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  1. 220Bt for a withdrawal is definitely a scam.. the cost to the banks for a withdrawal is negligible ... but since consumers have no power they will gouge as much as they can.. I take cash advance over the counter whenever I can.. but even there my thinking is that they make up the difference by giving you a crap rate... lol..
  2. saw people eating expensive food.. therefor there are no poor people..'... now there is logic for you duh!
  3. I think it is sometimes forgotten that we are living in a developing 3rd world country... 1 pickup truck in a family is a luxury.. many can not afford more than a motorbike.. they know filling the back of the pickup is dangerous as they know 4 on a motorbike is dangerous.. but when that is all they have what else can they do?.. Things must and will change but this is a very difficult transition for many poor families to deal with.. they are not stupid... just poor...
  4. ....that sounds right.. but but the Sakon Nakon immigration quoted 60k... and no combination... my pension falls just short of 60k with low exchange rate at the moment.. he said I would need 800k ... no combination.. unfortunately Sakon Nakon is my appointed immigration office.. thanks for the reply..
  5. ...I was told 60 at Sakon Nakon immigration 3 weeks ago... 40k if you are married... i suggest checking with your local immigration center...
  6. If you are simply leaving before the end of your 1st year and returning directly there is o need for money in the bank... if you want an extension at the end of the 2nd year you need proof of 60k income per month.. 40k if you are married or the 800k in a bank here.. if you renew your visa in Canada no need for money in Thailand... I have been doing this for years without a problem.. I renew mine in Australia... if your OA is multi entry you are covered for your border run.. if not you may need to buy one ..1,000 Bt (I think).. if your OA is multi entry you loose your entries for 2nd year.. but.. again you can buy one if you need to..
  7. Thank you Khun Jean... this is interesting to me.. my wife although much younger than me wants me to take a lease on our house in case she should meet a premature end.. we have a good family and wouldn't expect any problems but she wants to make sure for my benefit..
  8. Yes.. that is true.. a multi is just convenient if you plant to go out during the visa time...
  9. That is correct... go home get an OA non immigrant visa... multi entry.. at the end of first year do a border run before the visa runs out and get another year (no entries.. you have to buy one if you want to make a trip in the 2nd year).. I have been doing this for years... no money in Thailand.. or.. you can get an extension if your income (pension) is at least 60,000 Bt.... 40,0000 if you are married..
  10. I just did some checking... for Matyom (High School) in out town.. with 4 or 5 big schools .. the #2 school where we sent our daughter there are several levels of fees.. depending on class size, subjects offered and the standard of teachers you get.. the top level would cost about 10,000 a term per child plus uniforms and books... so at that rate there wouldn't be much change out of your 30,000 for 2 high school students.. ... a lower level would be considerably cheaper and for Pathom (elementary) it would be cheaper still.. so a bit difficult to make an educated guess on what it would cost her for her 2 kids unless you know the level of education she expects and their ages.. 30,000 would be top of the range.. here anyway...
  11. 30,000 Bt for school fees for 2 kids???? Keep you money and run!
  12. Spirit of Songkran..
  13. Did you see the photo of backpackers swimming in the flood water on Khao San Rod 2 or 3 months ago? !!! Dog paddle in the dog shit!! Yuk!