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  1. UnkleMoooose

    50 monkeys back home at Khao To Sae after steralisation

    Misleading. From the headline I thought this was about controlling Nigerian scammers.
  2. UnkleMoooose

    Man Falls Into Giant Hole After Stepping into It to Check if It’s Real

    How many of the 800 or so written languages and dialects should it have been written in then, to satisfy your particular H&S criteria?
  3. UnkleMoooose

    More Phuket monkeys to be sterilised next month

    From the headline I thought this was something to do with halting the proliferation of Nigerian scammers.
  4. I hope in prison the other inmates try to make him conceive. Vigorously.
  5. He's a photographer, not a wizard, there's nothing that will make that bride look good.
  6. UnkleMoooose

    Number plate auction, some results

    People who buy these are 5UCK3RS
  7. UnkleMoooose

    Worst floods in a century kill scores in India's Kerala

    So, a few turds washed away; plenty more left to replace them.
  8. UnkleMoooose

    SURVEY: Citizenship for all?

    Just because they're children; so what? Children are simply young adults, there's nothing special about them. If you start granting citizenship like this, the process will quickly become abused with parents procreating to take advantage of the system and gain status to stay and work for themselves and their extended families (I'm looking at you Rohingya). The current system is not broken; apply and wait, and if you're eligible, you get citizenship.
  9. If you replace the word "reunite" with the word "repatriate" then I would happily donate my miles. And some cash. In fact I would offer to fly the plane.
  10. I would not be interested in touring either of their cockpits.
  11. I would like to live in the country where running down police, and then dragging their corpses down the road is not a crime. For an hour or two anyway.
  12. 36k per day and you'll have a good life; 36k per week and you'll get by; 36k per month and that's subsistence living. Not enjoyable at all I would imagine.
  13. UnkleMoooose

    Young Man Suffers Spontaneous Pneumothorax After Morning Stretch

    I can cross this one off of my list of things I'm likely to get with the buxom figure I have.
  14. UnkleMoooose

    Belgian lawyer launches Trump-inspired anti-EU movement

    It's a little pitiful that we need the American big dogs to give this movement strength, credibility and organization, but, ultimately, whatever helps to bring the EU down is fine with me.
  15. UnkleMoooose

    Trump warns Iran to never threaten U.S.

    Iran has instigated this by threatening the US, and yet you claim that Mr Trump will be the one to start any potential conflict. Curious Liberal logic.