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  1. An ex - prime minister is charge over a rice scheme that went wrong ....any chance of anyone being charged over this fiasco ........
  2. I ONLY ever use Bells bus service from swampy. They drop you off at the North Pattaya bus station AND transfer you to a mini bus to take you to your hotel door. A little more expensive than the other bus(es) mentioned above ....but door to door service, fast , efficient and safe. http://www.belltravelservice.com/shared-transfer/
  3. Just one other thing for the OP to consider ........if planning to live long term in Chiang Mai . Chiang Mai has a very large ex-pat population and FUTURE dealings with the local immigration office there are ( apparently) a nightmare. I dont live there , so only going on reports from others . But it seems that even for the simplest dealings with Immigration in Chiang Mai means queueing up from VERY VERY early in the morning. My local immigration office is usually in and out in less than 1/2 hour (depending on what you need to do ) almost any time of the day .
  4. Copy of TM30 required for 90 Day reporting ?

    As always with Thaialnd ...it depends on your local office or the I/O you see on the day. I have NEVER had to produce one in Udon Thani. Last year when I did a trip " home" to australia and returned this was a hot topic ..so I and the GF went to local office to report my RETURN from Australia. Told ....dont need as address same as on computer( from 90 day reports , from extensions to permission to stay based on retirement , from arrivals card at swampy innigration) as it had been for 3 years. disclaimer .......your experience may differ
  5. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Thanks for that example ..Gregster....ONE bar out of how many million in the world. I have never stated that it doesnt happen somewhere in the world ...just that it is NOT standard common practice in most countries except SE Asia. In my 60 years I have travelled a bit and in MY EXPERIENCE it most certainly is NOT THE NORM but if you are happy to " run a tab" so be it ......just dont complain when it has been " padded".
  6. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Perhaps " tabs" exist for known/regular customers ...and /or the ability to charge to you room account if you are a guest ...BUT I sincerley doubt that the run of the mill bar in the street operates a tab for a walk in unknown customer......but then I dont spend ALL my time in bars when I travel so fell free to prove me wrong .
  7. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Just wondering in how many NON_ ASIAN countries do people run a "bin" or similar tab system---i m sure the answer would be NOT MANY. I manager pubs/bars/clubs in Australia.....and it is ALWAYS a pay as you drink basis ......why should thailand be different. if you are really feeling generous - you can always leave all that loose coin as a tip.
  8. Australia already has enough of its own corrupt politicians ( like most other countries).... we dont need other countries discards thank you very much .
  9. Just a small side point to this discussion ...the 3 times I have used friendship bridge at nong khai.....you had to take the bus across the bridge . I have NEVER seen anyone walking over the bridge..................and I wouldnt want to in the northern thai heat and humidity. from I/o booths to I/O booths must be at least 1.5 - 2 km. And just for anyone else that is commenting here but has NEVER actually been there.....it is VERY VERY easy to just walk in, completley bypassing the I/O booths if you so desire.
  10. @wim1954 ...of course everyone one is entitled to post in this forum . I am just saying ...why would a newbie who obviously knows nothing post something in contradiction to the resident expert. If you wish to have a medical condition diagnosed by a motor mechanic that is your choice ...me I prefer to listen to a medical professional. On this subject Ubonjoe is the undoubted expert........but you can of course feel free to listen to the obviously incorrect comments of anyone that you chose. Just dont come running back to this forum when you follow incorrect advice or information.
  11. I always laugh when a NEWBIE comes along and contradicts the advice of Ubonjoe. For the benefit of ...Poolmaster ....Ubonjoe IS NEVER WRONG. Any questions in this forum on visa's, immigration regs etc ...everyone should just stand back and let Ubonjoe answer it when he has time.
  12. I was under the belief that you had to complete a TM6 ...no matter how you enter the country .. If you arrive by plane the cabin crew give you a blank TM 6...if you arrive by land ...you "FIND" one at the border and fill it in. Then , obviously, after you have filled in the TM6 you go hand it in to an immigration officer. He will stamp the "arrivals " part of the card and give you the other part for when you depart. If you "avoid" this step in the entry process....you will surely have trouble at some time in the future.
  13. Visa expires on weekend

    why all the scaremongering .......he is entitled to apply on the Monday, so as long as he has all the correct documentation there will be no problem. Why would anyone presume he might have upset some Thai hi-so, why would anyone presume the IO might be difficult......why all the negative all the time........a lot of people here must live a miserable life in Thailand with their glass half empty attitude.
  14. Tell me .....is the Thai flight direct , is the KLM flight direct ......if not -then why compare apples with oranges. 7hrs with Thai .....9 1/2 hrs with KLM ( with a stop over........ KLM arrive at 9.45 PM.....Thai arrive 6.50AM For the relatively SLIGHTLY more expensive Thai flight........I would much prefer direct flight arriving in the morning. For me with ANY flight ...the arrival time at destination is the most important factor.
  15. cmon guys ...the tourist numbers for Pattaya will always remain high ...-----at least until they do that re-development of walking street as reported yesterday......then the numbers will really plummet. And the "high-end" ladies can stroll Thailand's " rodeo drive in pattaya"......to buy their (fake) gucci, chanel etc in peace without the hordes of sex- tourists.