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  1. Drown that disgraceful mutt in the river (and consider doing the same to his dog).....But god damn why is common sense so thin on the ground here when you work for the authorities? Once is understandable, five times is just rididculous. Hope the poor young kid gets handsomely compensated by the lazy, idiotic dog owner and makes a full recovery
  2. Absolute pish as per, the biggest problem I see here is an oversized, over budgeted military whose brass don't and never have wanted to relinquish the fruits borne from being the biggest power broker in the country.. And also a military who in the last year especially have practically lost their reason for being. This deluded fool Prayuth can point the finger wherever he likes, but by not admitting that the army itself being the biggest problem is demonstrating textbook denial. His coup has achieved almost nothing positive that the country can look back fondly on
  3. Embarrassing legal system. Has failed every party except the guy in the dock. What use is a confession when the crime is on video and the wrongdoing is plain to see? And appealing an already halved sentence when it was already commuted generously is a disgrace. I hope the sentence is at least served although i guess it won't be
  4. It's almost a given that his upcoming videos are going to include breathtaking stupidity / naivety so it's only a matter of time before he'll get the boot from LOS.
  5. Idiot. How is it the population's fault if they resist and reject an illegal government's forced doctrine of obedience and outright subservience? I look forward to the day this regime crashes and burns. Beyond pathetic now 😩
  6. I don't get the hate on the FB page for the victim here. She seems like a pretty nice lady from the interview she gave. Not all girls who work in bars are crooks and thieves.. The fact this lady had a pretty dire phone probably indicates that she is hardly wealthy. I hope those who robbed her are found and that the victim gets her phone back
  7. What a plonker, after that uber crooked former police commissionee Somyot I thought the RTP would at least attempt to bring in someone seemingly less corrupt and stupid... But as expected this guy is proving himself to be a prize idiot. I am all for executing the perps of this disgusting crime, but that they haven't done a reenactment yet is quite fishy..
  8. String him up by his nutsack and make his prison stay as squalid and lengthly as possible. Vermin like this deserve the most medieval of punishments. Seriously hope the prosecutors don't bottle it and allow these idiots bail.. Every last satang should go to that poor young kid whose money they stole.. Utter scum 😡
  9. Let's hope that if it is indeed the guilty party then the grilling he's getting is of the literal type. If confessions are made then bail should never be an option regardless of how "influential" the person is
  10. Disgusting. Pattaya is a seriously fun city but the stench that hangs in the air should tell anyone with ANY sense that going swimming there is akin to doing so in a dirty khlong or freshly fouled toilet bowl. Waiting for the defamation suit against the uploader for ruining the already $#itty reputation of Pattaya beach. I doubt it is salvageable now either. Sad for those who need a clean beach to bring in an income
  11. Dreadful but not at all surprising. Blaming the dead guy from the outset. I am no expert but would have thought that safety features on such equipment for public use should be numerous and as a result negate such an occurence. I guess the only consolation is that these cowboys are in the nick already, with their attitudes like they are i hope they have a lengthly stay
  12. Absolutely abhorrent crime. When children are targeted for execution it is my belief that (as the dad of young kids myself) the perpetrators forfeit their rights to live and breathe the same oxygen you and I do. Such a sad story. I hope this case is investigated fully and the killers and masterminds are brought to task
  13. Poor guy indeed. Accidents do happen and waterfalls are always pretty dangerous even when steps sre taken to minimize danger. I just hope he gets the support he needs and can recover fully asap. All the best Luke 👍
  14. Embarrassing. Ever trying to move the goalposts and even with the ridiculously low requirements you would bet your house on a healthy % of the candidates butchering the tests. Where i work currently is reputed to be one of the best schools in the region, yet 90% of the staff have absolutely no English ability at all. Face saving and doing everything the Thai way shows that it is merely turd polishing. Many of my students however have English skills to die for. And a good chunk who got into the school "Thai style" are an utter embarrassment. The rot starts at the top and nobody gives a flying one.. TIT 😩
  15. While i don't condone hit and runs I also don't think the owner is blameless just letting the dog sit in the road. Friends of mine have been injured when dogs have run in front of their bikes, and also i know of people being attacked by unrestrained dogs in public places. I feel for the dog dying like it did, but these netizens getting irate about a dog when their country is going to the dogs rapidly (pun intended) is a clear window into why the main problems are getting overlooked because of frankly trivial stuff like this