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  1. Thailand is awash with beautiful, lovely and all round decent girls. Have personally seen some gorgeous ones in 7 during my time here and it is their often kind and warm nature when working gruelling hours for shocking pay that makes them really stand out. I personally don't get the white as the driven snow Thai style beauty obsession. But if it gets some nice publicity for these gals and brightens their day then am all for it
  2. Incredible. How this lunatic is still claiming innocence is astounding. The machete footage is not so clear and has room for debate, but the footage of him running the Thai bloke down is DAMNING. I still see a backroom deal being made here. The fines / settlements dished out will be heavy. The Aussie / Brit guy's claim of bad driving starting it probably are true, but it is just an empty claim made by a guy who is absolutely bang to rights
  3. These idiotic protestors are so misguided it's not even funny. They're not even enlightened enough to see the futility of what they're trying to achieve ?
  4. Just when you think the authorities can't get any more illogical, and look any more stupid.... I should really drink more before reading the news here ?
  5. Absolutely dreadful. It is shameful that most of the country's ills have a clear path back to A, police not doing / unwilling to do their jobs correctly. B, Bureaucratic decisions made on a whim with very few eyes on the bigger picture (ie anything medium to long term). BKK roads are much too hazardous and lawless to be even remotely safe for cyclists. I am lucky that I can cycle in my city here.. But even here the gridlock is getting worse and the routes ever more crowded with cars and trucks driven almost exclusively by unqualified and careless people
  6. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at age 91

    With as many wives as he had am surprised he lasted even that long... RIP
  7. This guy's powers of deduction... i thought she was still in Thailand ?
  8. Kudos to the mob. Hope he got a proper beatdown for his scumbaggery. Crimes such as drunken hit and runs merit decade minimum custodial sentences imo
  9. And this is the prime reason the Thai legal system is not fit for purpose, 1 person was sentenced to 15 years for an amount of class 2 drugs that is almost invisible to the naked eye (and reportedly never even presented to the court), while another person who was caught with 4000 tablets of a class 1 drug only got 8 years. A complete nonsense, as other cases in other crimes have shown, the sentences have seemingly been pulled out of the judges arse depending upon who is in the dock at the time. Dreadful form, how can any official even defend this farce system
  10. The RTP showing their prowess here as per.. I woder what their take would be if 1 of their trucks got such treatment. Although if the red bull incident is anything to go by even a violent death of a colleague is neither here nor there. Hope the parents get named, shamed and utterly vilified publicly for this
  11. The job of prosecutors is not to ensure fairness to anybody. It is to do their jobs in line with rules and procedures on the statute books. They have failed because they have been pressured by high flying lawyers to grant concessions to an uber wealthy client whose reasons for not meeting with prosecutors are as wishy washy / dubious as hell, and more to the point would never have been granted to a person with lesser access to legal help / funds. Also it took 5 years and an embarrassing press exposé of the perpetrator's extravagance while on the lam to even get an arrest warrant requested. All in all, any flak your precious prosecutor's office is taking is FULLY justified. Man up.and accept the rightful criticisms for your failures / unwillingness to do your jobs right
  12. If any more proof was needed that these polls are utter horse $#it then I am speechless. Does anything in this country have any credibility left anymore ?
  13. Absolutely appalling. I don't drink much and don't smoke.. But the prices in line with what your rank and file earn is a joke. A lot of speculation abound that the coffers are running really low. These ridiculous hikes are going to be used to plug the hole, or are we going to expect denials on both fronts (not broke and sin taxes used in proper way) ?
  14. Wondering what my dad is doing writing the headlines ? But in all seriousness the African men are very well known for dealing gear in that area (not sure if they're known for anything else tbh). But having a guy getting lifted for dealing by possessing little over half a gram of ya ice is outrageous.. And another thing i read last week was about trying to reduce numbers of those incarcerated.. Yet when the cops are trying to arrest people for pissing positive for drugs it is either a shakedown tactic or at odds with the wider attempts to lighten the prisoner numbers. Pissing positive should NOT be an issue unless a person is driving, operating machinery, or has committed serious violent crimes immediately before the tests
  15. Why all the inaccuracies. He did plough his ferrari into the cop.. He said he was driving after that lame duck attempt to fit up the family butler was foiled. The whole thing including the interpol list is hollow while the statute clock is ticking while he is knowingly on the run. Farcical, nothing more nothing less