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  1. totally thaied up

    Smog in Bangkok serious threat to public health: experts

    Looking at those Fire Maps, over the last seven days a lot of burning has been done. Where would all that smoke go? Isn't that burn-off smoke supposed to be the bad PM2.5 particles (sorry if I am wrong but I am trying to learn)?
  2. I don't know how many times a "Red Car" suddenly stops in front of me with no warning in Chiang Mai and me almost hitting them
  3. totally thaied up

    CM air pollution not so bad

    In 2008 I sat on a hilltop in China, about 5 hours drive West of Shanghai. We were having a tea break and I walked up to the top of this big hill to have a look at the surrounding Countryside. Rice fields were everywhere, yet I could not get over how much pollution I saw in the air. My business counterpart said to me this was a huge problem and just by looking at the fact I could not see the skyline on a very clear day, he was right. This particular vision of that day stuck with me for the rest of my life. I often wonder at times, what the outlook from that hill is like today. The pollution I saw that day far outweighed the worst I have seen in here during burnoff season and I was told, this was 'normal'. Pretty sad state of affairs is all I can say.
  4. totally thaied up

    CM air pollution not so bad

    Thanks for the detailed information. I am learning something from it. What I am seeing in smoke coming out the back of these Red Cars, sitting around for hours at a time in the intersections of Nimmim and the like, cannot be good for the locals living in close proximity to these areas. I have several farang friends that are always sniffing or have allergy problems and they live practically on the roads in Condos in this area. I believe it has got to have something to do with the pollution as they have told me they never had such problems before. I am in San Kamphaeng area and after the burnoff, my air purifiers all need changing of filters as they are just black and our area does not get that high in PM 2.5. I have my purifiers running 24/7 and replace my filters every 4 months but they are never really as dark or dirty as Feb-March.
  5. My wife tells me knivings, bashings and cars being painted with Mai Noi are fairly common. You just got to read the local gossip Facebook groups to see how often it is going on.
  6. totally thaied up

    CM air pollution not so bad

    So transportation is bad for you but open burning in the PM2.5 scale is just dire? Is that correct?
  7. totally thaied up

    CM air pollution not so bad

    That is saying it perfectly. During burning offseason, it is just added to the normal amount and just thinking about that is not good. The burning is not good but I think the massive increase in traffic compounds the problem a lot. Of course, we have village people burning off their rubbish as well at times but that is not the main cause. I mean, when they burn the mountains off in Lumphun, they do it so they can go collect mushrooms after the burn-off. Many of those fires are started by locals so they can collect mushrooms later to sell. In many cases, it comes down to monetary gain.
  8. totally thaied up

    CM air pollution not so bad

    When I drive now into town on my bike, from a distance out on the superhighway, I can see the smokey haze directly about the heart of Chiang Mai. Does not matter really what time of year, but there is a haze. The only time there is no haze is after heavy rain. If I go into the Maya area (and look directly at the Red Cars), as I sit having a coffee say within the Nimman area, all I see is billows of deep black, black smoke coming from these Red Cars. I have friends living in this area and many have repository problems now. From never-ending runny noses to slight coughs and just looking at the amount of smoke being pumped into just that area from these cars sitting at lights constantly, it cannot be good for your health at all. Sure when the burning season comes, it is much worse but just looking at some of my friend's health living on Huay Kaeo Road for several years and the allergies they suffer from now is not good. The levels are mostly high all the time, so it just cannot be from the burning off.
  9. totally thaied up

    Pros/Cons of CM

    No, that was the neighbor - she had a nail shop but you know where. You have a great memory. That was a four-five years ago.
  10. totally thaied up

    Pros/Cons of CM

    I forgot to add, I lived in a townhouse - sorry, not a Condo at 8,000 a month with 2,000 baht in power. Aircon was on 24/7 When I lived in a Condo at a start, I spent 5,000 a month, 1,200 baht a month for power. I preferred Town House living as I had my own big kitchen and cooked a lot. I had a few girls and such stay with me during this period of time and also had one girlfriend for some time, run her business from the shop area I had for 18 months. I have edited my original post to make it correct.
  11. totally thaied up

    Pros/Cons of CM

    I live with my wife in one of the many small villages to the East of Chiang Mai. It is a small village on the way out to the San Kamphaeng hot springs. I have like BritManToo said, fibre internet and it costs me 500 baht a month. It rarely goes down (as like once in three years but due to my router dying) and we only have power problems during big storms. I have a UPS that keeps my systems running for around 4 hours and to date, have never been without the network during a storm. I also have DTAC contract for my Phone (4G) and hotspot off that for highspeed access when I go out. I live in my wife's house. I was lucky that my wife owned property/lands before I married, so I did not have to buy but I did put in a small amount of money to upgrade some of the facilities in it. I have lived out here now for three years, it is about 20-30 minutes from town depending on traffic. I lived for a long time in Santitham when I was single and that was okay but I could not do it now due to it being just too busy. I prefer a quiet area now but once your away from the city center, it can be pretty easy. I was averaging about 10,000 baht a month in Condo/Town House expenses when I lived in town (about 120,000 a year). At home, I run an aircon about 16 hours a day and it costs me 2000 baht a month for my power bill. Maximum bill is 2,900 baht a month during the burning season with my air purifiers on, 24/7. Water is free as we use a well and a pump. I run two computers 24/7, a network server as well and two stereo systems almost all day. I run two 55'' LG TV's as well as two Samsung 32'' Dual Monitors. We use gas to cook with and gas also for the hot water system as I really like to have hot water. The house was built for Thais (Lana Style) and I spent about 300K just putting tiles and extra rooms in to make it 'foreigner' friendly. We have a large garden area that I blocked out with concrete blocks and that cost another 120K. The lands my wife owns, have been in the family for more than a century. So for me, I have now just broken even in what I have spent in upgrading the house, compared to when I was single and living in town. In some ways, it is better to own if you are staying a long time (but remember, you can never own land here, so, like all, I am at my wife's mercy if anything was to go wrong). About the most expensive expense, I have is my health Insurance (that is a must-have) at $US1300 a year and my number one car insurance (18,000 a year). The rest is pretty small costs. Living in a village is pretty cheap. My wife and I live on 24,000 a month and that gives us just about everything that I need. Basic things like Motorcycles are cheap to buy (but dangerous) but cars here are not cheap. Chiang Mai can be as cheap as you want it or as expensive as you want it -depends on just how you want to live.
  12. totally thaied up

    Pros/Cons of CM

    I am about 20 minutes from the town now. Before I lived in Santitham for almost seven years. I find now going to Town to just be a hassle and only come in now to do shopping once every two weeks. What you said is true - great to go in and see the relatives but so much better going home. Chiang Mai from just 10 years ago has changed. I just hope this burning season is not too bad. I might relocate for a few weeks.