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  1. Lets hope they mean overhead earth wiring and not overhead underground wiring to save us from witnessing a new technology miracle.
  2. Thats a similar effluent for which there is no know treatment. In Thailand anyway.
  3. They will be wondering why they are fighting and not negotiating with the enemy to save the skins in exchange using their troops for slave labour.
  4. i think Prayuth would make a good crash test dummy or bullet proof vest tester. Surely Art 44 wiill protect him.
  5. Everything Chinese causes problems in Taiwan and HK.
  6. And have genes embedded in high Thai places.
  7. Given he makes the sole decision you would expect more certainty than "predicts" however, in his condition its hard for his brain to knnw what his mouth will sprout next.
  8. What tangled mess? All look quite thainess to me.
  9. So thats what they call defeating the opposition in parliament.
  10. Strange that those who oppose the junta and respect the rule of law and the rights of all people are grouped together as Shin lovers. It could just be they are democracy supporters with sufficient understanding to realise that even the worst democratically ellected government will always be better for a country than the best non elected, self appointed or military government. Even the non performing Democrats would be far better in government than the current junta. This is not my opinion, its based on history unless you can advise of a single non elected government that both advances the quality of life of the people, advances the country without the sole purpose being to fill the pockets of the leader and his cronies
  11. Despite how bad the military is, even they deserve a better leader than Prayuth. You could say his ability, or lack thereof has totally destroyed the reputation of the Thai military. Not that there was much to destroy before but he has managed to anyway.
  12. Could probably use the same bar chart for drivers licences in the hub of " nobody really gives a shit"
  13. He cant get the conviction overturned but can appeal the punishment, which on appeal cab be either decreased or increased.. lets hope its increased.
  14. Not quite or so she was expecting. She lost her phone rather than the usual losing her pants
  15. The money may be fake and the pointing, lets just say needs some work also.