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  1. Just keep your doors locked driving around. Plus you Yanks lost. Check the history books.
  2. Sorry to bring FACTS into it but here are the median wealth for these countries: USA $44,911us Slovenia $44,932us some others: UK $111,524us Italy. $138,653us Greece. $53,937us
  3. Good thing too because I've been to Detroit and Saigon and can say the right guys won.
  4. Paid off? Not for the average American, who has less wealth than the average Slovenian. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_wealth_per_adult
  5. Your right it wouldn't phase a blockhead like him.
  6. I want/need to stop smoking.

    I chain smoked for decades and it was the patch that did it for me. Chewing gum helps too but not the nicotine stuff. I used it to ease off the patch and it hooked me for about 3 years.
  7. Seems Chuck & Nancy set Trump straight on global warming. He should have brought them on board earlier and he wouldn't have made all those stupid, stupid mistakes.
  8. Keifer hates Trump and is Canadian.
  9. It's the way guns are controled. Seems everyone there has a hair trigger. Cops necessarily think they are under threat. My city has the same population as Detroit and Washington proper, about 700k. The last cop killed by gun fire was 1969. The last cop killed was 1970. It is 60 miles from the USA and we have plenty of guns but walk around with a hand gun you will be locked up. That country needs to get its gun culture under control.
  10. Better send this ASAP to Trump because he seems to be about to cancel his cancelation of Paris. https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-administration-wont-withdraw-from-paris-climate-deal-1505593922
  11. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    Agreed. I go to BigC/Soi3 or Nakluea Fish Market so I get off at North Rd if it stops at the stand. Sometime they will go on to the Fish Market and I then pay ฿20. After you brought up the ฿20 past Klang issue up a couple years ago I started getting off at Soi8 and walk down to Klang if I'm headed east. Aso I generally always have a ฿10 coin to pay.
  12. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    Whenever I go to Bangkok I use ฿100 bills in the metro and Skytrain automated tic machines. The change is all in coin. A cashier I have known for years at a Walking beer bar also sells me coins. I never use coins when buying anything. Those things just barely keep me in baht bus coins.
  13. True, it is as likely to happen as his healthcare solution would cover everyone and cheaper but not really because it turned out 20m would have no coverage. The American Dream has morphed into proudly having the most super rich. It's stunning to see the degree of inequity in that country. So much wealth concentrated in so few. The average/median wealth of Americans is paltry compared to mean wealth in the country or in most other OECD countries. . Think not? Answer this then: Who has more wealth the average American or average Slovenian? For the answer checkout the last table/1st column under median wealth. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_wealth_per_adult Anyone who thinks a rich conman is going to change that needs help
  14. Exactly! How about the logjam on both Beach Rd and 2nd Rd trying to get into the Central Festival parkaide on weekends? Next, the crazy long traffic light cycles. Some like 3rd and Klang are nearly 5 minutes.
  15. Why would the Chinese tour groups go there when there is nothing to see? I spend my pension income living in Pattaya/Jomtien. I'm no regular on Walking but I like the vipe it and the rest of the town has. It that disappears so do I and my >฿1.3m annually to a better beach resort town in or out of Thailand. Outside of lower income Russians what other foreign families choose Pattaya for vacation?