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  1. Worse than a monk clouting an elderly foreign chap around the head, or families of Thais tossing their litter out of the window every 5 minutes. Some signs would help, but that way it would mean the Thais who sit with their legs across multiple seats would have to stop too, or is this just another op to bash the foreigners
  2. And what's a promise from this guy worth again? Oh that's right, sweet <deleted>
  3. So according to this the reports of illegal parking being the cause of not getting their dying relative to hospital on time are BS, and aside from inconvenience i fail to see how they are claiming the moral high ground after smashing that motor up. The pickup owner should get a standard ticket, and these morons a VERY hefty fine for criminal damage
  4. And the Thais are bastions of cleanliness and conservation now I forgot. Just look at any bit of vacant land, it'll be covered in Thailand's national flower, the plastic bag. Get a grip you morons and lead by example 😡
  5. This is stupid, is this a ruse to get him off the charges? I really can't understand why this is even relevant unless the investigation is trying to prove that he was just crapping his pants the entire time while his buddies were out slaying and butchering all the animals. He was there, his guns were there, he's gotta carry the can to some degree regardless. Just focus on the real evidence rather than trying to deflect with $#it excuses
  6. Who are this 5.7% though? You would have to be exceptionally stupid to argue that the system is fair to all here. There are just far too many cases in the public domain that show otherwise. Frightening
  7. Thailand's jails are full to bursting with people in for frankly trivial things. However this wretched excuse for a person should be given the most filthy corner of the most squalid cell for this. I can't fathom how people can stoop to such levels of scumbaggery as this, it's just dreadful beyond words
  8. It'll take a revolution to get this feckless old turd out from power. It would be fair to assume that he is the one calling the shots as it would take a special kind of incompetency to make such a hash of everything despite having the population muzzled completely. This lady will no doubt be getting some extra special attention from the heavies for this
  9. Jesus how much evidence do they need to nail this despicable old gastropont? They've already let him slip away on an eye wateringly lenient bail so why prolong the charade.
  10. What about the right to vote free of intimidation, the right to a fair trial, the right to criticise certain persons and institutions. More garbage out of his mouth. Does it ever step?
  11. Cowardly and disgraceful in the extreme. Hope the killer gets a sentence somewhere in the 50 year range. Clearly a person who can't hack his drink and has seemingly that little intelligence to know that more than maybe a couple of head kicks is all it takes to end a life. Feel bad for the victim's family. Hope the soi doesn't get cracked down on too hard, whether we like it or not it is easily Pattaya's 2nd busiest attraction. Without it a lot of folks will be out of a job. This is an out of the ordinary attack imo. Sad all round
  12. So what about the rapist then? Am pretty sure that is up there as 1 of the most hinous crimes going, and you could infer that the rapist was sacked, but on th contrary he could have only got a verbal warning. Dreadful reporting as per usual
  13. Wish this bonehead would stop spouting about leaving things to "the justice system". In its present state it can't be referred to as anything other than a total shit show, dispensing verdicts that are a complete affront to justice. As for this fat corrupt old slug who was out hunting, in any credible justice system his flat out denials now would harm his ultimate sentencing later when he pleads guilty and immediately gets bail after being sentenced to decades (despite sentence reductions for guilty pleas). The justice system is a sad reflection of the country at large
  14. Brilliant use of 100 cops, bravo RTP and NCPO. I mean the only upside I guess is that as they were here they at least weren't out shaking some other innocent persons down
  15. I think it is pretty fair to assume that this utter stain Somyot has done all of Thailand's major (crooked) players favours many times before, and this in turn will make him 1 of the untouchables (in much the same way that Prawit is). Every corrupt baht he has had his filthy mitts on, and there are likely billions of them, have the woes of poor and downtrodden people all over them. He is the epitome of a scumbag & it makes me want to vomit every time I see or hear of him