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  1. Good guy. Participated in a real combat role in Afganistan. Although outed to the enemy by the despicable Bill O'Reilly.
  2. Maybe just a glancing blow. It wouldn't take much of an impact for objects that size to cause significant damage. Had it been a t-bone at the speed the container ship was traveling at that navy ship would have been toast.
  3. The Japanese operator of the big ship, P.I. flagged, is saying the collision happened 25 minutes before the first u-turn. Likely where it made the sharp right. It had been starting to go left shortly before that. I read speculation on Japan News that the navy ship may have been overtaking the big ship when this happened. Something like you see on Thai motorways where no one checks their mirrors before changing lanes. Navy guys need to honk in future. RIP to the seamen.
  4. Talking about fraudsters, Pat Robertson, 555!
  5. From best performing G7 economy to worst in a single year. Well done Brexiters!
  6. The video with the banner appearently was inconclusive in identifying him. It could have been produced after they arrested him. If they did torture him it could have been they thought he had been spying. Why him and not others? Who knows but his passport likely had Israel stamps that they concluded meant something other than just visits. The North Koreans are super suspicious/perinoid, that's why it's best to stay away from there.
  7. Thanks, I missed that. I wouldn't doubt if his condition was brought on by a lack of oxygen. Something like being watér-boarded. Wonder where they got that idea from? Media going to family in situations like that are always a type of exploitation.
  8. It got nukes so it could act this way knowing that no one would likely invade them. It has acted as a deterrence for all nuke nations till now.
  9. This is too bad. Likely tortured for information he didn't have. There are some places you should not go and North Korea is one of them, along with East Detroit and Koh Tao. I've been to one of those and never again. JT what was the politicalized statement the parents made?
  10. Isn't Kushner a flight risk being under criminal investigation and all that. It's counter intuitive that's for sure. A couple of Orthodox Jews, one a former armed guard at a West Bank settlement, as honest brokers. Don't be surprised when they come back baffled that the Palistinian didn't drop all their long standing demands. So what's next, sending his bud Nigel Farage to broker a Brexit deal?
  11. The sooner this ends the better. How many people all toll have died or been grievously injured in the 14 years since G.W.Bush decided to avenge the attempt on his father's life? The whole area from Bangladesh to Morocco are pretty much governed as theocracies. Western interferance will never produce the desired results. The Sunni ISIS will soon be toast and Iraq will become a partner of fellow Shia state Iran. So predictable except by the then powers in place back then. I really doubt that these religious nuts would have accomplished any of this without former Bath Party military guys. Give then a little time and they will reinvent themselves to cause more trouble. Then what to do with the Kurds?
  12. I wonder if it has been reported how many cents on the $?
  13. Don't see young Justin wasting loonies like that!
  14. Are you an expert or is this just your general feelings about it? Little wonder these things are allowed to happen. Maybe you read in the Sun or the Mail that the UK has the highest standards and that is good enough for you. That cladding is outlawed in other countries above a certain heighth. The Euro distributor's own broucher states it is not for use over 10 meters. There was no alarm. People had to be woken by neighbors. How on earth can these be reasonable standards.
  15. When I person reaches the P.M. office they should have some sense themselves.