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  1. @ lokie .................Thx for providing the definitive answer to this oft asked question. The people who have questioned where the 90 day limit for use of home license comes from have the answer above and should ask themselves how long can a "visitor" to THEIR home country drive on a foreign license ??? if you live/stay in Thailand continually for more than 90 days -----get a thai license ---one for car plus one for motorbike. Then you should have no problem in court .....which is what the OP asked .
  2. so what the Op is really asking is can he have 2 (TWO) registered places of residence at the same time ? I cant give an answer ....but if it were permitted .....wouldnt it make the whole 90 day reporting, Tm30, TM 28 system really redundant ( even thou we all know that it already is redundant). I imagine the OP would just need to hope that the 2 immigration offices dont have data sharing....and keep one quiet from the other, but I wouldnt like to think how it would be handled if the 2 were matched up.
  3. surely they will quickly find his " real hotel room" as the hotel will have completed the correct paperwork to advise immigration that he is staying there (TM 30)...........if no passport /wallet etc found in room do they know his name ??
  4. cant he just state that he had his NEW Thai passport mailed to him overseas......when he first uses it to enter Thailand also stating that it was his FIRST Thai passport. Slightly off topic but back in the last century I lived in london for 6 yrs . I am an Australian with an aussie passport . After living in london for 12 months I applied for ( what was then called ) a British visitors passport. It was basically just a 3 fold cardboard id card ....but permitted me to travel thru europe without visa's ( in very early days of the EU.) When I was finally leaving England for good to return to Aust , I told the Immigration officer at Heathrow that according to their records I had left the country about 10 times but never returned as I used the Aussie passport to leave the country and the British visitors passport to return as the queue there was always quicker he just looked at me with a perplexed smile and waved me on.
  5. I am doing this right now . Have an extension to stay based on retirement for Thailand and am currently back " home" working. I will return to Thailand in May to re-new my extension of stay.......( yes , I have a re-entry permit)....then return "home" to continue working for a while. What happens outside Thailand .....stays outside Thailand. <deleted>
  6. Many people obtain a re-entry permit at the same time that they re-new their permission to stay....whether they have immediate plans to travel or not. For many it is a contingency plan ( just in case something happens and they need to travel)...and the cost is irrelevant. saves the hassle should something happen and you need to travel at short notice.
  7. Does she come in Blonde...........................?????
  8. My last extension of stay ( based on retirement) at Udon Thani office was placed under review for 30 days ( even thou I was applying 28 days EARLY) in effect 60 days of under review as they took it from the date is was due not the date I applied for it. There was an opportunity to " speed it up ' for a consideration which I declined. I am due to get my next extension in May . Will be interesting to see how things go this time .
  9. It would seem that many TV members have only ONE image of the term "Rape". In some countries physical contact with a female without her express consent can be considered ...rape. A male does not have to remove his clothes to commit ................................rape. The western concepts of rape and sexual assault have a very fine line between them. Any contact by this man without her consent is not only illegal but also immoral. She expected a massage..............he offered more and it was not consented to. he obviously did not ASK he just made an ( incorrect) assumption as to what was wanted................or he simply wanted to fulfill HIS fantasy. Either way the only person in the wrong is HIM.
  10. Why not stop to wonder ....why has your ex has not reported this or why she doesnt seem worried by this . It is NOT something you should get involved with..........let sleeping dogs sleep.
  11. As has been stated by others .....get more drunk next time so that not only will you not feel the assault, but you wont even remember it either. That or go home earlier...........any other action you take now so long after the event will be of absolutely no benefit to anyone.
  12. Seems that you are doing the reverse of what many do FROM Thailand ....doing visa runs INTO Thailand ( whilst usually most people do visa runs OUT OF Thailand.). Unfortunately however this WILL NOT be taken into consideration by Thai immigration on your next visit. as stated by will need to find a longer term solution to your situation.
  13. why do so many people find this so hard to are only required to do a 90 day report if you stay in Thailand CONTINUOUSLY for 90 days or more. Leave the country , even for 1 day , and the requirement to do a 90 day report restarts from the day that you re-enter the kingdom . YOU must keep track of the date that you will be required to report by. The need for a re-entry permit is an entirely different matter......................the permit just keeps your current permission to stay ( on whatever grounds) alive for the remaining duration of that permission to stay.
  14. I many others here will make a few assumptions here with no facts to base them on . Most likely the taxi was driving at around the legal speed .. he HAD NO CHOICE but to merge into the lane on the main highway......He assumed that traffic in that lane on the highway would be travelling at or around the legal speed....if so he would/should have no trouble merging into that traffic flow. Unfortunately the blue pick up was obviously travelling well above the speed what in many countries is known as the " low speed lane".......the pick up didnt try to slow down to allow room for the taxi to merge..and found his only escape route ( to the next lane on the right ) was also blocked. What no-one seems to mention or consider ....if you consider the very start of the video ...........the camera car moves to the middle lane ...possibly because he saw the pick up coming up behind him at high speed . After the pick up goes past the camera car it moves back to the left. Some blame could be placed on the camera car because if it had stayed in the left lane the pick up would have had to have slowed down or move to the right where there was already slower traffic at the start of the video which just might have prevented the blue pick up from continuing its Kamakazi drive.
  15. searching for the " bandy league"right now