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  1. by post.. easy..
  2. I think you are on the right track.. 118/70 is good.. 135/80 is getting to the upper limit where I like mine to be.. the systolic pressure is the important one.. (higher number).. diastolic is less important according to my Dr.. unless it is so low that you fell faint when you stand up.. The American Society of Hypertension is recommending systolic pressure as low as 110 for older people.. the reason being that as we age our blood vessels loose their elasticity and we are more at risk of stroke.. keep up the good work.. For how low is too low Google it.. here is one article from Mayo Clinic that I thought is interesting and informative...
  3. ...I have had a few experiences that have made me skeptical of pb readings in clinics and hospitals.. and I have had experiences where I have trusted them.. I have had a Dr take a reading with the cuff askew and recorded a high reading and had him brush it off and not check again.. sometimes the machines are old and I have my doubts of them being re-calibrated... Please note my criticism is not a general criticism of Thai hospitals.. I and my family have had good treatment on a number of occasions.. I am cautious.. not paranoid.. When I first discovered that my bp was on the high side a Thai Dr prescribed a medication to lower it.. when next I visited my regular Dr in Australia he said that the medication I had been give had not been used in Australia for 10 years.. and never as a first choice for someone like myself newly diagnosed and moderate increase in bp.. I recommend caution...
  4. I don't trust the blood pressure monitors at clinics or hospitals.. I have my own that I bought from Lazada.. 800 Bt.. I check my bp regularly.. Be aware that your bp goes up and down all the time.. depending on many factors.. by checking it yourself you can establish a pattern and get a better idea of whether or not it is normal.. try to make the check at about the same time of day each time you check it.. I do mine in the morning while I am relaxed.
  5. ...I love the pointing photo!... Haha... 'looks like a girl...'
  6. ..the live TV is actually the main reason I want it.. my wife has PSI set up.. I can't stand it..
  7. So what is the alternative?... Netflix?
  8. Zoomtak comes loaded with Kodi which is a streaming service.. see the answer to my question about Kodi above... :-)
  9. I found this site with a Zoomtak T8 Plus 2 for 3,790 Bt.. ($151 AU).. there are cheaper streaming boxes on Lazada but this one sounds like top of the line... would be good to hear from someone who has one...
  10. ...not too good t be true.. but an expensive box.. 4.000 BT in Thailand... I just checked your link.. $129 US.. if you can get it from the US a good buy.. I've been looking at this one .. good reviews..
  11. ..sounds like my good wife too.. never causes a hassle.. likes nice things but never spends much.. likes to work to have her own money.. keeps me in line in a gentle way.. best thing that ever happened for me..
  12. I've heard that said... 'young guys only want to boom boom all the time.'.. not sure they do any better with old guys.. ...many have had a bad experience with Thai guys.. not working, spending the housekeeping.. unfaithful, drinking too much lao khao etc.... they see a ferang with a steady income as a better option.. pretty common, I think..
  13. Thank you.. much appreciated..