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  1. In Canada the prevalence of this type of trouble is much, much higher with on and off reserve natives. I was a couple miles from where this happened a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful cottage country surrounding Sagkeeng. They have had some very smart, articulate leaders there that have gone on to national native leadership positions. Nothing, including throwing $$$ at the problems, seems to work in making these communities as safe as elsewhere in our country.
  2. Sickening. There is some sort of macho mindset amoungst these native kids, even the girls. A wrong look and they want to beat the hell out of each other. It's a ghetto life on some of these reserves.
  3. No, Bild and it says the new office towers to accommodate it are under construction in Frankfurt presently. There is no way in hell the EU countries would ever allow it to remain in a non-EU country. London will keep branch offices only.
  4. Maybe posts some links exposing African ladies as thieves or troublemakers. They can be deported so outside of these arbitrary round ups these girls stay out of trouble.
  5. That would take you to peak season when you do not want to be searching for a place.
  6. Exactly. Purposely bad reporting doesn't help. The so called Taliban are I fact the Pushtuns. They makeup the largest ethnic group there. Over 1/3 of the population. This is a civil war that promises to go on indefinitely. Better to just divide the country otherwise this killing goes on for ever.
  7. Those 2 arab guys were lucky to walk away like they did. One of the Walking St club doormen would have laid waste to them in no time. The girls didn't do too badly for themselves at that.
  8. Labour should absolutely campaign on a revote. The UK is about to lose the EU financial industry and there needs to be a chance to end the madness.
  9. How about the world boycotts this apartheid state until such time as it changes PM's to one that will negotiate a peace deal in good faith.
  10. “What’s been going on since I’ve been gone?” Well, last week The Donald sent an armada in the wrong direction.
  11. Do they have live, fresh water shrimp? It's been awhile since I've gone there.
  12. I think it is the best option. If you are not driving it is right on the baht bus route. The odd time it only takes one from Jomtien and two back. It's about 20 minutes from 2nd road and Pattaya Tai.
  13. Tell that to those being tossed by ICE back where you come from. I give respect and it is returned.
  14. It is 8m all entry points.
  15. I have not traveled to the south end of the island. Can anyone give a rough idea how long time wise from the pier to White Sands Beach?