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  1. At least you live to realize your mistake, to help you might want to consider investing in a Garmin Varia Radar, I've found it incredibly useful for notifying me not only if something is behind but how fast they are approaching too. Wish you well on your recovery and are back on the bike soon.
  2. That was the race during which Mike Hall was killed whilst leading. I was following it live when his tracking beacon stopped moving at an unusual place. He just mentioned in an interview the night before that he couldn't see properly at nighttime...RIP
  3. If you extract the accident data, you'll find that deaths of cyclists on Thailand's roads is around the same as the U.K. The vast majority of road deaths are motorcycles/scooters, if these are excluded, Thailands roads actually come out not so badly in the global rankings. And to your point about mirrors, I find it just as quick to glance over my shoulder, than look in the mirror. If I'm riding somewhere where I feel I need more, as I stated earlier, I use a Garmin Varia Radar, which is far superior to any mirror. Anyway you're beating a dead horse, some people want to use mirrors, some people don't. It is their choice and neither choice indicates someone as being more intelligent or stupid. That's the last I'll say on this, as it's borne talking in circles with nothing new being added to the discussion.
  4. Hardcore roadies have mirrors? You're having a laugh, may I point you in the direction of rule #66 which clearly states: Rule #66 // No mirrors Mirrors are allowed on your (aptly named) Surly Big Dummy or your Surly Long Haul Trucker. Not on your road steed. Not on your Mountain bike. Not on your helmet. If someone familiar with The Rules has sold you such an abomination, return the mirror and demand a refund, plus interest and damages. On a more serious note, I know no serious roadie that would use mirrors on their bike, and these are people that ride a minimum of 10k km and some as much as 40k km a year. I think you'll find most experienced road cyclists do not use them and when asked why will tongue in cheek respond that it is a violation of the above rule [emoji6] On the other hand plenty of touring/audax riders do, I suspect these may be the people you're referring to. Anyway back to the topic, I find cycling in Pattaya to be safer than Bangkok, but a little more dangerous than Cha-am/Hua Hin and Rayong/Chantaburi.
  5. I could find only the following on the visit Norway page, which heavily promotes Norway as a cycling holiday destination: Your bike must have: A red reflector in the rear. White or yellow reflectors on the pedals. Two brakes that work independently of each other. A bicycle bell. White or yellow light in the front, and a red light in the back, in darkness or poor visibility. No mention of mirrors at all, and not one picture of a bicycle with mirrors either. Also given that Thor Hushovd is probably one of the most famous cyclists to come out of Norway and a big cycling safety advocate, nothing about mirrors is mentioned by him either (also he is featured on the visit Norway site) Sorry Balo, can you provide evidence to support your statement that in Norway, you cannot ride a bicycle on public roads without mirrors?
  6. At first I thought the same, but because it can track multiple vehicles and their speed of approach, it's actually really useful in busy traffic as well. Along with changing the intensity of the rear light and the flash pattern to make you as visible as possible to approaching vehicles. It's only problem is a short run time of just 4 hours between charges.
  7. You think that's a personal attack? If you feel so that means that you read more in to my comment than was there. You are the one that insists that your view is the correct view, and are unwilling to accept that of others. I've been riding over 12 years in Thailand, and have never come across anyone riding 3/4 abreast, in Bangkok, Pattaya, Rayong and Hua Hin, except on the Skylane around the airport. I don't accept a mirror is a necessary safety requirement as I've never encountered a situation where having one would improve my safety. But I did state if you want to use one then by all means, I also suggested a far superior alternative (Garmin Varia) that doesn't have blind spots that a mirror has, that would seem to be perfect for someone like you that isn't as flexible as they once were. It even shows you how fast vehicles are approaching, and how many and I use one combined with a Garmin 820. You didn't comment on that. And as I sign off on this you are the one that accuse others that don't use mirrors as being insane, not me, I just disagree with you that they are necessary in Thailand. You don't know any better than me or anyone else, you have your own opinion that you're trying to force on others, and don't accept anyone that doesn't agree. I'm not childish enough to need to block or ignore others just because they have an opposing view to mine. So In fact that is real last resort of someone who has no real argument to offer to defend their position. This is further reinforced by the fact you claim to be trying to educate me, you never were trying to debate. Still next time I'm in Pattaya, I'd love to ride with you, I'm not what or who you think, I just happen to not agree with your stance. I'll even buy you a coffee (or beverage of your own choice, post ride). And if not, I'm sorry for any offense you may have taken, but really you need to calm down, this is just an Internet forum full of different views. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry but you're the one with the holier than thou attitude here. I suspect you've never once ridden with or spoken to any of those cyclist you disparage, and so are clueless yourself. Mirrors are not an essential aid, by all means use them if you think you need them, but seriously if you're unable to turn your head to check everything is clear behind you (and even riding a motorcycle they teach you to do this also) then I'm sorry to say, you shouldn't be riding a bike, as you're a danger to yourself and others on the road. It's also clear that you don't understand why cyclists ride 2 abreast in groups, and why this is also safer for both other road users and cyclists. Suggest you really should look these things up, before spouting your uninformed nonsense.
  9. Far more useful than mirrors in a high traffic environment is Garmins Varia Radar, which is what I use occasionally on the roads of Bangkok. Funnily enough the most dangerous place I've ridden is the Skylane around the airport, full of idiots thinking they're safe because there aren't any cars, so don't take any basic safety precautions like checking it's clear before pulling out.
  10. Rubbish, any competent cyclist does not need mirrors, they also end up making your bike wider, less maneuverable and less stable with the additional weight on your barends. Also, why would you have a use for mirrors on the trail anyway?
  11. Sportbicycle in U Chu Liang building opposite Lumphini Park Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Largest road frame I've seen available in BKK is a Specialized S-Works Tarmac size 61, they had 2 in stock last month. Other than that Trek sometimes carry larger sizes, everyone else it will be a special order that could take anything from 1 month to 9 months to arrive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Available in Thailand, normally sell at 1500 THB, but currently have 50% at Specialized dealers during March. No L size left though, so if anyone needs them this is a good deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. They didn't reopen it fully, they kept one lane closed over the damaged section. The reason to keep it open for traffic was to reduce the possibility of jams, makes perfect sense to honest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Just drive up to Ram Inthra road, there are many many tyre and rim shops along it, I use CG400 most of the time, they have a few branches and good service. The one with the biggest selection is just before Big C on Ram Inthra km2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk