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  1. As usual with these "proof" videos, the quality is extremely poor. That being said, I do believe I glimpsed sasquatch driving the UFO.
  2. Amateur Blacksmith Forges Coolest Barbecue Ever

    Unusual, yes. Cool, no.
  3. Nice to see the Thais disciplining their brats, especially males.
  4. 282kg!!?? He's not a smuggler, that's personal use!! A good Saturday night.
  5. 'Cyborg' fined after implanting Sydney travel card chip under his skin

    Seems unreasonable that he was fined for not having a ticket as he clearly had paid. However if they were to fine him for being a complete f*#ktard, then that's a different story.
  6. Here it is!! The most pointless article I'm likely to read today.
  7. Muslims. No sympathy for them.
  8. Maybe this was a discounted room, and he's just making a fuss, wants an upgrade.
  9. Self-Confessed Selfie Addict Takes 200 Photos of Himself Every Day

    You're staring at young girls at the swimming pool. Who is the weird one?
  10. This person Dan is bragging on another thread that he is the MD of some media group including Thai Visa. Maybe. But I suspect that it's now a one man band. As he has written every article today. And they are really not very good. At all.
  11. They are insignificant trash in their own countries, and want to pretend that they are somehow something more here.
  12. Turkey's President Tried To Comfort A Crying Little Girl And It Got A Bit Dark

    Muslim molests child. Yeah, that doesn't happen all the time.
  13. Big is beautiful at Nakhon Ratchasima pageant

    Could be held at any bar in Pattaya these days. Staff or patrons.