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  1. I am taking medication for HT and high Cholesterol , I started taking half a tablet a day about 6 months ago , told my cardiologist and she thought a good idea .. so still take it daily .. Very cheap and perhaps preventative .
  2. Article .. '4 ideas that could reverse the biology of ageing' ' In the end, the first ever anti-ageing drug likely to reach the market will be one we’re already familiar with: metformin. It’s used to treat diabetes, has been around since the 1950s and is used by tens of millions of people. In animals, metformin extends lifespan and maintains health, while population-wide studies show it reduces cancer risk. Metformin is thought to work by turning on an energy sensor in cells called “AMPK”, which senses situations of low energy and alters metabolism in response. The effect of metformin on health and lifespan in older, non-diabetic individuals is currently the subject of the TAME trial in New York. If successful, this trial may lead to the first ever “gero-protective” or “anti-ageing” pill, which would be taken as a widely-used prophylactic by the older population.' more
  3. 'Road users in low- and middle-income countries are more than twice as likely to die in a traffic accident than their counterparts in developed nations, according to World Health Organization data for 2013. Thailand has the world’s worst drivers, with a road-traffic death rate of 36.2 per 100,000 population.' ... continued
  4. Theresa May's chief of staff 'sat on' report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire
  5. Telegraph just tweeted The Telegraph‏Verified account @Telegraph 2m2 minutes ago More #GrenfellTower fire: Survivors 'still being found in tower block' …
  6. Key questions about the Grenfell Tower fire
  7. Yes I saw another resident saying the fire brigade initially had problems with water pressure in their hoses and has to run water from some way away .
  8. I worked in a hotel in London and can confirm fire regulations were very strict with an annual inspection . Not sure if the same rules apply to flats .. I lived in a flat for some time in docklands and never saw a fire inspection .. and only one exit ... which would not be allowed in a hotel . I saw reports this morning that initially residents were told to stay in their flats ..... horrific see this from residents warning sometime ago that an event like this was going to happen
  9. Perhaps they thought it was an antique and worth a fortune
  10. Three American tourists have been arrested this afternoon on Koh Phangan after a short hunt for the trio who stole a wooden elephant from outside a Koh Samui restaurant. Drew Davidson, John Johnson and Andrew Corso were stopped by police in a rented pickup with the stolen goods stashed in the back. The three were taken into custody and will be sent to Koh Samui where they committed the crime to be charged with theft. continued here ...
  11. Daflon or Daffomin ?
  12. Bangkok hospital have several good doctors ..
  13. I visited him a few months ago .. still in the same place . Had not heard that he had moved ..
  14. Local protests about pricing ..
  15. If you have a local account there is no withdrawal fee .