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  1. My agent told me this week more where coming. Seems we are going to get a flow on effect to other Embassies. Just taking time. Seems pretty harsh the no notice and I wonder how many Danish people are in Thailand on these Visas? Looks like they will be first off the block now in finding out what they need to keep Immigration happy.
  2. Today during my visit to immigration to get my passport, my agent whom I have been using for a very long time told me to be prepared next year to have 400K in the bank. I told them I have been using the 400K method for the last few years and they said to me, ''Next year, the letters from most Embassies will mean nothing.'' I asked about 65/40 and they had no answer for that they told me again, the letter from the Embassies will mean nothing, so it was better to have the cash in the bank. I asked for more information and I was just told depending on the Immigration office, each was different and just be prepared for next year. Like I have been saying for ages, I even don't think the agents know what it really going to happen till next year comes.
  3. Thank you for your answers
  4. Running low on pages. Need a new Australian Passport. Going to Chiang Mai Outreach this week to do it. I cannot remember if I need for Thai Immigration a Verification Letter from the Embassy saying something like my passport was canceled and this is my new passport? I remember reading something like this a long while back and I am not sure if this is true. Thanks for your help.
  5. First off, it was the Thais that asked to 'firm up' the verification. The Embassies cannot do this. Under privacy laws that stand for good reasons, they cannot do it. How can they 'declare' this is 100% foolproof? They cannot. The Thais have asked for this proof and we cannot 100% give them the proof they require unless it is cash in the bank. The affidavit system is flawed and unless the Embassies can get electronic data directly from our Governments/Pension providers or stocks/tax (and the privacy laws as they should be would not allow that), it is impossible to do. Printouts would not do. Unless they (the Embassies) do a massive backflip and give the bird to Immigration, nothing will be done. It has been a massive loophole for years. Sure, I don't like it but the rules are now being enforced and until someone from the top either confirm's this or denies this, we just have to wait till next year. I think cash is going to be the winner but it is just like all of this thread, PURE speculation. For the rest of us Aussies, I can get my pension put in to my Bangkok Bank Account (with it showing it came from the Government Reserve) but because we don't make enough money to clear the 65/40 (some might just clear the 40), it is a waste of time as we don't meet the requirements.
  6. I do and it is a pension. Due to my illness, it is guaranteed at this time until I am 65 and then I have a choice of going onto an old age pension. Within the next 10 years, due to inheritance factors, I will likely lose this pension and be given a monthly stipend. It depends if my sister is made the head of the Trust instead (an I cannot see me being head) but my pension can be reinstated if my cash threshold goes below a certain point. The crux to this all is I can show if I wished a Government pension every month but I am damn sure Immigration would not take into account my Trust payments (loans owed to me). I don't make the required 40K in Government Pension, so cash only is needed for me. Due to my disorder, I am only given so much money every month (In general, my Government Pension is the only thing I currently have control over in my life). Yes, some of us are on pensions at an early age. I wish I was not but that is just how it is. The Trust pays for my insurance every year at this current time, so I am covered in that respect and not 'flying on a wing and a prayer'.
  7. My Australian DSP will not cover the income method. Just about everyone's OAP or DSP in Australia won't cover the income method if you need 65K. I am way too young to have access to a Super Fund at 49 but I have more than enough capital to put up the cash that is needed. I have no way possible but to use cash for a marriage visa. So it can be the opposite way around. Cash-rich, income poor. Some of us like to have cash on hand.
  8. Hence that is why I think they are going to go down the road of cash in the bank. I will say, it will be too much of a headache if they wanted to start looking at an income that is not substantiated (they cannot predict what your income is going to be every year on dividends or rent) and pensions do change. I am on a DSP (disabled) now until in 15 years time it turns into an Old Age Pension. All this income stuff just opens up too many cans of worms for Immigration. I believe they will keep it very simple. The Embassy cannot verify income and I don't want them to due to privacy matters and neither can Immigration. In the end, cash will be it. Just bring in what they say and how they want. We will not know until next year what they really want and as we know, each Immigration office here is different to what they want. Otherwise, Immigration would have to change the whole system. That I cannot see happening. So, it will be a wait and see.
  9. After my visit to Chiang Mai Immigration this week, talking to two different IO and then speaking to our agent, showing income may be a thing of the past. I just got told outright to use 800/400K method. I tried several ways to explain myself but just got told 800/400K. For me, until I see it come down from the top, it may just be speculation but things may be changing. Until I see a new Police Order, it should be followed to the word but we are seeing 'talk' from Phuket and Hua Hin of what they are suggesting they require. All subjected rumor. Until next year comes, we are not really going to know what is going to happen unless some uniform guidance comes down from the top but I cannot see that happening. Each Immigration Office as we know is very different. I could, but I would not want to show anyone due to privacy concerns, my families income via a tax return. I am all for security. Don't you see the amount of security in place to protect our privacy in Australia and you are all willing to give up these concerns because you're not willing to put money up? In Australia, our privacy concerns are taken very seriously. I would not like Immigration or the Australian Embassy to dig around into my privacy. I think a lot of people are like that. I take my family privacy seriously. I have my reasons. We have been defrauded before and until you have it happen to you, I can tell you from experience, it is not a very nice matter. I could see this all crashing and burning a long time ago and I do not blame the Embassies for any of this. Thai Immigration is just now outlining what they want on a system that was flawed. Out of all my friends, maybe one or two might leave but they have been cheating the system for 10 years and use to laugh out about how easy it was to game the system. As far as I am concerned, my privacy comes first before giving it out to anyone. I would not like my Embassy digging around my families privacy. Not that we do have anything to hide but for the fact, our income is just that, private. I can see just in the future 800/400K method being used. It is easy to confirm and the IO just needs to check it off that is has been seasoned. It is a very cheap way of staying in a Country with this much infrastructure in South East Asia. The Embassies did not throw us under a bus - those that have been cheating have and Thai Immigration now is just stating what it wants. I realistically cannot see immigration trying to count everyone's pennies and neither is the job for the Embassies as well to be an accountant. Check Bank book and that is it. Other Countries demand a lot more. Yes, there are other Countries that demand a lot less but if you say, Philippines, Cambodia or Vietnam, they do not have Thailands infrastructure and that infrastructure is why I chose Thailand years ago. Personally, for years I have thought it is laughable that a letter would work. No letter is not going to cut this. Only cash coming in from a bank will. I may be wrong, but I predict this will be the way of the future. People will cry about this but as others have suggested, in the end, they will comply if they want to stay.
  10. You are spot on here. I am getting the same feedback from my friends as well. They will moan and groan about it but the money will go in and a few might leave. It won't even be a blip on the radar. Personally, after speaking to CM Immigration yesterday, I can see just the 800/400K method being used. Way to hard to spring it for everyone with income. I gather it will be across the board and that will be the end of the matter. This time next year, maybe a few less here by a few thousand or so (maybe even less) and life will go on. I just put 400K in my bank. I will walk away from it and forget it all now till something else changes. Will make a Will now in Thailand but really, my wife has orders to empty the bank upon the day of my death.
  11. I was told the same yesterday. I was told to put 800/400 in the bank. I went to do my 90 day. I spoke to the staff and was told this. My agent was walking in the door as I was walking out and I asked the same questions. Was given the same answer. My wife then went to another IO and spoke to them and came back with the same answer. Really, nobody is going to know what is going to happen next year but these were the answers I was told yesterday.
  12. totally thaied up

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    The world is not crumbling and neither am I but I think many expats don't get the idea that the Thais don't give a shat about us. Our little expat cash injection here means very little to them. Tourism does. Dry tourism up with a bit of political trouble and the cards come crashing down. People stay away during trying times. Giving Thailand a bad rap is more so in many ways a bigger problem than a few thousand farangs leaving at one time if they cannot meet income requirements. Nothing may have changed but boy, a few things recently have put a fox in the hen house. Many of my friends are scrambling for money now.
  13. totally thaied up

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I do not know as well. If the Police Order gets changed and they start asking for obscene amounts of money for a married person to stay here, I will be going. I have not invested much money here - around 1 million. My wife owned her own house before we met and I bought a car and a few bikes. I could shift to another SE Asian Country pretty easy but with the wife, it makes it hard. If single, Vietnam would have been next for me. Thailand is changing for the farang and these pushes will not affect the average Thai at all. The average Thai is just worrying about getting by themselves without other problems. Last night my wife and I went out for our Wedding Anniversary Dinner to a top restaurant. It was a Monday night and it was booming. The high end of town is certainly not missing out and these minor farang issues are not going to worry anyone. We had dinner with a friend that owns an eighty-room Condo Complex and we spoke about the visa issues and she just pointed at the full tables all around us and said, "Who here would care?"
  14. totally thaied up

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    I think we will see a huge blow up within time and it will not be good for anyone. I am developing a backup plan now. I just need another three years to get a PR visa for my wife. I really do not want to move her as this is her home and I also like it out in our village but I am not going to be blind enough not to have a Plan A, B or C. Yes for some time I must have been deluded in thinking they did care but after village living now for 7 years, they don't. They would not miss a cent of my income coming in and if I left my wife, it would just be another marriage gone wrong; not at all connected to the fact I was forced out. In Australia, my wife has at least a stream for PR but it takes time but it is possible. PR for me is impossible here, so I don't even know at times why I bother to care about my local area but I do.
  15. Most of my friends 45 and under have AUD$400K loans in Australia. None of them will be retiring anytime shortly. Those of my friends between 20-30 cannot get even 20K together or are trying to get a deposit for a home loan and many are paying cars off. My niece that is 25 had to get a loan off her rich sister (she married into a real old money family and is 28), so she could get a loan for a house. In case of an emergency, none could get real money together. None of these people (school friends and their children) will be moving to Thailand soon. Really, in my group of school friends, only two of us moved offshore and everyone is waiting for the baby-boomer parents to die off so they can own a house or at least, be left with money or be left with a house.