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  1. Jesus weapt that is a pitiful.excuse for a fight. All these people achieved was making an utter spectacle of themselves. I do love Pattaya trips now and then but the wrong uns seem to rock up in astronomical numbers. More videos like this please 😂
  2. Absolutely diabolical. Those useless plebs in brown have done sweet <deleted> in the 8 days since it happened.. Unsurprising but also reprehensible in equal measure. Custodial sentences of 10 years minimum should be the mandatory sentence when you start booting people on the floor. That poor old fella though, I hope he makes a full recovery and gets massively compensated before seeing these rats sent down. But it is probably wishful thinking for any of those 3 things to happen. Sad
  3. I wonder if he is blacklisted now... Would anyone be surprised if his first port of call upon release is LOS. Probably done some networking in his time out east... All in all though a proper scumbag, hope he has a great time in the nick
  4. This is abhorrent. Again I am at a loss to explain what the cops here are for, or actually do (that is positive). And agajn it'll take something going viral on social mediato shame them into action. It is frightening to think how dreadful it must have been before the days of social media
  5. Rule 1. Inform all friends and next of kin not to believe the account given by local authorities under any circumstances. Rule 2 - any would be victims have a social media account, and document any dody dealings / persons there. Rule 3 - don't bother expecting the embassy to help / search for truth. End 😩
  6. A disgrace that nothing has been paid 7 years after the fact. This gormless idiot should be in jail & her scummy family also for not paying a penny til now. The appeal.court appears to be as pathetic as the original. I guess we won't be durprised when the supreme court takes a few more mil off. Dreadful form. I hope the families can recover from this awful incident despite the justice system completely failing them
  7. Brave man. But I get the feeling if he pushes too hard he'll get the Pai Dao Din treatment. This "government"is clearly not interested in mass public appeasement and knows a new scandal will overshadow this latest one soon enough. The "authorities" are doing a fine job of sowing discontent with their gentrification drives and crackdowns on the poor. They're too stupid to realize it will.bite them and people will rise up before they starve / become destitute. By the turn of 2018 i think the pot will be ready to blow... But certainly not before then
  8. Absolutely dreadful form. This a shocking realization as to how far things have sunk. One doesn't have to be sherlock holmes to connect the dots here. I just hope the next moves won't include indifference by the masses. A very sad and pathetic episode 😡
  9. It can be fun earlier in the afternoons when the kids are out and spray the people outside their houses. The thing i hate about it are the lairy drunks who knowingly take it too far by throwing (often icy) water in the faces of motorcyclists or other drivers (basically ignoring how pissed off they'd be if it happened to them). I think a zoning system is needed where some semblence of order can be achieved without spoiling anyone's fun. Also alcohol makes it much worse imho
  10. Both at fault but what the cop was doing was actually inexplicible. He was actually cutting against flow and directly in front of cars going the correct way. At least the bike was going the right direction and not crossing solid lines when overtaking (but definitely going too fast for the road conditions)
  11. The ages of some of those involved in such petty acts is a damning indictment. 30 year olds shot because he was revving his motorbike engine. Pathetic 😂
  12. Dreadful. 3 arrest warrants out but no arrests made, a 2 year max sentence (eligible for immediate suspension due to it being under 3yrs) and / or a fine of 50k baht when likely millions of baht have been pocketed by this woman is a total disgrace and shows just how unfit for purpose the justice system and law enforcement arms are when dealing with any type of fraud. Embarrassing as per 😩
  13. The army do an exceptional job of discrediting themselves, and in the age of social media can't cover it up. Hope they take stock of this FACT and change their ways. But these incompetent neandarthals in uniform won't even do that. A disgraceful organization
  14. Probably the most pathetic excuse for a constitution i've seen. And the conditions under which the referendum was held also make it a complete abomination. I guess the only silver lining is that constitutions here only tend to have a 3.5 year shelf life anyway
  15. Driving like an absolute tosser more like. He nearly made a bike have a head on crash in.the 2nd clip This guy should clearly go to jail for this, or if he prefers, the loony bin. What a pathetic excuse for a human, and even more pathetic excuse for such shoddy driving. I wonder what the court will say. I guess we'll nevrr find out