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  1. A complete non-event. With all the naughtiness and outright criminality going on in Pattaya each day it can only be said that this venture is utterly farcical and unnecessary. There was a murder in soi 6 a few months back and reportedly the Pattaya court has sentenced the killer to a 2 year suspended prison sentence, and they worry how some people getting close at a pool party will damage the city's reputation. Smh
  2. And we'll never know whose anal cavity this steaming pile was pulled from. But with so many businesses in tourist towns struggling or closing, one really has to wonder where all these tourists are going, and how beneficial for the local economy they actually are.
  3. This is stupid, he still hasn't talked about why 2 million dollars has turned up into his bank accounts has he, not a victim, just another crook caught in the act. The fact he is more interested in saving his reputation than assisting the investigators (delaying the meetings and using an intermediary) shows he knows he is not clean and his story won't stack up. But as he is rich and will have many rich friends and associates, I think it is safe to assume that this particular crook won't be seeing any jail and maybe not even any police stations.
  4. Talked to a number of my students about it, and they all say it is a horrendous system in terms of its complex nature, high costs, lack of flexibility, and seeming over complication of everything. You can only despair as the people behind such monstrous schemes simply don't care or want to listen as they see such things as their very own prestige project of uber-high importance. The MoE is still run by military buffoons and some appointed technocrats, it's an abomination and simply nowhere near fit for purpose
  5. Another misunderstanding, BS pure and simple. If indeed it is proven these people were indeed involved in acts of piracy while actively on duty they should get the maximum allowable sentence under the law in Malaysia. The commander is sounding awfully desperate here as we all know that it isn't beyond the realms of possibility for those high ranking ones to be involved in all manner of dodgy dealings. Hope the Malays don't cave on this.
  6. I wish good luck to them. This drive to gentrify the area is poorly conceived and will only sow discontent. Taking away people's livelihoods, and altering the dynamic of an area drastically for the flimsiest of reasons simply isn't on. Stripping BKK of its charm and bustle is not going to do the city any favours at all imo
  7. Calling a spade a spade just isn't cricket in Thailand. You can only scratch (and / or shake) your head at the general public's apathy to it all.. Until the people see these snakes for what they are they'll continue the plunder
  8. Just lucky for you people here generally don't give a flying one, or are too stupid to know, or just happy to take some money to overlook it. Smart Thais and those with even an ounce of common sense can see you for the corrupt and immoral dog you are. I can only imagine the amounts this guy has milked off the state, utterly reprehensible person, undeniable.
  9. What scandal? He only borrowed them didn't he. The wonderfully diligent NACC will give him the all clear once those pesky watch companies eventually decide to stop giving the NACC the run around. Remember guys, if you borrow stuff from friends, just make sure to send the stuff back after they die....... But seriously, what the actual <deleted>.... How is this fat slob still even working, he is an abomination
  10. This is stupid, so she admitted to being a part of moving money and buying houses for her brother who could not say where the money came from, yet her lawyer is saying she has done nothing wrong. The bail system in Thailand is utterly ridiculous, she should be in jail, as the others who were involved in this enormous scam should be, once this story fades into obscurity the wrists will be very lightly slapped and the ill gotten money carved up for god knows who. Dreadful form again
  11. Prawit is a bona fide idiot, we all know that much, but at what point is anybody actually going to do anything at all? Do Thai people even understand this, or care. It has gone well, well beyond pathetic now and yet the Thais en masse still sit on their backsides not even caring. I guess am wrong though for expecting more to be done. Sad as can be
  12. Hogwash. People are likely doing it tougher than ever. And the nonsense tourist figures and revenues are not even worth getting started on. As for the infrastructure projects. Most of it is still in the planning or construction phase, and as such can't be properly attributed to any real economic benefits just yet
  13. As a Brit here I don't feel overlg at risk compared to many other places. Generally speaking though I have enough smarts and experience here to just about keep me out of bother. That said, luck and good timing also play just an important a role imo. The roads are the riskieat part of the whole thing, and generally speaking, the range of the activities available here not only make it such a wonderful place to visit but also open up a traveller to a whole host of extra dangers both clear and less obvious
  14. With the sheer amounts of money being talked about here, and the plaintiff being stuck in Finland, and the bank accounts with no names attached with multiple millions of usd in, my guess is that this bloke they just bailed has already bolted to an ill gotten life of luxury abroad. Scandalous. Also a scary amount of intellect demonstrated by the Finnish guy, obviously should know that holding bitcoins is the way to go, and that Thais are hardly bastions of prudent investment advice. A whole lot of facepalming going on right now that's for sure
  15. Completely agree. Then and now I could see merits and arguments in both sides. However, the UK government has simply not been firm enough in its attempts to get anything like a good deal for the UK. The EU heirachy haven't given an inch despite the UK population voting on leaving, they as a bloc seem hellbent on punishing the people for voting out I personally think it's no use either way. Genie is out of the bottle. Man up and get out and be done with it. Of course it'll be turbulent for a while, but surely another vote or nothing really changes is simply a non-starter