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  1. It seems to depend on the office you use ( like many things here). My experience is almost 12mths old now but last year I left the kingdom and when I returned this was a HOT I went to my local office ( Udon Thani) within 24hrs to report my RETURN to the same address I had used for the previous 3 years of ( retirement) extensions of stay/90 day reports / arrivals card etc. Imm officer looked at the paper and threw it in garbage saying " not needed if returning to address we ALREADY have on file. But as I say ....different offices ---different rules. Why not just ASK at your local office.
  2. of course the question here is they want one from the Thai police or from your home country ????
  3. I wouldnt suggest stapeling any banknote to my I dont think it would still be there when I got my passport back ......
  4. @Bazza...I have taken normal Thai public bus from swampy to don muang before.....airport shuttle to transport centre then bus #55 to Don Muang - it stops on highway outside the Don Muang airport next to railway station and overhead walkway. Never has it taken longer than 90 mins and this is normal public bus with regular stops for pick up and drop off with normal traffic conditions . Fare was ( from memory about 35b) toll roads...just standard public bus route. can be a little difficult with large baggage thou.
  5. No-one seems to complain about a Chinese naval vessel shadowing US navy assets during the recent exercises off the Australian coast this week. Dont know why the USA didnt just put up a growler to Jam all the chinese vessel's radar systems.
  6. The return airline ticket is ONLY really an issue with check in at your airport/airline of departure ( and seems to be mainly a USA airline issue ---never had a problem with it travelling FROM Australia). If it is raised at check-in request politely to talk to a supervisor --the check in staff simply follow pre-determined guidelines. Advise the supervisor that your intentions after arriving in Thailand and being granted entry on a visa exempt entry ( as you are entitled to ...and there is NO REASON for it not to happen) intend to travel Thailand for 30 days and leave BY LAND to neighbouring countries and then eventually return to USA from one of those countries, but at present your plans are not set in stone . The airline might ask you to sign a waiver of them having any liability should you NOT be granted entry to thailand.
  7. Australian passports are issued with a two pocket plastic cover. the passport slides into one pocket , the other on issue has info for travellers. When I returned to Thailand in May 2017 with my new passport, I had my old passport in one of the pockets and the new passport in the other my re-entry stamp and permission to stay stamp were in the old passport and I knew that I would need to show both upon arrival in Thailand.
  8. when will people learn to READ the OP before making a comment. To the OP should NOT have an issue at Singapore as you will not actually go thru passport control there...if you are only in transit and stay within the airport. I dont think you will have any problems leaving you are leaving they will not Australia they cannot refuse you entry and will probably advise you to get a new passport ---thats if you actually see or talk to an immigration officer there...I havent been to gold coast airport for a long time ...but Brisbane is virtually all automatic gates these days.
  9. @ wgdanson ....never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. It will give you something to complain about on TVF later on.
  10. @ Owl sees all .....................I have used the Udon Thani immigration office for the last 4 years. never had a problem with obtaining a new permission to stay each year..........all paperwork correct, bank account with 800,000B on fixed term deposit with no movement of money( never asked to produce my other bank book showing day to day living cash movement), usually in and out each year within 90mins to 2 hrs max. This year ( may 2017) , I had a new passport so had to have visa info entered into new passport ( from old passport)+ new permission to stay + re-entry permit ( always get one with each re-newal just in case)...all done in just over 2 hrs and with a smile. I did have a little chuckle however when I entered thailand in may to do this re-newal. I entered at Swampy on 3th may on a re-entry permit and a permission to stay which ended on 6th may. The IO at swampy after carefully checking my passport ...said " stay only 3 days". he seemed disappointed when I agreed with him as I knew I would obtain my extension on 5th May.....
  11. I feel that Britim ( post #4) has the right answer to this question. The only place that Thailand can be CERTAIN will allow you entry is your home passport country. So that is where you will be " sent" as your home country MUST let you in. If you "choose" to go to another country and they refuse you entry ...then surely THEY will send you back to Thailand ...and the saga begins again. Logic says you are sent to your home country.............for this reason.
  12. Why is this subject so hard for many people to understand. You ONLY have to do a 90 day report if you REMAIN IN THE KINGDOM FOR 90 OR MORE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Leave the kingdom , for any length of time and you no longer need to do a report . return to the kingdom and you are required to do a report 90 days from the date that you return ......with the day of your arrival being day #1. It REALLY is that simple.
  13. Just wondering if the OP;'s appearance had any influence on the IO's were you dressed on arrival, what is your physical appearance. I know it should NOT be an influence....but cant help but wonder ????
  14. a member with over 2000 posts and he cant google airport link /Bts/ Mrt for an easy to read map. As stated above ....see post #4 from Rhodie...simple and easy IF YOU AVOID PEAK TIMES.........done it many times myself. A pain if you have large checked luggage but do-able. When you swap from airlink to MRT make sure you head the right direction.......ONE stop to Asoke...(if first stop not Asoke you have gone the wrong direction) I have stayed at .....Paradiso Boutique Suites ( 11-12 Sukhumvit Soi 10) a 10 minute walk ( if you walk slowly) from Asoke station....just a few meters off Sukhumvit Rd...close to Terminal 21 and soi cowboy ( if that is your scene). It is guest friendly and actually does have a back door ( leads to a nearby pool & beer bar ( watch out those ladies play a mean game of pool))
  15. Havent read all the comments ...but at least in the ones I have read no one has suggested this is anything more than an accident. Thank god the TVF detective agency hasnt decided to further investigate this one.