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  1. Leburn

    Good Web site to rent house near Pattaya

    Unsecured deposit, yes I know, I have been stolen twice now. I will try to rent a house from a farang if I can, Thanks
  2. Leburn

    Good Web site to rent house near Pattaya

    Yes, thanks. I just feel that they want to lead me to the house they want me to rent. They don't bother of what I ask, they just want to lead me. Good thing that doctors and dentists here are not minded like that. LOL
  3. Leburn

    Good Web site to rent house near Pattaya

    You are so right. Same same in Canada...
  4. Leburn

    Good Web site to rent house near Pattaya

    Yes, that's what I'm doing now and I ask friends to help me now... Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a house to rent around Pattaya and I find very annoying site or agent to find house. Last experience I had was houses visited (one with two bed and the other 4 bed for 13000 and 15000 per month) which were simply shit holes that I wouldn't rent for 10,000. When I asked to see houses shown it is already rented. When I want to visit another house they don't even know that house is in their data. I had one agent that was saying that the owner was impossible to reach and I couldn't visit the house because it was somewhere lust around 1 km away from the office. I'm fed up with those ............ ( put the word you want there). Is their a easier way or any sites I can find and contact directly the renter or am I doom? Thanks for help, Bruno
  6. I think the problem is easier when we see the final result. When you finish reading a police novel (Agatha Christie and others), you find obvious when you see puzzle pieces in place. When Balfour's family and friends were searching Steve, they never thought he would be dead at the moment and they reported him as missing. It's only two weeks after they fear that Steve was probably dead. On the other side, they had that man dead drunk with a ladyboy on Walking Street. Even Balfour's family could not link the unknown dead farang could be Steve, they were aware of that dead farang because the news was widely spread. More, they knew that Steve has no identity with him and the dead man on Walking Street too and no one had linked the two affairs. From what I've heard, police does not give informations about this case, not even the name of the ladyboy implicated. I wouldn't be surprise that they are investigating seriously this case. Remember the Erawan shrine bomber, journalists were complaining that police were not given enough infos...
  7. This is the first time I see a Thai going against a group. In my eyes, this Thai seems to be not a coward like most of other Thai. In another point of view, I like the way Indians answered to the police. They have used the same strategy Thai are using when they beat tourists. I think those Indians must stick together as long they stay in Pattaya...
  8. Both are saying the truth. The driver got beserk when he saw the 7 Indians leaving without paying. He was so angry, but realised that he was alone against 7 Indians, so he find a rock to attack them. The Indians has no choice to defend themselves...
  9. Thank you all for your reply, I will do my work now. Thanks again
  10. I have a container that will arrive at Leam Chabang wharf near Pattaya. It is my personals household (all used furnitures and cloth). I need an agent that could help me for custom administration. Can someone suggest me a good enterprise or agent to help me do the job fast without hassle. Thanks,
  11. Leburn

    Long hardisk screw need

    Thanks for the infos, I will have a look.
  12. Leburn

    Long hardisk screw need

    Hi, I have an Antec comp/case which use spacerscrew to cut vibration. It is regular screws but longer with a space at the end of the screw without thread. I would be glad to find those kind of screws, but regular longer screws that are 3/4" long would do. Any suggestions where I can find long screws for harddisk. I live in Pattaya but I can travel to Bangkok. Thanks for your help