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  1. pegman

    Thepprasit or Thappraya area shooting range

    Thai Tong Elephant Park has a shooting range. Thepprasit Road at Soi 17 behind View Talay 2.
  2. Canada needs to let her go. Former Liberal Finance Minister Manley had it right when he stated the warrent should not have been honored. Then plead incompatance or some such mistake. To extradite there needs to be the same law in Canada and there is not. We do not have sanctions against Iran. The only reason the Americans do is because the Israel Lobby bought them with election contributions.
  3. New democratically elected gov in the next few months hopefully. Greens likely getting kickbacks from wine competitors. If the elections are fair changes will not be far off.
  4. pegman

    David's Kitchen Top 10 Worldwide

    Sorry, but only first letter correct.
  5. No, it is undergoing regular process. She is in a Vancouver court right now having a bail hearing.
  6. The GoFundMe for the players reached $15.2m before being capped. It was the 2nd largest of the year after the legal fund for #MeToo. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/12/06/humboldt-broncos-gofundme_a_23611071/?utm_hp_ref=ca-homepage
  7. Trudeau better keep in mind the Canadian public's hatred of Trump (9% approval) when deàling with this case. If they come to see this as doing Trump's bidding he will be in a mess of trouble come next fall's election. If the NDP leader had a clue he would be all over this. There needs to be a Caadian law that matches that of the country requesting extradition. Canada has no Iran sanctions. "According to the Extradition Act, a person must be facing charges for an offence considered criminal in both Canada and the country seeking extradition." https://www.thestar.com/vancouver/2018/12/06/what-we-know-and-dont-know-about-the-arrest-of-huawei-cfo-meng-wanzhou.html
  8. pegman

    David's Kitchen Top 10 Worldwide

    Tough crowd. It has Canadian lobster and Canadian Black Angus beef steak on the menu so can't be that bad. I'll be giving it a try my next time in CM. https://davidskitchen.co.th/menu/
  9. pegman

    David's Kitchen Top 10 Worldwide

    Good for you, myself I will go with the ordinary customers who are TripAdvisor posters over some snobby foodie critic.
  10. Great honour to Chiang Mai's David's Kitchen in making Trip Adviser's top 10 resturants in the world. This is a major achievement when you consider all the places in major countries like the USA, Germany and Japan placed lower. Any reviews or general comments from recent dinners? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/04/tripadvisor-just-revealed-the-worlds-best-restaurants.html