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  1. Najib is an absolute dog. I hope he gets a similar dose of treatment to what South Korea's ex PM got. No bail, no deals, and a lengthly stretch inside
  2. As much as i agree with PT's stance, and as much as i despise the junta, PT basically had the best chance ever to do all the good things that Thailand needs but just couldn't help being corrupt as hell themselves. Corruption and incompetence appear to be in the DNA of any and all political heavyweights here. It's a disgrace that the junta is doing things like it is, but until people get off their <deleted> and make a stand to oppose it then it is very hard to sympathise
  3. The ruling junta have been an absolute and utter abomination. Everything they have touched has turned to shit, and their ham fisted attempts to appear as if they are fighting corruption can not stand up to any honest scrutiny whatsoever. The authoritarian approach to many things (example street food, peaceful assembly etc) has made the country lose much of its sparkle, it is sad because people who were doing alright before the junta came in are now doing it extremely tough through no fault of their own. Any more election delays will get many many more people on the streets, I don't think the junta can help itself from putting more delays in.. It will get uglier before it gets better
  4. Well as he has been a very vocal critic of the junta and their escapades it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to decipher that some serious leaning on the BP was done behind the scenes. The BP as the major English language news outfit has been scathing recently, I hope it doesn't let up anytime soon
  5. Wow, this is truly dreadful. Those flat out denials made last weekend certainly rang very hollow at the time. It appears the issue of animal welfare in this country is one that only a small percentage of the population truly grasp. I mean wher are all these animals going to go if (not when) they are vaccinated and certified to be free of disease? It seems there is absolutely no system in place, and now the pits have been discovered those people running this facility have been rumbled and are very unlikely to have a plan B
  6. Yes this kind of thing isn't exclusive to Thailand. But what is most shocking is that we never find out what punishments are given to the perpetrators. By the look of the pic with the perpetrator with his identity hidden, it is hard to comprehend what the cops' agenda is. I think this is a failure of the system, without a clear pattern of deterrent punishments been shown to be applied puts those most at risk in even more danger from predators. This is a textbook case for mob justice imho. How could this poor girl ever learn to trust a man (or anyone) ever again. Tragic beyond words
  7. This is the issue. The customer has every right to choose who they wish to travel with, and to choose the most cost efficient option. Never had a problem with the bkk motor taxi guys, but when the prices are 4x more expensive than the competition I know which am gonna choose next time
  8. What an uttee farce. There are no grounds whatsoever for lighter punishments here as the main defendant's sister is alluding to, none whatsoever. These disgusting skanky women should be on death row in shackles and never be let out. I wish the victim's mother to get her wish
  9. A police captain with all the smarts of a plank of wood. But it seems that the money extraction test trumps everything else. How could it even be possible to reform an outfit as atrocious as the RTP is. The nonsense i read here everyday just gets more absurd and unbelievable. Frightening really
  10. Have to agree with Colin. A mob and a tree are all that is required after this disgraceful crime. Attacking a young infant is NEVER acceptable, how settlements were even been talked about is abhorrent
  11. Sorry but there is zero sympathy from me. Night on night idiots like these endanger other people just getting on with their journey. No helmets also, pure idiocy but quite fitting as this is probably exactly the way these sorts envision as a cool way to exit the earth
  12. So surely the murder has a degree of premeditation as the killer left the scene with the purpose of getting a knife to at least injure the victim. Should be strung up by his balls, or at the very least get the maximum possible sentence under the law. RIP to the victim
  13. This fool is tiresome. I think the protests are well and just for the simple reason that they'll keep the junta on its toes and not allow it to drag its feet anymore. More and more people can see the mask has slipped, and thet know Prayuth is at best a dishonest authoritarian who serves his cronies before the population at large. Anything to keep the regime moving towards an election is to be applauded. 4 years of unelected power is a total and utter disgrace
  14. Unsurprising but nauseating all the same. It is just sad to see a man with all the smarts of a donkey blatantly stealing a country, and only a small handful of people doing anything about it. Thailand's political leaders for decades have been absurdly bad, but this guy who is stupid as mud isn't even facing any resistance. Thailand is in the gutter for sure right now. Hope is pretty much lost