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  1. Good. Finally a farang ripping off the professional riff offs.
  2. Sometimes you get more surprises than you want!
  3. Bid to reclassify some ‘Thai-only’ jobs

    That would be covered under trash talking, trough feeding and piggeries.
  4. Election possible late next year, says Pornpetch

    Of course " late next year" never arrives but only stays a distant hope. The junta and cohorts knew full well that if in 2014 they said an election would not be until after 2018 Prayuth and the military may have received their just deserves. Lets hope one day these baboons are dealt justice. Thai, not in government style.
  5. Where will they park their tuk tuks?
  6. Army balloon deflated, QUESTIONS remain

    Im sure the military are trying to work out a way.
  7. Siam declares war!

    So as many Thai soldiers died in WW1 as die on Thai road war every 8 hours. There is somthing severly wrong with a society that is unable to face logical comparisons and reality.
  8. Shooting ‘no accident’ – Kathu Police

    Its almost offensive!
  9. Are you referring to the deputy PM or the waste of money flying to nowhere. Sorry forgot, they both did that.
  10. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    Hopefully you can find a good woman who will do it for you.
  11. Pong may well be in deep shit.
  12. "Big Pig" must work in the "big trough station"
  13. UK and Thailand to hold Joint Military Exercise

    Just a game of chasing. The UK will yell out "boo" and see how fast the Thai military can run away.