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  1. Looking at buying a 2nd hand 2016 Forza. I have heard very good things about them....including theyre a decent touring bike. I have a CBR sport bike but looking at this as an all rounder. Whats the concencus on these? Are they a good bike? Safety? Strong reliable engine? Any advice appreciated Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Update. Back yesterday to finalise everything. What a nightmare. 3 hours and a mountain of paperwork, at least 2cm thick. Had to sign everything then go get copies and sign them. Right from start to finish the officer asked me 7 times if I was sure I wanted to do extension for child. Said it was very difficult. So got through all of that and you have to wait a month for approval from head office. At a few points they asked some pretty blunt questions....like how do we know u wont get your visa and leave ur son? I reminded them I had the money in the bank to do a retirement visa or could have simply got a letter from the embassy. Stings a bit when you are trying to do the right thing. I don't expect any sympathy from anyone but never once has a Thai said to me Im a decent bloke for doing the right thing for my kid or offered help in anyway. No kudos here for single dads. Then they were trying to interview my son. He does speak quite a bit of Thai and English but he's 2 years old for christ's sake. The only reason I decided to do this visa was I stupidly thought it would add to my case in the future if I have to apply for custody. She asked me where the mother was. I told her exactly where she was and what she was doing ...in graphic terms 5555. Then she tells me I need to get three people with Tabien Baan from my specific moo ban to provide signed copies of ID, TB and phone number....and they will all be required to attend immigration in a week or so to vouch that my son lives with me every day! Anyway, in the end they said they would be happy with 2 witnesses. I hate asking people to do this sort of stuff for me. For one they are always sus on what they are signing or guaranteeing. And people are busy...it's bad enough I have to go to immigration and waste hours let alone put someone else through it. I also heard them mention Poh yai baan and gunman too so I don't know if that will be yet another hoop I will have to jump through. The other kicker....I am applying for this extension a month before my other extension expired. My new extension will start from yesterdays date...so I have effectively lost a month of my yearly stay. Wasn't happy about that either I've heard people on here say it was a difficult process...and others say it is easy. Yes I guess if your prepared to put the time in its just a matter of following the steps. But my advice would be if you have any other option....marriage, retirement 800k, retirement stat dec from home....anything would be easier than visa extension based on a child.
  3. Went to immigration to lodge everything today. Thought I had all my stuff together based on what they told me last week but seems the info they required was more specific. I wish they would have told me..I'll share here for the benefit of anyone contemplating the same thing... 3 photos....all of me with the child....Front of our home, in the bedroom and the living room A hand drawn map of where I live. A google map printed no good according to them. That one will be interesting as our main road is simply called "Rural Road" and I don't write or read Thai so difficult to add landmarks such as schools or temples My son has to be present. They clearly told me last week this wasn't required. I went to the bank this morning and got a statement going back 3 months showing I had maintained a balance over 400k THB last three months. I got this signed and stamped by the bank. This was rejected. They want a "retter" from the bank stating my balance has been over 400k THB last month. Signed and stamped. They also want a print out of my passbook. I had enough trouble just getting a statement from the bank this morning. The bank was looking at me like this was highly unusual. Staff pow wows ensued. The supervisor was summoned. I had to sign three papers and provide a copy of my passport and pay 100 baht commission. Took 30 minutes to get a bloody bank statement. They will spin off into orbit tomorrow when I ask them for a "retter". Really annoying as I clearly remember taking a copy of my passbook last year ...they rejected it and sent me back to get a signed statement. By the way, I was under the assumption the money only had to be in on the day when doing an extension for a child. The told me last week 2 months. Today they said one month ok. I'm sorry now I didn't just go to Bkk and get a stat dec from the embassy. A visa issued to the parent of a Thai should be the easiest to obtain and most legitimate reason you could have for living here. Surely it is in the interests of the mother and the child that the father is living here, whether separated or not. If the father is here he would under normal circumstances be providing support and care for the child. I am his sole carer, have been since 4 months so no question he lives with me full time. I was wondering what a father would do if he was under the 50yo retirement age and maybe share cared the child? Anyway, when has logic or rational thinking ever come into anything here. Supposed to be retired. I spend half of my life arsing about with government stuff. Visa, licenses, registrations, vehicle transfers. 3 days a couple of weeks ago just to transfer a motorcycle into my name. There was no problem...everything straight forward. When the women could see I was getting agitated after the 2nd day she kept saying...step step
  4. Might be getting my wires crossed. Is there a 3 month visa based on family available at any border just by showing a birth certificate? If so will they renew it indefinitely ie visa run Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Just one more thing Joe, talking to my friend yesterday and he is living here indefinitely, but under 50 so doesn't qualify for retirement. He does have a 50% Thai child who was born in Australia but has Thai nationality too. She is fully grown and living in Australia. He makes a yearly visa based on having Thai family....but is required to leave the country and return every three months. His daughter doesn't even live here and she certainly doesn't live with him. He couldn't really explain to me how this works. He says he doesn't need to provide proof of income etc and only shows a copy of his daughters birth certificate at immigration when returning. Not now, but It could be a suitable option for me in the future. Could you tell me a bit about this visa? 1) I assume I would have to forfeit my retirement or current OA visa? 2) Would I apply for this in Thailand or would need to apply from Australia? 3) Are there any requirements to apply? Money in the bank, son living with me everyday etc? 4) Is it something you can do indefinitely? Any other info you can provide appreciated
  6. As always mate thanks for your invaluable and always 100% correct info
  7. Do you know if there is an application form I can download and fill out to take with me to save time or is this done at immigration Joe? I had a look on the Thai imm website but the list of forms and applications that can be downloaded are all in Thai 5555
  8. Understand all that but very unsure that I would get her ok. Shes still holding out hope we'll get back together. In the future of coarse Ill broach the subject. She has other children that she hasnt seen for years living with the father and hes asked her the same question for years. Part of it her stupid beleif that she is maintaining control of the child and in her old age the children will want to take care of her. The childs welfare wont come into it Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Ive looked into it mate re full custody. Its expensive (70-100k thb) and thats only if there are no issues and the mother agrees. 2 different lawyers have told me 2 different stories. One told me with her history (3 other abandoned kids, 2 failed marriages, mental health history, very bad family, very bad work history and basically a train wreck of a life) it would be a cake walk. Another told me even with all of that stuff unless I had rock solid evidence and history of drug use or physical abuse to the child...if she contested would be a 50 / 50 chance at best. Apart from that my sons only 2.5 yrs old and very hard for Thais to beleive a man can take care of a child that young. Ive taken care of him since he was 4 months old. The mother is contactable to a point and still living in Thailand. She sticks her head up every now and then but for the most part I choose not to have any contact with her Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Thanks Joe. And thanks Mike for the info re work permit. I didnt know that. As far as ageing yes technically you only need the money in the bank on the day you apply. My imm office KK however are insisting on 2 months. Dont know why but they wont budge on it. Have seen similar reports of 1 - 2 months requirement of money in the bank too. Could possibly argue the point but last people I want to make waves with are immigration Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. I already have an OA visa which I obtained in Australia 4 years ago. Previously did yearly extensions based on retirement. Nothing to do with leaving the country etc. Just want to know what I should take with me. Can I apply 45 days before my stay until date Joe? (22nd September). If I apply now does that mean my new extension kicks in now or starts 22nd again? Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. About to go and do my yearly extension of OA visa based on having a child for the first time. Previously extended based on retirement. I am legitimised in the courts and its registered at the amphur. His mother and I were not married and left long ago for parts unknown. He lives with me full time. 2 years 6 months. Ive had over 400k thb in the bank for 3 months...tho I beleive the requirement is only required in the bank on the day you apply... I understand I will need to take all legitmacy docs, his thai birth certificate, all my docs, copies of everything afforementioned of course....photos showing my son lives with me, Tabien baan..... Anything Ive forgotten? Lady said I can apply 45 days before stay until date...is that correct? Birth certificate and all other docs originals but only have a copy of the Tabien Baan. Is a copy TB OK? They gave me a yellow form to fill out I assume detailing whats required but its in Thai. Is there an English version I can download? Im not in contact with the mother. I am hoping I dont need her signature or approval? Any other advice appreciated Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Kenny202

    90 day online report

    Oh I hear ya. I think the online thing only worked if you had windows 10 version xx and used Microsoft explorer. As far as I can see its still the same. I got a Mac and I worked out how to do it but only worked if I used Firefox and did everything in a ridiculous sequence or it would just lock up. I has to do the nationallity drop down menu first, then the captcha code....then other drop down menus...then finally do the text areas. The great thing about doing it online was not needing to print everything off and wait in a queue for an hour. Before they had a special 90 day window outside. Done and dusted 5 minutes. Then they did away with the outside window and had a special counter inside. Still pretty fast. I see today we're back to get a number and wait 1 hour again. Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Kenny202

    90 day online report

    Yes status only said check with office...but it looked like someone had wrote it rather than an auto reply. I checked my info and looked ok but who knows. Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Give this away last few times as my local office said their system for checking online reports wasnt working. I didnt beleive it but mai pen rae. Was talking to them yesterday and they said yes they were checking online reports and all was fine. So I did my report first thing this morning. Got an email reply back about midday saying application not approved...check with office. So I called them and they said they hadnt seen my online report and didnt seem to know what happenned. So rather than muck around I went in person, filled out the forms and all ok. I checked my online report details looked like all the info was ok? Looked like the email may have come from Imm head office. I assume if I had been red flagged for some reason it would have come up on the computer this afternoon wen I lodged in person. Has this happenned to anyone else? Sent from my SM-J730GM using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app [email protected] Dear Mr. ผลการแจ้งที่พักอาศัยเกิน 90 วัน ของท่าน มีการ ไม่อนุมัติ กรุณาตรวจสอบการ ไม่อนุมัติ ได้ที่ www.immigration.go.th Notification 90 days is Not Approved. You can check status by visit www.immigration.go.th