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  1. Mont Clair Red WIne

    Mont Clair seems now a lot more expensive than the Australian boxes or even 2 litre bottles by at least 50% .. unless the Australian wines go up in price how can Mont Clair survive .
  2. Mont Clair Red WIne

    About the same as buying by the bottle ?
  3. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Re Tesco Finest products come and go . Generally their cereals , jams , wines are in stock and good quality .. other items chocolate , frozen products and other items .. come and go .. I expect they have tesco brand teas in stock ..
  4. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Big C have a decent selection of fresh bread as does Tops ..
  5. French bread and Tescos finest.

    Bread factory now opposite the fresh market the same area ... I heard they also own Bar Baguette in Bophut which does very good sandwiches and food .. check the chocolate mousse .
  6. French bread and Tescos finest.

    last time I went there was not so good .... I think others are better ... In Nathon .. there is a Thai cafe ..which has fresh bread made daily .. past Tesco about 50 metres on the right .
  7. French bread and Tescos finest.

    The bakery at the traffic lights makes fresh bread and very good sandwiches .. plus other patisserie
  8. I did not find it easy .. In Thai and need to register ... I got the immigration office to do it for me .
  9. CNN Flies To Bangkok To Interview Hooker Who Claims To Know Trump's Dirty Secrets https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-06/cnn-flies-bangkok-interview-hooker-who-claims-know-trumps-dirty-secrets
  10. I don't think that is so easy now ..... in the past possibly . Incentives for signatures would need to be given I think .
  11. They was a period , some years ago , when untitled land was able to be legally upgraded .. Generally when papers are upgraded adjoining land owners have to agree borders ... however I expect if the same land owner owns one paper and some adjoining land that is untitled then the border can be 'moved' giving him a larger upgraded paper .. I expect this is accepted for small areas ...say 1/2 rai or less but not more and certainly not encroaching on somebody else's or forestry land . I have heard , in the past , of locals paying officials to upgrade illegally with cuts being taken on all sides on any sale ....
  12. Photos Of Chaweng Noi ? Is that land illegal ?
  13. Stickboy Bangkok‏ @StickboyBangkok FollowingFollowing @StickboyBangkok More Shooting on Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui this afternoon seen tourists flee in panic. (Pic cr.ทวีเมือง ch3)
  14. The Thai electorate's New Year wish

    'Thailand will hold a general election in November 2018, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Tuesday' https://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-politics/thai-junta-sets-firm-date-for-election-after-many-false-starts-idUSKBN1CF0M5