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  1. Trump will love it if he brings the twerking girl along. Wont be so happy if Prayut tries to reduce the performances impact.
  2. If 5,000 were true, a few of us may remember that face. Let me just put on the beer goggles and see if any memory returns.
  3. Sounds like some illegal twerking is intended. Lets hope the military arrive late to avoid having your eggs on their face.
  4. The exact problem associated with subsistance living. Survive today by whatever means, deal with tomorrows problem tomorrow or leave it until next week.
  5. Well if she is a ladyboy as stated "dating" probably has only one meaning!
  6. I received a completely unwanted result when i took my picture home showing why i was late. It also included a stray puss, wrapped around a pole and a hospital visit.
  7. it pays to be a Prayuth/military "yes man"
  8. Yes, no one is allowed to talk about it. I wonder if he stood to attention when they barged in or decided the soft approach better?
  9. Surely in a school it would be called "play lunch money"?
  10. And soon the junta "yes men" will conduct a survey with the result being that Suvarnabhumi has been voted the 3rd best in the world and the best in Asia... and has improved since the junta stole power.
  11. Thats how a country club presents itself? Our local waste depot must be classified as heaven then.
  12. Are they referring to ground level or above ground. All looks normal otherwise to me.