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  1. Why does the media describe people who have been cremated in a fire as "missing"? We know exactly where they are. You wouldn't describe a wooden table that disappears in the same fire as "missing".
  2. If you're a better person now, you must have been a massive douche before. See comments above.
  3. Almost 10 stitches. So 9 then. Nice needlework though.
  4. UnkleMoooose

    Thai man, 30, in alleged Phuket handgun suicide

    Shot himself in the head. Aiming for his brain but missed by 3 feet. At least he shot himself and didn't drag others in to it.
  5. UnkleMoooose

    Do you ever bump into people you know in BKK?

    "I squirted her in the face" Saves the bedsheets I suppose.
  6. Wang doesn't seem to have a wang. Asians I guess.............
  7. It's remarkable that the TV Super Sleuths have accepted the suicide verdict. Has the dog been questioned? Or was there just a little tea money paid....
  8. He's not even the funniest comedian in Bath. Just another product of the BBC/socialist nightmare disease infesting "culture" at the moment.
  9. UnkleMoooose

    Dozens hit out at ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ by forming human chain around mosque

    "Nearly" 100 people. Wow!! There must be a huge pro-Muslim sentiment coursing through the veins of the 1.6 million Tynesiders.
  10. Good riddance. Evil trash.
  11. Katoeys are in the news at least weekly for kicking the crap out of someone. Usually one on one too. They would potentially make great soldiers.
  12. UnkleMoooose

    Elephant kills farmer, 70, in Korat

    A couple of wais and a 500 baht fine and the elephant will be on his way. Now if that was a farang elephant....................
  13. If he gets Sophon Cable TV he probably died of boredom.
  14. Could be Roseanne Barr. She's gonna pop soon.
  15. UnkleMoooose

    Thailand can ignore the Rohingya crisis no longer

    If Thailand helps then the rabid dog that is Islam will bite the hand that feeds it.