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  1. Neither re the live ones apparently !
  2. Her and her husband have been doing this annually for about 20 years. They also own the Twin Lotus Hotel.
  3. Reigntax

    Thai masseur accused of raping tourist

    He gave her his tip upstairs and she return the favour downstairs !
  4. Reigntax

    Newly single lotto winner flaunts $13M prize weeks after breakup

    But there will be some memories on the way !!
  5. A tourist who actually does give a crap !!
  6. Reigntax

    Water truck careers off Patong Hill, killing one

    Yes that's why vehicles have steering wheels and brakes
  7. Reigntax

    Shackled Suspect Pushes Past Guards To Freedom

    Yes, they can watch prisoners escape their custody pretty good.
  8. That would require too many photos whereas taking a photo of those who do stop would only require a hand full. Best ones are the cars that blast their horn because a person dares cross the road on a crossing.
  9. Should have stopped after " I don't think" and we would all agree with you !
  10. But they don't complain either about giving their daughter a few shots. I think it's called tit for that.
  11. Reigntax

    Tropical storm to reach Thailand by mid-week

    A cloud, a jet stream, a kettle boiling. Saturated water vapour. A phase change from liquid to gas.
  12. Reigntax

    Tropical storm to reach Thailand by mid-week

    That is correct. Saturated air, even air at nominal ambient conditions has a mass mostly due to its moisture content. Then we could talk about density relationship to enthalpy but the variables are never ending
  13. Reigntax

    Tropical storm to reach Thailand by mid-week

    It means you are incorrect. Unless we are talking about superheated dry steam which is highly unlikely unless produced under extreme pressures.
  14. Reigntax

    Tropical storm to reach Thailand by mid-week

    Yes, someone is about 600 times out.