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  1. He painted every last Brit a Sex Tourist by the careless wording he used.
  2. Do you mean like people with assault rifles?
  3. Bill Clinton, Federal Assault Weapons Ban.
  4. Nonsense! I grew up in Canada where there is a hell of a lot more wildlife and wilderness. Never needed a gun. Hand guns have been serverly restricted since the 1930's. Long guns need to be trigger locked a stored in a locked cabinet. Our biggest problem is guns getting across from the States. The Bill of Rights is open to interpretation. Problem is mafia political parties open to bribery from the likes of the NRA.
  5. I thought I read he was from New York and had outstanding warrents from there when he killed in Miami. When I did a Google search when his name first surfaced most of the hits were Dominicans by that name. 5 years seems on the low side. Usually Thai courts give longer terms knowing they get reduced by Royal Proclamation afterward.
  6. Get your shots in now Bibi as your lawless gig is about to end with you behind bars. https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/police-set-to-publish-recommendations-in-netanyahu-corruption-probes-1.5812016
  7. Should happen more often. To the trophy hunters also.
  8. Thanks for providing the redneck review.
  9. Bunch of nonsense. Give us a single example of someone who committed a serious crime like murder IN Thailand who was extradited to another country to be put on trial. Doesn't happen Daffy.
  10. You Americans still playing the dominos card in Asia I see. How did that theory work out after the retreat from Vietnam?
  11. I've been following Pence's adventures in South Korea. Seems the Ugly American diplomatic failures continue on.
  12. ฿100 says he gets another majority. It wouldn't bother me if we stopped shipping armoured personal carriers to the terrorist exporting unelected thugs in Saudi. I've toured the London plant and know they have a great product with a heavy order book. There would likely be no layoff of workers should that order be cancelled.