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  1. I think Bagdad Bob slipped up and told the truth more often than Spicie did. Maybe SNL can get a heavily makedup Joe Pesci for BS Tony.
  2. What is the reponce from Trump supporters? If that guy played by market economy rules he would pay a rate that would entice Americans to work there.
  3. What currency isn't stronger against the pound? Plenty more to fall too I would think.
  4. I think the over riding factor for Sessions was that he knew Trump would put him in a compromising position in regards to the Russian collusion case. That's obviously what he tried to do with Comey in asking for his loyalty. Talking about well played Mrs Abe got the short straw and had to sit next to the creep at the G-20 dinner. Her ploy for not having to speak to him was golden.
  5. Yes, Jimmy was in town here last week. He had a dehydration problem after sawing boards for an hour at a home building project. Sawing boards for an hour? At his age? Anyway he spent the night in the hospital then went straight back to the Habitat Project next morning. Great man.
  6. Not since 2003 like my comment reflected. All that other stuff could be gotten from the Far East. What do you find now a days in Thailand produced in the UK or USA?
  7. I think it is more about the chances of being cured. My dad had cancer and no way were the effects of treatment worth the extra time it gave him. Keeping people breathing just for the sake of it like Reagan was makes zero sense. Nancy must of had a screw loose to do that.
  8. Those are the guys that bring us Keith Olbermann's The Resistance podcast. Best commentary going on this Trump joke of a presidency.
  9. His health outlook is very dismal. Show a bit of empathy if you have that capacity. If not maybe just shut to #^<# up.
  10. Not just profit but healthcare executive pay in the stratosphere. No government guy in healthcare in Canada makes $47m.
  11. Well for one most countries negotiate fair prices with the pharmaceutical companies. The farcically corrupt American Congress made a law outlawing that.
  12. Unfortunate news that Senator McCain has brain cancer. Best of luck sir in your treatment.
  13. So how else is he to converse with Putin that will not be picked up by the spooks? Everyone he is close to will be watched. These guys would be desperate to cover their tracks so a private meeting is exactly what I would expect. All this advice about coming clean of any contacts presumes these guys are innocent. That is very unlikely. Expect more coverup and you will not be disappointed.
  14. I nominate Obama for the Nobel Prize for Medice.
  15. Something there as a non-American I don't get. What aspects of Medicare are not socialized medicine?