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  1. Clowns. And Prayuth threatening to use his ill gotten powers makes him look every inch what he is, a brainless, spineless bully. It's a shame most Thais are apathetic and just let this BS slide. Another scandal du jour will pop up before the 30 days are up and amnesia will set in.
  2. So the cops never sought to prove the person was driving while drunk, and instead were grilling them about an e-cig machine. How is possession of it even worthy of a night in the cells. The authorities disgracing themselves as standard 😣🤡
  3. Why should he when the order of play is a foregone conclusion
  4. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    Am biting. Based on some of your other posts i guess this isn't sarcasm. But anyways the second he, his brother and cronies are carted off to jail and ALL their ill gotten gains are listed for public auction I will believe that corruption tackling is real here Just for one Steven, how do you suggest Prayuth has amassed wealth in the tens of millions of USD?
  5. Good luck to these people. Serious cajones while the apathy from the vast numbers of their fellow citizens merely emboldens this awful regime
  6. This is horseshit. It doesn't say what these people were doing in Thailand (and hence their suitability to give honest answers to all questions). My guess would be that most Americans visiting Thailand on holiday would be clueless about who Prayuth is. And those who do know he is a junta leader. Absurd
  7. Can't help but agree with all the above comments. The system in its present form is by any standards an abomination. It is an oligarchy controlled by some of the most self serving, morally bankrupt people on the face of the earth. Even the article talks about the committees swallowing up xxxxx amount of money, and then talks about the need to set up other committees who are just as likely to ramp up the corruption to new heights as they are to steer this battered and broken ship on a new (read better) course. I am fortunate enough to work with some truly wonderful kids here. They deserve so much better than the current shit shower 😩
  8. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash.... Your money will multiply and you will be able to cash it out in your home country if you use GDAX, coinbase or other licenced exchange.
  9. Yes they do, basically any public official who has been corrupt should be in jail. Are you British by any chance? If you were you would understand why am so pissed about even the notion of YL getting a passport. She has no blood (or family) ties to the UK, and being convicted of crimes, and effectively on the lam should never be considered for a passport. I understand the Junta's illegitimacy all too well, but YL is not a political refugee, the ones who should get asylum would be people like Pai Dao Din (if he were ever made to flee that is) although he took his underserved punisment like a man. The farmers committing suicide is directly linked to YL dissolving parliament on a n arrogant whim and leaving the people her govt pledged to help up shit creek without a paddle. Nothing about credibility Jayboy, get a grip.
  10. If driving high as a kite then throw the key away. That said if it is medication he takes creating a false positive then he should be given leniency. The cops here are very fickle though. I suspect the guy is toast
  11. If true it as abhorrent. Many Thais who are decent, law abiding, and hard working, and in many cases married to UK nationals have massive issued even getting a visa to visit, let alone a UK passport. Yingluck deserves to be in prison, her ineptitude and malfeasance caused huge monetary losses and even played some part in farmers taking their own lives
  12. Good for Toon. But dreadful form as per from Prayuth. Piggybacking on a wholly noble enterprise is nauseating, especially so when any good deed that brings money to needy causes is negated when crooked ministers in the latest cabinet continue to sign off on exorbitantly overpriced or useless purchases (ie speed guns, tanks and submarines), putting the state in even more financially dire straits
  13. There is a video of the pickup driver back at the nick. He blew 0 on the breathalyser machine. Dreadful crash which if the driver's account is to be believed makes it a horrendously unfortunate incident as epilepsy isn't necessarily a condition which bars people outright from driving, however i stand to be corrected there. Thoughts are with the families of the deceased and injured
  14. I can't see how this sham of a regime is going to keep a lid on everything. Every attempt at deceiving is becoming less credible now. It reeks of desperation and outright stupidity. They are pissing people off left, right, and centre. It remains to be seen ehat the straw that breaks the camels back will be.. But i suspect we are getting closer to the point where we'll find out. It can't possibly end well anymore. Way too many aggrieved parties for that to happen
  15. And the 600 million Prayuth made illegal to talk about, and the national police chief having declared assets of 1 billion baht. Just 2 glaring examples that show what a farce the exercise is, I would bet my bottom dollar that the % of cabinet members and high ranking that are unusually wealthy is between 99 and 100