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  1. The LAW says it is not illegal to seek refuge or asylum ... We will see how much respect Trump and his Republican mates have for the law when Muller files his report..
  2. Hang on.. the Zero tolerance policy was put in place by Trump & Miller (with Steve Bannon's tutelage) & the little creep Sessions.. why were children not incarcerated in concentration camps separated from their parents under previous administration if that was the law? The proper place for parents and children is in detention centers while they wait for their applications to be processes not concentration camps and prison... it is not illegal to seek refuge..
  3. ...I repeat.. local consulates do not give out visas.. ALL go through Thai embassy in Canberra.. consulates can help with forms but you have to send to the Thai embassy..
  4. Laza 45

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    ..just depends who you chose to hang out with.. no chat about bar girls.. or bikes with my friends.. we drink beer mostly but always on the look out for a nice wine.. I've got a big extended Thai family that I like a lot but they aren't a lot of company for me.. I'm really not all that into getting pissed on lao khao and I don't understand a lot of Thai.. so prefer an evening out with my ferang friends..
  5. Laza 45

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    I have a couple of groups of friends.. one group gets together at a nice coffee shop (it has recently been renovated).. in a local hotel.. every Thursday.. sometimes there are 3 or 4 sometimes more.. depending on who is around.. some come from villages quite far away some live near the town.. a good opportunity to catch up and solve problems like which is the best way to watch the football.. where is there a good Dr or dentist.. etc etc.. the ladies do a bit of shopping.. and eating.. of course.. not many of us go every week but it is a good way to catch up.. I like it better than going to a bar... I have another group of friends.. we sometimes get together at each other's homes for a BBQ.. party.. meal.. whatever... Sometimes we meet at a restaurant that we like (there are quite a few).. again for a meal ...an afternoon or evening out & conversation.. our ladies all come along and eat and talk ..of course.. Good friends.. good company and a nice break from the day to day routine that we all seem to create for ourselves.. and an opportunity to discuss our projects, plans & problems.. Always enjoyable..
  6. Ho!.. been there done that.. for many years..
  7. ....driving stoned is not any better.. how do they enforce that?
  8. Now that you mention it.. Luang Prabang in Laos is a good place for a short holiday.. fly return from Don Muang for as little as 4,000 Bt.. Nice riverside world heritage town with a French feel..lots of nice restaurants .. good food.. a lot of interesting places to explore nearby..
  9. Ubud.. would be good.. forget the rest of the place.. unless you want it really quiet.. Nusa Lembogan is nice.. easy to get from Sanur..
  10. That doesn't sound good.. perhaps get checked for Dengue.. I rarely get sick here.. in my 12th year now.. occasionally I get an upset stomach but it usually passes quite quickly.. My wife works at a school and sometimes brings home colds but more often than not I don't get them. I do get a flu shot each year and haven't had the flu for many years.. by and large I am better off here than in Australia.. For hot weather drink lots of water.. a couple of liters a day. Lots of showers to cool down. Itchy heat rash is a common problem from hot humid weather.. a cortisone cream will usually clear it up reasonably quickly.. follow instructions. Snake Brand powder helps too.
  11. Well.. that could well be the case.. if it seems to be too good to be true .. it probably isn't...
  12. 25k a month isn't bad here.. plus a few perks.. you can't compare with a developed western country... opportunities like this are few and far between here.. she should go for it!