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  1. ..keep your head down.. if you are lucky they will send a new card to your Australian address if you still have one... Centerlink is hooked up to Immigration and knows everything they do... Medicare is NOT... I asked a question and got cut off.. be careful..
  2. Koh Samui 1982

    Thanks for posting these great shots.. My first visit was in 1979.. loved it... stayed in huts at the top end of Chowang.. beautiful clear water and lovely sandy beach.. the water is crappy now and the sand has been washed away exposing the rocks.. sad to see.. the middle of the island was just farming communities..
  3. Entire body hurting.

    ...good question... that can be one of the side effects of intolerance to statins.. worth checking side effects of any other drugs he may be taking..
  4. Luggage Storage at Mochit Bus Station.

    ..one floor up, I think .. between the toilets and food hall.. on the way to the bus platforms.. I don't know the cost but don't think it would be expensive..
  5. Thanks.. I've been here 11 years.. have it sorted..
  6. Jenny.. many guys like myself have been 'married' to our partners in a Buddhist ceremony.. in the eyes of family and community we are considered to be married.. but this marriage is not recognized by governments.. having a legal marriage doesn't change the relationship but makes it possible to get a marriage visa with less stringent requirements.. I've been happily 'married' for 11 years now by the Buddhist ceremony.. but it would make life easier if we were formally married...
  7. Yes.. I remember now.. I have a friend who retired early and lived here for a few years.. got married had a child.. built a small resort.. then had to go back and stay 2 years to get his pension!
  8. ...What is the 2 year rule?.. I haven't heard of this before.. I don't believe they can stop your pension for living overseas.. but you will loose Medicare cover if they find the you are no longer a resident of OZ..
  9. ...I don't think a Buddha wedding is going to get you a marriage visa.. is it?
  10. Good question.. I'm in the same situation.. you definitely looses some of your pension if they know you are married.. there was a similar question awhile back .. there was a link to Centerlink pension rates (sorry I've lost the link).. if I remember correctly you are right.. about $200 a fortnight.. Centerlink is hooked up with immigration.. they know everything immigration knows.. ...btw... Medicare isn't hooked up to immigration.. stupid me asked a question and got cut off.. be careful..
  11. Banning guns for the ferang... should be for the locals! An AK 47!!!! ... just happened to have one sitting around.. lol..
  12. Itchy arms.

    No... I don't mean Canesten... I mean Canasone CB ..anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory combined.. https://www.google.co.th/search?q=canasone&rlz=1C1GGRV_enTH748TH748&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjl0an9m-zWAhUNSo8KHXqBCbgQsAQIJQ&biw=1349&bih=634
  13. Itchy arms.

    A cream that I have found very effective is 'Canasone''.. a broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.. get it at your local pharmacy.. use sparingly.. 2 or 3 times a day after shower.. usually clears up in a day or two..
  14. What variety is white rice sold in supermarkets?

    ...often rice that is very cheap is old rice.. or rice that has a lot of broken rice grains.. old rice doesn't cook up as well and sometimes has very small bugs in it.. they can be removed by placing the rice on a tray and setting out in the hot sun for awhile.. broken rice is mostly used for 'khao thom'.. rice soup.. get a Thai to go rice shopping with you and explain the differences in price and quality.. I am learning very slowly by making mistakes that my wife points out.. :-)
  15. What variety is white rice sold in supermarkets?

    ..best to buy at the rice stalls at the local market rather than the big supermarkets.. there are many unusual varieties and some grown organically that fetch a premium price.. I'm happy with the 'khao gkong' in the markets..