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  1. It's quite simple, the person walking didn't check properly see if it was clear and wasn't paying attention to where she was walking, the cyclist wasn't riding in a primary position, which you should on that road, probably because she was aware of the bus approaching behind, the bus itself didn't give sufficient passing distance. Remove any one of those factors and no one dies, everyone has a responsibility for each other's safety. I don't see the parallel to this thread, simply because in the other it wasn't the cyclists fault, whereas this one the OP admitted he made a mistake that resulted in his accident. The insurance/treatment issue is a different matter entirely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. And how is that related to this post?
  3. But it's only a short drive
  4. Just to point out the CX-5 is comparable to the CR-V. The equivalent Mazda to the HR-V is the CX-3 and unsurprisingly is in the same price range.
  5. Happens every day for me, Google will say 54-59 min, actual journey time in normal rush hour traffic is 90-110min. If there is an accident/rain/someone farted in the wrong direction then that can become 3 hours. In every case google will say 54-59min. I would think that it wouldn't be too hard for Google to use historical data as well as realtime traffic data to predict journey times (my cars onboard navigation system does this and gets it right to within 10min, so it is possible) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Google is rarely right in Bangkok, I drive here daily, from my kids school to the office it will say 54min, following the same route as Google will always get me to my destination anything from 30min to 1.5 hours later than it predicted at the start of the journey. It is in fact completely useless to rely on in terms of journey times. It will also route you incorrectly as well, as it is also unaware that some junctions and directions of travel are closed during peak times. Don't trust technology too much, it's not infallible.
  7. You can get the same brands here as the U.K. The only benefit to buying in the U.K. is that for the higher end models, they are often cheaper than locally. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Well they'll be riding like that for their and your safety. If you don't understand why, and 30 sec of your time is worth more than the lives of those cycling then you're the one that shouldn't be on the road. Try googling why cyclists cycle 2 abreast, note that in some countries it's also recommended in the Highway Code.
  9. Durianrider and his friends are in the minority, you shouldn't paint everyone with the same brush, just because one is an arse...
  10. Yep, what CNXBKKMAN said, most important measurement is your cycling inseam, which is not the same as your trouser inseam: Start by removing your shoes. Stand with your back against the wall, feet about shoulder width apart. Put a large book between your legs, with it’s spine firmly up against your crotch. Have someone measure from the floor to the spine of the book. Jot down your inseam in inches (in) or centimeters (cm).
  11. It's better to set yourself a budget unless you're happy to spend 500k+, which is quite easy in a high end bike! A decent Aluminum framed roadbike with a carbon fork will set you back from 25-70k depending on component spec, a decent carbon framed roadbike from a major manufacturer starts from 45k upwards. What is more important is how tall you are, if you need a frame size larger than 56cm your choice becomes very limited and 60cm+ will normally require a special order with a 3-6 month waiting time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Well if you read the article properly, it clearly states it will be fully open from 6am Thursday, so it wouldn't be fully open today...
  13. I just needed copies of my passport to register the car, you only need the WP if you're applying for finance to purchase the car, along with Bank statements, salary slip and proof of salary from your company. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Funny though that the only time I've had an accident that resulted in significant time off the bike, it happened at the Skylane. That place is full of brainless idiots more concerned with taking selfies than paying attention to what people are doing around them. In my case, stupid person just decided to pull out into the "fast" lane when I was less than a meter behind giving me nowhere to go except in to them. I would also agree that the track is exceptionally tedious, I ride my bike to get out and enjoy myself, the Skylane robs you of any pleasure from cycling at all. I personally find the roads to be much safer, and at least in the area of Bangkok that I live and ride, the vast majority of riders are courteous to cyclists.
  15. At least you live to realize your mistake, to help you might want to consider investing in a Garmin Varia Radar, I've found it incredibly useful for notifying me not only if something is behind but how fast they are approaching too. Wish you well on your recovery and are back on the bike soon.