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  1. Yep.. that is why on my whiteboard above my desk it says 90 Day report due Sept 18... SEND by Sept 8th... easy..
  2. ..or just some goons with jackets with 'Police' on the back..
  3. Just a walking in the rain.

    That is it!... that is why you see them running around with plastic bags on their head.. must not get the hair wet..
  4. The Future, Electric Cars

    I just read an article a couple of days ago that recorded voice warnings are planned to be used... Japanese models..'please be aware that you are in danger..'... BMW... 'f*** off...'...
  5. The Future, Electric Cars

    Good point.. most charging will be done at night/off peak times... making the grid more efficient.. within 10 years most of the electricity will be coming from renewables with gas as an expensive backup..
  6. Been here 10 years haven't had a day yet when I couldn't buy a beer..
  7. I once did a workshop about dealing with people nearing the end of their life.. to the question 'what is the greatest achievement of your life'.. the overwhelming response is 'my children'..
  8. where to "zone out"

    For sure.. the train is old, not very comfortable.. and it rambles along.. but I enjoy the pace and being away from highways and traveling with the locals.. It isn't a long journey.. I can't remember just how long but 3 hours +??... The bus would get you there quicker... and a van quicker still.. if you don't mind the risk of getting a crazy driver...
  9. where to "zone out"

    We took the train to Kanchanburi.. a bit of an adventure but fun.. the floating resorts on the River Kwai Noi are very relaxing.. not cheap but worth shopping around.. a trip up the river in a long-tail boat is great.. beautiful scenery.. no roads along the river and some nice parks.. waterfalls into the river and small villages.. I'd like to go again..
  10. where to "zone out"

    That looks interesting.. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Khong+Chiam+District&rlz=1C1GGRV_enTH748TH748&oq=Khong+Chiam+District&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. where to "zone out"

    My son and I just found a guesthouse by the river.. it was all in Thai so I don't know the name.. if you are planning to be there over a weekend I'd book something in advance as it can get quite busy with locals.. there are quite a few to choose from if you Google Chiang Khan.. a room with a river view is good.. enjoy!
  12. where to "zone out"

    I haven't been for years.. but yes.. a good place to chill out..
  13. where to "zone out"

    Chiang Khan in Loie province.. relax by the big river.. good food, nice market and great scenery... Air Asia has a flight from Don Muang to Loie and a van connection to Chiang Khan.. not may ferang tourists but weekends can be busy with local visitors..
  14. I don't think it makes a lot of difference how big or small it is.. if it is an expensive item .. shop more... easy..
  15. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.. your advice is much appreciated.. I think I have things sorted now.. :-)