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  1. One dead, one injured in wicked pickup accident

    Clearly the cause was "fate" and incorrectly mounted, or insufficient amulets.
  2. But not the little TV Prayuth grovellers. All 6 of them.
  3. And one particular crocodile soon I assume also.
  4. Well they have certainly proven both Twain and Darwin wrong in their failure to consider a SE Asian country where logical or even good ideas just don't exist.
  5. The further up in rank they go, the more they learn to shovel it and rake in the benefit. Prayuth is a perfect example
  6. You don't seem to realise that construction has neither commenced nor a budget been approved and both are still 2 years away. Nevertheless, I'm sure the junta are happy they can generate such enthusiasm from the remaining brainwashed few just by announcing a fictional project rather than actually achieving something. Sounds very much like obtaining credit before it's due especially in a country lead by talkers and not walkers.
  7. Just when the tsunami arrives and takes it all out to sea.
  8. British man, 80, missing in Phuket

    Many a husam man gets lost for days on their first visit. The usually turn up a few days later, rest a while and get lost again.
  9. Prayuth will have to use his size 44 big stick to stop this behaviour.
  10. You need to ask the right question as age, especially in Thailand doesn't necessarily imply intelligence. My suggestion would be "have you taken your medication today"? If affirmed, the next would just be general advice to see a professional as the dosage is clearly incorrect
  11. First Thai to run for a seat in Queensland

    The article refers to him a a Thai with Australian citizenship which appears to suggest he still considers himself of Thai nationality but settled permanently in Australia. Otherwise wouldn't he just be an Australian? in any case Prayuth's will be happy that this type of talent is not based locally with these radical ideas of the population rising to the ruling class and this clearly, from a military point of view, democratic government ideas.
  12. First Thai to run for a seat in Queensland

    He appears a reasonably intelligent person. It's a shame he has to live in a foreign country to obtain his rights of political freedom where he certainly won't be removed from office by a military coup of the ignorant and self serving.
  13. Exactly the type of brainwashed alien Prayuth's needs in the country to cover up for the military's failures and so he can continue with the roadmap to "Chinese democracy".
  14. Turkish man fakes a robbery in Patong

    Even the goat may cry out "naa,naa, naa"
  15. Liam Gallagher Coming To Bangkok In January

    And Mark Zuckerberg will also be attending!