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  1. Billions? Could we have some examples of sale prices for former state owned public utilities please? I know that South Australia came out of it with the highest electricity prices in the world. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-28/sa-has-most-expensive-power-prices-in-the-world/8658434
  2. SplitInfinitive

    All 13 Football Team Members Found Alive inside Flooded Cave

    From an international news source. The British Cave Rescue Council, which has sent divers to help with the rescue operation, has released a statement describing the logistical difficulties of rescuing the boys and their coach. Vice chair of the British Cave Rescue Council, Bill Whitehouse said the rescue mission has been made more difficult because there is likely only going to be a short break in the monsoon rains and because of the small space the group are in, which makes drilling difficult. Whitehouse also estimated that the boys are around 2km into the cave and somewhere between 800 m to 1km below the surface. He cautioned that diving conditions remained “very difficult”. Here is Whitehouse’s full statement: Around 16:30h this afternoon, we started to receive the remarkable news that all 12 of the boys and their coach had been located in a dry air space south of the Pattaya Beach area of Tham Luang Nang Non Cave. It is estimated that they are around 200 m south of that underground landmark. Shortly after this news, we received a direct (but short confirmation) from our British cave divers of the joyful news that the lost boys had been located alive. Video footage of the boys and their coach has now been released and shown to families waiting on the surface. Two British, volunteer cave divers found the boys at their current location, but the last 36 hours have seen a coordinated and planned approach to the rescue being led by the Thai Military and involving many other nations (including the USA, Chinese, Australians and others). Equipment and air supplies have been ferried in to the system over the last day or so, enabling the divers to progress further in to the system than was previously possible. Diving lines have been laid to the boys’ location for other divers to follow with essential food, comforts and medical supplies. We believe that there is only a short break in the monsoon and all feasible options for the rescue of the boys are being considered. Although water levels have dropped, the diving conditions remain difficult and any attempt to dive the boys and their coach out will not be taken lightly because there are significant technical challenges and risks to consider. It is estimated that the boys are around 2 km into the cave and somewhere between 800 m to 1km below the surface. They are also located in a relatively small space and this would make any potential drilling attempt as a means of rescue very difficult. Back here in the UK, there is an assessment of electronic equipment that may be suitable to pin-point the underground location of the boys and coach with a greater degree of accuracy than the published surveys. The necessary equipment will be sent to Thailand if electronic experts agree on the feasibility that it will operate over such depths. The Guardian
  3. SplitInfinitive

    "In the trees we trust" - lottery fever grips Phayao

    In some countries they use their grandchildens birthdays to pick lotto numbers...
  4. SplitInfinitive

    Australian Aged Pension

    Fool! They have special technology now that penetrates our tinfoil hats with ease!
  5. I spoke to a long term Chiang Rai resident yesterday, a keen observer of expat crises often from less than a safe distance for more than 20 years. He said that he would be more than amazed if the police and immigration walked away from this with a minimal response after the media publicity and considering who made the original complaint .
  6. SplitInfinitive

    Australian Aged Pension

    Saying it's cancelled indicates it's lost and had to be reapplied for on re-entering the country, we all know that is not correct for, at least, short term trips away.
  7. SplitInfinitive

    Pears Soap in BKK?

    I could not find any in Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai for a while now. Big C, Tops, Rimping, Festival all checked.
  8. The pensioners retiring overseas because they can't afford Australia http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-16/pensioners-retiring-overseas-because-they-cant-afford-australia/9762418?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=%3a8935&user_id=14dc221ad6587b3d176e29d9e1fe5b9355e862ac5bec5395d01121add0f174a5&WT.tsrc=email&WT.mc_id=Email||8935&utm_content=ABCNewsmail_topstories_articlelink
  9. SplitInfinitive

    Movies I Want To See

    Krypton The untold story of Superman's grandfather as he fights for justice on his home planet. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4276624/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Anyone seen this yet? Is it worth downloading?
  10. SplitInfinitive

    Chiang Rai Immigration at Central Plaza in Mueang

    I read elsewhere it's been cancelled since the new office opened in 2014.
  11. SplitInfinitive

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    I quite like it, as a history buff I support the theory it was brought east from the Crusades many centuries ago where the term "Frank" was used by Saracen fighters to describe the Crusaders... French, German and English alike. It was corrupted into terms like Feringee and farang.
  12. Expectations too high, leading to disappointment, disillusionment then dislike.
  13. SplitInfinitive

    Images Of Chiang Rai 2013

    It's a hotel resort that never got finished, there's a couple more in the mountains going to Chiang Mai. The companies went bust 1999/2000. If anyone could find out which banks ended up with them they could probably be picked up cheap.