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  1. Utterly ridiculous and unnecessary. The same standards are not applied across the board (Red bull a-hole, Praewa, Anna Reese,drunken ChMai cyclist killer, and the pickup driver fined1000 baht for mowing down 2 cyclists while leaning down to get his hat off the floor). All I see here is a pathetic flexing of muscles and abuse of power. I wonder what investigation was undertaken to reach a conclusion of reckless driving. I suspect minimal at best. An utter disgrace imo (the singling out of certain people i mean)
  2. Big fat envelopes and appeasing the hiso's and their equally stupid brown nosing hanger oners will have much more sway than a simple foundation and a few unfortunate nobodies (in the eyes of the BIB / courts at least) who've had their lives destroyed by such oxygen thieves. But in all seriousness they're absolutely correct, bail should not be an option for repeated drink drivers, especially those who are very likely to be breaching the conditions keeping her out of some squalid jail cell somewhere.. Lock this idiot up, do the right thing for once at least and forget about money / lost face
  3. This ridiculous piss can wench should be locked up for public protection as a minimum. After killing a guy through either impaired or merely inattentive should surely have resulted in at least a disqualification. I would be very interested to hear why any criminal charges were never laid in the previous incident. The legal system is a joke, a sick one at that
  4. So next time they are caught red handed shaking someone down (in clear violation of the law), are caught being involved in drug trafficking, child prostitution, human trafficking, spraying bullets at their ex or some other such ill deed then they are still a part of the wonderful family that is the RTP... Or do they still become an inactive part of it after being caught showing the organization's true colours?
  5. Upset.. my heart bleeds.. How about suck it up you old tyrant. The money should be diverted from purchases of useless military hardware such as 2nd rate tanks and submarines from China. Or maybe your sloth of a deputy can stop chartering planes to far flung destinations for useless junkets
  6. Just makes a mockery of everything when these oxygen thieves can just bail themselves out as a formality. Surely the bail amounts should reflect amounts the person is known to have. And having just over 25% of the amount you are meant to have misappropriated as a bail bond is hardly a stretch. A pathetic spectacle.. Also this Benz Racing moron is not a "star" but merely a test rider 😂
  7. I think the only thing this whole exercise will prove is how ineffective, toothless, and unfit for purpose the ombudsman is. Where the military is calling the shots, I can see how things are not going to be stacked in their favour, but we all know this is an exercise in futility and stupidity largely
  8. So no mention what happened to this deranged nutter of a woman then.. Brilliant, well done. I hope she gets absolutely hammered in court for damaging property, public disturbance, and dare I say recklessly endangering the lives of many people with her stupid jealousy.......
  9. The scope and scale of the problem is very likely even worse than what is reported above (as we all know how government agencies like to sugar coat their figures). And as said by Thaiwrath above, the amounts of money that government employees are free to borrow are eye watering. From living here it has been clear to see that getting everything on finance is the norm, Thai people from what I've seen and heard simply don't view loans and finance packages in the same way as people do in more developed countries. I imagine the enforcement arms for defaulters, especially those in the government sector are weak as an institution. I don't see these trends improving anytime soon
  10. This is pure tyranny, and also highly nonsensical for a multitude of reasons.. Censorship very often doesn't work, and in cases actually has the opposite effect. The "government" are going to have to tread very carefully here as unlike China they don't have the luxury of being a superpower and having vice like control of information in the internet age. The NCPO is already appearing to have outstayed its welcome in some quarters, and if they start making really drastic moves in regards to high level censorship of entire platforms then it could multiply and escalate very quickly. At any rate it can't end well now anyways..
  11. Pathetic.. Made even worse that the "government" that is restricting people's access to view information DID come to power through the gun. The immorality is shocking. It can't end well if they continue down this path. The mask has long since slipped regardless of what their spindoctors say .. Beyond embarrassing now
  12. After how the authorities bungled the Ratchaprasong bombing investigation I do not hold much hope here. I wouldn't be surprised however if the cops reward themselves with any reward money meant for the general public like last time. Bottom line i hope they get the bastards, but think they'll botch it
  13. It would seem the army itself is the outfit that fhe nation needs protection from.... or maybe am missing something
  14. And how long til some spurious (read BS) reason is pitched as to why it can't be done simply. I hope this turd is at least being made to feel somewhat uncomfortable.. as that's the only real comeuppance he'll get sadly
  15. And from where did you hear this fairytale then my friend? Look at the people, I doubt very much they'd chance a foot race with any authority figures (due to their age and fragility for 2)... The court documents (as shown on CSI LA) said they were done on encroachment and for having 1000 logs from restricted trees in their possession. Unless pictures are shown proving this, and some background on how they transported all 1000 to wherever they were found remains inexplicable. How exactly they're carrying them defeats me.. Care to hazard a guess.. Am all ears