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  1. But this is East, Western values are just that, Western. One of the Western values is that while visiting foreign land, we respect their culture and ways of life. This is Thailand, not USA. Also, stopping a black man is no more racist than stopping and detaining Lao citizen during same raid, maybe we should not see racism lurking behind every corner, black guy is obviously not Thai, good enough reason for Immigration to stop and ask passport, just like they ask whites, Asians and Marsians.
  2. whitemouse

    Pattaya sweeps homeless off Jomtien Beach

    Where do you live, what name is your condo? Post it here as a public service, so others may avoid your misfortune!
  3. Hanoi really is far North, and maybe too cold to spend winter. But did you like it, other than colder than optimal temperatures? I'm travelling to Saigon (HCMC) at end of this month, Saigon is south, of course, I imagine weather same as Pattaya. A bit too hot, but tolerable. Saigon is so easy to get to, an hour flight, even a bus from Phnom Penh takes only 6 hours, and costs $9 to $20 depending bus company. While visiting Cambodia, 2 years on and off, I was planning, but always oo lazy to go and check out Saigon, really should have, it is no near, and so cheap to get to. If it is a good place to stay long term, I will stsy. So i just bought Bangkok Air 1 way. The main issue will be how easy it is to rent monthly, what are the different neighourhoods, and overall feel of the city. If it is as good as many say, maybe stay until March, but as with any place, have to check it out myself. Another good thing about Saigon, it is not far from coast, just a bus ride, and apparently beaches there are nice, and water is clean. Surfer friend of mine loved it, few years back, he was near Vung Tau, he liked the wind and beaches, but said town is very, very quiet after 8pm, if true, that's not so good. So I'll probably grab a small studio in Saigon, having been watching youtube walk around videos, Saigon has nice coffee shops, and that's high on my list. Apparently Viet street food is very tasty, and all kinds of different offerings. Street food has always been main issue in Cambodia, not very tasty. Every expat I have met in Cambodia, mainly Sianoukville, has moved there from Thailand, and most often from Pattaya for one reason only, they are retired, and pension goes further in Cambodia. And it reall is incredibly cheap, from food to beer to cigarettes to other smoke related otions. I like Pattaya, despite all its issues, i like the mess and seediness, alltho I slmost never participate in adult entertainment. But Pattaya feels home, and thats the reason of postponing a change from Pattaya, been procrastinating several years now, partly laziness, partly cos I still like it enough. I'm very curious how Saigon compares, it may easily turn out to be bye bye to Pattaya, after about 12 winters here.
  4. "The sweep resulted in the arrest of five Burmese and one Indian who had entered Thailand illegally. " Great success! FIVE Burmese, what a catch! Officers posing proudly, like hunters posing with dead animal trophies.
  5. whitemouse

    Huawei MediaPad M3

    I like the M5, 8.4 inch tablet, where is the best place to buy one? Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, an 8 inch tablet is just being offered at MBK, but new in box, and no way to play with it a bit, before deciding, is it going to be M5, or Xiaomi Pad 4. Has anyone played with Pad 4, and what are your thoughts? Huawei has a really nice LCD, it looks almost as good as AMOLED, vivid clours, bkacks are true black, not dark gray. So I'm very curious how does Xiaomi Pad 4 compare, they are priced nearly same, but Xiaomi Pas 4 screen quality is a mystery. Anyone has experience with it?
  6. Pleas point me to right direction, what are those amazing cultural events in Thailand? And even if next soccer World Cup was to be held in Bangkok, how would this change the dead streets right downtown, previously bustling streets, now turned into parking lots. Balo is right, tiny Siem Reap has more pulse, more life than downtown Bangkok.
  7. What are those events, and how do they affect your everyday life here? I'm talking about spending a typical day of retired guy, just wondering about, say, 10 hours out of the house, daily? Does some concert, or yearly Pattaya International Boat Show change your day in any way? Oh yeah, Prodigy tour had dates in Bangkok few years back, is that it?
  8. Yep, I can also attest to that, Siem Reap has become Kha San light, for better or worse - a party town full of young packbackers. I go there once a year for small getaway, cheap beer, friendly Khmers, bad food and wonderful pharmacies. Siem Reap, for tiny town that it is, has become everything Bangkok used to be until about 2008. I wouldn't stay in Siem Reap for more than 1 week, as do the packbackers from all over the world, lots of happy go lucky French 20 somethings. We always mix and talk in bars, hostels, and funny thing - most are coming or heading to Vietnam, not many of the young travellers mention Thailand at all, in past couple of years. I take it as things to come, Vietnam is rapidly gaining traction, Thailand is being about to be forgotten for under 30 crowd. And so is rest of Cambodia, young travellers have several weeks to explore SE Asia, and other than Siem Reap (, Angkor, really) they have nothing good to say about rest of Cambodia. But they are ecstatic about Vietnam, this is fairly new! I see same packbackers in Sianoukville, they drag their very largel, inhumanly large backpacks to 1 day island trip, if you talk to them in a hostel after they have returned, they look half dead from 5am wake up, in order to make it to the boat, then fun begins, apparently while on the island they walk in bushes, up hill, with their bags on their back that contain all their earthly belongings for their SE Asia adventure, they then spend $1 to $3 for small water bottles, probably quite a few bottles, mid day sun in Sianoukville is sucking life out of even the fittest, healthiest 20 year olds, and the boat back. For that pleasure they pay $25-$35 each to a group guide. Guides live in Sianoukville, and they live well. Of these poor island hoppers, the ones who find courage to be honest use heavy curse words, if you ask about the day on the island. They make it back to hotels late afternoon. This french girl in my floor who I befriended left at 5am, got back at 4pm, just about when I was waking up, and heading for a shower. Poor girl was beat, her exact words - I wish I was you, and slept all day. Anyways, that's Sianoukville, it's now ruined by Chinese casinos, beach bars thorn down to make space for Chinese condos. Cadinos are built with money from China, casino customers are strictly Chinese, and I imagine casino profits go to China. I do not see Sianoukville infrastructure being fixed, it's in fact worse than 10 years ago. But Siem Reap is the real thing, free flow, everything goes atmosphere, young people not harassed by cops, town is safe any time of night,, noonder people keep returning. This is what Thailand should be, this is what Bangkok should be, these are the people Thailand should want to drop by, and stay. Kao San Rd was that. Other areas of Bangkok still are. But for how long? It's dying, and it is not being replaced by anything and anybody. I, myself used to spend most of my 7 months winter Snowbird time in Bangkok, not any more, it's Pattaya for me now. And what I observe in Pattaya every day is discouraging. There is almost no reason for twice a month trips to Bangkok, what's the point of wondering on Silom at 11pm? Count the rats? What's the point going to lower Sul, If I chose to not participate in adult entertainment? There is nothing there! Vietnam seems be to be on rise, every youngster, every adult coming back from Viet is impressed and excited. Do maybe give it a try, I been resisting so far, out of pure laziness. But Thailand becoming so boring, so "clean" makes Vietnam something to investigate. I swear, if south of Spain, Costa del Sol, Malaga area (warmest region in all of Spain in winter months) wasn't 5C at night time, I would forget all about Thailand, and SE Asia. Unfortunately it is cold, so is Portugal. Why why why are Thai authorities determined to ruin a near perfect place?
  9. Choosing gasoline suggests this man planned to burn his own child alive.
  10. I'm against death penalty, but it is sometimes very difficult to oppose death penalty, or in this case, a summary execution.
  11. I think you nailed, the current "cleaning up BKK" is not deliberate sabotage, but that's what it in fact is. Government has no clue what a rare pearl they had in Bangkok, one of the coolest cities, ironically thanks to almost no city planning, and almost no money out into attracting tourist. Cool Bangkok simply happened, coincidence of many small factors, but the trick that made it cool - just enough law and order to be safe any time of day and night, just enough law to allow natural growth of what Thai do well, street trade and street food. Just enough chaos, yet controlled enough not to become Johannesburg. Bangkok's coolness was really by accident, lack city planning and general stupidity of city bureocrats worked in Bangkok's favour. This is something that's impossible to replicate, no amount of money can dublicate Bangkok in some other country. But generals did not know, because they don't know anything. I imagine some top brass guy traveled to Singapore, he was impressed, and he thought why not make Bangkok more like Singapore, obviously not realising that is the last thing Bangkok needs. Brass never knew how cool of a city he already had, without even making an effort, with almost no planning, and very little money thrown in. But he went ahead with his "brilliant" plan to Singapourize Bangkok. As you said, people who run this place haven't got a first clue what makes Bangkok unique, and why it attracts Westerners, without spending any money on promotion. For example, India is spending massive amounts on advertising, desperate to attract Westerners, Bangkok never had to. And now in their "wisdom" they sabotaging this place, with best intentions, blissfully unaware. Like a child, wishing to dry a cat in a microwave, child means we'll, cat dies. But child has an excuse - being a child. These people are adults, presumably educated. Their idea of nice city is clean streets and tall glass buildings. They don't seem to realize world already has Singapore, Thailand will never be able to outsingapour the real thing. But what they can do, and are actively doing is destroying a wonderful, unique city. It's a sad thing to witness.
  12. Exactly! The cleaning up results in boring street scene, same narrow pot holes sidewalks, but without food carts, and vendors of various thingies there is no reason to walk these streets. The clean out effort around Siam Square in Bangkok just killed the neighborhood, what used to be cool place is now deserted, no reason to go and wonder around there. At this rate of "cleaning the sidewalks" there will be nothing left of Bangkok but malls, everything that gave city a character will be gone. I really hope city planning and management finds a new hobby, what they're doing now is actively destroying what's good about Bangkok. Same in Pattaya, Beach Rd is pretty much cleared of food carts, and for what? It is now just another dirty, boring street, because city does not do actual cleaning of streets, streets are covered with garbage.
  13. Aha, this explains the mild pain, and general discomfort I been feeling in bed, while half asleep. Always thought this was lower back pain.
  14. Good question! I somehow doubt that Embassy changed their police because of pressure from Thai authorities. If it really was result pressure from Thai government, then why only UK Embassy? Surely gov here would have pressured every Western embassy in similar fashion, and this would have leaked, we would have heard about it from other embassies. Somehow it's only UK Embassy. And not only are other embassies not going along, to the contrary, NZ Embassy, just for example, issued statement that they have NO plans to change anything. Did Thai government target UK only? Doesn't make sense! UK retirees are not "extra undesirable", so why target UK expats only? I bet it's UK Foreign Office, or Embassy itself. Either way, we will probably never know for sure, but we now do know HOW much UK Embassy cares about Brits residing in Thailand. If I was British, I'd be furious. All your lives, you, Brits, have been paying taxes that pay the salaries of these bureaucrats that now decided to F you. No one has ever said life must be fair, but this move by UK Embassy towards their own people is low. All you, Brits, it is you, who have paid all your lives, and are paying now the salaries of these douch*bags, and this is how they return in kind! Unbelievable!
  15. What the F was that you just typed up? Foreigners are creeps to you? People with tattoos should be scrutinized more than others? Why? Because you don't like them, I suppose. I live in Pattaya, area with possibly largest number of retired expats per capita in Thailand. And you know what, I don't see homeless foreigners. I don't see foreigners being beggars. I just see large expat community of mainly people of retirement age, doing very nicely. I have never seen retired foreigners posing a burden on Thai society. Opposite, all these retirees leave their income in Thai economy. And to you we are creeps? I honestly would like to know where people like you come from, and what happened to you, to make you what you are today. Luckily people like you are tiny minority in Thailand, luckily found only on web boards. Most expats show basic respect to each other. Imagine if we were all anything like you! I have never met anyone like you in person. Your hatred is frightening! I wish British retirees all the best, I consider man receiving 50.000 baht each month no less of a man, than someone who happens to receive 64.000. The worst kind are people who take joy in other people's misery, but I suspect they themselves are extremely, crushingly unhappy, I can only imagine the suffering they experience getting through the day. This amount of hatred towards fellow men can't be easy to carry.