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  1. Or at least a dream that provides the same last thought with less effort!
  2. Are we still discussing haircuts?
  3. Or the Chinese tour bus drivers have the same as the Thai and the escort it to protect and warn others.
  4. Why. The whole country is fantasy land, adventure land, la la land and nowhere land rolled in one.
  5. Its true. He was going that fast. The performance of a car under the envoronment of the miliary's competent leadership can reach these speeds. Prayuth can do anything. Just ask him!
  6. "Red Bull". It gives you wings to fly away from justice!
  7. I believe you may have left out the word "ever" on the end.
  8. "It would ruin my reputation". Someone should advise him the horse has bolted!
  9. Yes, lets start getting stuck into the OP's so our faces are saved. Like we really care!
  10. A coded message to Putin?
  11. Now just have to get the vehicles to be registered and hopefully the cameras will still work next month.
  12. He will need a fleet of D9's then.
  13. It was obviously a one off dance performance. Or disappointing for those having tickets for the following day.
  14. Its simple. In Thailand, being different from the rest of the world, women are pregnant for 24 months, sometimes longer! Some men even require motherly support well into their 30's. As for the celebrating marriage. Keep up the show. We only do that to impress our better halves.