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  1. Expectations too high, leading to disappointment, disillusionment then dislike.
  2. Images Of Chiang Rai 2013

    It's a hotel resort that never got finished, there's a couple more in the mountains going to Chiang Mai. The companies went bust 1999/2000. If anyone could find out which banks ended up with them they could probably be picked up cheap.
  3. Australian Aged Pension

    All we would ever agree on is that our backs hurt.
  4. Hardly an international oddity, a lot of countries have a government lottery yet control some other forms of gambling.
  5. Britons arrested for pornographic dancing in Cambodia.

    Never fear, mummy and daddy will be arriving soon with money and all will be well.
  6. Australian Aged Pension

    The ATO will track you down anywhere in the world, kill you and throw your corpse to Centrelink for ritual mutilation.
  7. Australian Aged Pension

    Centrelink would only take action to find an overseas account if their attention was drawn to someone, information received for example, or by putting personal information in a public forum. I wouldn't imaging that one or two of the people posting here would be too difficult for them to track down.
  8. Australian Aged Pension

    Do you have a link for that?
  9. Doubts over the identity of killing suspect

    Realistically is anyone with any political influence at all going to be in a place like that in the freezing cold at that time? Boredom and alcohol.
  10. Essendon should read more Nietzsche and they would have known not to look into the abyss. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.
  11. Mouse cursor sticking

    I found a USB port that it works on, a friend recommends replacing all the ports, he says it's a fairly simple job.
  12. Mouse cursor sticking

    I buy a reasonable quality mouse, usually around 1000b but seem to have an ongoing problem with the cursor sticking, not a lot, just enough to make your eyes go funny when you stop using it. I've tried different pads, it seems to work best with the pad covered with a sheet of paper. Moved the USB wifi plug, it's now in the back of the PC which is supposed to have the best USB connections. Most advice mentions reinstall driver, which is only pulling out the plug? I'm prepared to lay out some serious baht for a decent mouse/pad combination providing it's readily available.
  13. CAT Speed Problem

    I have the CAT internet f/o 100/20mbps. It works fine during the day but in late afternoon it slows down and is virtually stopped by 9pm. I use a non-CAT speed checker and local connection is OK, 60-70/20 any test involving an international link is terrible, last night 0.9/0.1 Anyone else getting this? Is it fixable? What do I say the problem is if I complain?
  14. Preparing Mushrooms

    I don't mind sacrificing a little tenderness for flavour. I usually saute with bacon and butter.