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  1. May have been defrocked but at least has many kickers to wear. I suspect he may one day be caught in a booby trap.
  2. Except to the undertaker where business is booming.
  3. No because the bus wasn't there last time !
  4. He really is the "vice" Governor!
  5. No he just thought US was themselves .
  6. Wasn't that another principal who was giving a student or 2 the enjoyment of his extension?
  7. 170mil for 200kW, ~850,000 B/ kWh max I assume. Where can we tender for these projects?
  8. Who doesnt want to be known for having a huge python when they are 70.?
  9. Indefinite poll delay possible

    And the junta's delusional supporters keep rehashing the same propaganda. One of them anyway!
  10. Bangkok soon to be a megacity

    I think you mean cluster <deleted>?
  11. Perhaps they can keep the royal rainmaking squad grounded and stop them doing practice sorties
  12. Safety cutout, Thailand no need. hahaha
  13. Overdosing on junta juice has that effect on him. And we must suffer also
  14. True. There are many more than 2.8 mil !
  15. Unfortunately each cutout has a higher IQ than the original and most would agree a more likeable personaliity