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  1. Jesus wept, and the rationale for thinking this pony idea is going to work is????
  2. z42

    Bangkok's tallest building opens skywalk

    1000 baht plus a head to go stand on a rooftop. The calibre of idiot who'd pay that is more of a turn off than the price itself. At least in the other roof top places you get music, drinks, and food if u are feeling flush. What a lame gimmick
  3. Which type of drugs Ezzra, only the ones you don't like I expect? So bar owners and restauranteurs the world over who dish up alcohol (arguably the most harmful drug of all) to their paying, willing customers have no place among normal everyday people then by your weird logic. Obviously, the drug laws and sentencing guidelines in Asia for controlled drugs are insane, but who do you really think controls it all? Or allows a trade worth billions of dollars to flourish exactly? From your comment it is evident that you know little about how the global drug trade operates, and are unable to distinguish different types of drugs based on their end use, and harm potential on the user and society at large. In short, get a clue mate. About the OP, the 2 people sentenced to death knew the risks, and were stupid to get involved imho
  4. You can only really shake your head at how ghastly an administration is when one of Thaksin's outfits is made to look halfway respectable in comparison. I can't see any parties though that look like they have any real vision for the nation, even FF look a little wishy washy when u get past the positive soundbites
  5. Boys being the key word. These lot have egg shell thin egos with pre pubescent brain pans to match. Dolts in uniform
  6. Anyone with eyes (Thai or otherwise) can see already that the election is not free or fair even at this stage, 1 man and his associates have had a huge leg up in the form of unrestricted campaigning with bucketfuls of public money to push a purely populist agenda while anyone else even remotely linked to politics is straightjacketed. This abominable guy Don is only towing the party line I suspect, but his levels of delusion about the state of the country and how it is perceived internationally (not a basket case) is frightening. Does anyone really know (i am actually asking here) how the junta's proxy party / parties can actually lose? Is it even possible or not?
  7. Typifies the country's major ills in 1 fell swoop. Those who are clean and have not accumulated their wealth honestly will scream blue murder when asked to do so, and so it appears. The culture in the country is wrong though, i suspect a very small (almost token) few will have risen honestly to any sort of meaningful ranking level. And it is most galling that a man who has never explained the true sources of his hundreds of millions of baht in assets is calling the shots here. What a dreadful, dreadful mess this is. I hope the students themselves realize what the rotten apples at the top of the Universities are up to, and act accordingly to resist them, it's the only way to go
  8. Close enough... But what about the role of those people decked out in Orange robes?
  9. z42

    Move to let Taxi OK cabs charge more

    And yet the app based ones do what customers want without all the drama and without hiking prices. Regular cabs are victims of their own bad reputations. Son nam na
  10. These brave and switched on kids are too popular to haul in just now. When they're not so firmly in the spotlight anymore they'll be lifted. The junta and their henchmen are playing a long game. And right now they hold all the cards. The youth need to keep the pressure on and show the dinosaurs in charge in a negative light through artistic and peaceful means. Hoping the pressure doesn't relent
  11. One moronic shill replacing another. Dreadful
  12. Jesus wept let this ghastly, shambles of an airline free itself from the public purse so that it can die a swift and ugly death. The fact that some THAI staff were wearing black smacks of unbelievable arrogance. Pathetic
  13. But the reality will probably be more repression and abuses
  14. It's great to see that many comments on the posts are scathing and derisory. The people can actually vent here, and that is a good thing
  15. His handling of the alleged rape on Koh Tao shows all I need to see. Setting out to kill a potential victim's credibility to paint an untrue picture of KT's credibility while pushing for arresting Thais who shared a news story is pretty abhorrent. He is a lackey of Prawit, says it all really