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  1. It is refreshing to hear such common sense from a Tory. The Tories in both houses in Canada voted against legal pot at every step. Morons that they are. Hopefully they and their bible thumper leader go down to defeat again next year.
  2. Same for me with pot and drugs a lot heavier than that.
  3. Hear, Hear! Me too. Good on Young Justin. He did it for the right reason too. People, especially young people should not have to carry a criminal record the rest of their lives for being caught possessing something a mild as pot. This also says something about Conservatives who voted against it.
  4. The tough draft dodger Trump was sure going to teach those poor immigrant kids a lesson. Well maybe not. Folding in 4,3,2,1............
  5. Many a night on Stanley St at Chez Paree.
  6. Yeah, they should have stayed home like "sore feet" and got daddy to bribe the local enlistment office.
  7. Sorry, those places are too rightwing for Canada.
  8. Since the G8 meetings Young Justin's approval rating has gone up by 12%. That makes him overwhelming popular in Canada compared to the draft dodger president in the USA. I can say that I support Justin too. In >40 years of voting in Canadian elections I have never voted for his party so that's saying something. STAND UP FOR CANADA!
  9. If someone had a pee pee tape on you, you would want that person/dictator to think he was your best bud too.
  10. Exactly, I hold the buyers in comtempt not the sellers.
  11. Spot on. This happens when you live next to an elephant. New Zealanders I know say the same about Austrialia. I'm on the ground back home now. It is hard to find anyone who doesn't want to call Trump on these tariffs. Any politician who called for appeasement would face ruin. It would be like someone in the American Congress siding with Bin Laden after 9/11. Something that should be kept in mind by Trump is that even though trade is a smaller part of the US economy it can take other sectors down with it. Look what the housing crisis did last recession.
  12. Thankyou for you kind words. Bought my first Buick 40 years ago this fall.
  13. pegman

    SURVEY: Is a Trade War Looming?

    Trump's government says it had an >$8b surplus with Canada last year. You calling Trump's government liars? https://ustr.gov/countries-regions/americas/canada
  14. pegman

    SURVEY: Is a Trade War Looming?

    E.U. & Japan will be joining shortly.
  15. With Safeway selling all it's stores to Empire the major grocery stores are Canadian. The 3 major tv networks are Canadian owned. Walmart has 410 stores that will be picketed starting July.