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  1. Wouldn't have happened on Prawit's watch
  2. Reigntax

    NACC pledges fight against graft

    Maybe they could start with an internal investigation
  3. Prayuth will be having another temper tantrum at the mere mention or the "T" word. Unless of course the word is trough.
  4. His daddy obviously doesn't own an energy drink company for charges to be laid that quick
  5. Waste separation? Isn't that what the proposed elections are for?
  6. Because the IQ test wouldn't register any result !
  7. Reigntax

    PM’s office open for Children’s Day

    His office is just like play school anyway. Let us hope for the children's sake that he doesn't decide to sing
  8. And no road in Thailand is suitable for Thai drivers.
  9. The aged and broken down government should be replaced first. Prayuth will duly approve this as a return favour for propping up his election delays.