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  1. whitemouse

    What to do ??

    He isn't "claiming" to be tourist, he is tourist. You don't agree, but you do not tell us what you think he is. Please tell us his status in Thailand!
  2. whitemouse

    What to do ??

    He is not working here, he is a tourist. As you know very well, the length of stay in Thailand is not capped, there is no law that forbids him visiting as many times as he wishes. OP, embassies and consulates have no idea about the number of entries, all they see is your passport pages, and Thai entry, exit stamps. You should get a new passport. Regardless, it has become very difficult to come here frequently, that is not your fault, we all feel it, I know several Russians who have been denied Thai visa in Laos lately, most people just don't post here, and you can see why. Many here take pleasure in our misery.