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  1. The RTP showing their prowess here as per.. I woder what their take would be if 1 of their trucks got such treatment. Although if the red bull incident is anything to go by even a violent death of a colleague is neither here nor there. Hope the parents get named, shamed and utterly vilified publicly for this
  2. The job of prosecutors is not to ensure fairness to anybody. It is to do their jobs in line with rules and procedures on the statute books. They have failed because they have been pressured by high flying lawyers to grant concessions to an uber wealthy client whose reasons for not meeting with prosecutors are as wishy washy / dubious as hell, and more to the point would never have been granted to a person with lesser access to legal help / funds. Also it took 5 years and an embarrassing press exposé of the perpetrator's extravagance while on the lam to even get an arrest warrant requested. All in all, any flak your precious prosecutor's office is taking is FULLY justified. Man up.and accept the rightful criticisms for your failures / unwillingness to do your jobs right
  3. If any more proof was needed that these polls are utter horse $#it then I am speechless. Does anything in this country have any credibility left anymore 😩
  4. Absolutely appalling. I don't drink much and don't smoke.. But the prices in line with what your rank and file earn is a joke. A lot of speculation abound that the coffers are running really low. These ridiculous hikes are going to be used to plug the hole, or are we going to expect denials on both fronts (not broke and sin taxes used in proper way) 😩
  5. Wondering what my dad is doing writing the headlines 🤣 But in all seriousness the African men are very well known for dealing gear in that area (not sure if they're known for anything else tbh). But having a guy getting lifted for dealing by possessing little over half a gram of ya ice is outrageous.. And another thing i read last week was about trying to reduce numbers of those incarcerated.. Yet when the cops are trying to arrest people for pissing positive for drugs it is either a shakedown tactic or at odds with the wider attempts to lighten the prisoner numbers. Pissing positive should NOT be an issue unless a person is driving, operating machinery, or has committed serious violent crimes immediately before the tests
  6. Why all the inaccuracies. He did plough his ferrari into the cop.. He said he was driving after that lame duck attempt to fit up the family butler was foiled. The whole thing including the interpol list is hollow while the statute clock is ticking while he is knowingly on the run. Farcical, nothing more nothing less
  7. The fact the mushroom pickers got 15 years and Jenphop got a suspended sentence simply proves how ridiculous your assertions are. And that is before a list of other glaring examples to the contrary are wheeled out. The guy is a true clown 😩
  8. Just dreadful, if you can't educate without using battery to make even the simplest of points, then you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a classroom. As the only thing Thais truly fear is a large monetary sanction, the only solution is striking teachers off and removing all monetary perks if they use violence against students
  9. 'Boss' outruns another charge

    All this whole disgraceful episode proves is that all involved in shielding, abetting, and taking envelopes from this filthy rich parasite family have absolutely zero moral fibre whatsoever. And still not a mention to reforming the legal system to do away wth the statute of limitations for those crooks who decide to run abroad. Or better still do trials in absentia when the person in question is clearly avoiding the process, as is clearly the case here
  10. Trust the RTP to be so brazen sending a marked van there for such a job as this. Absolute muppets 😂😂
  11. Totally agree here, some of the bail requests are absurd in both the nature of the request itself (to appeal a conviction despite confessing to the crime to reduce the sentence) and the circumstances of it being granted (after death sentences have been passed for example). In this case, I believe that because the facts of the case are indisputable (the lady forged the documents with correction fluid, and the evidence of a payment to her for doing so was shown electronically) then there is basically nothing to appeal, they are bang to rights and basically must present new evidence to quash a rightful conviction. This guy is fully deserving, I remember when he got sentenced to 13 years, paid his bail and then was back to presenting his show the next morning. Unbelievable arrogance that shows his moral code to a tee.
  12. In a word, diabolical. I maintain that there is not a single piece of evidence in this case that proves beyond any doubt that these Burmese lads currently on death row raped and killed anyone. The evidence presented simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny, and the fact that the only evidence that was scrutinized (the murder weapon) didn't have any trace of the supposed killers on it, NONE. This is a fit up, pure and simple, and a horribly constructed one at that. The fact that the phone evidence has been used in such a way (a way that does not prove either rape or murder) then it should be another major piece needed to exonerate the B2. Shame on the UK authorities for their conduct also, an utter disgrace however you spin it.
  13. Your incompetent, plastic army and it's backers who can't resist a bribe or act in the least bit honorably
  14. Complicit, incompetent, and absolutely pitifully poor at covering up after. And clowns like this expect the Thais to have faith in them administering the country's affairs.. Disgraceful 😩
  15. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    Asylum. What a joke, she is guilty of at the very least criminal negligence, or looking the other way to frankly unchecked corruption by those in her party. As a UK citizen I would be disgusted if she was to be granted asylum, especially when there are many hundreds of thousands of INNOCENT people fleeing actual harm in their home nations. Can only keep repeating that this idiotic woman is NOT THE VICTIM OF ANYTHING THAT WASN'T OF HER OWN MAKING. She is fleeing rightful criminal prosecution, and that should provide no grounds for asylum whatsoever.