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  1. No big loss. He acted very sophisticated but his questions were really mundane. At 75 he is well past his prime for this type of work.
  2. You still don't understand Thailand because you will be charged for bringing a gun into the country. Then fortunately for you that $2m will be just the amount of cash needed to keep you from a long stretch in the Bangkok Hilton. If there was any rational in that country the gun, bump stock and ammunition makers would be held liable. Surely any law protecting them would be ruled against the Life and Liberty provisions of their Constitution. That is where the politically appointed SCOTUS comes in and makes a farce of the rule of law. Joke country is the best that can be said about it.
  3. Iranian president declares end to Islamic State

    Iran should be thanked for helping to clean up the mess made by Americans.
  4. How about a mail survey on non-tax status of churches? Good on Australia. Whether this issue affects you or someone close to you it is a matter of principle that all people should be treated the same under the law. If you let close minded people have their way on this type of thing they will come after your or your loved ones rights at some point.
  5. "....won't be the last .....this week."
  6. That's untrue. It was the Washington Post that pursued these women, amoung others, when their names came out in rumours about Moore. Where was the Alabama media all these years that the rumours circulated? He will still likely win because the Bible Belt is full of hypocrites.
  7. Safest ATM's in Pattaya?

    I had my card eaten a couple times at a bank ATM in Jomtien. Went inside the bank and a clerk came right out to open the machine.
  8. Friendship Super Market Pricing

    This happened to me at Safeway last week but I have never heard of getting the under $10 item free. Where exactly in Canada does that exist?
  9. Your right, the only true solution is getting rid of guns.
  10. Maybe it's a case of it taking a mental case to know one.
  11. As bad as these recent mass murders are handguns are by far the bigger problem.
  12. Depends on your definition of thuggery. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/woman-stoned-death-adultery-saudi-6912835
  13. Me thinks that when it comes to consolidating power Michael Corleone has nothing on this guy.