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  1. Reigntax

    Recharging aircon

    Yes it is normal. It is moisture in the air being cooled/condensed. If you turn the fan speed up it will stop Or clean the air filter
  2. Well he has just proven he is as clueless as his predecessors
  3. Can one person drink enough beer and still swing his sword for a chopup
  4. Reigntax

    Phuket underwear thief caught on CCTV

    Gee. String him up !!!
  5. They would have a field day at any funeral
  6. What next?. Ban eating So that they don't have to build adequate toilets ?
  7. Reigntax

    Chalong Police warn of beach thief at Nai Harn

    And probably stole the lifeguards as well !!!
  8. Not until the majority of people get off their <deleted> and to protect what is rightfully theirs. The right to elect a government by majority and to have the result respected and those who failure to respect the decision should be charged accordingly and face the maximum punishment.
  9. Reigntax

    Krabi Police looking for serial panty thief

    Rice Bubbles i believe ..snatch, crackle and pop!
  10. But we can be hired out long term I think he is suggesting?
  11. No surely not. Who would ever have thought ?
  12. The PM's weekly speeches about nothing make advertising breaks interesting...at least!!!
  13. When the PM talks about garbage everyone should listen. He is a garbage expert!
  14. They did something. They listened to her and ignored her. A good effort for the RTP.
  15. After all it was Prayuth who brought the Gt-200 lucky amulet detctors/bomb detector/golf ball detectors