  14. Another MBA in General Quantitative Terms shows his wares...! A "seat occupancy rate" is the number of seats occupied divided by the total number of seats, expressed as a percentage. Hint: it can't be more than 100%. Get it...?